Mohammad Elshinawy – Flee to al-ayy al-Qayym

Mohammad Elshinawy
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It's authentically reported inside Muslim that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once approached, obey even the God but or the Allahu anhu, who is known to be among the foremost of the Sahaba in his knowledge of the Quran

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and as if to confirm with him a most important fact he said to him, oh, obey a you 18 Vicki tabula he album what is the single greatest verse in the book of ALLAH?

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So he said back to him, Allah Allahu La ilaha illa who and how you will call you Allah none is worthy of worship but him and how you the Ever Living Alka you the sustainer of all what is known to us as we'll go to see. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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tapped me on the chest he said, enjoy, like great job, he tapped me on the chest and said Leah Nicola Abell, Moonves, congratulations, you deserve to be congratulated for this piece of sacred knowledge are evident when

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he's congratulating him that he knows the greatest verse in the greatest scripture that Allah azza wa jal ever revealed. There is no greater verse in terms of its rewards, in terms of its benefits for us and our faith as believers. It is this AYATUL kursi, about which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No one recites it after every prescribed prayer, meaning the five prayers

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except that nothing will prevent that person from entering paradise except death. It's the only thing in the way between him and Paradise if he's reciting this after the five prayers, but that itself

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and it's about this very same AYATUL kursi that the shaytaan a jinn that had taken human form that I will write about the Allahu Anh had apprehended trying to steal from the storage houses of Zika. He told him, I will tell you a secret. This secret is actually cool to see if you recite it, you will not be approached by any devil by any demon by any jinn to harm you until the morning if you recited at night. And he went and relate this to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said sada kaka Hua Hua Can Do This Jin Yu er spoke speaking to, he is the kathua He's a perpetual liar, always lying but this time he has told you the truth. He knows where it hurts. He knows. And then he said

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something Allahu Allah said whoever recites this verse, the greatest of all verses at night, he continues to have a guardian angel from Allah standing over him for the whole time that your guard is down for that whole period of you sleeping.

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And this I actually could see it symbolizes or it serves to forge within every single one of us the absolute Greatness of Allah. It's called AYATUL kursi because of the mention of al Kursi in it, and even our best Radi Allahu Allahu Allah, He said al Kursi Mel their own codomain. This cracy is essentially the footstool. But the footstool means what just the place where the two feet are place. He says it is the place where feet sit, the two feet sit. Whereas the Arash, the Throne of Allah, no one can actually describe its greatness. No one can ever fathom how massive it is. And so it represents and forges in us the greatness of Allah terracotta Allah, you know, and another Hadith

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that without anybody messing with as well they say that the Prophet sallahu WA, it is understood from them that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told them all the seven heavens, all of them the seven universes, if you will, are like a ring thrown into a desert compared to the heaven before it the skies before it. So having one compared to heaven two is like the ring that you cast into a vast desert, it's lost, and then two to three is like that. And three to four is like that, until the seventh heaven itself. Compared to the kursi of Allah the footstool of God is like a ring tossed into a vast desert.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us In another Hadith, that

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the greatest names of Allah are found in three Suris Surah Al Baqarah Surah Ali Emraan and surah Taha. So one of the early Muslims said I tried to figure out what to repeat it in these three particulars

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three particular sorrows. And I found it in Surah Al Baqarah. In AYATUL kursi. When Allah said Allahu La ilaha illa who and how you will pay you those two names. And that same phrase is the second verse of Surah Al Emraan Alif Lam Meem Hola. Hola. Hola Hallo and how you are you? He said when I went to sort of PA. And I found those two names also repeated when Allah said about the Day of Judgment, where it will do all the faces will be humbled, will be submissive

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will be intimidated, will be downcast the eyes of the people due to the arrival of a high yield, are you because of the greatness of a high yield Valium? And so these are the two of the greatest names of Allah. What do we know about them? How can we benefit from them? If Allah placed them in the greatest verse in his book, then they're worth stopping at Delhi. This whole debacle will only be a precursor to that daily in sha Allah reattachment and fleeing to those two names of Allah that are so great and so powerful. And he as we said, means Allah is the eternally living.

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You know, eternally living means the first without a beginning and the last without an end. Subhana Allah Allah, he is, oh, well, we'll ask it. I'll Hi. But let that settle. What does that mean eternally living? That means rewind 1000s of generations before there's humans here.

