Mohammad Elshinawy – Learning to Love Allah

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of love for one's religion and finding the joy in small ways is emphasized. A woman named Missus is struggling to find her partner Jesus for years and is now struggling to find him. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not denying one's mistake and letting oneself be in the present moment. They also encourage people to realize their own values and value their own hearts.
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leave it at that era,

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wherever you are,

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now, oh praise the Lord along so effective and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and forgiveness.

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And we seek protection with our law from the whispers of our souls and the legal consequences of our actions that result of those whispers. Remember, our guides don't want to lead us astray, leads without guidance, none can guide them, and will justify that no one is worthy of worship alone dining partners, the true supreme King, and the Prophet Muhammad.

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Surgery and its properties

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and the jewels the words the words of a lovely, great Glorious Qur'an that must have guidance as soon as they examine the

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and the most dangerous that matches the newly added medicine to their religion for every single one of them or League, a stream that only leads to the fire.

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For people who have imagined habitat for our lives, it is derived and do not live in this world do not get caught off guard by death, except in a state of complete and total willing, peaceful, loving surrender to a law a state of its value.

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To begin,

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it is the central theme of our religion,

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and of the most important

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and necessary foundational pads of our religion that our religion is built on or launches from. It's the launchpad for our surrender. And perhaps it wouldn't be an exaggeration to see a grossly neglected part of our religion. And that is learning to love or love some kind of more data correctly.

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Many times, if you ask forget those outside of Islam and

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the Muslims themselves after generation generation come, that are in reality quite distant from their book, they begin developing this image of their Lord in their minds and hearts that has been polluted by the whispers of shame on and the creativity of men and these myths and legends all throughout human history.

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But the heart of our Deen the crux of our religion, above everything else about fear and hope and all of that is to love your Creator to adore him.

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You know, many times, I think, to me

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narrating his book as the father

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who says when I was riding

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on the outskirts of Egypt, I found they run down hundreds.

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And I said, Who in the world lives in the middle of nowhere here so I stopped there. And I heard a humming, humming a murmuring and when I entered I found a man a sight I thought I would never see a man that had neither arms nor lightness.

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And I found out that he was blind and it was hard to hear you.

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And I heard him saying words that we will do I heard emceeing and having during the old phrase belong Samba Thank you Allah, Allah who knows me and

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give me a chance to thank your blessings over me.

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Where I'm from been channeling either caffeine email for references of the land that you prefer me over so many of those that you've created.

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So I asked them, How can you say this? What are you saying? What makes you say that?

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He said, I swear by Allah. If Allah were to send the sky down on me to crash and destroy you to annihilate me, and descend the oceans against me to drown me and send fire is me to incinerator to burn me. I will do nothing but thank you. He said, For what? I don't get it. He said that he gave me a heart and a tongue that could remember to thank him.

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He said, God, if you wish to help me, I have a son. And this son of mine, I haven't seen him for days. And without him, I cannot make Hulu and I can't fetch my own food and drink. So can you find him for me? He said, I said, of course, and I walked out. And when I got around the hills, I found a pack of animals lying to wolves, or otherwise eating away the human being, with the remainder of the body of the human being. So I realized this must be his son, no one else lives here.

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And then I went back to thinking, How do I bring bad news to somebody like this?

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And then Allah inspired me, I remember the story of the Prophet that you set up the Prophet, the story, we told him.

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And so I entered upon him and I said, Listen, do you know the Prophet of Allah? You? He said, Of course, he said, When Allah tested him in his health, what did he do that he was patient said when I tested him and his family, what did he do? He said he was patient. And when I tested him as well, what did he do? He said he was patient. But why are you asking me what are you running? He said,

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I need to make you do I need to pray? What's this about? He said, know that Allah has tried you the way he has tried his property. Your son's not coming back.

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And he says, so the man said in an instant and how do we learn that we love you?

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Many RC heat for you to feel good now. Thank you all that you did not leave all of any of my children to reach an age where they would this this obey you and as a result, enter the hellfire.

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And then induction.

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Emotional took him and he died.

