Mufti Menk – Spying is HARAM!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea that spying on individuals and companies can lead to embarrassment and loss of respect for everyone. They also mention a person who told them to not work on their affairs, but they were actually working on it. The speaker suggests that helping others can help people realize their sin and allow them to see their true potential.
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We're not allowed to spy in Islam. Do you know one of the reasons? If you were to spy on each one of us, we would lose hope in humanity. We as sinful human beings, you spy on me, you may find things that I might be embarrassed. Okay, everyone's on a different level. Some are really major, and some are not so major, but it's still embarrassing.

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If we were to spy on each other,

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and we were to announce it all over the world, we would lose respect for everybody, everybody, but Allah says, You know what we're going to keep that's why we say to Allah, Yama, Mahara. jameela, wasabi, oh, you who has made a parent that which is nice, beautiful, and you've covered that which is evil and embarrassing, you've covered it, it's, it's part of the qualities of Allah, he's merciful. That's his mercy, he covered your sin, He covered mine. Because he wants humanity to have faith in humanity once again. But the reality is,

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when we spy on someone, and we find something out, they may have already sought forgiveness of Allah and come out of it. And we will still be just finding that thing out and start exposing it in a way that we don't realize the guy who's here is the best possible person at this particular point in his life. But I'm taking him back to something that happened in the past, because I just found it out. Now.

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I give you one example, there was a guy who came to me and told me, You know, I thank Allah, I have had six affairs. This is a true story, right? And I've got the best wife ever, ever, ever. And unfortunately, shaytan came to me and made me have six different affairs. And I thank Allah that my wife didn't find out.

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And I repent to Allah, and I asked her last forgiveness. And you know, today, I am a person who would never ever do that.

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And I said, Brother, why are you telling it to me?

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Because if that's the case, you might have told it to others as well. And if you're going to tell it to others, your wife's gonna get to know. And even if your wife gets to know six years later, I don't think she's going to Rahim.

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Subhana Allah, that's Allah. She's going to hold it against you and say, I'm out of here. And by the way, that's the wrong advice to say I'm out of here. People say to just get out No, don't work on it. Help them you didn't marry in order to just destroy when you find out one or two things. No, you have to help. Yes. When it becomes unbearable. There is a way out. Definitely. But up to that point, you help each other Come on, you know, but I asked the brothers, why are you telling me you know what he told me. He says, I'm only ever telling you so that you can relate it to the people. That's what I'm doing here.

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You can tell people that sometimes a person has done evil without you knowing they've come out of it. They've sought the forgiveness of Allah, they mended their ways you didn't ever know and you won't know Subhana Allah, but they did worse than what you can ever imagine. But they're gone. It's out of it, meaning they're out of it.

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