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So the last few months, we have been covering many topics on Saturday morning, related to the subject of family.

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And I want to keep this going on and shallow we've covered majority of the topics that I really intended to cover, but inshallah we want to keep the subject of family going on insha Allah so going forward, we're going to be covering some verses of the Quran related to the subject of family Inshallah, to help us understand that what is our role, what is our responsibility overall when it comes to this subject of family? So today, inshallah wouldn't begin with the very first verse of certainly sub Allah subhanho wa taala. He says in the beginning to the nisa Yeah, you had NAS it pura vida como la vie halacha Camino FC Wahida. This is an idea that we hear every single day

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mahatma is part of the whole Hijjah but before we get to sort of Nisa, the very first is Vanessa. I want to talk about the last IR Surah Ali Imran so so the only one and then certain Nisa at the end of Sudha Ali Imran ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. He says, Yeah, you heard that in mono. He's addressing the believers. And I mentioned this probably last week, that even Masuda the Allahu Anhu says that when Allah says in the Quran, yeah, you will Adina Amanu because this phrase, yeah, you Latina Iman who is mentioned approximately 88 times in the Quran is mentioned 88 times in the Quran. And he says, or the Allah won't even miss Ruth, that whenever ALLAH says, Yeah, you will Nadine Amma No, you have to

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pay attention to what Allah subhana wa Taala is about to tell us and what he's about to address to all of us Muslims.

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So he says, Yeah, you live in Amman, who is Spiro Be patient. Why be patient? Because Sudha Annie Emraan talks about how to be patient in the face of it in the face of adversity. When you're facing challenges. How are you supposed to remain patient? Then he says this widow was so beautiful. And not only are you supposed to be patient, but encourage each other to be patient. Be there for one another as a community. You're not just going through your adversity but you're encouraging others to go through that adversity and you're supporting one another. What are the two and remain firm? And then Allah subhana wa Tada says, What duckula This is the key thing here. He says What duckula

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Be conscious of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Allah come to free home so you can be successful. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala is addressing the Muslims here and he's saying what up Allah. Now in the beginning with the nisa, Allah takes us same advice of what the biller and he's now addressing the entire humanity, that it is their responsibility also to have to maintain tuckaway to Allah subhanho wa Taala so that is why Allah says yeah, uns eat the aura Docomo lady halacha ko Minassian Wahida. Now first of all this idea or this phrase, yeah, you're a nurse compared to you in the denominator is only mentioned a few times in the Quran. So you have for example, yeah your NAS it is the aura

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community Hala communist Anwar ADA. Then you have I believe a few more other places.

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Yeah, Yohannes

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or Buddha Bucha Monterey, Holika Cornwell, Edina mn publikum La La Quinta con mentioned to the baccarat and there's a few other places in the Quran not coming to our mind right now. UNESCO and Tamil Fukuro eat Allah all of you are mankind you are a you are Fukuro eat Allah mean that you are dependent on Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no person whether Muslim or non Muslim that they can say that we're not dependent on Allah subhanho wa Taala so all of us we are dependent on Allah, that he says it the Quran Bakula the Halacha commonness in Wahida be God conscious. And the fact that Allah subhanaw taala created all of us from Adam Anejo Samina Hawaii Islam Now, why is this ayah

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important? Because at the end of this if Allah then talks about the concept of family, he says what the hula and Lolita sir I don't know who he was or ham. be God conscious be be aware. Be mindful of Allah subhanho wa Taala Olivia Tessa Luna biggie. There are two things that Allah is telling us to be aware of. Number one is a Lolita sir I don't know biggie. Through which you continuously ask me that when we say for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala or for For God's sake for Allah sake. When we say this, Allah subhanaw taala saying, beware of this concept, beware of this statement of yours. And then also be aware of well our harm so it Allah, Allah or harm, the big aware of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala when it comes to your otter hum what is our high mean? It comes in the word Rahim. It comes from the word of the womb of the mother. The word or hum mean meaning that

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womb of the mother, we all are connected. We all come from the womb of our mothers. And this relationship that is established and created between brothers and sisters, it happens through where the womb of the mother, when it comes to relatives, it happens to where the womb of the mothers. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us when it comes to the rights of your siblings, when it comes to the rights of your parents, when it comes to the rights of your relatives, the fact that you all are connected, you have to be aware that Allah subhanho wa Taala is watching you mean that when it comes to our relationship, Allah subhanho wa Taala will hold us accountable on the day of judgment. And

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now only that was beautiful about this idea is that at the beginning of this ayah Allah mentioned Taqwa at the end of this ayah Allah mentions Taqwa why Allah mentioned Toccoa because Allah is teaching us another lesson here, and that is in a chroma coma and Allah He at Qualcomm if we want honor, we want dignity. The best way to go is to Taqwa. That's why Allah says in the incident gerat Yeah, you are a nurse in a holla cannot come in Zachary, what was your Anakim Shubin, welcome back in Alita Ira foo, I have created you into many different cultures, many different ethnicities, many different backgrounds and so forth. But you know, when it comes to cultures, and ethnicities, and so

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forth, each one is trying to show their own superiority compared to the others. Everyone wants to show that I belong to the best family. I belong to the best culture, I belong to the best ethnicity and Allah subhanaw is telling us the only one who has the most amount of dignity in the eyes of Allah is based on their Taqwa. It has nothing to do with our culture has nothing to do with our language. It has nothing to do with the color of our skin. The only person who is dignified in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who has Taqwa. Likewise, in a very similar manner, when it comes to family, if you know and even in a family, there's a lot of competition, who's more