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I didn't know what to do. Like, how do you watch? How do you prepare a person like this? So I left the hut. I left the tent to check to see what is happening here. Where can I you know, find the help? Is there a city around till I found three riders off the distance I waved them down, and I broke them. I told them the story. They entered the hut with me. They uncovered his face and immediately they fell on his body they began to kiss his hand in his face in his head. I said, you know this man. They said you don't know this man. He said Who is this?

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This is the student bass. The student of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a student who ran away from the government because he feared the triumph of being the judge. So you ran away from the judiciary, right and leaving the position fearing the responsibility. He says so we prepared him we watched him we prayed on him. We buried him and then moved on. He said that night I saw him in my dream. Walking perfectly dressed in sill.

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satin guards of green strutting with pride and recycling the first of all, it wasn't kind of without him sort of a broad set up. To be masala to fenyr America without Peace be upon you. For that which you were patient with the angel service to the people of Veritas. He was reciting that I saw I said to him, how did you get into this station? I said to him in my dream How? He said to him, Are you that man I meant to listen I am he said How did you get to these stations? He said indeed there are certain stations in gentlemen that you can never get to without being patient to tragedy and without being thankful for blessing.

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Just to think about this, the likes of these generations. These are people that learn directly from habit one,

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unless you find that there lies like you found the wiser muscle habit that these are people that their love for all the love. And their attachment to him was not conditional. It didn't get fazed by the situation's of life. So how do you get to that point? What brought them there? Clearly, the short answer is that they open the door and and they dedicated their lives to this message from the creator the most truthful of speakers, who is speaking to them from on top of his throne, and they found in their information about a God that they could not resist

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and becoming enslaved to adoring him and willing to sacrifice anything to please Him and contend with whatever comes from him. They found him that parada a garden

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which means the unimaginably merciful

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as daddy says, more merciful with the slave that a mother needs

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For a child and you know, the most imaginable mercy for us is the mother. There's nothing beyond that. When the man came.

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It was neither one of us. I don't recollect now he said to him, I carried my mother like a donkey. I was.

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I was asleep and carried her through hikes have I repaid her? He said, Nah, nah.

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You haven't even repeat them for one contraction that she pushed in during the delivery. You know why? Another one said to him,

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I watched for my mother. I watched her her the way she watched it for me is that now are we even now? He said no. Because you will watch for her while hoping for her death. Like you're just saying, Let Me Be patient and to test it'll be over soon. And I was gonna reward me for putting up with my parents. And

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she says, but she did it for you while hoping for your life. So it's not even that's the most imaginable MERS Allah azza wa jal is more merciful than that had it just a mother because our minds thought at the moment.

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So kind of with the island.

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He is the one who showed us so much mercy of it is the mercy of the mother and you haven't even seen any PBS. He created 100 mercy Sugata with Allah, He loved one you become distributed along with his creation in dunia. That means just 1% of the mercy He created. We all share all the mothers of the world and the animals of the world, all of it together. And 99% he leaves it for the believers on the Day of Judgment. It's his mercy that has expanded wider than old things and overtaken his anger consider that a law has not become angry at him for the things that we have done to angered him. Because had he taken us punished us immediately for our cities, then the textbook repentance

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wouldn't exist. But he's going to be angry on the Day of Judgment, he has deferred his anger, because his mercy comes first. It has overtaken his anger. It has impeded his anger for this time, they open this one and they find a god whoever he or he means the grantor of mercy, the deliverer of mercy. The one who loves his mercy is that he deliberately he just doesn't have mercy for you. He makes sure you receive it. Even in circumstances where everybody feels bad for you. He pours his heart that you are some tranquility, you're the communist after them all. Perhaps a person that doesn't know any better thinks you didn't love that loved one that just died. Or you didn't really

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care about such and such that happen. Within reality. This was easy, he didn't even see that he grabbed it within you.

