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AI: Summary © The history and success of Islam have been discussed, including the implementation of Islam's act of giving people permission to see only one more person in the sky and the importance of fasting during the day to restore one's faith and renew their love for Allah. The speakers stress the importance of praying for oneself and others, as well as honoring Islam's actions and intentions to avoid discomfort and distrust. They also mention a recent election and fundraising, as well as the importance of honoring Islam's actions and intentions to avoid discomfort and distrust.
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alum and reminding myself I knew with the Taqwa of Allah to live a life of consciousness of Allah, and dutifulness towards him until we breathe our last. I asked Allah subhana, who was the Allah to accept from us our devotional efforts in this blessed month of Ramadan?

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Just as I asked him, that by virtue of allowing us to see at least one more Ramadan in our life, to grant us also from his generosity, that this Ramadan be a reason for us to draw closer to him than ever before.

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Because we know just one more Ramadan can do that, you know that fall have not obeyed the law in the authentic hadith Radi Allahu Anhu.

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He said, that I saw in my dream that I was standing there I was made to stand at a gate of paradise. And then an angel came out. And there was two men with me that had recently become Muslim with the Prophet alayhi. Salatu was Salam, of course, he's a veteran, senior, so Javi they had just become Muslim, and one of them was a much harder worker than the other. And Allah had actually granted him shahada martyrdom, and his brother that became Muslim, in tandem with him died a year later. So the angel comes out, and he tells the one who died later, the one that wasn't as hard working, the one that didn't die Shaheed, you're being invited come right in. And so he takes him in.

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And then he comes back out to the harder working believer who died a martyr was martyred for the sake of Allah. And he said, Now you come in. And then he came out to me thirdly, and he said to me, in Nehalem, yet, Nila kava, you have not yet been granted access. He says, So I woke up and I was confused, obviously not about himself. He's still alive. He understands why he wasn't allowed to go into Jannah yet, but how could this be? And he started telling people about this dream and they're wondering as well, like it doesn't add up. It doesn't make sense. Until news of it finally reaches the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and he flips the whole paradigm flips the whole lens on them and

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says, mean a ye then we get to Agile goon. What about the surprises you nothing surprising here is the general sort of law how he used to work harder than his brother and he got into generally denona later, he said LM Youngquist, Baghdad will be center. Didn't he live a full year after him the second one? They said yes, call alpha Draka Ramadan, and so that means he caught one more Ramadan, while Solomon Kava Kava said that he had the center at the center. And he also prayed X number of prostrations throughout the course of that year. They said yes, he said in my Bina Huma, I do mean my Boehner summit you will out by virtue of that one year that one Ramadan those prayers for a year,

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despite the fact that this man had the lead and had the Headstart, the distance between them because of that is farther than the distance between the skies and the earth.

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That is how sincere fasting is valued by Allah azza wa jal, that's what it can do for a person to such a point that Abu Musa luxury and other companion of the Allahu ansaid Allah has obligated himself and there are no obligations on Allah but from his generosity, his graciousness, he made it a duty on himself, that whomever goes thirsty for Allah, he means fasting for one day, Allah who will personally give him drink on the day of thirst on the day of judgments when people are falling apart from that thirst.

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And even Raja Ibrahima hula though he did not chase down its chain, if you will of transmission. He says it has also reached us that on the day of judgment for those so when the people that are fasting year in and year out, you will Darla who may either tune when Nashville he said Yeah, coluna minha. A banquet. A buffet table is going to be stretched out for them on the Day of Judgment that they get to eat from while everyone else is in the reckoning. And the people will say yeah, Rob new has a word, Kowloon, the people say what's the matter like we're here being interrogated, and they're having dinner they're eating, and so it will be sent back to them in their home Palana samo

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photo while Salah won him to it is because for years, they fasted while you broke your fast you did not withhold for Allah. And for years, they stayed up at night and you did not stay up. You slept through it, those opportunities. This is the privilege that people will only realize on the day of judgment that oh, this is not even like a sacrifice. We thought it was a sacrifice. Even some of us who do we think it's a sacrifice, but we're willing to accept it. This is not a sacrifice. This is a trade off. And we are the winners in the trade off because Allah gave us our life and gave us our guidance and is out

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asking us to exert a part of our lives for him.

