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Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the potential harm that fasting can bring to women's health and women, particularly in regards to pregnancy and children. They emphasize the importance of fasting for everyone and acknowledge the potential negative impacts of overmedicated fasting. The speakers also address legal concerns related to fasting and emphasize the need for caution and preparation. There is a focus on the negative impact of fasting on women's health and well-being.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa ilaha illAllah when it could have been a shadow and Mohammed and also de la him and Ruth, Dr. Lyle, I mean,

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we begin the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the grantor of mercy, all praise and glory be to Allah, Lord of the world certainly allows deserving of the best of thanks and those beautiful praises and testify that no one is worthy of our worship. But Allah and Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme King, and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed His Prophet and his service and His Messenger, when we sent as a mercy to the worlds. Okay, so we're actually redoing yesterday's video, because I didn't like the way I may have confused you guys. So let's talk about this subject again, who are those exempt from fasting? And how do they compensate

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for that? How do they make up for that? We said that those liable to fast or every sane, adult, resident capable Muslim. And we spoke in the first video two nights ago about the resident, what that means if you're traveling, the type of travel, that you'd be allowed to shorten your prayer in, even if you're not exhausted, you're still allowed to break your fast. Even if it's not burdensome on you, you're still allowed to whether it's preferable to fast or preferable to break your fast is a debate among the scholars, but the permissibility, the exemption is there for those who choose to take it. So though, that's the person that's traveling, we've already covered it. So they the

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resident or is the one that is not exempted in that regard, when we said those that are capable, who are those that are capable,

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whoever is not incapable. Those that aren't incapable are a few. First of all, because there are a unique category, those legally incapable of fasting, the woman that is menstruating or the woman that is postpartum

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those are legally incapable, meaning Allah has made it illegal, unlawful on them to fast and they must make up the days meaning a law out of his mercy has obligated them to break their fast and to make it up.

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at another time when they are not going through these periods. It is important to always say that sometimes our sisters because they know their calendar, their cyclic calendar,

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well, or they're that regular in their cycles, that as soon as they feel the onset, they say oh, today is the day and therefore I have started my menses. menses is not demarcated by the cramps beginning with a date arriving it is by the appearance of blood once the blood appears at some point throughout the day, then automatically that day, if it is not measurable, yet, you will break your fast and make it up at another time, while not worrying about your reward for having fasted that many hours that day, of course. Okay, moving on. Now, those that are incapable are basically those that are physically incapable, like the broad terminology for it is the sick the material.

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But those are of various types. So there are people that are sick.

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And by sick, or the one definition that would apply to all of them is that they would be adversely affected in a significant way. If they fast, it would harm them physically,

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or harm the baby they're carrying or nursing, or it could delay their their recovery from their illness because they're not taking their medication, or they're weakening their body excessively, or in a significant fashion, the person who was sick in a way that could be further aggravated or further harmed by fasting, they're automatically allowed to break their fast the sick person. And then the sick people, if they are able to

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make up the day, at another time, because they finish their courses medication or they're better now, or it is something chronic, they'll have it their whole life, but maybe the days in the winter would be shorter, so they can make up those days. If they're able to make up the days they should make up the days. If they're not able to make up the days then

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they will have to pay or feed a feed do videos basically in the tone mentor, tone this person No, it is like an expiation

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a ransom for your fast if you will, that's the literal translation but that's what it is in exchange for your fast and we'll explain what the exchange is at the end of the lecture inshallah. So those that are able to make up their fast can should make up their fast so that applies to the person that is going through a curable disease or disease that would still allow them to make it up at a later time because there's they're significantly better or the day is shorter so they won't be adversely affected. If they can make it up. They make it up that applies to the sick person from you know, typical illnesses that applies to the elderly person. Sometimes a person will be read

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an age where they become so weak that they cannot fast the longer days, but they can fast the shorter days like the winter days. In that case, they would make it up that way. But if they can't make it up that way, they would just

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if even the shorter days aren't short enough, they will just once again offer the idea for each day, they would break their fast

