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We left for him and humbler have been either mean or salatu salam ala rasulillah Wada le he'll be as my my brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato. My brothers and sisters in Islam ashuelot has passed and we are still in shadow law in my HUD one. We are still living in these Blissett days of the month of a loss of Hannah who Adela and how long. We are still in this virtuous bliss of pain. This is the month more how long is the month my brothers and sisters in Islam in which are not lovely our loved one who made the decision that the Islamic calendar should begin with this month with more How long are they alive I'm who made this decision. You know

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why he made this decision? He made this decision because this is the month in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prepared for the biggest event in his life. And that was unusual from Mecca to Medina, Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah, and the VESA Lavalle your Salah was 53 years of age. When he did the usual from Mecca to Medina, you know what that means journey. And he should not doesn't mean going from your country and visiting a country for a whole day and coming back. That's what the meaning of illegal and regional means leaving your country for the sake of a law and going going out somewhere else never to return to your country as a resident anymore. Like what I grew up

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at the age of 53 years in the diesel, Allahu Allahu wa sallam. He did this move and he did this visual, and this was the first step towards victory for Islam. And it was only eight years after the visual in which Mecca was conquered for the Mecca. laquan Matos conquered what though he the oneness of a lot began to spread in Mecca, and the entire world heard about Islam and Islam began to spread like wildfire. Alhamdulillah Allah azza wa jal, he said, or at the nurse said una de de la jolla, a lot of storage and total solar muscle Allahu alayhi wa sallam that you will see the people coming in group upon group upon group entering Islam. And this happened in the nine feet of Alicia and that

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entire ye the ninth year of illusion was known as

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food. It was the E in way groups upon groups would come to Medina and sit with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and by the end of the day, that group would accept Islam, or another group would come accept Islam move on the entire year. That's what it was. It was called bamboo food. The victory the victory of Islam came after this decision of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam to be your last command and to move from Makkah to El Medina, which was known as unusual. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, we learn that it was this month, Shawn will love him how long that also last all Allahu alayhi wa sallam made the biggest move in his life, which was a visual with no

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hesitation, no confusion whatsoever. And it was the biggest decision and the biggest command that he made a loss of how the hula died with and as soon as a large surgeon commanded him to make his move from Mecca to Medina. He did it even though it was a tough one. Now the question my brothers and sisters in Islam is what has been the biggest move for you this month? What has been the biggest move for you this month? This is the month shahidullah?

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It's the month of preparation and it's the month of action? How close are you moving to a loss of how to what the hell? Are you living close to a lot of social or not? Why are people confused? Why is everyone all over the place? In the most sacred and holy of months Maha long Muslims, you find them confused? they're confused between should I choose this life? Or should I choose the hereafter? Muslims are confused? Should I commit the sin? Or should I leave the sin and not committed at all? Why are we confused? When the last version specifically describes and he tells us instructions about this month? He says

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Tom Lee movie him and fusa Kuhn do not prom yourselves in the secret months. Why are we confused? People are confused Should I do the same or not? When a lot is clearly commanded that during the blessing months and the secret months, do not oppress yourself. Do not do wrong do not do not commit the wrong by we confuse my brothers and sisters in Islam. People are confused. Should I begin to pray? Or should I not pray are preloader Oh believe the prayer. The sister is confused. Should I add heat to the Islamic job now? Or should I leave it until later? When I get married? When I have family when I grow older? Why the confusion? Should I commit to fasting Monday and Thursday? Or

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should I delay this later? Why we confused people that still haven't done how you are confused? Should I commit and have the intention of hiring now or should I leave it till later when I'm older people are confused Muslims are coming

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used? Should I go to the bank and take a loan on interest? Or should I avoid it and not go? Neither? Where the answer is clear but was confused. That's what the point is. We are confused between choosing what a loss or your loves and wants for us. And between choosing what our desire calls us to learn more about why the confusion when a law surgeon has said in the plan, but in hood Allahu Allahu de la vaca a lot of social has made a key statement on say, preach and public allow clip the world he in Buddha, in Buddha Allahu Allah Buddha, that the only guidance is the guidance of Allah subhanho wa Taala is nothing else there's nothing else to run after or look for. And maybe some