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And then he rewards you in ways that can't fit in this universe, a paradise wider than the heavens and the earth. This is when a heart will melt out of love for Allah azza wa jal on the last day. This is the time when people's only regret to these believers will be that I didn't do more. I didn't opt into more of this trade off as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Les said the hasaranga Hello Jannetty Allah che in in Allah say it might not be him. Let me ask guru Allah azza wa jal Lufia the people of Paradise will have no regrets after being told their rank. Of course when you get inside, there are no regrets. But when they're told that the people of paradise they will

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not regret anything, except the moments that they went through in life, not mindful of Allah that they did not mention and remember and be conscious of Allah in them Subhanahu wa Taala

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they'll say, Oh, I wish I had given it all. I wish I had loved him at every moment of my life, preferred him in every moment of my life. And you know, this ties perfectly in with the Ramadan theme because the Ramadan theme is really about love. You know, it's about new beginnings and renewing our faith. But renewing repairing your faith really should mean to us front and center, repairing our love for Allah azza wa jal because what else is faith? Then Allah Baraka, what Allah say when Lavina Manu, Asha de Hogben Lila, those who believe what is their definition, they are those that are more intense in their love for Allah than anything else than everything else

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And so when he's inviting you in Ramadan, for instance, to this new beginning, see it in that lens. This is an invitation of someone who loves you subhanho wa taala, inviting you to do what makes sense to love him back in your lifestyle, you know, and when someone does that, they repent, and they consider their repentance or repair of my love.

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This makes repentance so easy. Like the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam said in one Hadith, Allah stretches out his hand by day for those who sin at night, and stretches out his hand by night for those who sin in the day, and continues to do this until the sun rises from the west until this world is falling apart until the Day of Judgment. Can you imagine someone sticking their hand out to you day in and day out and you're constantly just brushing it off? How long will they do this for Allah who has no need for us, and we are utterly dependent on him for every one of our needs, our oxygen, our veins, not clogging, not dropping dead choking on our saliva at any random moment,

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everything. And yet he is the one that out stretches his hand so that you may repent and waits on you. Because that's who he is. And then when you do repent, whenever that happens, he doesn't just forgive you. He doesn't just turn all of your lifetime of sins into good deeds, but he's actually I should do Farahan the Hadith says he's happier with you and your repentance than you are actually happy with being forgiven happier than anyone the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said why he gets nothing out of it. Because he is a foreigner, dude, he just loves to forgive Subhan Allah to Allah, He loves to love his servants and extend these opportunities for them. And he will never ever see

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any good in any servant is that he will give him chance after chance after chance, just because that's who he is. And on the flip side of this, for those of us who understand how valuable it is to restore our love with Allah.

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These very people will realize how much they don't deserve it.

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Like, what are we in the grander scheme of things we're this like tiny speck in the universe and our lifespan is also this tiny, tiny speck speck with you know, 1000s of generations before us and likely after us and all of this I'm some particle of dust in the grander scheme of things, and yet I'm loved by the King of the universe, how how does that work? So much so that he causes the angels that carry his throne to pray for me read sort of zoom out. And when I go and visit one of my sick brothers or sisters in Islam, he sends 70,000 Angels trailing me until nightfall praying for my forgiveness why? And if I visit at night, the hadith is authentic, a Sikh Muslim or a sick person.

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He has 70,000 Angels until the morning praying for me stacked around your bed stacked around your car stacked around you why all this

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to the point that he calls his prophets as well to pray for you even before you exist. The last verse we heard last night and Badawi was the Vert was the door I have no holiday Salem, Rob Bill certainly when he was a leader Yes, oh Allah forgive me and my parents well

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manda holla at me minion, and to every believer whoever entered my house, well in many in our minute and to every last believing men and woman we got in on it.

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He prayed for us. And even the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is instructed by Allah for Allah Munna, hula ilaha illa. Allah who has stuffily them big know that no one is worthy of worship but Allah and seek forgiveness for your sin, while in many in our minutes, and for the believing men and women. You go back to the angels for a second, the angels you know, don't sleep for the blink of an eye, night and day they're praising God.

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And yet we just go to sleep an hour and a half later because we're praying to God are we? And he brags to the angels about us in his greatest book, the Quran, that a Jaffa Juno boohooman. In Maharaja, yeah, the owner of Bessho. They their sides resist the beds at night, calling upon their Lord, He's bragging of you for this an hour, an hour and a half. The angels never eat or drink. We inconvenience ourselves a little bit with some fasting in 1/12 of our year, just during the daytime. And this becomes so valuable he brags of it and he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the odor of the fasting person that inconvenience of odor that might come because you're fasting is more treasured

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with Allah than the smell of musk on the day of judgment.

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And so if this is the entire scenario, would we not remember him more? Would we not lovingly think of him more lovingly mentioned him more. Especially when he said fifth Caronia as cortico mentioned me I will mention you who are we to be mentioned by Allah azza wa jal you know when the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salam came to obey even a cab and he said to him, Allah has commanded me to recite to you so total beginner obey your of the Allah who answered or Elsa Manny. Robbie, my Lord mentioned me by name he named me. He said, Allah said obey. He said yes. And so obey the Allah to Allah and who begins to melt he just, he begins to cry.

