Our brothers and sisters in Pakistan need HELP urgently!

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salaam aleikum. The situation on the ground in Pakistan is undescribable. More than 1000 people have lost their lives 66 districts declared calamity hit 31 and Baluchistan and 23 and sent 33 million people affected over 218,000 houses destroyed and over 450,000 damaged over 790,000 livestock lost 63% of those in Baluchistan alone. These floods have had an impact over 2 million acres of crops. foreshore complete destruction, over 3000 kilometers of road

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and 145 bridges severely impacting access to Baluchistan and other areas. One old maturity is on the ground now delivering your eighth we need your help my brothers and sisters, please donate 100 pounds or whatever you can to help us help our brothers and sisters relieve the pain and suffering that they're going through. And please share this link with everyone you know, so you can get part of the award if they donate as well. Does that come along?