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Allah Allah your cillum he says in the Hadith, Dr. Kumar and baseball lady who had gone ahead he had laid

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back body illa herrlich in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said before his death, he said, I am leaving you upon a path of brightness. This is a bright path. This path, it's night is like the day. What does that mean? It means there is no confusion. There is no confusion on this path. This is of course, of course the path of Islam. It's the path of righteousness. It's the path of guidance, the path of the prophets and the messengers, the powerful of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. These are words of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before his death. He said, Dr. Bowman and big law, I'm leaving you and going, I'm going to die. I'm going to Allah, but I'm leaving

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you all. I'm leaving my alma, I'm leaving you Alabama. I'm leaving you upon me, or I'm leaving a plan with you. I'm leaving a legacy. I'm leaving. Assume that among you leave in a hurry here. Whenever you sell, Allahu Allah, you will send them described the path of Islam. He said that it's night is like the day. In other words, in other words, the path of Islam there is no darkness in it. There is no confusion. Why am I still confused? Why are you still confused? How can you still haven't made the biggest decision in your life? And that is to turn to Allah subhanahu wa dialy obedience and D to use commands and to keep away from that which Allah subhanho wa Taala prohibited

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to come Harlan Bay. Oh boy, there you go. How can I have you had maybe some alojado he'll send them he said, lazy? Well, I'm had Bobby illa herrlich that no one will deviate from the path of Allah. No one will deviate from guidance, except a person who is doomed and destroyed. What are How old are all the 1111 that will sort of muscle alojado he'll send them in he said in the Hadith. He said money is an income anyone who lives anyone who lives are full of muscle alojado said no. So this is including us now in this hadith and maybe some alarm Alejo, send them says anyone who lives that say Oh, he will see with his own eyes. From Casio, you will see a lot of conflict, you will see a lot of

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confusion by brothers and sisters in Islam. We are living in a time of conflict. We see it all around us we see it the entire Old Man's living in conflict. But forget this now just forget it for a moment. Look within ourselves we are in conflict. within our own selves we experience a conflict. People are confused within themselves. Should I commit the sin or not? Should I pray now? or delay my salad? Should I fast or delay? Should I learn how to read or add now or later? Should I learn my deed now or later? Should I wear the hijab now or later? And maybe some of the money you're sending me is telling us if you live long enough, you're going to see a lot of conflict. But forget the most

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conflict. People within themselves are confused. there is conflict within their heart. Whether Terbium love or disavow loss, or shall I say, the death and copyright so what do we do? What is the solution? Also the loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said finally couldn't be made out of. I mean, shouldn't it? You should hold on to that which you do from my sooner or shouldn't nothing.

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Dean and Dean and you should hold on to the legacy of the companions the four rightly guided you know, whoever Abubakar model a family or their loved one who may

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have been no as you hold on to a time and bite on top with your molar thief. Can it be stubborn on holding on to the truth so that you are not confused at all in your life? While they can

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be a b this is this is the refuge. This is how you come out from your darkness. And from your confusion by obedience, Allahu Akbar, Allahu alayhi wa sallam. When he described the believer in that same Hadith, he said, that didn't mean can gemelli any help.

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Fool monkey, then God that the believer is like a camel that has a ring in his nose, you know the Arabs even then today, they put a ring in the nose of a camel, and attached to the ring is a rope. And what happens? They take this rope, and this is how they direct this camel. So it's a ring that's put in the nose of a camel. And then there's a long rope, the master of the camel holds on to this rope and he drives this camel he sees it the way you want. And this huge creature this camel, it walks behind this master and it doesn't turn left or right. And the reason a lot of other usnm described the believer like this. In other words, the believer is humble. Wherever Allah tells him

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to go he goes wherever Muslim Allahu Allah you know send them tells us to go we go whenever Allah commands us we follow and we do and whatever he tells us to keep away from we keep away from Why are we confused? Have you made the biggest decisions in your life yet? This is the month month shovel money mahalo. It's a month of clarity. It's a month of guidance. It's a sacred month hasn't finished. A lot of work about people just fasted Ashleigh. Well, hamdulillah May Allah azza wa jal except from all of us, and then we still have the 13th day of Ramadan, we still have plenty of days. Why are we confused when Allah social in the poor? And he says, well, they'll still all be Mr.

