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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the "has been very decisive" answers to various questions, including point number three, which is a reflection of the media's views on terrorism and the lack of understanding by the media. They also criticize the actions of American politicians and their media with the media, including the use of deadly weapons in Afghanistan and the potential consequences of killing people with it. The speakers emphasize the importance of science and technology in the creation of the Earth and the theory of evolution, and encourage the audience to share their thoughts on the topic.
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morning Mr. Zakir Naik, my name is Jamie domani. First of all, I want to thank you for what you're doing here have really taken out a lot away from me I'm sure.

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My question is on your point number three, actually three questions if you could be so kind. But on point number three, first of all, I felt that you it was very evasive your your answer, but what I'm going to ask you is very simple. When you talk about terrorism when you talk about Islam. Now this is a very simple, straightforward question. I hope I can get a straightforward answer with what's happening in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, just to name a few. I'm not stereotyping I hope no one takes offense. But when you hear on the news that a woman is cooking food for our kids, and then a suicide bomber comes and kills them.

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I want to ask you a simple question. What is that? Is that Islam? Or is that people who don't understand what Islam is, and they have their own perception of Islam? And please let me ask you one more thing, can you give me an answer that is not in World War One or something, there were more people that died? Or this is all propaganda and these are Americans killing people and that was your man.

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I want to answer your mindset then again by circumventing the brother of the question that the years in Afghanistan and Pakistan, a woman cooking food as to said mama comes and blows up and kills. As far as Islam what the media is saying, forget about it. I'll give you a ruling of Islam, where the what the media says right or wrong. Quran says in Surah majda chapter number five, verse number 32. If anyone kills any other human being, unless it be for murder, or for spreading corruption in the land, it is as though he has killed the whole of humanity. Any person kills any other human being whether Muslim or non Muslim, unless it be for murder, or for spreading corruption in the land. It

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is as though yes kills all of humanity. And if any human being favored the human being, it is as though Yes, save the whole nation. So called in the Quran, killing any single innocent human being is prohibited. If a suicide bomber comes and kills a woman whose cooking genius and it is 100% prohibited, whether done in Pakistan, or Afghanistan, or America, Dubai is the answer. Okay. 100% or whoever's doing it, whoever is doing it.

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Whoever is doing it, whether namesake Muslim, or American, or propaganda, whoever's doing it, it is totally prohibited. Okay, fine. There's a clear answer. That is clear. 100% clear. Whether you do anyone does wrong, yeah. 100% wrong. It is as though yes kills all of humanity. There is no other scripture that I know of today. There is no other scripture that I know of today. That gives the statement that if you kill one human being It is as though you killed all human except the Quran. There's no other scripture that I know. We say that if you say one human being, you have saved all of humanity. No other scripture. Perfect. Now, can I ask you something? This is wrong. Yeah. 100

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wasn't wrong. Fine, fine, fine. Now, why are you here? The way I look at it all of these innocent loving people here. Why isn't this convention somewhere like Afghanistan and Pakistan trying to teach people that what they are doing is not Islam and is just some brainwashed, chaos, and that they are going to go to hell, and they're not going to go to heaven for killing innocent people for the 911 attacks for the London bombings, innocent people died. If I don't like you, and I kill you, it's more justified than if I don't like somebody if I don't like Jews, and I go and kill innocent Americans with families. Why don't you go and educate these people and have a better cause rather

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than converting four or five people here? Marcia 1000s of lives? Brother, Alaska, very good question. He's telling me, why don't I go to Pakistan to Afghanistan, and spread this message and prevent this brother, I go every day even now I'm going there. I'm on the satellite. We have pitch TV reaching 100 million people. This is how much

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that's what I want to do is 20 30,000 people. The audience here will be 20 30,000 people not more than that. You see the recording? Why do we the recording so that I can go to Pakistan? I can go to Afghanistan. I can go to even America and my lecture on Jihad and terrorism, the maximum viewership, it has got more than 100 million people. And it is meant for the full world. I'm giving you it is being recorded being telecast. The thing is, I cannot force anyone to ponder this, except my message can oppose you. Am I forcing you? Am I forcing you to accept my message? No, you know, how can I force the people of Pakistan? How can I force the people above

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Can you stand at the same time, at the same time? At the same time, I also tell the innocent people being killed. I agree with you.

