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Do you want to stop throwing around milliliter isla? Julian fusina Jose yeah Dr. Maria Maria de la Mota Allah Allah Malika. What are you doing further ahead, Yara Why should you Allah Allah Allah?

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Allah why should one number handmaiden probably double Whenever you also

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yeah you will need a hammer with a mala haka to party while at the Moto Nayla and to Misty moon yeah even NASA for a bathroom and daddy for a couple minutes in one minute. Well Philip Hammond has Jaha I mean who were injured and Kathy are on wedding.

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What devil law had led me to say? I don't want to be on our hands. In Allah Khanna Rene Cooperativa.

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Yeah, you can lean on top of Valhalla Kulu. Colin said either use Laetrile for everything, the Nova when the nuclear Allah or Sudan book for the first films in our Lima

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we begin the name of Allah All Praise and glory belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we turn to Allah for protection from the evil whispers of ourselves. And we offer consequences that result of the actions promoted by these evil selves for whatever Allah guides, no one can lead. No one can lead astray remember Allah leaves astray, no one can guide and we testify that no one is worthy of our absolute devotion, the dedication of our lives, our obedience at every moment, our absolute love and admiration but Allah and Allah alone, without any partners to truly supreme King, that the Prophet

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed in truth is Prophet and his service and His Messenger whom Allah says it sends a message to the world or people of Eman or believers habitat Lama, Allah shield yourselves from the anger of Allah by running to this pleasure to kind of do or die and do not die except in that state, a state of complete and total surrender to Allah and all that is pleasing to Him and only that which will be accepted by him.

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In our last meeting, or my last standing on this member, we spoke about an overview a bird's eye view of source and backup, and then you will let us that we will be looking at and he said that similar to Bukhara spoke about the development, the building of a new a new civilization, a new structure of a people that had just arrived in Medina. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala pointed out for them, their tasks and their mission and their purpose, and warn them from certain pockets in their society, or certain trends in their surroundings, be they the hypocrites, be the the Jews from Medina or otherwise, some places that they cannot alter it. And they spoke Allah Azza did describe

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that nation and how it felt. And then it gave the altar example the alternative example with Ibrahim alayhi salam who was a nation by himself, he stood alone. He was a structure on his own, because he passed all of his tests he surrendered without hesitation and then he moved on to great detail to the point out what our civilization will look like what our identity will look like. And so the Muslim ummah now here understands who they are, what it is that it is unique, that it is an independent state that it is a presence on the map now.

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And then there comes next in the Quran Surah Al Imran And the reason for that, according to the majority, at least of the Sahaba and the early scholars, is that because there is a match between Al Iran and and Boko Haram. They are like 20s and the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam did pair between them. And he said it closer away. So a Muslim which confirmed that he said read the two lamps and Bacara were earlier Imran for example, Mallya T and yomo piano at California martini, oh, kefir, our demeanor played, he said read these two songs and appeared between them. He said, because these two will come on the Day of Judgment, these two labs that light up for you what you need to

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know all that you need to know. They will come on the Day of Judgment, like dark clouds, meaning to protect you not allow any heat through them. Or he said to Phil Holly, like two groups, two flocks of birds that will shade a person on the Day of Judgment. So there's obviously a relationship between these two sores, and that is why they come one after another in the news, because the majority of those who have jority of the early Muslims including the Sahaba they believe that the pro

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COVID sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not designate the orders of the soul or the way he designated the order of the IRS, this should be known, but that the sources were arranged according to the understanding of the Sahaba the discretion of the Sahaba and was from their wisdom that they understood that these two were appeared. Number one, because of the Hadith I just mentioned. Number two, because they go hand in hand, they complete one another, because as we have seen

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Surah Baqarah has developed the building. And now this building exists, there's a structure, there's a state, there's an ummah, there's a civilization, that that has a presence now on the map. It's no longer individuals scattered around fleeing for their lives, they have a presence we are here, they're no longer on the margins of the society or the Arabian Peninsula. And so any person, any state, any city, any community, any people that have a presence automatically, as they begin to develop strength, there will arise those that will contend to stomp them out, there will arise enemies there will arise is contention, what some people call the clash of civilizations. And so