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keema, who will soon become and severely olara sores and he says, indeed, this is my path. This is extreme, perfect path. A lot of social, he says. So follow it, and do not follow any other way. Don't follow your confusion. Don't follow your desire, follow the path of a lot of social, a lot of social he says SATA following lockerby commands sibi Allah tells us Be careful, because if you follow other than the path of a law of social, it is going to lead you away from his path. It is going to lead you into doubt and confusion, you will be following the path of a shadow of a police when as we learn a lot of social and he says that equal Warsaw combi This is exactly what a lot of

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soldiers commanded us to do. And you know every single solid we pray and every locker we reach all of them Fatiha. And we install it in fact they have in the No sir All button Mr. Cream, Guide us to the straight path. And to my brother and sister in Islam. Do you know what a solo booster team is? a solo booster team is the straight path in which there is no confusion. So a good test to see if this drive is going somewhere in your life or not? is how you're responding in your life. How are you responding to voice commands? Are you following them without question? Are you remain confused in the many depth and darkness of your confusion? My brothers and sisters in Islam, there is no other

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way for guidance through this CLI 604 pages of the or an E to tell us that the only way to success and happiness in this life. And the next is by this call is by following what Allah subhanahu wa dialer revealed to us. This is the month to live.

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Make your biggest decision in this life. A Sahaba of the Allahu anhu when you look at the example you find that they were committed, they were they they have perseverance and they had commitment and firmness and steadfastness they weren't confused. Look at this example of NaVi Sol Allahu alayhi wa sallam one day after selecting Fisher. He looks at his companions and he says to them menos Mohammed quli amasau in a Who among you today is fasting. A lot of work? Come on. Look, it's not my mobile. It's not ashuelot it's not the Asia. It's not Monday or Thursday. It's not any day to be recommended. The Fast use the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is testing the commitment of the

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companions. He said Who among you today woke up and he's fasting on Abu Bakr Nana aboubaker ob Allahu Allah. He said me yo sola, sola, sola, sola, lo Vallejo send them OS command w army Coolio janessa, who followed a funeral today on Abu Bakar

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to set me up, there was a little muscle alone while he asked another question, he said from an abomination Coolio Myskina who fit a poor person today on Abu Bakar in Allah Allahu Akbar, once again, I hope I can help your loved one who said Miguel sulam up there was a loss on the lawn he was asked another question, he said Furman I mean Coolio. mareeba who today went and visited a sick person. Honorable Berkeley Nana cannot be alone for a full time he said meet yellow suit.

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What is this? What is this dedication and commitment of obachan will be a loved one. And this is solid. The fish of the day hasn't even begun. And he's already done for things of his Deen along about no confusion. This

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clarity in the path. He knows where the pleasure of Allah is. And we're working all day long. I know. It's like a person driving on a highway. He's rushing on this highway. He doesn't slow down, because slowing down on the highway can be dangerous for yourself and dangerous for others. All of this he did in one day when the diesel Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, he said mash them and a few million 1100 agenda that anyone who does these four things in one day enters the paradise love luck. Well, if and this is how clear the path is in Islam, my brothers and sisters in Islam, this is the firmness that the believer should have in his heart. The road to the paradise is like a highway as

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we said, we should be rushing, you cannot afford to be slow and yonni the action that is going to lead you to the paradise, the city the decision you're going to make that is going to lead you to the paradise. Have you done it yet or not? have you accomplished it yet or not?

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If you were to die now, what is your biggest regret, regret going to the what is the biggest thing you're going to regret my brothers and sisters believe in Islam as also loss of Allah Allah He will send them a companion when he advised him. He said things Stein Billa while adages seek most help, and don't be lazy, seek a lot of help and don't be lazy.

