Feiz Mohammad – Tafseer Al Falaq 11

Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how epilepsy is a condition where individuals experience symptoms related to a gene, such as epilepsy, and develop signs and symptoms. They suggest that individuals may not be epileptic, but rather have a gene that causes epilepsy. The speaker also mentions that epilepsy is a disease that can affect individuals in various ways, including behavior, appearance, and personal health.
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How do you know if you're possessed? did not mention about six ways of understanding that

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did not mention that

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at least six or seven or 10 of them did not mention to to mention too

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Not to mention like a faith. I mentioned What are the symptoms? What are the signs of position? I mentioned at least 10 Give me two of them

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is gonna help us out.

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There you go. epileptic attacks,

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nightmares, frequent nightmares.

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So, you know, you're soft. Yeah, as I said that you are different in personality in action in ways. You know, a person knows his life, right? He has his way suddenly changes, and he continually changes and changes. Because if you are possessed, it just increases increases on you. The evil increases.

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Because, like I said, the symptoms if you notice symptoms, you know which gene

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that's not always you could be an epileptic person, because it's a disease. You could have that and you might not be epileptic, but however, generally a lot of them are

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