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What's the numbers? You said, you know, four or five people converting here is better than telling that my job is to deliver the message. First, the current momentum is

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measuring the Quran surah Russia chapter 18, verse 2122, our job is to deliver the message we can convert hearts, Allah told the Prophet you are not the manager of affairs, it is Allah give the desire.

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I can talk I cannot convert. It is almighty god who converts. I can talk whether they understand or not in Pakistan, it is Almighty God. Coming to your basic question. According to me, you should see my cassette is terrorism Muslim monopoly is there is Muslim monopoly. If you see that said your mind your vision of terrorism will improve. Time does not permit me to give a talk here again, Delhi for sure. According to me, the terrorists are mainly the politicians. It is they who create this, you go anywhere, you know, in India,

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all the rides that took place indirectly directly. It's the politician Bobby was worried about Babri Masjid take place. Why? Was the politicians withdraws right politician? What happened about 911 filmmakers said it was an inside job according to say reduce scientist of America they say 911 cannot be done by 19. Arabs. It is impossible. It was inside job 72 scientists of America not that good night. inside job who didn't? George Bush. Okay.

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That make up in

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Afghanistan. I was in the people being killed. They are sending cluster bombs covered there. 1000s of people you're talking about suicide bomb. That is haram. I'm not condoning it. I'm condemning it. But the biggest thing to be condemned is the American sending the fighters in Afghanistan, killing 1000s of people in Iraq, killing 1000s of people.

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Saddam Hussein.

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I'm not a fan of Saddam Hussein. He had done mistakes the people of Iraq, they were fed up of Saddam Hussein, but after America came then they are more fed up of the American Ninja thumbs in.

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That does not justify does because Saddam Hussein was bad that does not justify America to come and take over Iraq. Why are they doing it for the money for the oil? What is the main interest is the oil

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who created Taliban? when Russia came, the Americans supported the Afghan is created Taliban. Now they want to take over the fighting back who the Americans

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the biggest danger found to me in the history, George Bush. Now we no longer there, George Bush number one on that. Sorry. I'm with you on you're with me on that. So I'm also going to America. I'm even going to America live and on satellite giving the message to American. I was the first person that I know of in the public after 911 in Australia. I said I'm a fundamentalist. And I consider George Bush to be the biggest terrorist. It came at headlines.

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In December

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and December 2001. When I gave a talk in Australia, when the Consul General asked me that what do you consider who's a terrorist? I said george bush? Number one, it came as headline doctors or can they call themselves a fundamentalist and consider george bush to retire if number one now every time they can hear us calling him a terrorist.

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At that time, no one had the guts. What we realize we are speaking the truth. Now whether George Bush, you know, many people say when I gave a talk in London on terrorism, very good talk, people enjoyed a youngster coming into debt to George Bush, George Bush, pulled out of mind one of our beloved prophet Massara seldom, there were two staunchest enemies of Islam.

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Both are called Omar Omar and the Prophet prayed to Allah that gave hedaya to one of these tumor and human Hata mela, pleased with him was a secondary Islam. Allah gave me Daya, who was the staunchest enemy of Islam, became the staunchest supporter, therefore, I said, May Allah give that to George Bush.

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I cannot.

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I can speak. I can only

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I can tell him what he's doing is wrong. I don't want to kill him. I want him to accept Islam. Killing is useless. What the use of killing, accepting is better. So that's the reason we are giving the message. Those whose hearts opening accepting insha Allah, God will open your heart also one day, when God opens your heart one day, I cannot do it. I can give the message I can't force you. unless God gives you unless you strive. If you stay and go to the interview. If you don't have your heart will not be open. Some people ask question only for questioning a question which nigga but the true gentleman merkabah boy, when he gets the answer

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He accepts it. You know, people just ask for questioning. My question was Nigel, you spoke very loudly. I'm asking why give a speech. I said so many things do you agree with?