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Make the decision now as we are in the short run long

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as we are in this place of mouth. And let the biggest motivator for you be the decision that was colossal Allahu alayhi wa sallam finally made after 53 years of living in Mecca, he decided we need to leave. And he came and he left Makkah. And he went all the way to Medina, it's not easy. 53 years old. He hasn't seen anything outside of Morocco, other than a boat that he went to, and beat them up this that he went to as low as he went up to the heavens and that, but other than that he didn't go anywhere. And after 53 years, he left his hometown. He left everything behind for the sake of a lot of storage. And he made that decision. And it was the right decision. At his leader, he came back to

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market and he conquered it. And from then on the stem spread like wildfire. My brothers and sisters in Islam now we are in the month of Muharram we're still in this month, make this decision in your life, make the decisions in your life, and in taiyi has finished.

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And we've just started a new year. And you know what it means that an entire year of your life has ended. The question is usually how many years do we have left? How many years do we have left on earth? One e two years, five years, 10 years, 20 years, Alanna, maybe most of us that are watching half your life is already finished. Maybe only half is left. or less than that. More than that a lot of Ireland we know we cannot gamble we cannot take that risk. Because that's information we do not know. What we can do is take proper decisions to draw nearer and nearer to Allah. So again, my brothers and sisters in Islam, finally let me end with you on a positive note. And everything is

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positive Bismillah when it comes to the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, Allah has origin is merciful, and he remains merciful. And this is a name that a lot of soldier named himself with a lot of work a lot better than that. A lot of soldier himself, our Lord named himself a white man over him. And he made it obligatory upon us that we read this name of his 17 times a day in sort of the first the second day of school of the Fed. Alright, man, even lower Come on, can you think of a law be more merciful than this, that he obligated upon us to remember his name

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17 times a day. That's that's the minimum. He made it obligatory upon us, that we remember his quality and his name and his attribute the fact that He is merciful. The law surgeon he said in his

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book, when he barely Kahala the law subhanho wa Taala he only created us to bestow His mercy upon us. But you know what this means in order in order to benefit and to take advantage from a laws mercy and blessing you need to rush to it you need to rush toward a what is the most of Allah created us to have mercy upon us at that mercy can only be given to those who seek it and I'll give you a small example. You know if I had something I'm giving something out for free, you have to come to take it if you don't come you get nothing. So what he learned his method and Allah tala belongs to the highest of example, if you want the paradise come to it, if you want allows mercy come to it.

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If you want allows guidance come to up the road is clean. And then you know what the result is?

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Those who draw nearer and nearer to the actions of the people of the paradise in this life, you know how a lot of social rewards them on the paradise. And I'm sure you've read this more than once a la soldier and he says,

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what was lifted in Jana to live in

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LA LA was the agenda, what even agenda tools delivered, you know this err on the Day of Judgment. One of the major events that happen a lot of social he says, the agenda the paradise was lifted, meaning the agenda itself moves from its place and it comes close to the believers was lifted, meaning it comes knee closer to the believers out of honor for the believers. So you find the figure out the equation, that if you spend your lifetime, in this life, running to the Paradise by doing the actions of the people of the paradise, on the day of judgment, the paradise itself comes to the believers, what was different in genda, to live

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by, it comes to the righteous layer buried and the distance between the believers and the Paradise is not far anymore. It's not far it's just a few steps in, you're in their luck. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, put the effort now make the steps towards the paradise now and you're rewarded on the Day of Judgment, that the paradise will come to Allah who I grew up with ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that he guided us to the straight path. We asked him Subhana who are dilated, he guides each and every single one of us and he increases in guidance and you bless us. We asked him suparna who were the Allah that He bestow His mercy, and His love and His blessings upon us, and we asked him

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subhanho wa Taala to give us a clarity in our actions in our decisions. In our speech, we asked him to pan over what the eyelid to aid us and to support us upon our commitment on this blustered path of Islam in the Hallelujah Valley called popularly my brothers and sisters in Islam. Don't forget one of the greatest month things you can do during this month is to fast so fast as many these as you can. We still have get me We still have about 17 days left of dispersive month don't waste these opportunities. We ask Allah subhanahu wa tada to get any grant us mercy and goodness Jessa como la jolla, la or subtle Allahu wa cinemag AutoCAD and Avi you know, Mohammed Ali, he was like me as

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marine or settimane gone. The law here, Obamacare.