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And as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us to say Allah who may Nana Celica hope Buck will help them and you hit book or her by millenial curry buena Allahu Akbar IC O Allah, we ask of you, your love, and the love of those who love you and the love of every action. That was that would grant us your love Allahumma Amin Akula Holyhead that was stuck for Allah Allah Allah Emily welcome.

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena V Avada. Chateau La ilaha illallah wa Tada. Hola, Shadi kala who eyeshadow, Anna, Mohammed and Abdullah who want to be you who are pseudo.

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You know, one of my favorite pieces of, of poetry in the Arabic language is a conversation that the poet framed regarding this dynamic the dynamic of almost wonderful God with a largely negligent sector of the creation, the human race. And he says, a baboon Arado Anna Bella German Hola, Anna, Anna, there are servants out there that turn away from us as if Allah is saying without any crime we ever committed against them, nor any reason for them to do so. I sat over Nahum fina for hella accidental vana and they assume the worst of us, you know, as if we become religious life is gonna become miserable, right? And they assumed the worst of us. If only they had assumed better of us.

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Were in I do for Kadena and if they ever turn back to us whenever it is, so long as you're breathing, right, so long as one breath is left in you. And if they turn back to us, we're there. We have already turned back to them. We're in ha No firmer Hoonah and if they betray us, we still will never betray them.

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We're in can we'll call this stealth and alpha in and humo of Ghana, and if they have no need for us, then they should realize we have less of a need for them. A U haul more in arroba Kameena he says, Oh you who turns away from us know that you are turning away due to us. Maybe you're no longer invited. Maybe you're no longer interested. That is from us. Also we give guidance and we take it I'm not in need of the love right? He's saying Oh you who turned away from us know that you're turning away is from us.

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In Aradhana KJ coulomb fika you Regina had we wanted you we would have made every ounce of you want us in other words Allah does not lead need our love. You know the way mean che in Isla, you said Bill will be handy. There is nothing in this universe except that it glorifies His praises the pebble praises him in the cloud.

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Dear praises him in the worm and the dinosaur and the galaxy, everything praises Allah azza wa jal, but we were elected as candidates for his love. And what an election what a candidacy.

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We were elected for his pleasure. We were elected for a chance to be his neighbors and enjoy His company forever. And so this should be the theme of your Ramadan in sha Allah azza wa jal, May Allah help us to repair our love for Him, and make us worthy of His love and an increase of His love for us, Allah whom I mean.

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I have in this minute and a half left, I already mentioned to you yesterday that we are going to be beginning our fundraising and sha Allah, you already know that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was the most generous ever and Ramadan. And you already know, I already know that you are a most generous community that crushed your Ramadan goals last year, we have grown and our needs have grown and our ambitions have grown. And so we want to keep that bar set, keep that bar set where you said it last year, and increase on it a little bit. So for everyone that has given last year, don't look to those around you, please, if you can do 15 Don't do 10 If you can do 1000 Don't do 500 And in sha

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Allah azza wa jal, we will fulfill our duty. You see, seeing this as a duty is just paramount in this equation in Ramadan, that making a masjid building a masjid that is a Masala or has some basic services is not our duty. Our duty is to ensure a facility that qualifies to be the center of our life as Muslims so that we can ensure our children and our grandchildren will stay here stay anchored as Muslims. And so that being our duty, makes it also the most beloved act to Allah because Allah loves the obligations most. Think about it this way You already know that charity is sadaqa from truthfulness, the truthfulness of our faith when Allah promises to return the money, the

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truthfulness of our love of Allah over our money. This is all said and done does not need to be restated in sha Allah, I remind with it only and after Salah just give us those three minutes to put our hands together and encourage each other and in the evening we will have a slightly more elaborate presentation with a shortened Badawi so that we will be out on time while still seeing what is ahead of us in sha Allah azza wa jal Allahu manana Celica hope Buck will help them and you hit book will help by many of our Laguna Illa help Big O Allah grant us your love and the love of those who love you and the love of actions that will give us your love. Allah Houma had to be Lena

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Eema and I was a unicorn. Hello Bina. We're Cara Helaine Akufo and foo Carlos Yan Jiang Hola. Hola. Mina Rashid in Oh Allah make faith Beloved to us and decorated in our hearts and make us detest disbelief and defiance and any disobedience or bene make us of those firmly guided and consistent upon guidance. If Rila homonyms Remmina and Muslim out here immune Humala and what forgive all the believing men and women all the submitting men and women, those of them alive and those that have passed Allahumma Amin or SallAllahu wasallam Baraka, Anna b&m Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain