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So everybody

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hungry lovers, lovers

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love All praise and glory between love and its finest peace and blessings be what is missing

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sallam, and his family and his companions and all those triggers path love are endless in your life upon this path and death upon his religion and resurrection in his presence and around this company alone me.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, yeah, are you insane in neck Academy from Isla de guerre Caterham firmware update? Oh, individual,

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you are scraping and striving scores your Lord in the direction of your lower currency activity. And then you will meet him. And then you will meet him in the name of Allah. He speaks about what it's like to actually finally meet a lot, so kind of worked on. And he said, Allah destined over the individual that he passed, or phases of existence.

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The first of them is in your mother's womb, where you can hardly move. But that's the entire world. That's all you know. And then you come out to your second world. And you realize just how tight

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and insignificant the first world was. And then you will live your life 6070 years on average, but there's no guarantees on top of this earth, and then you move on to your third phase, which is your life below here. He says once you get into the third space, you realize that your entire life in the second phase on top of the earth, compared to the third phase, the life of the grave 60 70,000 years more or less amazing experiences beyond words, you'll realize that your second life, your whole life, this current life on top of this earth was nothing This was insignificant as your life inside your mother's womb compared to your third life. He said and then you are pulled out of the earth one

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more time and you are resurrected for reckoning. And in that fourth unending phase of your existence, you encounter things and see events and experience such profound realities that you are fourth

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face compared to your third face

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is like your mother's womb. When you compare this life to everything when this everything vanishes, because now you're standing in front of a law, some kind of more data. And your second phase is almost open

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and obey the law. He came to a man once in a very famous incident and he says Can I tell how much has passed over you. So you're not stalking time is moving you through this world.

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And he said 60 years, he said so for 60 years you've been traveling towards your lower than you're about to meet him. So the man was taken aback by this, you know that moment when things really hit you.

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And he said in that

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room, we save a climate the same as Muslims, we belong to Allah and sue him we are returning. So fillet didn't want to just to say these cliches because they could become cliches, even if they're originally for me. And so he said, so you know, that means we belong to a lot of things where his property to do with us as he pleases. And we are served certainly being returned to him meaning for a very profound wisdom to be questioned about every single thing his property has chosen to do. He said, How do I get out of this? He said fixed what's left of this to be fixed, what's left you will be forgiven for trespass. And if you ruin what's left, you will be called to account for everything

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what has passed and what is to come.

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And some of the scholars say this concept is found in the book of Allah.

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when it comes to left sooner for them as the virgin WhatsApp law in the Mojave Ruby masamoto. Be mindful of Allah and look forward fast forward, project yourself to that scene of judgment. Look forward to what you've sent for that day, and fear of love So why is it being sent twice except for love and look forward, etc. Love a lot knows what you're doing. Meaning fear a lot regarding his past remorse, regret reform.

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Consider what you've done and fear a lot of meaning regarding what's remaining a lot of knows full well that you do meaning you to be fully acquainted with what you're doing. introspect, imagine, scramble.

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make time for this. The early listeners used to do that. And that's what made them so great. And they would ask each other to help them remember the day of reckoning, the day of questioning the day of accountability today audience

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celebrate within hours, the great scholar who has it, he was approached even by the head of states, Western America at the Medical College when he said to him, why do human beings hate death so much?

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He said, because you ruined your hereafter. And you've invested so much in your worldly life. So naturally, you would hate to be relocated from what is developed to what is in ruins. Make sense?

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He said, If only I could know the halifa told him what awaits me kafer Kumar, Allah Ma, what it's like to walk up to God.

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He said, for the righteous person.

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It will be like a person coming home for a homecoming, a reunion of his loved ones after a long time away. It'll just be extraordinary. It'll be awesome. beyond words, he said it for the defiant person, it will be like a runaway slave who thought he could get away and so he was arrested, wrapped up, chained up and dragged back in front of his master.

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He said if only I knew what awaited me personally in front of Allah. He said to him, all you need to do is look in the book of Allah. Allah from his mercy did not make it a riddle. He didn't make it a mystery. He said, But where can I find it? He said, Allah said those who work righteousness, those truly righteous will be in eternal bliss, or in the kujala feature him and those that are wicked and corrupt they will be admitted into a burning beliefs

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and so he said so how do I get out of this predicament my whole life I'm

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selling myself alive.

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He said that Pinocchio, Haiku Amarok what he took a high tuna he said give due regard do grandness to your Lord so that he does not find you any place he forbid you.

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Nor misses you anyplace that he expects you meaning that he commands you to be some people think thinking about that and walking up to a large like gloomy and like religious people that do that are into like death cults and escapism and getting rid of life and anyone who knows because they're privileged to have the poor and what it's like to walk up to a law and is able to remember that that liberates you from every delusion. You're not going to sit back and relax nor are you going to try to do something that would be a disaster.

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The day that you stand in front of a law soldier

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It was said that it has embassy mahoma disease and other great Phoenicia if you would look at them and how focused they were about this appointment this reckoning It was as if the biographers mentioned it was as if the Hellfire was not created for anybody but them.

