Isha Khatirah – Sincerity In Going To The Masjid

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coming in right earlier cyber said I'm just leaving a theater mom about where it's better for you to pray Salah at home or in the masjid.

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As you might imagine,

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in the masjid. So why don't you show up although Nasir is your mother

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and what where is it better to pray to pray in the masjid or in your office?

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As you

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measure or others

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nudges so I do pray in your office that

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is even permissible to pray in the office. Can you pray in the office if you have the ability to drive to the masjid? Let's see what the Prophet saw Sam says here in regards to the reward for Salaat saw to Gemma Hadith, the other saw the hand in the Buddha the steady hand Khaled number 10 and MBU Ray Raja Raja Allahu TerraNova kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, salata, Raju rifugio Omar, does he do Allah salata, if you Sookie were very the Buddha Anwar Srinagar Raja, in this hadith the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam says that a word for Serato performed by a person in congregation which was in the masjid here. When I say congregation means the congregation

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of the masjid, not the congregation that you pray in the office. Even though praying the congregation in your office is still much more rewarding than praying by yourself. And even praying in congregation at home is still better for you than praying alone. Definitely, they're not even a match or even close to the reward you get for praying in the masjid. No matter how big your Gemma at home or in the office. It's not even close to how much you get for praying in the masjid.

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The prophets Allah Sam said over here that the reward is Buddha animus Donna Shinoda Raja, he says, all of a sudden, you have the 20 times greater than more than that 20 times actually more than 20 times greater than that of a Salah performed in one's own house or shop.

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Now, that doesn't mean that you're not allowed to pray at home or in your shop and if you had to or even in the clinic, for example, in the hospital, wherever that you work, right. But

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what am I say in regard to the meaning to the important subtle GEMA so the majority of the for the majority of the folks and I mean by that the Hanafi is the Maliki's and and the Shafia is, they say Serrato Gemma is highly recommended sunnah to Alka, high recommendation for men to come to Serato Gemma for Fajr for Lord Rasul Marina Shah, and the most important Salawat they say it's Fajr answer and Russia failed your answer and Russia is more important on door and McGraw. So that's the in terms of the Sahaba the what the prophets of Assam says to the Allama what they say in regards to the ruling of that the humbly school they say the Serato Gemma is actually far behind, which was an

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individual obligation on a person who is able and capable of coming to the masjid.

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So all the serverless people, may Allah make it easy for you.

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And even comprehend that same thing any. But what does it mean to be close to the masjid, back in their days, being close to the message, meaning you could hear the voice of the mother. Like if the mother then calls the dad from the masjid, you will be able to hear his voice. Obviously, that was back in the day when they had no loudspeakers there was only human voice right? So therefore how far are you going to be from the masjid and not too far? Therefore it makes sense. It makes sense that you had to go to the masjid because if you can hear the human voice from that distance means you're just nearby. Nowadays if the mother stands on the member and the top of the masjid and closer than

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who's going to hear that,

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though those who are just the closest to them as probably the farthest maybe brother Imran Yunus right where is it?

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Now, so that's what you can you can hear them and then beyond that, it's going to be too far. But since we have cars that this is right now is also considered near

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so Hamdulillah that you can have the cars so according to the Hamleys, if you are near the measure, then you have to pray Gemma in the message that's according to them. Now according to a virus school, remember when Hazara mo Allah Tala Serato Gemma is not for Salah Gemma is rockin

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nor is that mean means even if you pray at home, your Salah is invalid.

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That level of us is not the popular opinion. So the under Obama they don't take of that opinion. But just the fact that some fuqaha entertain the idea of how imperata Gemma to say that you don't if you don't pray in congregation and the message you saw would be invalid. That's a serious matter. Once again, the majority of scholars they say that the ruling on praying in congregation and the

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Message is highly recommended. So if you do it, you get a great reward. If you don't you miss the reward, but you still you did well, as long as you branch out on time. So what's the reward for that the Prophet saw some describe it he says Carla Botanica, before that he said more than 20 degrees of reward he didn't say more than 20 merits or Hasina more than 20 degrees because some of the donations say 25 Other NASA says 27. So, what why is there a range in the 20s over here, the ALMA they say it really depends on the quality of your solar, how focused you are, how sincere intention was,

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if you had full for sure or otherwise, so depends on that you will get the extra reward the 2223 2527 the highest is 27 and also the reward is not the 27 hasna is 27 Daraja which means the green like the same blocks of reward like some people they get mashallah five star rewards each each block each degree, or as they say they still get the 27 but they're gonna get it actually at four stars and three stars and two stars, so 27 degrees. So it depends people they have different grades, when it comes to how much reward they get based on the intention. And this of course, the quality of the Salah and so on.