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Yes, I agree with it. Are you a Hindu?

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I'm actually your favorite. I'm an atheist. atheist. Mashallah. Do you enjoy your ideas? You're my favorite. No, I'm not your friend. But I was told that you like having debates with such Yes, yes.

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Okay, brother, you are an atheist. Fine. I would like to congratulate you.

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You'd like to work. I'd like to congratulate you.

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You know why? Why? There isn't a calculator because all the others, all the human being the blindly following father, the Christian son is a Christian.

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His parents are Hindu. He's a Hindu. Many of the Muslim parents are Muslims. You are thinking, I don't know their father, what they teach them. How do they teach? No. Good. So you're thinking, these are the people they worship the Almighty God who falls down and breaks. So you are thinking and the reason is because you said the first part of the Islamic Shahada La Ilaha there is no God.

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You have already said half the comma. Now the second part, they are said the full kalama you are half Muslim now. It is me half Kalma Laila only thing after do is in La Jolla, which I shall do inshallah

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I'm congratulating you because you have agreed to the other people who believe in wrong Gods first I have to spend half my diamond time to convince them the god you're worshipping is wrong. We have already agreed there's no God, only thing I have to do is prove to you about Allah which I shall do inshallah. Brother. Suppose the equipment which is bought

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equipment in front of you, no one in the world has ever seen. No human being a thing is in front of you. And if asking the question, Who is the first person who will be able to tell you the mechanism of their equipment?

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I've heard this speech and is the creator, it is the creator. The creator of that equipment will be the first person who will be able to tell you the mechanism of that object. You may say creator you may say manufacturer you may say inventor you may say maker whatever it is somewhat similar. Now I'm asking you a question. How did this universe come into existence?

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How did the universe come into existence?

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You are going to now mentioned the Big Bang and I'm asking you Yeah, don't tell me what I'm going to say I want to know what what

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you are. I'm asking you according to your The thing is I've actually heard this speech before it a good fan of yours you know Mashallah, good fan? Good fan theoretical or practical.

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Practical fine, you will follow if I'm wrong you correct me if I'm right to join me. No, I only learnt about you about two weeks back actually finds in two weeks he became a great fan Marshall. I'm very happy about it. in two ways you learn about me, that means you know, you know about the creation, the Big Bang, which we came to know recently Quran mission 14 years ago in Saudi Arabia chapter 21 verse number 30, our

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verses, but you know that Yeah, similarly, we did not know that the Earth was spherical. We came to recently Quran mentioned 14 years ago in Surah. Nivea chapter seven and Mr. Motta de fer again, we thought for the light of the movie his own life Quran missions 14 years ago, the light of the moon is not its own a defected light, which became more recently who could have mentioned this. There's biology, there is water cycle which you learned in school, there is embryology there is genetics. My question is who good I mentioned all these things in the Quran? So if you have heard this, you also know the answer. Who could have mentioned the

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same answer?

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The Creator, the creator, this creator, who has mentioned in the Quran, weakauras Allah.

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So that we do believe in the Creator, who could have mentioned this in the Quran, the creator, the creator created the human beings, the person who created all this universe. It can't be a human being who writes all this. So now Do you believe in a creator?

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Well, there are different perspectives you see a person Western science or you can think about God now the debate is which to follow. You can follow both I believe in both. As I said, I'm a student of science also. Also I'm a believer in God borders as my opening question stated what I asked about terrorism I believe you also know those are certain facts that are going to tell them later on Yeah, barely talking.