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That is why the Muslim does not believe that there's such a thing as evil because it includes mercy in everything. So nothing is purely evil. There is a side university to everything is obvious thing is pure evil. We don't believe that in Islam. And that special Mercy is specially allotted to the believer. Then you read in the

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shampoo, shampoo means he's ultimately appreciating no one will appreciate you the way I love those. So he can help with love you. He will not forget it. any act of good you did, regardless of how small imagine if you were to smile at a person one day, and you made these Did you pleased him with that smile on us. And so he comes to you the next day. And he pulls out some car keys of a Mercedes or something very expensive. And it gives you this list is this is for, you know yesterday, because, you know, you smile that when you really you don't change

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your thinking some sort of prank. It's a joke, someone's playing a trick on you. It's gonna be on YouTube in a second. Right? What is this, and then it doesn't stop there. And then every time he comes, every time he's around people, that guy man I'll never forget.

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He came and said, the smallest act he appreciated so much. This is the generosity of the generous our money the most appreciate, he accepts from you the smallest of deeds. The idea of a person who's forgiven for removing a thorn from the ground. A person says a kind word that is charity. A person does a good deed and he gets 700 times the reward. A person does a bad deed that

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says I write it as one bad deed. Or I might just leave it to good luck. And then the deeds he doesn't accept and multiply by 10 or 700 thought to begin with, don't worry, I think that was one of the best of our deeds and you still love a stellar film a lot of stuff in the flood Beatty exhibits

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and then we read about a God who they would do

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And then we'll do it means the supreme the loving no one loves you the way that our last show just loves you. Yeah you

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love I think Ron Kathy was a

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sea level believers and remember him, won't you remember your lower much and celebrate and glorify Him by night and by day why the iron continues and says who led you suddenly on a whim I

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to hear from your my opponent who said

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he says he is the one that says his blessings down upon him. And he commands His angels to pray for you, so that he may pull you out of the darkness bring you to the light and he's ever Merciful especially a double loose for the believers. And then when they meet him, his greeting to them he will salute them and greet them by telling them peace relax lm an older

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piece a statement from the Most Merciful God's

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the one who says levena has not time come for the believers yet like having to add a minute for me.

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And he has no need for us. And then he says to kind of Ogawa either side like me, buddy, buddy, if my sleeves he initiates and you guys know me if my sleeves as to about you? If they do.

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He initiates the conversation, pulling

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all my slaves across every limit against themselves. Even the sinful Don't worry, you're still my slave. This is a loving God. You still might even if you've done the unthinkable, you're still mine. It's okay. I haven't exiled you permanently yet. Do not do whatever you did. But do not despair in my mercy. Make sure you still hope in me make sure you still keep ties with me in because you wronged yourself. Don't worry, you didn't throw me all that is another one. I mean, no. And hopefully, he forgives all sins because that's who he is. And then not just as He forgive, the addict says he becomes happy with your repentance. Love becomes happy when you repent. For what

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reason? Because that's who he is. He's even loving when he puts you through difficulties, that's still him being able to do

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you can think how can that be?

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Because as painful as your difficulties might be, they're still not more painful than your soul drive up,

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call back button, come back to I tried to send you so many reminders, there has to be a little bit more of a painful reminder, you have to wake up, it's not

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that hard of him being lucky or the tragedies he goes through in your lives.

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Whatever and so what I'm doing,

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if a person will just to be fair with his Lord, just read it without, you know, being overtaken by your emotions and your greed and your self centeredness. If you're just fair with your Lord, and hardly ever How could we be. That's our nature. He says you will realize that his favor on you in the things he did barring you from the privacy of this world is actually greater than his favor on you the things he gave for he only prevented you so we could grant you He only withheld from you so we could give you

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the first step to realizing that when you go through difficulties in life, and you still have to keep in mind that I was able to do it. Step one

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is to realize that there is no way for you

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to understand the mercy of Allah. But there is mercy and wisdom here. Like get past the question, is there a wisdom in this? That's the key to uncovering the wisdom. Once you stop doubting his wisdom, this will unlock so many treasures for you will see the wisdom or a part thereof. The second is to realize that even if you do see the wisdom, or you don't, you have to surrender to the fact that you are completely ignorant of the reality of the last planets to put those two things in, for sure. There's a wisdom and for sure it's possible that I don't know

