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AI: Summary © The importance of the "by Islam" concept is discussed in Arabic language, with a focus on faith, acceptance, respect, and the concept of the Sunhair. The importance of faith, consciousness, brotherhood, and the OMA is emphasized, along with the importance of maintaining faith and avoiding distraction from others. The hotbed for reciting the Prophet's words is emphasized, as well as preserving email and keeping up with prayer. The importance of not overthinking what people are doing and not overthinking what they have to do is also emphasized.
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But we will pause here Allah subhanho wa Taala begins that he tells us that you are always and forever have been selected to be part of the best of nations. And then Allah subhanaw taala will mention some responsibilities behind that. So let's begin

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this area, you have probably heard Muslims over the years will quote this A and saying, We are the best OMA, because Allah says that he hasn't selected us to be part of the best.

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Out of what our real estate is, we are still the best of all nations. That's not exactly what the verse is teaching us.

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And if you know basic Arabic, you'll understand immediately there is a lot more to this verse than what we think Allah begins and he says quantum higher omega you were from the amongst the best of nations.

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Oh, he jet leanness map. Holla Holla jet leanness. Allah says that he origin Oakridge that means that Allah selected you and me. So there was a creation and from that creation, Allah selected and chose certain individuals and allow them to be part of this OMA, do you see how different that A is? Now, instead of that sense of honor and pride to be Muslim, and to be part of this may it's completely different now. Now.

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I am so grateful that Allah made me Muslim and made me part of this OMA,

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I am so honored to be part of this ummah. Why? Because Allah says, I selected you.

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There earlier Matt tell us perhaps one of the reasons is, Allah sees in every single member of this ummah, something in you. Allah created us with things within us. That qualified us to be here.

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That immediately tells us we are special. You are special.

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The people part of this OMA, there is something beautiful and special about them. And subhanAllah, especially with a lot of young people, they need to be reminded of that from time to time. Because when you look at the OMA from the outside, it's almost quite difficult or even impossible for someone to find anything attractive

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about this Oma. Because think about how we're portrayed on the media. Think about how we're talked about on social media. Think about any movie or TV show that you've watched who the bad guys are. It's almost impossible to see that in the midst of all of this, we're still the best OMA, we are still the chosen ones. Well, this is Allah subhanho wa taala, reminding us after a set of verses in the same surah if you go back two or three verses, you know what you're going to read about.

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You're going to read about versus the talk about the importance of Eman.

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You're going to talk you're going to see verses about Taqwa one of them we just recited. Yeah, it was Xena. Tapachula Hapa. to a party, that verse comes a few verses before this one. Then you also read a verse that Allah tells us where I tell c mu B habri. Allahu gemmy, Allah Tarraco. Hold on to the rope of Allah, all of you mean Come collectively together under one path one cause and don't differ or divide amongst yourselves. So you read all of these verses about the importance of faith, the importance of having consciousness with Allah, the importance of brotherhood, and then you get to this verse,

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I have selected you to be a member of this OMA, now put it all together.

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Why me?

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Why you?

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What is it that Allah wants from us or expects from us, that qualifies us to be part of this nation, part of this Oma? The next point? Understand what OMA is, a lot of times you hear that OMA means my nation or a nation. What that means is OMA is defined in the Arabic language, as a group of people or a nation that come together under one cause, one purpose, our one cause and our one purpose is to serve our Creator, to live our lives in this world worshiping one and one only. And to act to that, how do we worship this one Creator? What is it that we do? What are the things that we say? How do we live our life? You go now to the sunnah of our Prophet alayhi wa Salatu was Salam. Remember, the

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Sunnah is not a set of rules. If you treat the Sunnah as just a set of rules, then it's very easy for people to argue with you and say, Look, some of these guidelines that you have, they're almost impossible to practice is it's as if Allah has setting you up that if you break a rule Haha, I caught you. Now you're going to be punished. That's not what the Sunnah is. The Sunnah is a lifestyle.

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And its goal is for Allah subhanho wa Taala to catch us under His mercy.

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The goal of the Sunnah is that every time you practice a you try your best to implement something from our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, where does that lead you? Where does that put you? Under the mercy and acceptance of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, may Allah azza wa jal keep us close to the sadhana Allahumma. I mean, so couldn't come higher our own mountain Oak Ridge at leanness. Here's the next point. Oh hurry jet we now understand it's not Hara jet, it's all free jet which means to select. Then Allah tells you Lin us, Arabic students, the lamb that's attached to the word nests.

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This lamb. What it means in this area is the purpose for In other words, you and I have been selected by Allah to be part of this OMA for the purpose

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of serving the people Lin us.

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Our priority after we have established our faith with Allah is to look out for each other

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is to serve mankind. Every day, you wake up thinking about what else I can do to serve mankind. Now, we have to understand what this looks like.