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superior in the family, who has the most control in the family, who is the most dignified in the family. If we're looking for honor and respect in a family, then we have to apply tuckaway in our life. And that is why a person who has taqwa in the family, they're going to do things according to what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants, they're going to do things according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu, it was sending them and that means that a person who's in a family, they're going to take care of their responsibilities. If a husband has taqwa, meaning that a husband fulfills their role in their responsibility, as highlighted in the Quran. And as highlighted in the Sunnah of the

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Prophet salaam, they will be dignified in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala. And if a wife takes care of her role and her responsibility,

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as highlighted in this surah, by the way, in this surah, Allah talks about the role of the husband, Allah talks about the role of the wife in this surah, Allah talks about the responsibilities of a husband towards the wife, and the wives responsibility towards the husband. Allah mentions all these kinds of things. Allah subhanaw is telling us that if the wife also fulfills her role and responsibility, and she has stuck about this, and she's aware that Allah is willing to ask me on the day of judgment about this, then she will be dignified in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala. She may not get her respect in the family, he the husband may not get his respect in the family that he

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truly deserves. But Allah subhanho wa Taala has immense amount of respect for this person. And that is why in our families, it is important that when a person says I'm going to bring the family together, when there are conflicts and by the way, it doesn't matter how religious we are. If you're coming to the masjid or you're not coming to the masjid, every single family has drama. Every single family has issues going on. There is no one who can tell me that I have nothing going on in my family. We all have issues. But you know what the thing is, you know what the most important thing is, there are some people who are going to try to bring the family together. And there are some

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people who will make it a point. It will be it's all about their ego. They will even break the family apart for the sake of their own ego. That's why Allah says it that we will become what Aquila and Lolita Sutton want to be with our home. We have to be aware that Allah subhanaw taala is watching us. That is why at the end of the verse would Allah say in Allah can alikoum Rafi

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the word Raqib here means Allah subhanaw taala is ever watchful, you don't want your will be watched. 24/7 you don't do anything that is wrong. Imagine someone is there next to you. You're always on your best behavior. Someone is watching you 24/7 You're always in your best behavior. Allah subhanaw taala is observing us 24 hours

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Seven, we have to always be aware that Allah subhanaw taala understands not only this Allah subhana watch what we are doing. Allah knows what's in our heart also Allah subhanaw taala is watchful about that too. So that is why when it comes to the subject of family when it comes to the matters of our family, the most important thing is apply taqwa in all the aspects of our family. When it comes to my rights towards my children, we have to apply Taqwa. Once again, we have rights towards our children to it doesn't mean that only to our wife or to our spouse, we have we have to fulfill the rights of our children. That is where we have to apply Taqwa. And finally I'll finish on this when

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it comes to the subject of our families.

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That is why there's there's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that were kith and kin, or this relationship, said to Allah subhanho wa Taala that man wa salatu wa sallahu wa sallahu WA, whoever establishes kith and kin, the May Allah subhanaw taala be connected with them, and whoever severs relationships in a family, may Allah subhanho wa Taala are basically kith and kin sent this to Allah subhanho wa Taala that you be separated from them. And we you really have to really ask ourselves this one question. If I'm here in my family in ice seven relationships, what do you think? What kind of faith are we going to show to Allah subhanaw taala the Day of Judgment,

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honestly, that because of my own ego, I broke up families, because of my own ego, I caused chaos within families, what phase are we going to show to Allah subhanho wa taala. And if I'm a person who's bringing the hearts together, because it's not about who's more famous, it's not it's not about who's bringing who's who gets the credit in the family. Because if you don't have a family will lie you have nothing nowadays, family is everything to all of us. So that is why we always we have to apply Toccoa when it comes to the matters of our family in every single aspect of our family. We applied that word because why? Allah will not ask us on the Day of Judgment, that who who

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did you wrong? Allah will ask us on the Day of Judgment, did we fulfill the rights of everyone else? If I sit down with you right now and I asked you, what grievances Do you have towards your family? You will say my wife did this, my son did this, my daughter did this, my relatives did this, this, this and this, they all did this to me. That is not what Allah will ask us on the Day of Judgment. Allah is not going to put us on the stand and say, Okay, who did you wrong? Allah already knows who did us wrong. Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask us, did you fulfill the rights of everyone around you? So that's the question that we need to ask ourselves, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam was never a man. Even though he was Rasul Allah He was, he was so well respected and dignified. And think about this, even in this day and age. Many of us we get respect at work. When we come back home, we may not get that same respect. But then we come home and we cause a chaotic situation. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never went home and demanded his rights, but you made it a point to fulfill everyone else's rights. And that's the unfortunate situation though. That is unfortunately the situation we're not living in anymore. Everyone is asking for their rights. Everyone has complained about others. But have we ever taken a step back and ask ourselves in my

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fulfilling the rights of everyone else in my treating everyone the way they need to be treated? According to the Quran and the Sunnah of Roswell Salem? And the answer is for the most part, no, we're not. So that is why, let's remember that we when it comes to our relatives, when it comes to our family, each one of us here we're going to be questioned about this. That is why in the law can alikoum law FIBA Allah is always watching us. So inshallah let's keep this in mind when it comes to the rights of everyone let's try to make it a point to learn about their rights, fulfill their rights inshallah and let's apply taqwa in all aspects of our family and family members Inshallah,

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and then we'll be going through the other is inshallah we intend to also go through the iodine as you know in certain Lisa Regina kawaman Allah Nisa so we'll go through that I also in the top seat of the IR inshallah ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant a stop wa inshallah in our life especially in the matters of our family. I mean a lot I mean, where does that come to love hate Islam why they complain but

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in Muslim me no other Muslim Do you want to know meaning well Mina team will quantity now look on it. The more saw the pain I was finding find the one saw the Rena was Slavia right the one before she you know wonderful she

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what's going on? I don't law hula.

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Now Lena