The Evil of Deception

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Friday Sermon, Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick – The Evil of Deception (Ghuroor), April 21, 2017


AI: Summary © The importance of the Prophet Muhammad's critical importance of his actions and his potential reward for his actions is discussed. The recent drought in East Africa and the rise of "uranceist" right wing movement are also highlighted. The importance of protecting people's well-being and knowing one's individuality is emphasized, as well as the need for patient and rewarding people, as well as continued prayer and continuous monitoring one's well-being. The importance of patientity and continuous prayer is emphasized, along with the need to act with caution and not harm people.
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Alhamdulillah Allah the mean will suddenly what was Allah mother say the La welline will Akhirin Nabina Muhammad while the Le he was happy

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with what he was tending to be senility Illa Yomi tiene salam to Sleeman kathira Ababa,

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po Sequim, wa jal for semi auto or Kunal Huck suparna was a Billahi min ash shaytani regime will may attack the La hajjaj Allahu Maharajah Zuko menghai through LA,

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familia tawakkol Allah La he for who has spoke in LA LA ballyhoo Emery ajala, la liquidly Shea in Katara. All praises due to Allah, Lord of the worlds

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and peace and salutations and blessings be constantly showered upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad, the master of the first and the last, and upon all those who call to his way, and establish his son, to the day of judgment as to what follows, I again remind myself and you have the critical importance of taqwa, the critical importance of the consciousness of Allah, that this quality should follow us into every action in our life. It should not be something that is only

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clear and strong in the masjid. It should not be something that is only driving our thoughts when we around Muslims. But it should be something which fuels our thinking and our lifestyle, in everything that we do. And that is the measurement. If what we are doing is pleasing to Allah azza wa jal

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and Allah azza wa jal has

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reported to us or has revealed to us in His mighty book called an

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in the chapter of tala.

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In the beginning of this chapter, Allah has revealed and whoever has the consciousness of Allah, Allah will make a way out for him,

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and provide for him or her from where he knows not.

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And whoever depends on Allah, then Allah is sufficient.

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Surely Allah will reach his purpose, and he has made a limit for all things are you who believe,

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as we move on in this year,

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and as the world unfolds, in a more chaotic

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we have to remember

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that our Creator, so part of what Allah has power over all things, and there is nothing that is happening without a purpose. There is a reason for everything, there is a reason for pleasure.

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And there is a reason for pain.

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And we will not ultimately know

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the reasons we will not ultimately be able to look back on this world until we make the transition. And in sha Allah, make it into paradise.

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But before that time,

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we are in a struggle,

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a constant struggle, to stay on the straight path and to avoid those evil things which have been destined to be around us all the way through our life, right into the end.

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And Allah subhanaw taala tells us very clearly,

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that whoever has the consciousness of Allah, Allah will make a way out for him, provide for him for mo he where he knows not and whoever puts his trust in Allah, Allah sufficient, surely Allah will reach his purpose in Allah, how badly who humbly

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whatever the purpose is, we don't know.

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But Allah will reach this purpose. And he has made a limit for everything. There is a limit to oppression, there is a limit to suffering.

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There is a limit to the amount of wealth that one person can have.

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And so in this strange situation where you see some people who are living in luxury, and other people who are living in a disaster, we have to remember that

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Last Aparna inserted and br verse 35 has told us very clearly one knob Lua code shortly will fade the fitna

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what Elena told us,

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and we will test you with good

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and with evil.

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And you will all eventually return to us. So some will be tested with good

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pleasure, and some will be tested with difficulties.

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And when a survey was done

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of the world, they found that of the top 12 richest countries in the world

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per capita, that the people have the most money individually in that country. Six of them are Muslim majority countries.

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But when they looked at the poorest countries in the world, they also found that four of them are Muslim majority countries.

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So you can fly literally across a border. And on one side of the border, you will see people throwing things away.

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And on the other side of the border, you find people eating from the rubbish, starving to death. This is a fitna.

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This is a test. And it's difficult for us to understand this. But up there are many, many out rhodiola one, he said that when we were with the Prophet Mohammed Salah, sell them, we had difficulties.

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We have difficulty raw.

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And some occasions people didn't have anything to eat. It is reported that abubaker and Omar and the prophets are seldom on one occasion, will walk in getting up at nighttime, they were so hungry, that they would get up and walk and when the Prophet peace be upon him got up and went outside to walk

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because of the pain in his stomach, and tying a stone to his stomach to keep the gas inside so you won't feel like your stomach is empty. So you tie a stone to your stomach, he would find Abu Bakar outside walking and oma outside walk.

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But after a man said that in these times of Dora, our Eman was strong.

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We believed in Allah subhanaw taala, no doubt in our minds. And then after the Prophet left his abdomen rather low and said, We came into times of soft rock.

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It was easy gold was pouring in.

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And now many people are unsure of their faith.

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And so they were better off in the difficult times. And this is a hard thing for us to say and to imagine. But all of us will have some good and some evil in our life.

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This is how this world is

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right now, internationally

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the suffering of the Muslim world. It is the pinnacle of suffering of any community on this earth.

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And the recent information of the drought in East Africa, which did not begin right now. It was building and building and building. And part of a famine and a drought is not just climate. It's when the infrastructure of your country breaks down

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when your country can't respond to the famine.

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And so when the feminist hitting Yemen, when it's hitting Somalia and places like this, one of the reasons why it is so devastating is the breakdown of the infrastructure of the country. The fact that these countries have been targeted by the world powers targeted and we understand this. So it's not just because of a desert, because we have desert in this part of the world. Go to Arizona, go to New Mexico, you see a desert, but the people have an infrastructure in place to be able to respond to.

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And so this drought and famine going on now is described as the worst

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famine in the history of the United Nations. since World War Two,

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they have never seen anything, which is potentially as difficult and as devastating to human beings than what is happening right now in East Africa. So this is an emergency. This is an emergency. It's an external emergency that we have to add to the other emergencies

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that we that we suffer

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the level of Islamophobia because of the rise of the alt right, of the extreme, populist, white supremacy parties,

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because of this Islamophobia is on the rise.

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And recently, they were talking about the elections in Holland, in which the extreme right wing group did not win, but they got over 20 seats, something they never had before. And the leader of this group was saying, Let's solve the problem, get, get rid of all the Muslims.

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Just shut down all the mosques.

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Don't let them in, get rid of them. But when you look at the country,

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and you can see his fear

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is because right now in Holland, and in Belgium, 50% of the children in the hospital being born every day right now are Muslims. One out of every two babies, is a Muslim.

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So really what it is, it's not democracy.

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It's not fearing for the goodness of your people. But it is an evil jealousy, and a hatred because of the rise of Muslims, because our numbers are growing in so many different places. And so it is here as we are 10% of the GTA. So Islamophobia is on the rise, and we have to expect that it will be on the rise. And when this happens, when we're under pressure, we have to return to our face, we have to turn to our Sharia. And we use this word, Sharia, they tried to make Islamic words, bad words that you can't say anymore.

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But we returned to Sharia because the objectives of the Sharia, which many of the pundits need to understand, the objective of Islamic law and lifestyle is the well being of people.

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It is the protection of human beings, the protection of the environment.

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And so in it, within the objectives, there is the history of the deen there is the protection and preservation of our religion.

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There is also preservation of life.

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This is one of our objectives, to preserve life,

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also to preserve intelligence. That's why we are involved in education, the court and first, as you know, ikura read.

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So hips, aka intelligence, our whole lifestyle should be based on reading and learning.

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And developing schools and giving to anybody who's involved in education, also hips anessa that we protect our younger generation of posterity. And those that come and part of this is that whatever projects we are doing, and this is the way our governments should be thinking, this is the way that the First Nations indigenous people used to think when they would build the dam on a river.

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to block the water, they would first think, what is the impact of this action on the next three generations.

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This is hip senesce. They had it.

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They think thinking about posterity to thinking about what's going to happen in the future. And that is a crucial way that our governments need to think and finally have somehow to protect wealth, to protect our wealth, which means the environment and all the things which give the blessing to people in this world. And the prophet SAW Selim, when he first came to Medina, abdulai, Eben Salaam, he said, when the Prophet arrived, I went to see him

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and immediately I recognized looking at his face that he was not an evil person. I could see it in his face record watch welfare.

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right he had a positive face and he was never be a liar

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is not a liar. So he saw this right away. And the first thing that the Prophet said is is up to like quoting Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, the first thing he said when he's coming to Medina. Yeah, you had ness of Shu Salaam, wa ottimo. Tom was Silla our ham was a little bit late. Vanessa neon touchpal agenda.

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This is the first things that he said.

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What did he did he say make your bombs and your weapons and kill people.

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He didn't say that.

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He said, Oh people spread peace Greetings, spreads allow.

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provide food for the needy. Maintain your family relations, take care of your families next and make prayers at night while people are asleep and you will enter peacefully into paradise.

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This is what a Muslim is right? That's what Sharia is. That's why Medina became the lighted city. Not because they had electricity, they had no electricity.

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But it was the light of a man and taqwa he was a light of goodness. And so look at these principles that he set for us Salah

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right that we look it's positive, positivity, peace,

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and then deal with poverty. Part of our mission is to deal with poverty wherever we find it, whether it is local, whether it is international, take care of people feed people. That's why you have money.

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And next, strengthen your family units. Take care of your families, take care of your children. Make sure your elder the elderly people in your family, take care of them, because they want to carry you

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silyl ha

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keep that family together and keep your connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala keep the connection. Keep praying to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And even though the circumstances may get difficult, these are our principles. That's the basis of Medina.

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And so with this basis, we face Crisis. This is not the first crisis we have faced and it will not be the last. And the prophet SAW Selim gave us Bushra he gave us glad tidings for crisis.

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And he said in authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim algebra and the Umbrella Movement in the umbra hula hula hoop hair, while Lisa Danica Leah had an 11 Woodman

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in a Saba who sobre Shakur have a kind of fade in that we're in a sub raw sabara for Canada fader. So the prophet SAW Selim said how wonderful are the affairs of a believer

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in everything that the believer does is good news. Everything can be good for the believer. This is something which can only be found in a believer.

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If he is blessed with prosperity, he gives thanks. He makes shocker.

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And it becomes good for him. And if he is struck with calamity, difficulty, then he has Saba. He has patience and perseverance and even the calamity becomes something good for him.

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Sabah is an important quality that we need to try to understand right now. Because we will need patience in the next few days and years and what we are about to go through.

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As our great scholars tell us there's different types of Subbu you have a Saba on a chihuahua

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patient patience, in on desires, we have human desires, what is patience with your desires, and that is called if bar. And if is modesty. It is a type of chastity and modesty. Right when you become more modest type of person. Right? That's your patience with your desires.

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A Saba Phil Patel,

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this patience in fighting

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this patience when you're in the middle of a war.

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And this is shujaa it's courage. That's perseverance. So patience is not just sitting still. Patience is to hold the line. It's perseverance. Especially in a difficult situation, or sub Rafi. Be careful Hey,

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what is patience in controlling your anger? And that is L Hill. Hill is forbearance. It is a gentleness, mildness you become mild person. Like if you have an anger problem.

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Then you need him.

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For Barrett's gentleness, that's patients in that form. What is the sub a fee for doula work?

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Saba, when you have extra money is zuid.

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Zoho is when you live a simple life, abstinence so you can have a lot of money, but you live a simple life.

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If you live a simple life then that money that wealth can become a blessing to you.

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And then there is a Sabah Allah Latvia and that is patience in good times. Patience in good times when your life is easy. What is this? How do you respond to it? It is connected with Shaka

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with showing gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala how do we show our gratitude? we show our gratitude by taking from the blessings and giving it in the path of Allah.

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So whatever extra wealth that you have, that we have taken us in the path of Allah, if you have strict if you have intelligence, if you have abilities, use it in the passive Path of Allah, that's a Nirvana and the near Mark can be taken away from you.

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Your intelligence will one day leave, your money will one day leave, right but this is Saba. This is how we are patient in this very difficult situation. And so in the time of crisis, when we look at a sub Aafia in the time of crisis, the great Imam Shafi Rahim Allah, he looked at fifth, and he said, there is Olivia. And there was priority in fick. And the one of the examples that the Imam used was, we have five pillars of Islam.

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We have five pillars, we have our Shahada salaat as a cap, fasting Hajj, but in the time of a famine

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in the time of a drought, za cat raises.

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So cat becomes crucial pillar that we have to fulfill. Even in a famine, you might not even be able to fulfill your hatch.

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First thing you have to do, there's a lot you have to do.

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But maybe in the time of of a famine, you might want to stay prayed 200 prayer every single night, instead of making 200, you would help to feed poor people.

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So this is Olivia, this is priorities. And we have a priority now which is on our community. And I want to leave you with five key areas, five areas to think about, number one,

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to assist the needy people.

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To assist those who are in need. We have to see this as a mission. It's a mission that we all have. So we need to sit down, re analyze herself and see what we can do. Number two, defense of other Muslims, we will have to defend other Muslims because we're going to be under attack or mustards are under attack. Just recently, they do exit the house of one of the Imams. This is coming to us here. It's not just south of the border. Defense of Muslims, whether it be lawyers, right, support your lawyers, your Muslim lawyers, or those lawyers who are sensitive to Islam, sometimes the non Muslim lawyer, lawyers help us better than anybody else.

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Defensive other Muslims three, we need to think about defending the name of Islam,

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defending Islam, anywhere, if you're at school, and somebody is saying something against Islam, or the teacher is teaching something you question, the teacher Excuse me? Is this correct? What you just said? Is this really right? If you're on the job, and your colleagues are making fun of Muslims, we have to defend the name of Islam. We have to see it as our mission. Next, spreading a positive message positivity.

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One of the tactics of the Islamophobia people is to say you see those Muslims, they do nothing for Canada.

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They do nothing but take our money with the good jobs, and they send it home.

00:24:23--> 00:24:24

They do nothing for us.

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And we need to think what do we do for the society.

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So this is where we will need to take a portion of our wealth.

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And we have a portion more aliphatic aluminum. There's a section of Zakat to make people's hearts soft, who have entered Islam or those who are close to Islam.

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A portion of our wealth needs to deal with poor and needy people here. Right here.

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people in need of medical assistance people

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In need of help, so they will see this community as a blessing to the country. And number five,

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we need to make math Toba. We need to ask a lot to forgive us. We need to make repentance because this Bhalla this test is hitting us. It has come from ourselves. So we need to make Toba to repent for the things that we have done wrong, and to make the intention never to return to them. Make that intention. And if we owe people things that we owe creation, something we pay back the creation and never forget that Allah subhanaw taala has told us in the manual for Saba Luna, Asahi, Luna agilon, with a sap that those who have patience, they will get their reward without account. Allah has also told us an alley imraan What interests below what time Taku layer two ruco cadeaux homeshare

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inala habima mata meluna Mohit, the law said

00:26:07--> 00:26:18

if you have patience and taqwa the consciousness of Allah, then the trick and the plan of the evil one, it will not have you.

00:26:20--> 00:27:06

You will not harm you if you have sovereign taqwa. Because surely Allah surrounds everything with his knowledge. So May Allah subhanaw taala help us to respond to this crisis. May Allah subhanaw taala Have mercy on the week of the owner of Mohammed Salah, Salah meal Have mercy on the week of all humanity in this critical time. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for our eyes and our mouths and everything we have done that is wrong. And may Allah unite us in this charm offensive in this positive response. And may Allah have mercy upon those who have fallen in this path. May Allah bless the Shahada who have died in Syria and Philistine in Afghanistan and Iraq and East Africa and all

00:27:06--> 00:27:17

over the world. May Allah bless them and give them genital fair dose. Aku lokali has stopped Fulani welcome when he sadly was the medium and Coulee Dam been stopped Pharaoh in the hook

00:27:27--> 00:27:28

Alhamdulillah Allah,

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Allah for the summit, Lady Lamia ledwell amulet while I'm yaku and I had well Sunday, what will sell them? At Esalen? Oberlin will Arkadin. Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge my robot Yeah, Eva de la tavola Heiser Macondo, where your kulu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Alicante oma fitna well fitna to Almighty Allah. Every nation has a trial and test the trial and test of this nation is well we are cool and hot suparna Mk piranha Amira in the la luna Allah Nabi Yeah, are you hella Dina amanu sallu Allah He was a Lima Lima Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah Abdi kawada zuleika Mohammed while Allah He was happy he was de la la Rashi Jean I will back up Omar is manually wannabe Rama

00:28:21--> 00:28:59

Rama Rama mean Alhamdulillah hinda Donnelly Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Rabbana LA to z kulu banaba de tener una melaleuca Rama in the cancer Wahab Allahumma Islam and Muslim in Allah Islam and Muslim in Allah is an Islam and Muslim in Allah mcfeely Muslim Mina one Muslim at well me Nina will be net. I mean home will be Rocky. Rocky mean Evangelion Hello como la la la jolla. San Italia quarterback corba via an alpha even Monica Buffy yeah

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qarun como la salata, como como la