The Tragedy of Disbelief

Mohammad Elshinawy


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AI: Summary © The importance of seeking guidance and connections to receive light is emphasized, as it can lead to a wasteful life. People are "willful blinds" and "willful ones" who have failed to follow guidance and believe in their beliefs. The speaker uses examples such as people copying designs and mistakes, and even if they are good, they refuse to acknowledge their truehoods. The importance of knowing one's God and faith to avoid confusion and suffering is emphasized, and individuals are advised to be mindful of their emotions and not to forget their beliefs.
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Oh four weeks ago, we spoke about the lights of a MA in the hearts of the believer the light of faith and the lights of guidance. That splendid parable Allah strikes for us in the Quran in surah noon, the chapter of light. And we spoke about the importance of seeking that light through the masajid these are the lighthouses and the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam would ask Allah to grant him light in his heart sight and hearing front of him and behind him right and left above and below Allahumma Azzam li Nura O Allah may great for me my light as he was headed to the masjid. And we said that light is found in Allah's guidance, his laws, they enlighten our conduct in our life. And

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also Allah's light is experienced through our connection, our spiritual connection with Allah also, where the message is, what the message is a hub for,

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and then the second hook but after that, we spoke about how our knowledge of everyone having the readiness for this light, the example of the oil, the pure fitrah makes it necessary for you to act on that when you call them to Allah, they are ready for it. And that's why the message of Islam strikes such a uniquely deep chord in people when simply shared with whoever is open minded of them.

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In this next set of verses in the same sequence after Allah spoke about his life, it's being in the masjid people who are not distracted from the masjid find it. Allah azza wa jal then speaks about the converse or speaks about the opposite, when he speaks about the darkness and the tragedy of misguidance and Faithlessness. Not faith, but the darkness of lack of faith, the darkness of disbelief in two is the 39 and 40. It is in surah noon, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, well, Lavina Cafaro as for those who disbelieve Amanda whom Castle Robin beauty it in

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their actions those who disbelieve are like a mirage in a lowland. What happens when someone is in the middle of the desert and they are thirsty. Allah says the Cebu alum and OMA, this Mirage when you hallucinate from the extent of the heat and you're so dehydrated, you're so desperate, you want to see water, so you start imagining water. So Allah says the thirsty person assumes it to be water, he assumes it to be an oasis, what happens at that point? They tell themselves that must be true. And they use whatever's left in the tank to run towards it, they actually accelerate in that direction. had either a look at this parable Allah says and then when they finally reach it, and

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discover there's nothing there, then when they finally reach it lemmya G, who che and they find it to be nothing at all. They find a tragic disappointment. Well, where Jade Allah Harinder who fell affair who he said but who Allah who said he or when he said, and then Allah says they dropped dead literally, right, they die at this point. This was their last attempt. That's why they tried so hard. They steamrolled ahead, found it to be nothing, were tragically devastated. Allah says then they find Allah in front of them, and he repays them in full. You see, there's like, a quick shift here between the parable and the reality, the disbeliever who saw the truth, who saw the truth and

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turn the blind eye to it? This idea is about the leaders of disbelief, those who are not just following the herd effect. Where are you going? I'm going where the people are going, where are the people going? I'm not sure No, not those people. The people who knew what was right and chose not to follow it, the people that notice something was wrong with their belief system and chose to ignore that right? These people Allah turns their hearts off, Allah blinds their hearts, this is imperfect fairness, he gave them chances not just a chance for Allah Mirza who has ever Allahu Kaluga whom Allah when he saw them deviate, he deviated their hearts, so sorry for an 80 and Levina it's like a

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balloon and fill out of the behind it. I shall turn away from my verses my signs, those who are pompous, arrogant, rejecting of truth on this earth without do right.

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And the ayat about this are so many.