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You asked me direct question suicide bombing, killing innocent wrong I gave direct answer. Now I'm asking a direct question you give me right answer. You asked me. You are happy with Mansur no beating around the bush. I am asked you directly when you believe in the Creator. Why don't you accept the creator? I'm ask you directly. You asked me direct question in front of 30,000 people. I have a direct answer.

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I've asked you a question. You didn't believe in God, I congratulate you. Now I prove to you that the creator of the Quran now I'm asking the question of I don't believe in the Creator. I didn't say that I believe in the Creator. Making your speech.

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There. I didn't ask you to come here to mimic me, please.

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Did I ask you to come and mimic me? I asked you who wrote you said creator, are invaded? I say that? No,

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I don't say that's what you said. Even the questioner said that we they haven't seen my speech correctly. Like how you are telling when I ask an atheist? He gives the reply creator, not I not I haven't seen my speech correctly. It is a person like you who I am at have asked the question, do he give the reply? Like how you give the reply? No. Did I ask you to mimic? Or did I ask you to give answer from your heart?

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So that means you are not a very truthful person. You asked me a question, brother. If you answer directly from my heart, correct? I'm asking you a question you get down to the nothing that I'm mimicking. Okay, if I say the Creator is what you want to hear, now.

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Hypothetically, if we say that I agree to the creator Now, what if I say that I agree to the creator of what was written what I don't believe what was written justifies everything, you're giving me six

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six things but there's a lot in life that's not written there, fine phrase.

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Gravity or you're just telling me about light on the very good, very good brother says he believes in the Creator. But everything is not the better.

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This book, The Quran is not a book of science, as CIEN See, it's a book of signs as it g ns. It's above of IR.

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There are more than 6000 signs 6000 I ops in the Quran, out of which more than 1000 speak about science. It's not rocket science, two plus two is equal to for those not in there, but the beauty of it is what is returned we did not know you mean mean did not mean the creator road if it had everything of size, it would be a volume in his book as the World Trade Center, or maybe it's British dollars building now. It is not oversized weather. Please don't misunderstand. It is to prove to the scientist that this is a word of God. This is a word of greater What do you have to tell me to disprove it? You have to take out a mistake in the Quran. Quran says in Surah Nisa

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chapter four verse number 32. For Allah the Quran whoa Karna Minh in the gorilla, lava Victor laffan kathira Do they not consider the Quran with K hadn't been from anyone besides the law, they would have been conditioned in it. There have been mistakes in it. So for you to disprove the Quran to be the word of Allah, we have to take out mistakes that when I said please come up and take out mistakes in the Quran.

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Why? If it's wrong, I will leave it if it's right you join me. It's a two way not one way.

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But how old is the Quran? I don't exactly know how the Quran is approximately 1400 years old. Okay, and how long have human beings existed in this planet? human beings in millions of years, millions of years. I'm not challenging you don't don't get this wrong. I've just no I like people telling me what is

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okay, if you want to challenge then I take that step then. Okay, what is the reason that first of all is I believe Christianity is older than Islam. No.

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Christianity is not older than Islam. What's the difference? Islam is there since time immemorial since man set foot on the earth. Okay, from the First Amendment already there. Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger. He came 1400 years ago he was the last messenger Quran is the last revelation, not the first revelation. This is the last testament otherwise Islam in this entire memorial is Allah Salaam, Jesus Christ was a Muslim of the Quran, Abraham was a Muslim or in the grand peace be upon them all. So Islam means peace acquired by submitting a will to Almighty God it is this since time immemorial.

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Okay, so getting to the point I asked you the timescale that the Quran has existed and the time scale of human beings after your time zero for on Islam a different time of the Quran, the Quran, the holy book, not not Islam, we can say Islam existed for forever. But why was the Quran invent were placed on earth afterwards? And very, very good. And I also wanted to ask you something I always wanted to know about that is the Darwin's theory of evolution. I know there's a lot of controversy on that. But why do you do you believe in evolution or you believe man was placed directly and the whole thing of apes, the science that has proved that human beings emanated from

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apes, do you agree with that question?