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He said so Allah said I'm Kawada in Hadoken Why are you getting more reward when you come to the masjid he says that it will not have documented a lot of Asobo because when someone when one of you performed we'll do perfectly when you do your evolution perfectly wash up in a completely getting prepared for the salah. They said to the Mattel method then came to the Mozilla you redo it la sala your intention is sincerely to perform the salah to come for the prayers. I'm not coming for the food. I'm not coming to because I had to you know pick up somebody or pick up something or drop off somebody. I'm coming genuinely and primarily my sincere intention is to come to pray. So he says if

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you come for that lie on Hulu Illa Salah he emphasized again by saying it one more time because he's not provoked to come to the masjid except for the salah itself. And that's the primary reason for why I'm coming here for meeting somebody afterwards. That's fine. That doesn't doesn't ruin your intention. But your intention first to come to the masjid and then enter the gate into the meeting or

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participate in this program or that program. But primarily I'm coming to the masjid for the salah con lamea to hot water and hot water and Illa roofie Allah who will be harder Raja will help and hope you have coffee at home as it is said Salah Salem and in this case, then for every step he takes towards the masjid, he is upgraded one degree in reward and one of his sins is eliminated until he enters the Masjid.

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how beautiful that is Allah?

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How often do we need that kind of explanations, our senses, your mouth, every moment of our life, right? So that may Allah protect us, let's say someone prays fetcher and after fajr they can have like a little bit messed up during the day coming for the whole help remove some of those sins out

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and raise them in the into the degrees of reward as well too. For those who are attending that stayed with us, you guys understand what sins are being eliminated. So the major or the minor ones, the minor ones because the merger was delivered from you. Special Tober very special term repentance word right? He said sins are removed and rewards are going up. If you can, if you can think about this, when your reward is getting up and the sales are going down, how far they become apart from each other martial law handle Hara just for walking. Just walk into the measure.

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Now somebody might say we don't walk anymore.

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How about driving with a count? We'll see. Yeah, it comes. So how do you count the steps? Everybody started making their own philosophies about it, you know, the rotation of the tires each one of them would count as one step. But that means you're gonna lose a lot then.

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Because when you when you drive, it's just like you live you leaping you're not walking right? Okay, what about somebody saying is it okay then if someone walks to the masjid they walked with making their steps close to each other?

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Well, as long as you can stay calm and

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it's fine. You can do that if you want to. You don't have to but it's okay. You can do that if you want to do that. Okay, what about if someone says instead of going straight to them as it I'm gonna take good to take inshallah a whole round in the neighborhood. Like instead of going straight to the door of the messenger, I'm gonna go around the neighborhood and then come to the to the masjid so I can increase my steps to domestic Can I do that? Do it the smella but again, as long as you come early enough to attend and participate in the Salah, so you don't miss the comma, or even a sunnah and so on.

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He said Salah Salem can say that

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Halal masjid and when this person enters the masjid, Ghana for Salah at Margarita salas de su, he is considered as this as if he's performing salah. As long as he's still waiting there until the next salah.

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Like sometimes unfortunately we come here on the right before they come

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you wait until right before the comma or if you see that she has stopped driving his car out of the driveway ever is or mark come to the masjid mashallah becomes right? Why do you have to wait until that moment? Come 510 minutes early. Come 15 minutes early for your sunnah sit down and those moments that you sit here will count as if you're already in Salah. Just by being there waiting for the clamor. And for Salah to happen, God.

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Well, Mala Iike you saw Luna radical Madame de Medici, Allah, the Salafi, it says, And then even when you're sitting there, Allah subhanho wa Taala will assign angels. He will assign angels for you. What do they do? They just surround you. You know what the winds bring the tranquility and peace upon you. And they're seeking forgiveness for you. keeps calling Allah subhanho wa Taala saying Oh Allah, forgiven your Allah have mercy on him. Yeah, ALLAH forgive this person, just by the virtue of coming to the masjid to pray and wait for the karma to be called Kali. Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allah humma to Allah he says, Allah have mercy on him, your ALLAH forgive him, your

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Allah accept his repentance, man and mute the fee, man, um, you had this unless this person one and that kind of session, he starts misbehaving, what does that mean? So speaking, Ill backbiting or maybe saying something bad, unfortunately, or grabbing your phone and start watching stupid stuff. For example. You're not supposed to be watching them. The megaphone says, That said, they just said you know what? We'll leave

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that done with you. Or if the person leaves the room.