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And so these are the people that were intentionally rejecting faith knowingly rejecting truth, Allah causes them to assume that their falsehood is truth. We can't ever fully know on our own who is like this, but there's a category of people that are like this. And so a person should not be surprised why someone can be so adamant and so determined that they're wrong is right. Sometimes you'll wonder But like, how is it his fault that he's so convinced

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Maybe he's not so convinced maybe he's pretending, or maybe he was not so convinced at one point in time, but he doubled down stubbornly. And so Allah allowed him to believe what he told himself. Only Allah fully knows. But there is a class of people like this, Allah has not been unfair to them. And then so they drive harder and they pursue with greater confidence wrong until it's too late. Until they get there and all of a sudden they're in front of Allah, they spend the rest of their life like this. And then they find themselves in front of Allah and turns out it was all nothing. It was all an utter waste. And this also, by the way, is fairness. Because someone will say, but but people you

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know, just because they just believed in Allah knowingly. What about their good deeds, Allah is the perfectly just, he will give them blessings in this world for their good deeds, but they will have nothing in the bigger picture, they will have nothing in the Hereafter, they will not get a reward from the God that they refuse to submit to, you know, where let us assume such people were good, why are we assuming Allah did not reward them already for their good here? Let us assume they were good, but to refuse to recognize Allah as the source of their goodness. You know, a good example for this also is plagiarism. You know, when you copy someone else's work and you hide it, when people see

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your research people see your design people see your, you know, your paper, or whatever it is, say, Oh, that's really impressive.

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And then when they find out you stole it from somebody else, and forgot to give credit in the in the margins in the footnotes, they don't just find this ugly and disgusting, they prosecute you for it, right? Likewise, even if a person were good, but refuses to acknowledge that my existence without which I couldn't be good as from Allah might kind heart without which I couldn't be kind was made kind by Allah, my resources with which I'm charitable or otherwise, or the time that I can extend an offer was granted to me by God. If I say God has nothing to do with any of this, that don't expect their award from God. So this is the idea they such people will imperfect justice, find nothing at

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all for them in front of Allah. When Allah who said he said, Subhana, Allah to Allah, and Allah is Swift in reckoning, meaning he has not created us in play, he will not just let this play out aimlessly. Ultimately there will be there will be a reckoning everyone's going to have to answer for their decisions in the highest court in front of the most perfect judge, and just rulers subhanahu wa taala.

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And whoever is this blind,

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in this world, will be blind in the hereafter. The parable extends to the hereafter in Bukhari and Muslim the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that Allah will bring groups of people on the day of judgment. And he will say to them, who did you use to worship and some will say Hosea, some will say the Messiah, each of them will say the Son of God, and Allah will tell them you are lying. Allah never said he had a son.

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And then he will say to them for Matt, that type of goon, now that they're not here to help you What do you want, they will say we are thirsty. Notice the connection, they will say we are thirsty, oh Allah.

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And so it will be made to appear to them. That there is a source of water here, the way they contrived made up a illusion of illusory, an imaginary source of hydration water in this world. They chase something else as if it could offer them anything. They will imagine and see water and waste on the day of judgment, and they will chase after it. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, until they fall off of the cliffs into the hellfire. May Allah azza wa jal protect us and you from such a fate of Holy Holy hell that was tough for Allah Altima Lee welcome.

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hamdu Lillahi wa wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah or the hola Cherie Cara, who is Shadow Ana, Mohammed Abdullah, who, whenever you who are sort of

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the second of the two verses that speak about the tragedy of disbelief is the next is the 40th ayah and Surah Noor and it speaks about a different class of nonbelievers, a different class of disbelievers. Those who are the masses who imitate their leadership, imitate the influencers, just go with the flow.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, l the example of the deeds of the disbelievers is like this Mirage we spoke about he said, or here's the second verse l Kelvin nomads or like layers of darkness, Fi Baron Luigi

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ie in an endless sea and endless ocean. Layers of darkness you find in this endlessly deep ocean or unfathomable sea, the translation says Yun Xiao Hua mode you mean filthy hemos you mean filthy he sahab on top of you are waves on top of those waves are waves. On top of those waves are clouds of little Madsen bog who have felt about darkness is one piled on top of another. Either a frog Jada, hula Miaka Dr. Raha to the point that if a person were to try to pull out their hand and look at it in these layers of darkness, they would not be able to see their own hand recognize their own hand. Women lamea jalila Hula who know Ron firmer Allah Who me nor and whomever Allah does not grant a

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light to they will never have any light.

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So this is the example of the suffering and the confusion that anyone who is in disbelief anyone who does not have the light of faith in their life is experiencing this estrangement.