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And then rewind some more until here is no longer here. The Earth is not here yet. And rewind some more until the angels themselves aren't created, and remind some more, rewind some more until the throne itself, which is the first of Allah's creations is not even there. He is the one and only that was always there, and will always be subhanho wa taala. You see, it is correct to describe a human being as alive if they haven't yet died, right? We can describe other creatures as living, but there is a huge difference. Every other living creature think about it. They had a moment in time when they never existed. That's why Allah Azza Baraka with Allah said Hal atta, Allen insanity

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Hainault Mina daddy Lamia Quinn, che MF Cora, it's a rhetorical question to get you to be mindful, you know the answer. So it's phrased that way to get you to think about it Has there not come a period of time over every human being when they were something that was not at all mentioned? They weren't even an intention of their parents yet nothing at all. And every living creature as well there will come a moment in time essentially, when it ceases to exist. Couldn't lumen la have fun? Wherever Kawach robic Allah said everything on it is bound to perish. Everything on it is bound to perish. Well, I will enter dunya to do Malia Khalifa la Cana rasool Allah Hi, yah, Anwar Bathia. The

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poet says that if this world were to last for anyone, then the Messenger of Allah at least sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would have been alive still remaining amongst us. But Allah azza wa jal said to him, Mr. Jalna, the bescherming public can hold, we did not appoint or allow for immortality to to exist in any human being before you. So once you die, do they think that live forever?

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No one actually thinks they live forever. But we try to act like we're going to live forever. We try to ignore that question. And in that is the power of Allah's Name and hate to realize the difference between you and Allah to Allah to Allah, that he is the one that has no beginning and has no end. And you know, of the related names to Allah what else we know from Allah being and how you ve uniquely alive, the eternally living is that he is the source of all other life.

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Like, we are alive with our life and not like the life of Allah, we said that, but we get our life from Allah, He is the source of life. subhanho wa taala.

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You know, I, I vividly recall, you know, observing for the first time in my life, what we call the miracle of life, or life being granted. I remember when my first child was born, I kept playing this broken record tape in my head saying to myself, wait a minute, how can this be? When did one life my wife become two lives? When did this happen? How did this happen? I know my wife is alive. She's a living human being. When did there become another human being living inside of a living? When did one life become two? Who did that? Who can do that? Subhanallah there's only one answer.

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And Allah probes you and prompts you to think about this, I will a mural insane hasn't human being seen for themselves, and Holika who may not offer that we created him from some measly fluid, the fluid that flows through us and flows out

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Give us for a production out of that fluid. For Eva who are Halsema mobian. All of a sudden, they're an upright human being arguing and being proud and argumentative and arrogant. When did this happen? How did this happen? Did we muscle ourselves into being alive? Or the other is even more rewind a little bit further? Well, I mean, I atty he and halacha comin to Robin for either and to measure on tanta, Sharon, and from his great science. Whoever does not consider this a great sign of God has not stopped it Allah's Name and height for long enough. That's the idea from his great signs is that he created you out of dust, pick up a pile of dust. How can this ever come together to be a human

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being of his signs that he created you from dust from dirt, and all of a sudden, you are humans, human race 10 Tashi rule in the vs spreading in every direction.

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And you know, Alhaj is not just the grantor of life in this world. He is the grantor of life forever. You see, even when we die.

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May we all die as believers. death does not mean banishment. Allah promised to give you life a second time. That is an upgrade to the first time if you're a believer,

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is that yet not another reason to be in awe of him to love him? He is perfectly living. Our lives are all dependent on him. And he already granted you life. How grateful would you be to someone who saved your life, let alone granted you life before you asked for it. And then he promised to do it again in a better way. Those who don't fixate on Allah being unhappy, they don't appreciate this. That you're not supposed to be alive here, let alone in paradise. You're not supposed to be you're essentially not a living creature. Allah endowed you with life for a short period here. And then you're going to taste death every soul shall taste death. But that doesn't mean you expire. You know

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in the medical world the time of death they say exploration right? You don't vanish cease to exist. You experience death as you enter another world. For the believer a better world a better form a better mode of life.

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You know, the kofod of Quraysh because they did not see Allah's greatness with their hearts as it hurt you are you one of them. His name was an awesome new Atlas sent me. His son actually became Muslim, though he rejected faith his entire life, his son was embroiled in a loss. And I suddenly went in.

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He picked up some bones of an animal that was slaughtered. Imagine the slaughter lamb bones, they're beginning to crumble fall apart, he picks them up and throws them in the face of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he says to him, you claim that your Lord can give this life after it has died.

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And so Allah terracotta Allah said,

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well, Dorabella methylone wanna see a Hulka? Call me yo, he'll Ivana we'll hear from him. He this disbeliever strikes for us an example. He's trying to say, oh, Muhammad, I'm gonna give you an example. I'm going to clarify to you because you seem to not be able to understand our little bit of that right? He said he strikes for us an example and analogy. And he forgets about himself why are you going far to grab a lamb that is now does you yourself, Where does what you don't need to go far you you have failed to look at yourself and how inherently different you are and your life is from the life of it. Hey, he gave it to you.