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If the person who's the widow there just says, Okay, we're done it.

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So imagine all of this happening just because you just made will do at home. You came to them as you prayed to raka you sat down waiting for the karma, until the Salah was over what a beautiful hamdulillah opportunity for forgiveness, been given to you five times a day, every single prayer that you come here, every fourth, so you come here, you have the same golden opportunities for your sins to be removed, and for reward to be increased. Now somebody might say, does that reward also include the sisters?

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Because another prophet Sallallahu sallam, he said that for the ladies, the better for them to pray to him to pray actually at home. So in this case, does that apply to them if they come to the masjid, here's the thing, the prophet Salah Salem, he also told us, let them know Mr. Allah He masajid Allah don't prevent the female slaves of Allah from coming to the houses of Allah subhanaw taala which means they're more than welcome to come to the masjid. Even though the provinces have said their reward for for Salah is better for them at home. Some people unfortunately taking this as Yanni against women. As a matter of fact, Islam is a practical religion, does it beat around the

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bush? I mean, you guys tell me how easy is going to be for a sister who has two kids, or one or even three kids for example, to come conveniently every Salah to the masjid

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How is coffee is going to be for

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the guys mashallah this come from the reservoir for the leaves. Even if she tries to bring the kids with him, Take yourself with you. Just like Santa Monica just wanted him to go by himself as quick as possible. Because they don't want to hold that door responsibilities. So imagine the sister she's going to be coming to get the rewards you have to come and do the same thing. Right? So this instruction from the Prophet SAW Selim is actually to make the sister of the ladies feel better, that they don't feel missing out. If they don't come to the masjid.

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Otherwise, if she realizes, you know, oh my god that award for coming to the masjid, then I'm missing a lot. But if the prophet said to him, Well listen, if you pray at home, you're still getting your reward, and probably even better than coming to the mezzanine. However, if she wants to come to the masjid, she can still come because the professor said don't preventivo come on to the mezzanine. So that's we hope in short, they will get that award as well to bid Nila Interborough Kota wala hooter Anna and in costume Gemma

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what's the vision of the Mizzou?

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So to define the measure, like I said, in the heyday, the professor says cometh has a quota, even if it was the size of a bird's nest, if you build it and dedicate that for the salah that counts as a measure, what does that mean? It doesn't have to be fancy walls and fancy buildings and so on. And the desert just dedicated a specific spot with rocks around to put boundaries for that space to become a muscle. It's good as long as they're Serato Germans are to Joomla so Serato Joomla makes the place what they called a messy dual jammer like a grand mosque so that the back in the days people have different messages around the market community but they have messages in JAMA forever to

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pro Joomla together in small communities. So these are considered old massages but if a space is concerned masala meaning it's a it's a part time place. When we're at work we only pray Allah her answer and barely Mara Aisha Sajid no one is there because no one actually works during that time. So in this case we can't call this magic it becomes masala and doesn't take the same rules for the for the magic itself Allah Allah

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if they have a designated place in the hospital in whatever workplace that they have that they have it as a masala and also they have Juma and Gemma over there I hope it counts for them as a Muslim Sharla especially the hospitals is 24/7 Not so

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similar question same QUESTION All right so this is

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actually how we just said correct my attention now.

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So let's say I usually don't come to the advisor right? Someone says I'm going to meet you in the merciful Satellizer said okay, I'm gonna gonna go because I want to meet for lunch. But then you remind yourself wait a minute, I mean, I need to fix my intention. So I fixed my digit your OB I want to go for the musculature for the Salah, and then I want to meet that brother shallow Tanna. I hope it works for you because the idea is that if someone regular for ourselves, then that easy for them to count for them because they come for us or anywhere. But it happened at this time they are coming specifically to me this brother, but if someone doesn't need you to come for answer and he is

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only coming for us because there's an appointment that had to meet somebody. So would that count for them as if they come exclusively for Salah if they fix their intention? I hope so. Allah Allah

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I hear you but that person doesn't usually come for SATA Lhasa he only is coming in this time because he wants to be that brother now

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southern Juma now it's not for them for the sister Jim our for this is not for now. Mallanna

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oh yeah, the reward that we spoke very good point. The high reward that was mentioned in this hadith over here is actually exclusively for the official Gemma of the masjid which means the first Gemma would the Imam or the one who represents the Imam at that moment. But second GEMA GEMA attends Gemma is not the same thing. Allah Subhana Allah Muhammad, I shouldn't have several doryx Rama