Mohammad Elshinawy – Islam’S Cure For Depression

Mohammad Elshinawy
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My brothers and sisters, from the year 1988 Onward,

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anti depressant medication is up more than

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And while part of this may be due to capitalistic greed, corporate greed, there is a bigger picture here, there's no doubt that something is very wrong. There is a global pandemic of depression in the world. And we know this because medications aside in the last 60 or 70 years, depending on what age bracket you're in, and of course, the teens and the young adults have the most abysmal numbers. Suicide rates are up more than 300% in some of these categories,

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and without sharing more and more data on what we can all really feel, let me just jump to saying that we know it doesn't have to be this way. In fact, Allah azza wa jal made it very clear in the Quran in surah Taha for example, man Zelina alagille, Quran Lolita Shaka, we did not send down this Quran upon you so that you would be miserable meaning the very reason we sent down the Quran upon us so that you would not be miserable.

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And then at the end of sort of Baja Allah azza wa jal speaks about Adam Allah He said, I'm story and we're going to send you to Earth and await revelation from us on earth. Why for many Tebah, who died if Allah Yahweh Louella, Ashoka, whoever follows the revelation close closely, will never be lost, and will never be miserable.

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And you know, there is just one more study I will share with you. It's so fascinating. It was a major study 132 different countries, 140,000 different people, lots of resources were pumped into this study about what constitutes life quality and happiness, right. And so they found that the more affluent countries, the wealthier countries, which almost have a monopoly on suicide rates. They report higher happiness, which seems to be a riddle, like, why are you happier, but still more prone to giving up on life? And if you look a little deeper read between the lines or just read the report carefully, you will see that the happiness they were actually testing for comfort for luxury, like

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are you happy with your car? Yeah, I'm happy with my car. I have a nice car. Are you happy with your house? Yeah, I guess I have an above average house, look at everyone else around the world, right? So they were actually measuring for comfort and luxury. And yet people are still so prone to these destructive behaviors. A third question that will make it very clear why they asked all of those they surveyed. Do you see life as coherent as purposeful as having a meaning is there a meaning to life, and that was the missing puzzle piece.

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The countries that had less comfort, but saw life as more meaningful.

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Life was livable life was bearable. You could find contentment, you could find meaning you can find resilience you can find patients, whereas the countries that had more comfort, but didn't have a sense of meaning.

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Life was unbearable for them. And that alone, if you can just bring it back to sort of thaw one more time, Allah azza wa jal says, whoever follows My Guidance will never be lost will never be miserable. The next ISS, woman, Araga, and Vickery and whomever turns away from my remembrance for in Houma, Asia on Blanca, they are bound to live a life that is dunk, of the meanings of the dunk of the translations of it, you'll find also is depressed, a depressed life, a constricted, shallow, depressing, suffocating life in this world, because the eye continues to see one show true and then we will resurrect him blind for turning a blind eye to our verses, they will be blind in eyesight as

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well on the hereafter in the Hereafter.

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And so like if that is not enough of a cure, or enough of a treasure that one notion in the Quran, the one area even where Allah tells you why my fellow octogenarian insanely Abu Dune, I did not create the jinn or the human with any meaning any purpose except to devote their life to me. Now you know the value of having purpose having meaning. That one idea means the whole world because those who have the whole world but don't have this concept locked in, they feel like they have nothing. Nothing to live for.

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But that is not the only cure that Islam provided us with for depression, which is this global, you know, pandemic global crisis

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of what Islam also offers this conversation is that Allah obligates those who devote their life to Him to be invested in their own happiness. What does that mean? What does Allah wants from me as a believer? He wants you to be happy. Let me put that differently. It is why jib is mandatory. Allah who made it obligatory. How incredible is this Dean, How incredible is Allah azza wa jal, one part of your devotion to Him your pursuit of pleasing him

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is to be keen on your own. What do you want? I want you to be happy subhanho wa Taala where do we get this from? It's all throughout the athanor IDF that Allah obligates you to be happy, to be positive, to be optimistic to be in high spirits to fight off negative notions and mindsets. When the Quran says and the Sunnah says Ebisu rejoice at this contract you have with God it's a privilege. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Bashira will attend a funeral give glad tidings spread cheer, not fear don't chase people away. When the Quran says I've revealed to you the scripture for be there like Ophelia fratto, I want you to celebrate it, celebrate the Scripture, be

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happy about it.

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And even the overarching notion in Islam of it being mandatory to have the best assumptions always of Allah. I see no one Nabila have the best assumptions, best estimate of Allah subhanho wa taala. Like you even think of the opposite. We are not allowed to believe in bad omens. We're not allowed to believe in superstitions, we're not allowed to be pessimistic.

