Virtues of Greeting

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various actions and events that occurred during a night gathering. They mention a woman who hugs a man and gives him a hug, a woman who says to a woman that they are not happy, and a woman who says to a woman that they are not showing mercy. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding mercy and being loved in a warm environment.
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All right. We will close out tonight on the chopping block the section on the final the final edits and Prophetic teachings regarding measures regarding the gathering of people meet one another mentioned some of the I had yesterday about the Sunnah of handshaking and the original handshake and also kissing the handler, righteous person.

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By analogy or by extension from the fact that the prophets of Allah allowed certain people to kiss his hand.

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Like our beloved neuroma before that we mentioned that the Jewish against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam confirmed as profitable

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this next study it showed you a lot more I said, but he was he will be highly concerned many meta also the ones over Bhagwati will send them a messenger of Allah saw sell them at a time when he was in my house is aided me Hannukah arrived in Medina

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and you know, they had all the above article was also

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logged in as any personal login.

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That's an MOU. For that you came to him and knocked on the door upon a meeting and he was above or I need to send them I had to go to a federal level. So the messenger velocidad rules with me to go to him holding his garment dragging this garment behind, they're getting in a rush. Not that he was wearing it at all, but he was in a rush to wrap up his garment to the door and he did not fully do it before he actually made his move to the door is what was set up out of this longing for his for essentially son, that Babu what Bella? And so he hugged him and kissed him remember the aid of yesterday to help my brother? And he said no. He said yes. We said this honey is understood in light

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of the other other headings, this one and others but this one is those that had been the show that when a person is going to travel the certain that is to initiate the hug with them. Of course assuming that there are prompts for you whether it's males, male or female speaking unless you go without saying of course.

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Maybe we should say everyone said on

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the next day that is heightened surface relativity by the

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zenith had come into

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the next Helene is ready to go for the alarm. So obviously, when he said the messenger of loss or whatever it will send them said to me, let's actually run my own fishing and do not underestimate any act of good weather then tell me which one, even even

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meeting your mother with a cheerful face. And another idea is that as this cheerful face is counted for you as a charity

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as a charity, you know, some scholars even said that, you know?

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Why is it that like smiling in someone's face, admitting Joy upon someone is one of the most beloved acts to a lot. So it doesn't come easy act Correct. I have collaborated a lot we've edited the most beloved act. So what is joy that you admit eponymous to him while they said because this could be more beneficial to a person than a monetary charity? Isn't it true that when a person is not joyous when they're not happy, if someone's like, gloomy and sad, and you gave them food, they wouldn't even have an appetite to eat it. So it's almost like you know, we activator of others of other pleasures and blessings. Is this joy, right? That you just even have, you know, an outgrowth of

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wanting to deal with the world, engage with the world better your own condition. And that is why it's so valuable. Don't underestimate the value and meaning Joy upon your fellow human being than the cheerful face. That's it's like it was in the file or the write up on your local book, it has to be said

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to kiss one side and has a guide.

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I said to somebody,

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he says so and after I had this a lot, I had this was a man from the desert dwellers. They had their their character traits, their

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character traits. So I loved driving I had to saw the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah who said, kissing a hazard. And so he said to him in many hashtags, a minute weather map a bird to meet home I had, I have 10 sons are essential. Children.

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I've never kissed any one of them.

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It's unmanned. How can you do this? I'd never do something like this is like brand new.

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But we're above that. And so the best possible

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Law Legal Systems incipient men that are having today or have whoever does not show mercy will not be shown mercy. Whoever it is I'll show mercy to illustration will not see mercy from Allah created out of the Most Merciful

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kind of loving condition

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