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I could sit here and tell you a lot of different things and different styles but let's just stick to the A, the A is gonna explain what that means, what it means to serve mankind. What does that entail? Continue reading Mona Bill maruf? What 10? When are they among health? Allah then says

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that you are people that go out there and you encourage as much good and mouth as possible and you discourage as much evil and wrong as possible. Now I use these words very carefully, because most of the times we have seen translations that say this command good for bid the evil is not what we read a lot.

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And that's not exactly the most accurate translation. Let me tell you why. If you translate Munna, Bielema roof as commanding good,

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it restricts the reader to only one style or way of teaching and sharing good with mankind. Because you're literally saying it gives the impression, I have to go out there.

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And I have to stand up and speak as much good as I can. If I see wrong, I've got to go and step out, step up to that rung and command as much good stand up and have these conversations. And the reality is,

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not all of us can do that.

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You know, when you see something wrong to stand up and say something,

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not all of us have that ability to do that.

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That requires a certain amount of courage,

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a certain amount of knowledge and experience dealing with people. Not everyone has that.

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There are people who are terrified to have these conversations, whether it be at work or school, they're terrified, even though they might have the knowledge they just don't know how to eloquently express their beliefs. So the area a better way to understand the intent of the area. To Moton comes from the word MRO or MRR Amarone, which means not only to command, but anything that encourages that. So even our actions, the way that we behave, the choices that we make out there, even all of that without saying or verbalizing a word is all part of motor when I build my roof. Now here's the second point about this sentence tekmoto. Now bail them out off, it's the word mouth roof. Again, we

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hear this word throughout the Quran, what is modeled.

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Remember this brothers and sisters, it will make your life so much easier when you're out there in sha Allah Jota Harlem Maroof

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think of it as a universal standard.

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Think of it what is known what is understood, and it fits within the parameters of Islam, what is known and understood to be good to be the right thing that's called mouth off. Even if it's not specifically outlined and spelled out for you and me, mouth roof, you know, just common sense tells you this is the right thing to do. You don't need somebody to tell you, Hey, don't be a racist. Don't hate against a particular religion just because you're not from you don't need somebody to exactly say that to you. Common sense, and it's understood that we respect people regardless of their race, regardless of their background. Regardless of their religion. There is an element of

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respect. That's that moto Nabil Murad have now put it together.

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This part of the area is life changing.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala now tells us the number one reason why I had selected you and you and you and you and me and all of us to be part of this OMA is because you have in you what it takes to encourage people out there to do the right thing.

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What an honor, I pray Allah azza wa jal preserve and protect this honor in our hearts and lives. Allah whom and I mean, what an honor.

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That Allah subhanho wa Taala

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put me on this earth and this is what he wants from me. Why? Because Allah sees it in me he created within me the tools that I can continue to further this kind of encouragement. This kind of

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or may Allah azza wa jal give all of us strength, and then the opposite continues. So you will have top modal NLP models. And number two, what 1009 l Moncure.

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And you also discourage discourage Moncure Moncure

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you may have read translations that say that moon cutter is, quote unquote evil, it's a little bit more than that one tip is anything that is frowned upon. That is despicable. That is wrong, that is evil, unacceptable, it causes hurt and pain to people around you to yourself, when you hear it, it makes you uncomfortable. And it doesn't make you uncomfortable. Just because it makes you uncomfortable. You're uncomfortable because it's an uncomfortable thing to be around to listen to and to hear. That's called munkar. Now your job and my job the bare minimum, try to discourage this as much as possible. And sometimes that looks like

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you know, I got invited, but I'm not gonna attend because I know there's a lot of money out that's gonna happen.

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I was invited to the party. I got the invitation, but I know that there's one car gonna be there. So just by you not attending, you are now discouraging this monitor in your ability and mental life. So Jill, give us strength. Let's continue. So you have Moto and bill amount of what 10 How nine and Moncada and the last part of the verse that I want to leave you with Ben shout Allahu taala.

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What took me know in a villa

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and that you always and forever have faith and II Men with Allah subhanho wa taala. Let me ask you,

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this the audience of suited earlier Imran

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which is a Medini Surah which means that Islam has been around for some time.

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Is it safe to say that the audience of sudut earlier Imran already believe in Allah, they already have Iman, there already believe in the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. So why remind the people make sure you believe in Allah and the AYA is in present tense, what taught me to when a biller, it's not in the past tense, Allah is not commanding you to think about it later on. This is the present tense. Allah is literally saying, continue to have faith in Allah, why?

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This is the challenge that all our verse live to struggle with.

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This is the challenge, it's to hold on to our faith.

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Swing, you're out there in the world.

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And you're in the schools and in the workplaces and the invitations and the gatherings and so on and so forth. So when you're out there,

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to hold on to your tea, you know, to hold on to the values that you know, that you're committed to the values of our deen. That's the challenge.