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what I said

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Well, luckily I don't

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have to be in front of each other, complementing each other, perhaps to hate something and it's better for you perhaps to love something, it's worse to be a lot knows that wisdom. There's wisdom for sure. And you don't

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that's how you get past that point. But again, unless you look into it

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To read everything I've been saying for the past 15 minutes, and you dedicate your mind and your heart, to committing to peace to your life, to your understanding to your, to your worldly image or your image of what love is, you will not be able to love unconditionally, your level one love would simply be because he has given me so much, many people love of love conditional on the condition that he gives me, I will love

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does that mean if he does not give you, you will not love him, many people are like that, they only run back to Allah in the tragedy.

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So that our level of relieves them of the tragedy. And then they run away from it again. And it keeps happening over and over and over. Right? We all do this. The problem with this approach in dealing with a lot this ugly, unfair approach is that you start building this understanding that I deserve to get the blessing again, if I come back to Allah, right. Only when I come back, I'd love you to do my job. When I come back, my problems get to remove that what if you come back, and your problems don't get to move? Are you going to give up on Allah? Many people are like,

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Why? Because you began thinking, number one, that you are entitled to this blessing.

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And that it is better for you then you

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you can see we're loving on love only because of that blessing because he gives. So we have to rewind big time and reset our foundations as to why we love our law.

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memorize these four reasons before I get to the conclusion of the first reason you love a lot or how can you love our love by reflecting on what we just did, his names and his attributes his nature of who he is to kind of watch.

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Regardless of you existing, regardless of their being a paradise and Hellfire regard regarding just who he is, you will adore. And you will not be able to resist like you said at the onset. The second thing

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is the second factor is to get your heart attached to the Hereafter, because that's the actual reward or worship.

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He may give you and He will continue to give you in the studio. But nothing is guaranteed here. And sometimes they'll withhold from you to test you to reward you to protect you, whatever.

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But to cause your heart to become attached to the hereafter. That's the big picture. That's the goal. This is just a tunnel, this is a road, I'm waiting for my exits. And I'm not even on driving.

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The third thing is to realize the size, the blessing of guidance he gave you regardless of what he takes away what he gives him what he does, when he gives it when he does it, none of that is equal to the gift of faith. You're being guided, you're being a believer,

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then the fourth one, and pay attention. This is you thinking about the many things he has given you in the past, regardless of whether you have an unknown or not reflecting on his dangerous actions, attaching your mark to the year after realizing the favor of guidance, and realizing how much he has already given you, irrespective of your current circumstances. And when you do that, when you do that, you will not be able except to love it. But when you do that fourth point, I wish to mention something, make sure you do it. Not superficial, not casual. When you think about the blessings he's already given me.

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Let's imagine a person that had the blessing of eyesight

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and lost that listening device.

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This blessing of eyesight who cannot put $1 sign on it first of all. Second of all, even if you took it away, you didn't even pay the bill for the hours and the days and the years of competitiveness.

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And if I were to punish everyone in the heavens and the earth in this world and the hereafter he would do so without having wronged them because they all owe him so much and they cannot repeat it. So these are blessings. Don't consider them entitlements privileges, and don't appraise them don't value them superficially when I tell you eyesight don't say oh imagine that didn't have eyes. No no dedicate you think about close your eyes for a minute.

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Imagine I can

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give it a little bit more.

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Because if you think about your blessings casual

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This is exactly the same

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as exactly what he wants from you

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add him on and fulfill him on a merge, if you want to show me what

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I'm going to come

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from in front of him and behind him on the right, I'm going to come from every direction, and you're gonna find that another three to four. So treyvon tactic is to come and distract you from every angle, so you don't realize what you have or what you had or what you're currently enjoying. And so you begin thinking, it's an entitlement, I'm supposed to have it, you take it for granted.

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Think about the wife. Think about health. Think about the blessing of sleeping, think about the blessing of fingers, think about the blessing of your face when you go down and do.