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there's Alan and Ron steps in now to speak about not the development of the building, not drawing out for us who we are that was sort of Baccarat. Now it is talking about the protection of that building, how to protect the structure of this old man now, from the wars, the battles that will be waged against it. And when we say that tells don't allow your mind to limit battles or wars, to the words that are military V, the battles meaning the expeditions on the battlefields only. Rather, there's a whole variety, a spectrum of confrontations that will happen to anyone with strength, so that and Iran speaks about the war of ideas, the war of proposals, if you will, right, propagating

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their own ideas, and part of that is dirt cheaply. And that's why we call it propaganda nowadays, right? And so, for example, the Jews in Medina, Allah was an ad Iran, they began to say what, what call of God is to

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renew, beloved wounds in Allah, Latina Amman, part of a in a hurry, work for fear of losing your job, a group from the People of the Book arose now in Medina, they're not even saying well Muslim, they arose and said, Go and say we believe in what has come down upon those that have believed, say you're Muslim, act like you're Muslim for a second

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and the beginning of the day, and then say, no, no, we changed our mind. There's nothing worthwhile in this religion at the end of the day is believed by life, and the next day can become Muslim, and by night, they will leave Islam so that they will come back and how similar how similar to what we have nowadays of supposin people that supposedly left Islam and then tour all the channels to say, Listen, we've been there, there's nothing worthwhile there. There's nothing special about this religion. This is all the signs of strength in the people, that you have to stoop that low to try to discredit them. Also of the propaganda, the war of ideas that was waged early in Medina is to try to

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discredit the representatives, the icons of that state, the head of the state, Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. They began to say, This man, he is waging battles, he is turning us into a state and saying we have to go out and fight last year Benjamin and now the Battle of liquid is happening just so he'll collect spoilers, just so they will take advantage of us. And so Allah azza wa jal points that out, and he says, Well, my candidate to be in any of it is unbefitting, that a prophet come out and steal from his own people. And then there is the war on beliefs, the war for the hearts. And that's why you find that very famous debate ensued earlier Imran between the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Muslims and the Christians from and later on as well who came and stayed in Medina. And he showed them all the proofs and they still were not willing to accept that this is not convincing. So as a sign of certainty in who we are, this is the truth and we are positive about it. You will not shake us with your onslaught in our fate. The famous verse the iron Aruba have mobile electronics, Ellie and Ron Paul

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Manisa Anna when he said, Well, who said who said to financial Allah, Allah, He can tell them over. So bla bla bla bla fine, you say you're short. And I'm say I say I'm sure and neither of us is going to buckle in this confrontation of beliefs. Then invite your children and invite mine and invite your women and I will invite mine and invite yourselves and I'll be there and let

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We all make an appeal to Allah. Let's all beg Allah together to descend, this curse sent this curse down upon the lives. And the famous incident happened. And they did not show up. Interestingly, nowadays, by the way, as

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as a custom do, we have to find those that don't have beliefs, such as the atheist to argue and debate and swear that we're not being logical, we have no proof behind our religion, realistically speaking, and statistically speaking, as well. Those who are that are atheists, this research that has been done about this, are less willing, even though they say we don't believe in a God to pray for destruction on their families, if they're wrong. They had they would lie detector tests on them and access to them. If you're sure, then say, Oh, God, if you are there, break my family's back, allow them to die in in a horrific car accident, do it if you can. And so this idea came as an

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establishment in that world beliefs to show put your money where your mouth is, as they say, say what I will say and they would not. And of course, the last third of the surah is the battlefield campaign, the military war that was waged on the listenings. Again, the battlefield, as you all know, happening third year in the province of Allah Hyosung came out to the holy mountain and around Medina to what's called.