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If you never get an opportunity to encourage good or discourage evil, that's one thing.

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But Allah put something in your heart and in my heart, and Allah wants us to keep working what taught me to keep addressing and work don't take it for granted. Because there have been people in the past and present, who one day they believe in Allah and the next day they question that belief. So if you're somebody and may Allah count all of us from amongst them, somebody who loves this theme, may Allah allow us always and forever to love this Deen. If you are somebody that commits yourself to Islam, and you have faith to the point where nobody's gonna compromise that faith, may Allah preserve and protect the message of the EDA Illa Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

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wa salam in our hearts and in our lives on the last point in sha Allah Huhtala. Before we pause for the first part of the hotbed,

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some may be thinking,

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now I understand fine, I've been chosen Allah see something in me, I know what I have to do. How do I do it?

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I know that I have to preserve my email. How do I do it? Because my email gets tested 24 hours a day. How do I do this? How do I hold on to this Deen? And how do I become a member that Allah is pleased with and remained that way always in forever? A couple of points in sha Allah Huhtala that we will mention in the second part of the hotbar Apolo Mantis Morrowind was Sofitel Lucha Libre company said in Muslim equilibrium, the stuffed Pharaoh in the hula photo Rahim. At this time brothers and sisters before I sit, as I'm sitting I will ask all of you, the brothers in particular to please move forward as much as you can. During this pause in sha Allah Huhtala

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was happy he woman wala a MER buried.

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Once again brothers and sisters just so that we can accommodate everyone in sha Allah as best as we can. Those of you who might see a space or an opportunity to move forward, please do so. And inshallah we can accommodate as many as possible but if they let he Tyler and so finally brothers and sisters, I only want to share with you two points. How do I maintain this privilege and honor of being selected to be part of this Oma? How do I maintain that number one, poor N poor N poor n. If you are not reciting at least reciting some Koran every day of your life, you will never taste the sweetness of this faith. This faith will be filling but will have no flavor.

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Pour and must be and should be recited every single day of our lives. And I don't mean you've got to pause your day. Sit down with the most half and start reciting. You could be anywhere and we all know this. Even if you have a poor an on your phone an app you know that it takes literally seconds. Just read something and do it only for the sake of Allah. Listen to this hadith, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us that the heart that has nothing of Allah subhanho wa Taala in it is a heart tell Baitul honeybee it is a heart in Arabic We say Harbin Harmon means something that's been destroyed. It's fallen apart. It's useless. No one cares about it. Nobody wants it. Nobody finds use

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for it. That's how the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam in this hadith narrated in a totemism describes the heart that does not have Allah's name or Allah's words, ie the poor and may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the strength we continue to recite the Quran, Allah whom me and finally a U haul above the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam one day, was walking with a group of companions, and he was carrying a stick in his hand. He came across a tree that looked like it was dying, it was dried up, and a lot of the leaves were falling. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam led his companions to this tree, took his stick and he would hit the tree until more of the leaves fell.

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Then he turned to his companions and said,

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what you see here, the one who says Subhana Allah, what hamdulillah Walla, Isla illallah wa Allahu Akbar, their sins will fall off of them like the leaves falling off of this tree.

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This was a lesson for his companions and a reminder for all of us. Why do I share this one particular Hadith? You don't have to make this difficult. We don't have to make this complicated. Our religion has truly made every opportunity to seek Allah's blessings. Incredibly easy. It is mankind and people that made that process difficult. We're the ones that put barriers between that but the deen itself the religion itself, the path towards Allah is acceptance. Allah Himself affirmed in the Koran that he didn't put hardship in this Deen. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala keep us close to him. And I pray that Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability that every

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opportunity we have to do the right thing that we take advantage of it, and that we do it as best as we can and in a manner in a way that is pleasing to Him. Subhana wa Taala These are the words that they leave you with. We send peace and blessings to our Rasul Salah turabi wa salam, Ala Moana subhanho wa Taala Phaeton xili in Allahu Allah Iike teho usaw loon Island Nabi Yeah, yo hola Athena mn or Sundar alayhi wa salim Otis Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad while early Mohamed Kamal Selita Isla Ibrahim whiner early Ibrahima innaka Homido Majeed Allahu Mocksville Muslim ina willing Muslim and while it won't be Anita will mean at Alicia immune human Amma INEC hottie Muslim Yamaji boo

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Dharwad Allahu mutton Anna Anna, Luca Jana will not put Robert La Herman polling our Mo are now becoming another one Makarova ELA helped me hone in on one or a banner ad Tina feet dunya Hassan will fill out the roti Hasina Joaquina urban Sapan or OB corroboree city Anna

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LC for now was salam ala mode saline what hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen.

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Long like Bernal low ankle shadow

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Hina long

Sh. Jumuah Kuthbah

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