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He strikes for us an example and he forgets about himself when he said who will give life to these bones after they have decomposed after they have crumbled. Allah says in the next verse, call your ye Hala, D and SHA, Allah will who will be Cooley Hultin Aleem, say to them Oh Muhammad it will be given life to by the one who created it the first time around, and he is the one that has perfect knowledge of every last one of his creatures. subhanho wa Taala

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it's very different when you spend time reflecting on how you who gave you life with such power he has from us and will give you a better life such generosity Subhan Allah to Allah, and he has no imperfections in his life, of that greatness are all reasons to love Him more and submit to Him more. This is of why this is the greatest verse in the book of Allah azza wa jal, a call to polyhedra was stuck for Allah all the money welcome.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala be about the shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de julio Shadi Keller was shadow and Muhammad Abu whenever you who are a pseudo

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Allah none is worthy of worship of Him it's really cool to see al Haj Alka you what is a human

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Alka Yom is usually in roughly translated as the sustainer or the maintainer. Alka Yoon means the one who is independent of any needs, he doesn't have needs.

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And that we are all everyone else is dependent on him for all of our needs. Very close to Allah's Name a summit. He is the one that is sought out. We seek refuge with him for the fulfillment of our needs, because he's the one that does not have needs subhanho wa Taala that is among the primary meanings of Allah's Name Allah you.

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And the verse goes on to give you an important example. It says lat who sinner to Allah unknown. He is not overtaken to who the who is like something outside, impressing on him right pressuring him. He is not overtaken by any sleep, or even any drowsiness.

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That's from the perfection of his life.

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You see of the fragile nature and the timeliness of our lives, is that we have to die every single day in the form of drowsiness and sleep. Is that not true?

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And that is why Allah Tabata kehlata Allah says Allah Who yet LFL Amphoe Shahina Moto moutier, Allah puts the souls to death at their time of death. He recalls them and those that have not yet died in their sleep. And then he sends back the souls of those who are destined to wake up in the morning for a little longer and he keeps with Him those who are bound to die in their sleep.

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That is the idea and of the ways to remember the greatness of Allah's life and the perfection and lack of needs that he has, that he does not sleep, nor is it befitting of a how you to sleep because that is an imperfection in his life. That is a dependency right that he does not have

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is for you when you go to sleep at night you see as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam taught you to say he said you say at night Bismillah R OB be in your name my Lord I place my side down to us and at the end of the DUA to keep it brief. He says for in M sect NFC for HANA if you keep my soul this night have mercy on it. We're in our CELTA and if you send it back for her be Mata follow me here a bed like a solid in then protect it in the way that you protect all of your righteous servants protect my soul. That's the idea we are all dead on except for the moments that Allah gives us life. We are all weak except for the moments that are a human gives us strength. subhanho wa

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you say Bismillah Allahu Mahmud to hear from the Sunnah when you sleep, say Oh Allah, in your name, by the mention of your name by your permission, I go to my death. And I wake up again meaning and sleep. And in the morning we're supposed to say Alhamdulillah hallelujah Jana, but then I met and our elation assured Praise be to Allah who gave us life after he has just put us to death and belonging unto him towards him as the final gathering. And he taught us to say Alhamdulillah he loved the iPhone if he just said the when you wake up you say I know you're not going to retain all of this in a hot tub. But look them up find these leads incorporate them in your life and the life

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of your loved ones. He used to say oh Allah I praise You for having spared me in my physical health was not the Alejandro he and I praise the one who returned my soul to me. Where evina Li be the curry and has permitted for me to remember him. One more day one more chance to remember him. And every morning and evening the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say yeah, how you ya Are you invoke Him speak to him. Awaken your faith through those names. Oh, how old are you? I plead with you for Your Mercy rahmati gets the leaf especially shirt and he couldn't fix for me all my affairs. Well, that's a kidney ILA NFC thorofare tion. And don't leave me by myself for the blink of an eye,

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in that very dua. Are all the meanings of high yield a you if we were to pause that dumb? May Allah azza wa jal endow us with proper knowledge about him and a an authentic, vibrant, healthy recognition of him. May Allah azza wa jal make us of those who flee to him as and how you look at you and cling to him as in how are you and remaining all and loving submission of him because he is at high yield for you was SallAllahu wasallam of baraka and b&m Mohammed rather early or savage Marian

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