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And here's an image before the image ask yourself right now what do you do on an average night after so often have a book it's time for what exactly for storytelling, time for gossipy Don't worry about this. At reckoning the whole dounia comes crashing down everything disconnects. Focus with me. Is it storytelling time? Is it like stories and gossip? And he said that she said who got married and who got divorced and who did what about who and said what regarding who is it about that? Or is it like endless? uncalculated struggle, strolling that is absolutely purposeless, perhaps?

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Or is it watching a movie or is it? What are you doing exactly after a shot? Now here's an image faulting Ivan's optimatics she says, When aroma monopolizes her husband halifa came home one night, he went to his prayer quarters, he answered his Mahal.

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And then he began performing saw after a long day of serving the creation.

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And then he sat there resting from prayer, and he just broke down and cried.

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And she said, Yeah, don't be so hard on yourself. Why are you crying? So he said way hacky, I felt it was your fault.

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I was given this responsibility, this responsibility to look after those undermined influence those under my authority, those under my control without any interest in it. I didn't want this job. It was it was laid down upon me. And I just sit here I'm thinking about the hungry orphan. I'm thinking about the dire and the poor.

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I'm thinking about the widow. I'm thinking about the elderly man that has so little money, but so many dependents.

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I'm thinking about the needy. And I realized that my lord as threatening as telegenic, the mighty majestic will ask me about every single one of them. And I realized that my opponent in their defense is going to be Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so I feel that I will not be able to bring up any argument to defend myself in front of him on the opposite side of a courtroom with Muhammad Ali salatu salam. And so I felt bad for myself. And so I cried.

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Like, do you realize what he's doing? He's making, he's imagining the scene. Look how he's picturing the Lord of the worlds with countless billions, if not trillions of human beings, they're judging between these slaves left and right, and paradise and hellfire. And I'm sitting there, and the one of the opposite side of the courtroom is the most beloved of the creation to Allah.

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And is prosecuting me or pressing charges against me for not doing my due diligence with the people not serving on one correctly through surgeries creation, which is a part of that.

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He once employed on Saudi man, a man from the Medina is from the Assad to look after to guard the charity, the most experiments collected before it gets distributed.

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And then he went looking for we found this man quit, he quit the job, which was just gone. And he said to him, don't you know that you struggling to protect the Muslim savings, collective savings gives you the reward of struggling in the pack of God just like any other magette and anyone else who would lay their life down for God?

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And he said to my wife, why doesn't he want the reward? Because the risks are too high.

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He's going to be asked about it all there will be reckoning. He says to me, I don't want it. He said, Why don't you want it? He said I was informed that the prophets of Allah, why didn't you send them said mammary gland in the morning next, there is no person that has any sort of authority or influence over any group of people even level tip over the Amity mother Lula.

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Isla opihi, except that he will be brought forward on the Day of Judgment with his hands bound to his neck will be changed on on the day of judgments live fukuhara in large blue, nothing will spare him except his justice is equity if after reckoning is found out to be fair and just so you have hope energy streaming Johanna. And then it will be made to stand on a bridge over the Hellfire fight on tough it will be that he can just sit and this bridge will shudder under the world quake under him for 200 cooler Oh in unknown. So hard to bridge is going to snap under him that every single one of his bones will be dislocated.

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Soon by your eyes if it has it. And then he will be put back together and he will be recreated you will be judged for in Canada, see them.

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If he is someone that's a good door naturally

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he will be saved by virtue of

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waiting Canada will see an inheritance he that he can just and if he's anybody else.

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The bridge will snap under him.

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And he will fall.

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He said Where did you hear this from?

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He said I heard this from Abu Dhabi and Selma to others.

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So he chased after them. They verified the Prophet sossel and it says

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so I will cry.

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And he said poor Omar,

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many who have been Murphy who can take this off my back and not have me carry this.

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And so I said to him, man, so bla bla bla one from what else aka

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the one whom Allah lowers his nose and sticks his cheek to the ground.

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Meaning the person who shows the utmost brokenness, the utmost humility, the utmost submission to Allah azza wa jal, he was the person that will be able to carry his responsibilities. That's a person that can get through record.

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So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam he said to us about this day, the day of reckoning maddening to me, I hadn't filled out

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You can enable Roku Lisa Vayner, bu Huawei in Abu Jamal. There is not a single one of you, except that his Lord will address him directly or her directly, without there being because there is no need, without there being any interpreter between them.

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a man I mean who fell in love, he will look to his right and find nothing, Elana will find nothing but what he brought his deeds or deeds will not

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look to his left and find nothing with his needs. Well,

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he and you will look in front of him further edge, Atlanta, and we'll find nothing but the health fire. For example, now whether we should

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and so shield yourself from this fire, even if we have a date, even if that means pulling out whatever scraps are left, even if it's half a date, you can

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protect yourself from the fire, even if we have these

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fears of fire, you know, fear is absolutely unacceptable in Islam, if it leads to despair. I'm not doing anything, there's no point.