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nsmb Malik by the way the Companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he got old, he would not be able to fast or break or makeup is fast because everything was too long of a day for him, what he would do is on the last day of Ramadan, he would invite 30 needy people and feed them a hot meal. And that would make up for his 30 days. Anyway, so that is the sickness that is curable or it may be alleviated to a point where it would be easy for them to make up the fast those are the people that need to

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make up the fast and then there's the the the the women that are pregnant and nursing, if you're pregnant, or you're in nursing and you're going to be adversely affected by fasting, like you're going to dehydrated the doctor or reliable doctor and preferably a Muslim doctor because sometimes the the non Muslim can be culturally shocked by the fact that you fast, and they may like

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exaggerate a little bit to the severity of it. But if you know from prior experience, or you have a reliable doctor, preferably a Muslim doctor telling you you shouldn't be fasting, it'd be too long to dehydrated or it could harm your fetus, or after you've given birth you it can harm your newborn, or you will not be producing enough milk you know that from yourself for your child. In all those cases when you or your child will be adversely affected by their fasting you're allowed to break your fast as well. You're just like the sick person who needs to make it up at a later time once your body is ready

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to allow you to fast without backlash on your on your child. That's basically it. So those are the ones that are exempt from fasting,

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the menstrual and postpartum, the sick person from curable and incurable diseases. We'll talk about the video in a second, the elderly person who's considered perpetually ill or mentally incapable physically, and then the woman that is pregnant or nursing and fears for herself or her child. Okay, so the fifth year, how is the fifth year done, which is the ransom for those that need to break their fast. If you are a sick person, or an elderly person that do not expect to get better or stronger to the point where you can make up the days and for every day, you're going to offer

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a failure a failure. Just simply put, don't hold me to the legal measuring stick on this one sorry, which is basically 500

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of staple foods like wheat and oats and barley and things like this would be permissible.

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According to some scholars, but just take the safer opinion, the Hanafi opinion one slot which is basically a kilogram of staple food.

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For whatever kind, some scholars differentiate between the kind of food half a kilogram for this or kilogram of that one kilogram of food, or like nsmt lavonne did its equivalent in a hot meal. For simplicity, there are like good charity websites that have like in the in the drop down tab 50 F or fasting multiplied by 29 days or from O'Donnells 30 days. And that's it, you can make your life easier and follow that protocol. So that's if you're not able to make the fast up, there's one last thing to be said, which is the person who is a pregnant or nursing mother, and she felt the need or was told you cannot do this to yourself by a reliable physician, you must break your fast

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she's gonna make up just like the sick person. And as we said, This is according to all form of the hip two out of the form of a hip may in some situations, like if she fears for her child, but herself, also pay the idea on behalf of in addition to making up the days so she would pay the video, if she fears for her child not for herself. That's the position handling method.

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And so that would be the safer position to take.

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That's the

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first thing I wanted to say about nursing and pregnant The next thing I can't speak about too many hypothetical but the next and last thing about nursing and pregnant that there is an opinion from Abdullah of neuro monopolize, and I bet some of you love on him and they'll be pleased with them. That mentions that a woman does not have who is breaking her past due to pregnancy or nursing can just consider herself like the elderly. Don't even expect to

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make it up later or try to make it up later. Just pay the idea. And that's it.

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This is contrary to the opinion of the four major schools of Islamic law. But if it becomes an excessive hardship these are legitimate companions, huge companions, multiple companions of the province also left who had this view. So for

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Perhaps this view can be adopted as many scholars do nowadays as a concession. In other words, if she's been piling on days because she could have a baby, so it's like three years one year pregnancy and two years nursing and then another child comes, what happens after 345? Kids, she could have 15 years of Ramadan to make up between the nursing and the pregnancy exemptions. How do you do that?

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So in that case, when it piles on to be too much for her, she can just consider herself

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the sick person who is not able to make it fast due to the number of the fats now, even if she's perfectly healthy after that, in that case, you would just pay the video for that number of days and that would be the end of it. There are questions coming up as expected, we will inshallah address them. On Sunday, as we said, we'll dedicate a day a week to the 50 the legal questions, psychologically and everybody I hope that was clearer than yesterday will allow us to kind of Vienna Muhammad, Allah Allah. He was

Those Exempt From Fasting

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