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Life Sciences and sorry about that. No problem. Two question Do you believe in Darwin's theory, science has proved that human be the availability from a Do you believe in? Do you believe that human beings are placed? And second question if I was Quran reveal for the angels back mine on before two questions regarding a correction in your question, science hasn't proved that you mean me that we are for me, it is Darwin's theory, not Darwin's fact.

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It's the theory, there is no book today. There is no book today on the face of the earth, we save the fact of evolution. It theory, the fact of the origin of human beings know it's theory and for your information. Darwin himself said that they were missing links in his theory, if you read his book, on the origin of species, he writes in this on a ship by the name of HMS Beagle, he goes to Ireland by the name of Khalil tropos. And they receive birds who are packing in niches in holes. Based on the hose they packed, the beak of the birds became short and long. Based on that observation, he propounded the theory of natural selection. He wrote a letter to his friend, Thomas

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Thompson in 1861, that I have no proof for my theory of evolution, but because it helps me in giving replies, to embryology to genetics, that there isn't a proponent yet no proof on it, that there is in our school, you know, to joke around we used to say, if you were present at Darwin's time, Darwin would have been proved right time to infinity I'm telling my colleague is a is a monkey, never missing links. Furthermore, all the three stages today, science and advanced, we have come to know that the first in osteoporotic is a nice man, the next day that we have Neanderthal man, cro-magnon all these stages that we have today of the human being that we found there's no link between them.

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Certainly what Darwin said that life is evolved from water I agree with it. Quran says that Surah ambia chapter 21 verse number 34, john nominal Michael eyeshine. Hey, we have created every living thing from what I believe in that, but seeing that we have evolved from one species to the other is a hypothesis.

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According to molecular biology, pants is Craig, he said it is letting your imagination run too wild to say that we have been evolved for me.

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If that was true, today we'll find someone in between man and human being you only find my thoughts if you don't find anywhere in the world among gay men do you find so why do the evolutionary stop now? It is a hypothesis, and most of the scientists today disagree with it. There is only a small negligible percentage with the belief in Darwin's theory majority of the scientists have already disproved Darwin's theory. I feel your knowledge of science is not up to date brother but Dr. niagra not about

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you asking me a question I'm replying

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then we have to get down to either the older five six questions now let's do just having fun that so sorry, I thought you are being entertained with having fun with entertaining you under entertain the other non Muslim Brothers if all non Muslim Hello Welcome back to what we realized Darwin's theory brother your knowledge on sciences week. We say Adam and Eve were the first human beings that's what the Quran says. Furthermore, regarding the second question, okay, after answer your question, I'm gonna answer the second question. You want to put the third question? That mean you're listening to me? Oh, yeah, forgot any of us to question

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that we are good questioner.

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Now, you asked me the question. Why was Quran revealed 1400 years back by not before? You know my son, he wants to become a doctor. He's telling me Father,

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why do you would mean school and college? Why don't you put me in medical college directly

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via phone first go to nursery, then go to primary, then go to secondary school, then go to college, then go to medical college. I can put you in medical college. You should know the basics. Similarly, Almighty God is our Creator. He kept on sending other revelations, Almighty God our Creator thought 1400 years back was the right time that human me could absorb this message. He revealed it. He's our great he knows better than you and me.

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1400 years back, he revealed his last message the Quran to the last and final messenger masala Salam. And as mentioned in the Quran in surah majda chapter number five, verse number three, on this day, have I perfected my religion for you the perfect form and have complete my favor on you, you turn the human beings and has chosen for you Islam. After this, nothing new can be added into the basics of Islam, nothing can be subtracted that said so Almighty God knows when we can imbibe the message of the Quran. And this is the last testament last messenger Prophet Muhammad, no other messenger come after this. Hope to answer your question and hope that you even accept besides being

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a fan, you also accept my teaching Then show me next time when you come here. Maybe next time you tell me I'll come again tomorrow. I'm flying tomorrow. I come back fast for you alone.