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You know,

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it is hard for us because we are truly blessed having been guided to Islam, to imagine what it's like to not have Islam in our life. Like, you know, people who don't know who their parents are, they spend their whole life distressed over this issue. And sometimes they go to great lengths just to figure out who my parents are. Can you begin to imagine what it's like to not know who your God is, and how you got here and where you're going to go from here. How this weighs down on a person. There is actually a statement for shaken Islam and it's a me or Hema Allah that used to always, you know, bother me till someone gave me some closure on it. He used to say, faith is like a garden of

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fruits. Whoever does not taste any of its fruits in this world will not taste the fruits of gender in the next world will not you know, there's a paradise in this world, if you will, the paradise of Eman, whoever doesn't enter it will not enter the paradise of the next life. And so at times, I just wonder like how much of faith do I actually taste? But then one of my mentors said to me, you don't understand whether you realize it or not, you are enjoying the fruits of Eman. The very fact that you know who your God is Subhanahu wa Taala you know who your prophet is the immensity of that blessing. You know, when you stand up to make saw sometimes it might help for you to think how many

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people are between you and the Kabah right now that are just oblivious. And Allah erected you to be of the select few that are standing in front of him at fed or at Asia or otherwise, he chose you.

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You know, some people think like, what's the big deal? I'm just Muslim, because I happen to be Muslim. I happen to be born into a Muslim family, and this other person happened to be born into a non Muslim family. Some people tell us this, the only reason you're a Muslim is because you were born Muslim. And that is the reason why we're Muslim. But why is of the reasons for sure, for so many of us, but who chose that I get born to Muslim parents who chose that that's by design. And that's why we say back to them. By the way, you're no different than me. You chose to be atheist because you grew up in an in a godless society, in an atheistic society. So don't act like you're

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the one with the open mind. Right? So just ignore for a second, my brothers and sisters, you know, trust Allah's justice. Allah said to us in the Quran, when Hakuna Matata as the Bina Hatena bathala sola, we will never punish someone without first sending them a messenger. Allah subhanho wa Taala told us when our Allium Allah houfy him played on last night at home, if Allah Who knows good dinner person, he will give them a chance to hear the message. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us, the people that don't get a chance in this world will be shown another messenger on the day of judgment. And if they obey Him, they go to paradise. And the people that obey Him will be the

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ones that had they met Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, or any of Allah's prophets and messengers and dunya, they would have accepted. Just I say all of that, why? Ignore that for a second, don't let that ruin your moment of gratitude with Allah, Allah chose for you by whatever factors to be Muslim.

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Own that taste that experience that because without it, you cannot imagine the depths of the sea of darkness that people are in.

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And once again for your data, well keep that in mind. Without Allah subhanho wa Taala people, no matter how much they try to mask it, they are lost. They are hurting, they are suffering, the darkness of believing that there's no force in the universe that carries things things aren't in one hand, or to believe there's multiple forces in the university and Yang competing and I'm the victim, right? I'm just a pawn in the game. All of these are darkness they are pain they are distress

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The fact that you know your appointments with Allah five times a day, the fact that you are told Do not come near fornication, Do not come near adultery, take care of your families, this all light by which Allah rescues you taste it, experience it. Don't ever overlook that, and also go out to the world knowing that without it, they are in the darkness of disbelief, the darkness of disobedience, the darkness and confusion and estrangement, the ISS if he pulls out his hand, he can't recognize it. Meaning the most familiar things to you are off your own hand, it doesn't quite Something's off. So may we forever be grateful for the blessing of Islam? And may we be a service to those that have

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not yet been given enough information or enough inspiration to embrace this Islam? May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us an instrument of his guidance and a channel and conduit for his light to reach the world? May Allah Subhana Allah guide us and guide with us and make us a reason for others to escape escape the tragedy of misguidance and disbelief Allahumma Amin, Allah Who Medina Divina, which isn't necessarily about the man who said it's me Milena, Nolan Robina thriller, homonyms Romina, and Muslim that's what you need on me nuts. Yeah, even Mr. Hamlin what was Allah Allah wa salam baraka and Ebina Muhammad are on early he was on the edge marine

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Allahu Akbar Allah