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When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a three year old to shed that clear are basically believing in bad omens is shake. It is contrary to fundamental ABCs Islam. It's a form of setting equals with Allah. The greatest evil is to believe in bad omens. You don't see Euro, translated as bad omens comes from the word, bird, because the Arabs had this superstition, right? That I'm going to go on a trip, I'm going to release a bird. If it goes right. That means I made the right decision to travel today. Keep going. If it goes left, that means cancel the old trip we're all going to die. That's what it means and they would cancel the trip. And so the dean said, it is sheer luck. It is

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to set a rival with Allah to believe in that will how will Allah said move forward? Yes, you do your due diligence. Yes, you're reasonable. Yes, you're planning but you don't give in to just baseless fears, negativity, suspicion. You have to fight that off as diplomats rude said about this hadith of the Allah one. He said, The era happens to everyone everyone gets this knock on their door like Oh man, what if something really bad is about to happen.

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And we have this every culture, the number 13 You don't build the 13th floor. It's really bad Friday lands on 13th in our in our calendar. If you see a black cat, you walk on there, everyone's got something right. If you see the white start forming on your nail, everyone's got something. He said this happens to everyone. Well, I can tell Mina he had feral habit telecoil but the difference is the believer repels it with his trust in Allah. He says No, Allah said stay positive. Allah said he cares for the believer. Allah said the outcome for the believer is always good even if it might pinch we're gonna move forward.

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And Abu Bakr Siddiq Radi Allahu Allah about this notion he used to say, if only Seneca and Taboola to be teller in Al Bella am working on but not clear that watch your tongue, don't say something and then face a hardship because of it, because tribulations adversities, they are interlinked with your utterances. When you say something, that's a translation of how you think what you believe, right? You're translating what's on the inside when you this could be a reason it didn't have to happen that way. But because you believe that unexpressed it, so be it, that understanding of the self fulfilling prophecy is very true. Not because our words or beliefs control the universe, because

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they project or they reflect what we assume of Allah, and he will be what you expect of him. Subhanahu wa Taala you know, the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari the Prophet SAW Salem one time visited a a Sikh, Bedouin man. And he said to him, Allah Azza alayka behold, there will be no harm on you eventually you're going to be fine. All right, you're gonna be alright.

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And so the man said to him, Kela bell here who metaphor Allah

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che in Kabir to zero who will COBOL? No way I'm going to be fine. This is a different kind of fever that causes an elderly man's head to boil that will send him to the graveyards, I'm sure if this is my death fever, so the Prophet SAW Selim said what? For now I'm eatin in that case, yes, it will be. In that case, yes, it will be. He said to him in the beginning you will be fine. But when he insisted on this perspective about Allah, right, this doom and gloom lens and insert generations outside of Sahih Bukhari this man did in fact die

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a while after that, and so reset your understanding part of your A badda of Allah, your devotion to Allah is not giving into the negativity that is part of what Allah loves to see from you. And look at the opposite as well. Part of what shaytaan loves to see from you and wants of you is to see you sad and depressed and hopeless.

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Hola Tabata kehlata Allah says in NEMA Najwa, Mina Shivani, and the Zune Alladhina amanu. Loosely translated shaitan only conspires it's like a primary target for him only conspires to plague with sadness, those who believe that's what shaitan wants. Because if the believer is sad, this will not just make you miserable in your life, it will actually slow you down or swerve you may Allah forbid, in your path to Allah, your sadness will affect your deen. You know, many people often say that your faith is the source of your happiness, which is sort of true, of course, right gives you clarity, which we said, but also look at it the opposite way that you being invested in your happiness which

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is a part of your faith helps you grow your faith. If shaitan is able to get you depressed, even your deen will suffer, you will even eventually May Allah forbid start projecting this on Allah Himself. Why is Allah doing this to me? subhanho wa Taala and if not call him Rahim. Allah, Allah. He said something very profound about the Quran. He says, read the Quran carefully, you will notice that he doesn't sadness is never mentioned, except that it's negated.

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Or it is prohibited, negated meaning the believers when they meet Allah, there is no sadness for them nor no fear for them, nor will they grieve no sadness. That's negated, right? It's a good thing to get rid of sadness, or it is prohibited. fell out a half what? Don't fear don't be sad. Of course, some of you are thinking, Wait a minute, how can I ever stop being sad? That's not what's intended, do not give into fear and sadness. It is natural and human to be afraid, natural and human to be sad, could even be the result of something good in you. Like, I care for people. So I'm hurt. When I see people hurting. It's called empathy. It's called compassion. Or I'm hurt when I see

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myself failing in my religious commitment. That's called Eman. That's called faith. Right? But the idea is it came as the result of something good. We don't seek out sadness as if it is good. Like it's inherently good. It's not. That's why Allah never praised it in and of itself. subhanho wa taala. And so, remember, yes, the past is going to always be the past and things are gonna hurt even after time has passed. But you can't ignore your your your your mission. You can't get distracted from the windshield in your journey by the rearview mirror. Sure you're always see the rearview mirror, but don't get distracted from the windshield. This is the intended meaning in the Quran and

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the Sunnah. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say Allah who may need to be criminal him me well hasn't Oh Allah protect me from him worry which is the future about the future and hasn't which is grief, sadness, depression, about the past, meaning don't allow me to become paralyzed to become stuck to become trapped in the past or in the future. A whole apologize I will start from her Altima Lee welcome.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via bad that she de la ilaha illallah wa Julio Shadi gala shadow and Mohammed Abdullah, who whenever you who are solo,

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brothers and sisters, there really is so much to this, but I want you just to take it as a starting point. And now when you read the ayat and a hadith so many things will start making sense. If we are no longer confused on this principle of what Allah wants from us, He wants you to be happy in this world and the next and it is up to us to make sure we live up to that.