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But the total absence of fear will also lead to I don't need to do anything, there's no point.

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That is the importance of Allah. So Jen, who knows how we function demanding of us that we keep a healthy balance between fear and hope, because too much hope, a false sense of security, wishful thinking.

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This will cause us to overlook every destructive aspect of our personalities of our lives of our pasts.

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Whereas a good dose of fear every once in a while making time for this, there's a reason why it's on every single page of the poor as a direct or indirect reference to this directly. A good dose of fear Yoda does for you. It's like a little lanterns and little spotlight, that allows you to walk through your heart and identify those tumors, those diseases that are hiding in the crevices of your hearts. That's the that's the utility of it, that's the benefit of it. And so fear the fire, that is of the mercy of our religion, that construction, not of the terror, not of the bullying.

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And so fear the day that you will be recommends. You know that day's gonna be that's gonna be the first day you ever, ever, ever fully meets your needs. Because we are frail creatures with frail memories, and clouded judgment and this innate ability to make ourselves feel better. You will come in contact and meet every single one of your leads, your book will be published. Have you ever thought about what it would be like the day that you actually received your book?

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What kind of book this will look like? What it will contain?

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How many

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angels it will take perhaps to bring it to a loss or death who says

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about this book? Where will the IQ tab and fatale ujiri mean Ms. europeen? I mean, he he went up for Luna Yeah. Maddie has a guitar, you know

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what I can

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do ha

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ha ha, and the book is placed.

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And so you see the criminals, shrinking? apprehensive, fearful from what they see in front of them.

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And they say well to us what kind of book is this? It left out nothing small or big, except that they collected it and they found everything they did present and your Lord there's nothing wrong anymore.

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When you think about your deeds, don't forget to count your words among your deeds, then you'll stop speaking as much

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Do you know

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how much you've spoken?

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forgetting how much you've spoken. And the written word is a speech nowadays, your Facebook and everything you've written there will just be a small part of your book,

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your Snapchat and your Instagram and whatever else. These could be pictures Yes, that speak 1000 words as they say can think just your spoken word. The average human being speaks about 15,000 words a day.

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That means you speak about 52 novels a year. That means you're going to have 1000 novels for every 20 years that you live drag and dumped in front of you and you're going to

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be shocked to see them.

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Whomever starts counting their words among their deeds, they'll decrease in the amount of words they say, because they're aware of record.

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And so all of this will be President's words and deeds and intentions, the things you swore nor would ever know, the things you swore would never be done again, not just will they be done often you will see them Can you imagine that tells you in the end that you're the one who's going to read them to him?

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Or Akita Becca get enough sicario Malaika Hacienda. read your book, Allah will say, You are more than enough of an accountant against yourself today. You will read your book to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Who saw you do it.

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And so many of these things that we were very insensitive about in this lunia if we don't bury them for good, there's only one way to ensure that and that is tell them to regret and move on and try your best never to make another user after you return back to Allah. You never resumed down that path. Try your best to even if you stumble again and renew, you're trying your best mentality, be genuine to him.

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But those that don't who continue being insensitive. Allah says, and I know I have the two minutes are over, I'll take two more minutes to chomp on our clothes.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says you will be just as insensitive on the Day of Judgment. You will be duped even until your reckoning and in the middle of your reckoning until it hits the fan or everything that he said. A prophet SAW Selim said that a person will walk up to a man say,

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for the record, you promised to be fair with me, right? And I'll tell them

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they'll see Well, I refuse that anyone testify against me that wasn't there.

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And they see me do it. And I will tell them, you have that much. And I will seal his mouth. tell his hands to speak up and they'll speak. Immediately press this and type that in touch this and hit that. And they'll command this time to speak up, they will speak up media made me go here or carry this or do that.

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And then you will be allowed to speak and he will curse out his own body part to say I was defending you. Now we're all going to burn. But it doesn't have to be like that. I've

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said that to a man who asked him. Do you know about the private conversation the prophet SAW Selim said people will have with Allah. He said yes. The Prophet salaallah alayhi wa sallam said to us

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Allah will bring some people on the day of judgments, and cast the curtain over them, you know, when someone loves you and doesn't want to embarrass you and is extra gentle with you and caring no one is going to be more than that at all. For the smallest reason, would you show him how bad you want to give him a reason.

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So overlook all every one of our acts as defective. But he'll accept some of those defects because of who he is not because of who we are. So our model will cover them with a curtain. So the rest of creation will not be allowed to watch this conversation.

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And it will tell them you did this and this and this and this and this and this. Do you deny any of it? Is there anything in there? That's not true? You say no, it's all true. And just when that person thinks they're finished, a Lazo didn't say to him, set up to Holly.

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I can seal this from the people in the dunya. And today, I will vary it forever.

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To make us and you have that scenario, make us any of those people may have lost us any of those that when they woke up to a loss, it's not the first time we got to know it's not introductions. It's a beautiful reunion a lot of money is that loss and everybody was the loss of a lot of them from the creditors.