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And he put on the Hill of that mountain, the archers to cover the back of the Muslims because they were outnumbered about four to one about 700, after the hypocrites went back for three months, so they're about 700 faced a lot 3000 men that day. So they had high ground, and they had Allah so just before and after that with them. And so they had the upper hand on the battle until the disbelievers from place to begin worshipers fled the battlefield. And so they forgot the commander of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who said to them, Do not leave the Battle of love, leave this hill or archers, or even if you see us victorious, even if you see birds coming to eat our flesh in the sky

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until I tell you to come off the mountain. But when they saw the people fleeing and when they saw the spoils left behind the money and the weapons and the tools and the horses, and the women, they some of them ran off now too many of them ran off the mountain, the majority and 1/3 of their army came around when they caught this caught them from behind and it was a bloodbath. Hamza nablopomo, kalaburagi Allah Allah who was killed husana Romania, Hungary is killed. July babies killed homologs killed so many of them, but what they found a lot of the Haram and so in the middle of this atmosphere now, in this catastrophe, the Muslims had to be told how to close the door, or end this

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very tragic event in their lives with a step in the right direction. So their vision does not get blurred, so they don't fall off of the road that they will be getting to ride very well. So they needed to know they needed to know what is the biggest threat in this whole idea here. What is the biggest problem we should worry about? In light of this catastrophe was a catastrophe being killed is almost Liva. Allah azza wa jal speaks at its mercy, but the root of it deserves more of your focus than the fruit of meaning the event itself is not as dangerous people come and go, when I moved to El Patil to

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die or kill you goes back to Allah, there's still a chance. But until what, what is worse than that, not the event itself. What is it that led up to this event?

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And so he says, it's an insult earlier and run our lambda or saw but mostly, but can afford to pull to

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pull who will implement the unforeseeable and everyone is about protecting that structure, protecting this OMA from what could infiltrate from what could jeopardize it. He says to them, you think you're going to win all the battles. It's not about winning every single balance every single round, right? There's more rounds coming, understand what determines success and failure. And what determines how successful you are. He said to them, and when you are afflicted with a catastrophe,

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called slobin. To meet later, you have made them taste double, a serving of this catastrophe, meaning you defeated them at bed

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and you defeated them in the first round of worship before you forgot the instructions that came off the mountain. Or some scholars say you defeated them as measured by killing 70 and imprisoning 70 as captives whereas only 70 of yours were killed if you had double.

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You had done to them double what they just did.

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See you. That's not the issue. When you were afflicted with the catastrophe that you had dished out, if you will, you had served to them double in his eyes going to heaven, you come and you say, how could this happen to us? Goo goo, I mean the unphysical go tell them it is from within yourselves. Don't look outside, don't say the enemy and they have done and how could this happen to us when they are disbelievers? And we are believers and how don't look there. Look inside. Between those two sides of yours you will find the answer in here somewhere is the problem. Can you imagine Can you imagine who's been taught to hear because we say this statement many times if why is it happening?

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They also have are being told the Sahaba cool women are in here for SQL say to them, it is because of what is happening inside. You see, the Omar has been hurt right now. The OMA is in pain right now. The greatest Sahaba have just been killed. There's no more room for beating around the bush. So Allah azza wa jal speaks to the Ummah with the utmost clarity with the sour truth that they need to hear now whenever so he says to them, well abundance of love word of always inshallah to the end of the hook or LM rock, and Allah has kept his promise to you is that the Sunnah will be evening when you were able to get the upper hand on but killing him in the battle by his permission had the

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either fishy to what tendency to feel angry, we're outside to until that moment came where you feel that your mission and you disputed regarding the orders from Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and you disobeyed by doing that, after we showed you what was pleasing to me the moment you began to see, my promise is true. You forgot about me altogether disobeyed the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then he says to the

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men commonly to dunya women come and you're evil, there are among you also have keep that in mind. Those who desire in this world

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the problems in here and among you are those that desire here. The moment I showed you a bit of worldly victory, you read, you fled the servitude you left your mission.

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Have you are those that desire to

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and have you are those that desire thereafter? Abdullah in my school, Daniela on one of the earliest hobbies, not from its from Mecca. I was mohajir at earliest that the Muslims, he said won't lie. This was a shocker for us. He says I would I would swear if I would if I had to swear that we all desired the hereafter. Until this verse kingdom, it uncovered something we never thought existed amongst us, among you are those that desire this world and not the Hereafter. This is why the dispute happened this way. You said we're gonna let them take the spoils in the weeds or the squirrel and you ran down. So the disagreement, the dispute the fall apart in place, and because of

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that, the duniya seeped into your hearts after a while, even if it wasn't there in the beginning.

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And so then it says if the surah is saved, your disagreements are not as innocent as you think. It's not just a misunderstanding. It's not we were well wishing it's not that oh, we just wanted to get our share. No, there was envy there. There was ego there not all of you there are on the battlefield, putting your life on the line alongside the prophets of Allah but certainly be the Dean are exactly certainly the the this is supposed to be reverberating back to us. Now. Perhaps some of us we say either the dean is going to be supported, empowered at my hands or nothing at all.

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Rather, some of you serve the dean to make yourself feel righteous. Some of you serve the dean, to make others feel righteous. And the third category may serve the dean, you may be in the religious sphere, not with a dean at all, not for righteousness at all, but just so you'll have the upper hand on people, just so you will be dominant. And so Allah azza wa jal protects, this entity protects the Muslim protects the Ummah that he's in by pointing out for you. You need to watch out what's happening inside. You need to check on yourself constantly. And that's why it's sort of led run it says what led tenerlo bibra hatherton siponimod to hippo. You see, they left the mountain one

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embodiment, documentary and food you left as soon as Allah showed you what you like to see the spoilers, the worldly gain, Allah says you will not reach you won't be there. Really be there at that state of righteousness until you give up that which you love. And don't think this is just the money, give up that love to have the last word. Give up that everyone

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have to sleep at the time of frigid give up that love for women. Give up that love for money. Show yourself that it is not your desire, meaning it is not what you are bent on. The feeling is fine, but it's not what controls you prove to yourself you have it under control how to feel to me metal removed by letting it go. You can say hamdulillah I'm not attached, you don't yet have the ways to prove to yourself Natasha Lumia is to give up dunya in its various forms.

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And that's my earlier Imran that Surah it protects the Ummah by detailing almost more than any other place in the Quran. Details for you the desires that you need to watch out for and test yourself. Am I able to give them up or will I give up my Deen for them. And it begins to that everyone by saying that zine and Ignacio Bucha Howard's minute Lisa will many in our honor to be removed from karate level football when fighting celebrity well and their annual health. It was Beautify. Keep in mind, it's beautiful. It's beautiful. It's fine that it's beautiful. Allah is calling it beautiful. It has a beauty to

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it is beautified for the people the love of their desires from women.

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Well Benny in and children I'm sewing so with this family from that family, this many children, these great grandfather's progeny, one panel tree removal, 30 minute value and filled up and your love for piling heaps of gold and silver, while fighting to sell wema and having horses that are branded with your mark. You know, that means you want to have a horse that's brand new that stamp like a tattoo, right? With your mark on it. That's so and so's right? That's so you want to stand out. You want to have a car arrive and means to be pointed out in the middle of the crowd. You have that inside of us say, Well, I use a woman and these horses these rides of yours that have your mark

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on them.

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Well, interannual health and your love for an am cattle and how to Finland and then Allah azza wa jal because it's such a huge problem, he gives you the whole solution to the problem. In one word, Allah Valley can attack. He said, This is metab you don't matter as much as utility, that something you use for a moment that that goal. That's why they use the word Mets app for their travel bag. You just use it. That's it. You know, when you come home from travel, you don't even unpack your bag, most of the time, you just throw it down and go on with your life. And you find out years later that some of these clothes need to be washed. Oh man, that's one of my credit card is Oh, utilities. When

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I'm driving to Brooklyn, I'm traveling and I'm coming back. Do I put my fridge in the trunk with me? Do I take my television? Do I take my home library books? Is that what I do? No way I take what I need for the trip and back Allah saying this stuff. Yeah, it's beautiful. But I'm only using one word to describe it. And the description is what it's not worth staring at. Sure uses beautiful find to one of his head stops there. Don't get locked on that intermetallic hi Auntie dunya this is just the utility of the lowest kind of life that is to be lower, higher dunya This is just what you use in this lonely life.

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Well muffling the postman and Allah has the best one coming from

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behind him in that it shall inform you with what is better than that Lila Nina Tucker in charge of the better than all this, those that are pious, truly righteous with their Lord our gardens, unimaginable gardens. Try to imagine a world where you're not haunted by your past, a world where you're not frustrated by your present a world where you're not worried about your future, a World War every one you ever wanted to meet, or never be separated from his there. And a world where every single person you had problems with, you forgot every single one of them and they are made truly beautiful and warm to you. What a world that is better than this passing utility. So don't stare at

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it. Because if you stare at it, it will tear you apart, and it will tear you apart. And it will be like salt water the more you drink of it, the thirsty you'll get it will not satisfy you.

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And so the surah here is telling us Don't you dare luck your eyes on this so that you stretch your Deen in the least for the sake of what will vanish anyway. Don't disobey your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for a woman for a job for some sort of position to win an argument. Don't disobey your prophets Allah Allah Allah says for some spoils Subhan Allah the leftovers. You see, it wasn't just the leftovers from the battlefield. What's interesting

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He has also left the words left behind by those that left and you will leave it behind that he will leave as well.

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And it focus on the important things hold on to Allah robot to his promise hold on to that Jim gently told me which is the alternative Don't stare at anything else. That's when sort of adding a Rolla surgeon says, Why firstly, do we have the legend Er, well, that's I forgot to add hold fast to the rope of Allah, this could add the promises, do this agenda, all of you. And don't be divided. don't disagree, because the desires are what caused you to be divided. And that's why in Eleonora, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what one after another Latina guten Kitab 11 vagamon

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Bella the and Bina the people before you, but also he just described to do it so that they didn't become divided either. Except when the book came to them.

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And then they transgress, they had animosity against one another, they were envious of each other. They were contempt full of each other. So Allah ensue that Iran is saying how can you let go of your brothers? How can you become hateful of those that will remind you to hold on to the rope of Allah wa Cosimo Jimmy All right, hold on together how could you do that when this is the greatest favor I will give you for some passing enjoyment in this world. And that's why again, you find that out Iran a lot a lot of your analysis that he calls the true favor that you should appreciate and not ever allow you to get between you and that real nearmap He says with Quran Arabic Allah and equal it come

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to America and fabulous has been approved for us to be near a lengthy one he says and remember the fever of alarm

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when you were enemies without Islam and we're gonna lose and even after Islam arrived look at the people outside enemies for every and no reason skin color race lines on the ground called national borders, enemies at you were at each other's throats without this Islam that I gave you.

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And then you became by my learner, my favorite brothers power so many times, we disagree with each other and we forget this whole loving for the sake of Allah loving for your brother which will love for yourself loving that we are actually brothers. That means there's no need inside that means it's not from US to Canada.

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And so Allah use the word nearly twice in this I remember the favor of Allah on your enemies then you became by his fever brothers, because this is the double this is the true this is the true favor, not the passing material out the luggage, it just gets kicked and thrown out. And so, all of these cards are uncovered now for this will happen and they need to be uncovered now for doing that as well. There is Dunia there and the only way to get rid of it is to hold on to the rope of Allah and to hold on to each other and appreciate the value with that means that fabric Allah has sown for us we're not from we would have never had been united a portfolio that was a Honeywell.

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Hungary salatu salam ala Milena be around she's gonna either hate or love or devilishly colorful eyeshadow and do whatever you want. When the pagans who had come around the bountiful

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so they had come from in front now and now they had come from behind them. It's as if there was a confusion. No one knows who fell from who sold. It just crashed into one another like this. And it was a bloodbath, as I told. And among those who lived on that day was the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself, rather he was struck and fell unconscious and his face was gash and he had injuries and his shoulder and his knee that he felt until the day he died so Allah bother you it was when that happened was so habit came to their senses and they regroup, they collected themselves around him, and we'll talk about your loved one who jumped on top of him. And when the

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messenger SallAllahu Artix had regained consciousness and said In addition, if you also love Allah naturally do not do not raise your head over sooner Allah stay down my neck need to get struck better than yours. And I will do Jana with your loved one who the prophets of Allah Allah he'll Salam gave his sword too before the battle came and he hovered over him an arrow after arrow landed his back and he would not move he would not leave shielding the prophets of Allah Allah yourself and even the women nuts EVA or no save me to get up in Ramallah. She said give the swords to those who will fight with you so everyone running in chaos. She grabbed the sword he said to love or I didn't

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I didn't look to my

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right to my left, except that I found her there fighting off many men in front of her until she was gassed in her neck and across her chest, a wound that later ruptured and hemorrhage. And the time we were ordering football and the falafel roll and she died later from it. And so this was the scene. And finally when they were able to protect the prophets of Allah Marcin and they regroup to a high place, those that attempted the ambush decided that was enough and they backed off the leader of Quraishi of the pagans from Mecca

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or the current leader Abu Sofia and he called out to them from a distance from a hill and he said, a fecal Mohammed, Mohammed amongst you, the prophets of Allah on he said, don't answer. He said, If equal work equal to ask you is Abu Bakr still alive? He said don't answer is or Omar alive. He says don't answer. He said them they have all died said in gratification. They all died because had they been alive they would have responded. So I don't want them to hop up and couldn't handle to be silent, couldn't handle to be disgraced like this. So he said love Allah He I do Allah He ever can love them and you will see by Allah Oh enemy of Allah was kept alive those that will disgrace you.

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You will not disgrace us. And so arrogance over to elbows with reality said earlier who better may our idol Kuba the head idol around the camera may be exalted meaning for the victory today. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam venison and lethargy move won't you answer him? They said What should we say Kulu Allahu Allah gently say to him, Allah is more exalted and more majestic, call Ananda Rosa whenever selaku He said to them and there was another idol they made up from the Name of Allah, Allah Aziz and Rosa belongs to us and there's no reason for you to the Prophet Sal. Allahu Allah says Allah ng boop Aren't you gonna answer is it what shall we say or messenger of Allah say

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Allah Who knows? What I know that Allah is our garden, our master and you have no master. You are a runaway slave to Abuja, and said this day he was in retaliation for a bedroom.

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And battles are always back and forth when you haven't proved anything yet on 100 You haven't done anything. We're even now. He says that you will see bodies today mutilated, very tough scene, because you will see bodies today mutilated over them will be the body a body of Hunter they're about to find out. mutilation that I did not command off. But I am not displeased with I didn't tell them to do it. It's not from our values. I don't have to do that to the disease. But at the same time, what happens happens you start doing

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these demented mind at the time you say to Allah guided him of course later to Islam. In this moment, Allah selgin says it is just too if I have to mention before we get off the first of them is doing so habit stood around the prophets of Allah audios. Why did they stand because they couldn't believe not because necessarily would be punished if they left no, because they couldn't find it in their heart to remain alive. If the Messenger of Allah says Allah was to die. And Omar Abdullah said that exact statement when they thought the Prophet SAW said and died who saw it down and said what's the point to fight now in his dying analysis another said get up and go and fight roti died for if

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he died, and there was that moment they couldn't find any meaning to life afternoon, sal Allahu Allahu Allah centers. And so Allah azza wa jal says downbeat.

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Praising the Sahaba and praising the province of Allah was his treatment of them which made them like this because yes, this is a tragic event show for sure.

00:33:42--> 00:33:56

But Allah has forgiven them one after the other is to hit but you have to learn the lesson. You have to know why it happened. So few irons will reveal to our three forgiving me very fast. Allah says Heather Diane within nursing

00:33:57--> 00:34:36

well, who then went to wherever to the New Japan this is a clarification for the people are loving to break his promise. There was a lesson that's why it happened because some people will doubt so this is a clarification for people. And then this is a guidance and a heart felt reminder an hour ever for the pious so Allah differentiated from the nest and looked up in the nest could have doubted the people so that by and clarification, the believer they didn't doubt they're just like what now what do we do? Is there a way out of this we messed up really bad. So he gives them good guidance for the pious guidance it's okay I have not disowned you. Hope is endless as long as you

00:34:36--> 00:34:59

have Allah so long as you're breathing and that's why Subhana love so with any access to them want to reassure them after all this very tough language if you're so happy, Allah says Look at me levy or tell America with the unit Kathy, firmer hand oedema solid feasibility lab will know what Mr. Carey and how many men of God true

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

The people that will be your people rob men of God fought alongside prophets in the past, they never felt inferior they never gave in. The verses continue and see when they can have our level of benefit. There's no better way Serafina Fe and Lena was a bit academic on sadhana, Paul McCaffrey and these men of God they said, Oh Allah forgive us our sins. Don't worry Sahaba the people before you also had sins even though they fought among the prophets fine, so long as you say what they say, so long as you come back. You don't keep going, which I found that in the last song we come back like Adam iclm Didn't lesson.