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And then you say, let the * up over some water wash up.

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quality, the province of Minnesota St. Jude, my face has frustrated to the one who created it, and instill the open up from the eyes in his face, and hearing

00:26:06 --> 00:26:11

blessings all along, they're best appreciated, as opposed to say, don't say,

00:26:12 --> 00:26:17

don't make any chemical and mechanical motion. That's of the ways to teach your heart to love to love unconditionally.

00:26:43 --> 00:26:47

If I wish to summarize for you, that last point, how

00:26:49 --> 00:26:51

to generate the love for love in your heart.

00:26:52 --> 00:27:02

It is half of it is realizing the blessing. I just gave you some tips on how to relax. You don't deserve it right. And you're not thinking about it deep enough.

00:27:04 --> 00:27:35

But add to realizing the blessing. Notice how flawed, how ungrateful, how sinful, how disobedient how rebellious you are, those to how much he gave and how bad I am or what generate love. And that's why the prophets of Allah taught us to see that the best way to seek forgiveness from a lot is to say a level mentor, or one your Midori that either one is worthy of worship with you.

00:27:36 --> 00:27:41

When you created me on your sleeve, or belong to you, when I laugh

00:27:42 --> 00:27:54

a lot, and I am upon your promise. You're the covenant I have with you as best I can. And then our movie came in shared an email. So now I'm seeking protection with you from the evil of what I did.

00:27:55 --> 00:28:00

Notice a movie that can be never mentioned earlier, what a movie them.

00:28:01 --> 00:28:04

I come back to you need to come back to

00:28:05 --> 00:28:11

admitting your favor upon me and admitting my sin for food. So forgive me.

00:28:15 --> 00:28:25

Forgive me, this is what you if you make time to notice these two things deeply. What your tears will flow.

00:28:27 --> 00:28:36

You will realize that we've been gone for so long when the only one that can ever really provide anything for us. You'll say well, we don't deserve

00:28:37 --> 00:28:37

deserve no.

00:28:39 --> 00:29:10

Desert. Some of the early use of Zia of lava when they're driving, they say what do I do? I think the ugliness of me that you've hit, or the beauty of alchemy that you've spread, meaning I have so many flaws you didn't show to the people. And then the people think so many good things about me that are not about me, like what do I get? Where do I start on them? Oh, look, I don't deserve this. I don't deserve this. Had the people known me as who I am. When they praise me they're praising that you have concealed to me.

00:29:11 --> 00:29:26

forget who I am, they would not have spoken to me I did not conceal what I said about them in this gathering. And what I did with so and so. And if Allah knows about you how you think about him, and he's still giving you

00:29:28 --> 00:29:59

know this thing that will break break that that empty relationship, it will bring life in his love of oxygen in the hearts. So if you dedicate yourself to this mission upon a great beginning now warm up now get yourself used to this. Love will fill your heart with email, you will fill your heart with certainty with faith and conviction. He will fill your heart with sweetness that makes this life enjoyable and makes the rest of Islam manageable, whether that is ruled out

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Too hard to follow in our eyes right now, or his destiny, sometimes it just catches us off guard, only lovely are lucky to be able to drive home, fearing without lovable braking, and hoping without the balance and the love also becomes false wishes.

00:30:18 --> 00:30:23

This is no harder than you know. And so at the core of this theme, when levina

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are more intense than anything for them in their love for Allah. Whoever has these will taste the sweetness of Emacs is dedicated to bringing that sweetness loving upon this message and more than everything else combined. That is the only thing that will work. And we have to instill that in ourselves and instill in our children. The people outside as we said in the beginning of the football, they have this image of a vengeful God a wrathful God, a punishing God an angry God, a God who's waiting to trick people waiting to tournament people.

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And if you ask many Muslims, you will find shades of Islam. This is an unacceptable distance from the book and we are lost. purify our books and make us enjoy this book and

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and teach our hearts to love him to teach our hearts to walk this path now Las Vegas as those that are enjoying our lives in the shade of

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alone will suddenly

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become wealthy.

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