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You know, you think about oh, so that is why there is a limit to how long you grieve over a deceased person Islam. Of course, you're going to grieve, but don't keep feeling like you're supposed to renew the grief and you feel guilty that are not as sad

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Today as I was yesterday, right that has the wrong mindset. Or you think of

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the Hadith that says that Allah loves one of the most beloved acts to Allah. So rune to the healer, who Allah muslim joy that you admit upon the heart of your fellow Muslim. Allah loves that you make Muslims happy, and all people right, but extra reward because he's your brother in faith. She's your sister in faith. And also by the way, this will reciprocate right back to you when you feel like you've admitted Joy upon someone's heart. This will add to the joy of your heart.

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There's even a hadith I'll give you another sort of very distant example to show you how universal The principle is. Where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I lay can be tell Vina for inner how to gem Moon for adda what has helped will be part of the lesson. I prescribe for you eating tell Bina Sabina is like a porridge barley boiled with milk DelBene 11 Like milk or yogurt. And usually got some honey on it. Right? He said because it pulls you together and does away with some of the sadness.

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So he's telling you, sadness will come when it comes, don't surrender to it. Don't resent you're not supposed to be sad or want to be sad. You're supposed to remedy sadness, this hadith which some of you know the, the medically inclined, they will tell you that. This is like the first notion of an antidepressant if you will, right. Just some sweetness. Now we know like sweetness, serotonin and sort of like a little bit of this chemical is really good for you. And it cheers you up. And so And of course, there's extreme versions of this and dangerous forms of sugar. And that's another conversation. But the idea is telling you that even what you eat, could be done with the intention

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of lifting your spirits like just have some healthy sweets, right? Or even to abstract it a little bit. Sweet experiences are important. Not just the foods, like invest in your relationships, invest even in your house.

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When When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says are bound Minister either there are four components to happiness very strange or the without context, right? He said a good wife or husband, of course a good spouse. He said a good neighbor. He said a spacious house. And he said metacarpal and honey, a pleasant ride a comfortable ride.

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You see, you think Wait a minute, but like the dunya is, is this a deceitful enjoyment? And this is? Yeah, it is if you get deceived by it. But so long as you remember the number one cure for depression, purpose and clarity, these can actually contribute to your happiness they can. Like if you're if your car is not breaking down, you're these kind of better, isn't it? If your wife or your husband is not breaking down, it's probably a better day. If you have a relationship with your neighbor. You know what, it's crazy. And we're out of time, the UK now has a ministry of loneliness. And two years ago, in 2021, Japan adopted this, they have a ministry of loneliness, because nobody

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talks to their neighbors and everyone sort of as checked out of the extended family model. And so to remedy the pandemic of social isolation, right, connect with your neighbors or move to a place with better neighbors or neighbor the message so you can have that brotherhood through the message, invest in your relationships, these things do contribute even to the flourishing of your deen as Alia of the Allahu Anhu said, or withhold Kaluga for internal Kalba either aqui Harami give yourself time, activity vacation or not at the expense of purpose but for the sake of purpose, Allah who will reward you for it if that's your intention for the r&r that relaxation rejuvenation time, he says

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rejuvenate your heart because the heart when it's overworked, even spirituality in balance sometimes right at your pace. Everyone's got a different pace. Because the heart when it's overworked. It goes blind. I don't care.

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I don't want to hear it. I'm done. I'm not cut for this pace yourself. He's saying and I'll share with you one final Hadith

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about being concerned and invested in your happiness so that it may deliver you to the best station you can have in the hereafter for your deen also right? When Allah said yml higher to dunya Illa metalphoto the life of this world is a deceitful enjoyment. Say that in the Jubail Rahim Allah Allah He said, unless you use the dunya towards the hara, you enjoy it towards the after up to rejuvenate the for our Hara, then it is Metatron Balau. Then it is the enjoyment that delivers you not the enjoyment that deceives you. That's not what he's talking about in that area. As for the Hadith, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam.

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This is a Muslim, he entered upon a man that had gone became so sick he was a skeleton basically so

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Get on bones that hadith says, And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had a suspicion like he said to him, a hunch held out to be che Did you make a particular dua? You asked for a particular something? He said yes. I said to Allah, Oh Allah, whatever you are going to punish me within the AF era in the hereafter Give it to me now. I'd rather have it now in the hereafter. So the Prophet SAW said let's atom Subhan Allah led to people who left us stuff here like how could you do that? You will not be able to bear it. He said some Flf called Why didn't you just say Allahu mattina for dunya has Santa? Well, Phil accurately has Santa walk in other Banagher Oh Allah give us the good of this world and

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the good of the next world and protect us from the torment of the Fire. We ask Allah to give us the good of this world and the good of the next world and to protect us from the torment of the Fire.

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