00:35:40--> 00:36:20

They said, Oh Allah forgive us our sins and the transgressions of our affairs and keep our feet firm on sunnah and give us victory over the disbelieving people. So the door of telcos opened why? And then Allah azza wa jal said to the prophets of Allah, I said, not to hold this against and he said, For female magnets and you know, we're healing Taylor who's only by a mercy from Allah that you were lenient with them or Willow Quinta for volleyball upon me that felt to me how this the second guy and had you been harsh with them hard hearted, they would have disbanded from around but they didn't disbanded. They stay by himself Allah audios and it is because of who he was to them. He saw

00:36:20--> 00:36:38

potential in them he kept the doors of mercy open for them he accepted the so habit that will Renegades that were alcoholics that you would think have there's no hope in a person like that they became so have the greatest people ever after they converted to Islam. And then the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam went to space.

00:36:39--> 00:37:06

And he said Allah, Allah Filippo me, for example, or law, forgive my people because they they don't know. And then he said, I use the home and to know which cannot be eaten Hanabi killer people ever just asked he didn't say he just asked, Can a people ever succeed after meeting the face of their profitably? How can that even happen? So Allah Azza to Dallas the third day I leave you with Lisa like everyone appreciated

00:37:08--> 00:37:15

to binary led development failure in 41. The matter is not up to you. So Allah Allah you address

00:37:16--> 00:37:56

whether Allah opens the door of repentance, forgiveness for them, or Allah punishes them because they are relatives, mean own karma the same way you saw good and you wish to good for the Sahaba make no exception, even those that make you believe you will just keep being that beautiful person that you are, and you focus on your job, not judging people at times are difficult because people do that. Even in sports, everybody is fine, and the team is winning. And when there's problems, you're pointing fingers everywhere, don't even ask that question. This is not your job. So Allah why do you continue delivering the message? And what do you know? It's not up to you let the unseen of Allah

00:37:56--> 00:38:06

get unveiled when Allah chooses. And Subhana wa COVID or the Allah Anoop was a though that Amrish the prophets of Allah Allah was honorable the US was those that average the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:38:08--> 00:38:44

All of these become Muslim Indeed, those that made him believe some Allah Allah who said them, and we see this until today, you would just keep being that beautiful muslim, they still are, and our time will come when Allah will allow the truth to come out of love will allow ease for the Ummah, didn't you hear that the man who made the cartoons in Denmark becomes Muslim, and goes extremely This is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, he says, To apologize to him in person. Don't you see that so many that used to insult Islam, you think this person is due Forever and always, and they become the greatest assets to Islam.

00:38:45--> 00:38:57

Just like you were leading people, so having this battery from around you, even though that made you believe that is the standard that we want to set with you for the rest of your career. sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam

00:39:00--> 00:39:37

will end their childhoods telegenic. We wish once again just to teach ourselves how to take a verse from the book of Allah and improve our lives with it to read Sudan Iran, for example, with a new lens to connect all the dots that seem disconnected to us a new perspective may Allah teach us from his book, what will bring us closer to him Allah may Allah further to raise and exalt are messengers of Allah Allah and also have of us their lives and their breath in their blood so that we would receive this religion with ease male muscle kind of federal award them with the very best and allow us a reunion with them in the gardens and listen love them I mean Allahumma salli wa sallam was I

00:39:37--> 00:39:41

already can't wait to meet your soon to come and come rather early he was very

00:39:43--> 00:39:43

nice no

00:39:45--> 00:39:57

more coming a lot of government minister solar Jimmy YEAH honey masala with Cordelia. I love them. I want to draw them like sheep. But another thing is, Allah wants you to Lemare the Muslim Muslim

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Got it the mystery lab so let's see about the money flow mom was unavailable hamadryad he was like ah man

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