Tom Facchine – Surah Al-Furqaan – Allah’s Blessed Guidance Upon Us

Tom Facchine
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My God?

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Want to sell Phil whatever we got he can show me a casino only so you got to vote Yeah.

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Or may not

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want a shorter one, you know people wanting to watch our show you can watch another one and what happened in October was? Yeah, you heard me talk a lot about taking one example tonight you know one single Yeah, but you had some tough hold on but hopefully

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next year one of our company has older workers coming to America because you don't want to sell what type of 181 on hand in Allaha camminare fever? Yeah, you have the data and we'll talk a lot how I go to Poland, Sabina, you will stay up all the way up to level Nova on a Maria was

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chosen our iman and other funny stuff. Eliade Kitab Allah by accident heavy heavy Mohammed and somewhere along the way he was also going to have to know more

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over the middle of Impala.

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Today we will begin a series on the 25th chapter of the Quran surah on

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the majority of scholars say this chapter in its entirety was revealed before the Hadron and so the chapter focuses mainly on Taotie the uniqueness and singularity of a muscle panelboards and response to several

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What misunderstandings people might have about Allah.

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Allah begins the chapter saying about him that he has gone out under the heat again, cool rather than being an MBO. Let's see, who sat down the criteria of Han his servant, so that he made the award to all of the world's Allah to either begins by praising himself with a special word and many of us use every day. If you've ever said mashallah lots about Allah. So, from the Arabic group about

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me about or stillness and stability, overload use this root word to describe when a camel would lay down. And by extension, they would also call a pond, by which their camels lay down in

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and out of what we would also call the camel's milk that gathered and it's honor overnights Deepika. And so this word is also connected with bounty and blessing and permission,

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will also have the hotel that describes himself by saying it's about on the wall, or in this chapter to balcony. Allah is drawing attention to his qualities of being both a blessing and being the source of our blessings, of being Bountiful, and at the source of all bounty, and abundance. When we look around us, we see allows bounty and blessing everywhere in the sun and the moon, in the rain and the crops. Here in New York. During the fall, we have the apples and the pumpkins and the other things that make the season number of old fall from a loss bounty, our physical abilities such as our eyesight, and our hearing, our mental capabilities, such as our thoughts, and even our speech,

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of Allah's Bounty subhanho wa taala. We use them so often and constantly, that we take it for granted.

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But in this verse, Allah Allah, he points to something else as proof of his bounty and blessing. A lot is lesser than Bountiful, here by virtue of his having valued us. So what is true, what is pure, and what is excellent?

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A lot of times, he could have left us alone to figure everything out on our own, and he had wanted to, but due to the fact that Allah is only working with the most loving man, the most first of all, it would not suit His Majesty to leave us groping in the dark, without guidance, so a lot of time either gave us two shining beacons of light and guidance, support man, and the Prophet alayhi. Salatu was Salam to clear examples of His Bounty and his goodwill and his love toward us, which he mentioned in this verse as proof of his lesson us. But before mentioning once he gave us a lot of mentions how he gave it to us, showing that his bounty and favor and blessing cover that to

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Allah uses the word

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to describe how he gave us the forehand, even cathedra notes in his sphere, the importance of this word, as opposed to a related but slightly different, or an emphasis of

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the first sort, that's Allah that Allah uses here at Surah to the photon implies that the last time the poor man down piece by piece over time, the second part and so that Allah uses to describe a revelation that is human all at once, almost as a source of deciding the outcome that the enemy will be that he wants, so that he will keep targeting that as well. So if he wants to tap into the power

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of you who believe, believe in Allah, His messenger and above that he has sent down to His Messenger, and the book that he has sent down from before. In this verse, Allah uses the penicillin piece by piece gradually, for our book of court man, and he uses empathy, all at once for all the other books that came before.

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One of the most merciful qualities on the forehead. And this is specific to only the forehead is that it was revealed slowly, piece by piece over the 23 years of a prophet submission on a thought was set up. This timeframe allowed under the car to be formed gradually, in a way that took into account the ignorance that people lived in before it's

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the first decade or so, of the profit submission. It is selected, mostly centered around theology. So I've been rebuilding human beings on the inside out, taking people broken and beaten down by superstition by prejudice and tribalism.

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Putting the likes of true faith into their hearts, correcting their beliefs and attitudes, giving a purpose and a devotion to Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. The truth God

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may offer rules as we think about today came much later. This is something that we often forget. The Companions were only required to pray twice a day, until they hit the hijab was not required until the medina period, a few companions even continued to drink wives will have had a lot better.

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A lot of stuff gets slower with people because people take time.

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On the server itself, our own mother affirmed this who she said and this is a sort of sci fi incident. So here

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the only chapters that were sent down at first source some of the short chapters in which paradise and hellfire were mentioned. That was until the people were searching of the sun, then the halal and haram were sent found.

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If this is what I said, if the first thing sent them have been don't drink wine, they would have said we will never give up. And if the first states that we sat down had been dosed oranges, they would have said people never give it off.

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If that was the Companions, then what about us? The United States of America 2020.

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No one is saying that these things aren't wrong. No one is trying to change the deen of Allah subhanho wa taala. But there are priorities in depth. Some things come before others. And the Lord Himself as time goes on that has been established sadhana, with how to bring people out of darkness and into the lights. It should be slow, gradual, and understand

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all of that discernment, Allah's Bounty and blessing, how he revealed his sights to us. As for what's his guidance was ALLAH says, so let's move on. He says down the four bomb, the criteria the clarification of format.

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The format is called the criteria and the clarification because it clarifies the truth from the falsehood. The believer from the denier, the permissible from the participle.

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Every single book that Allah sent them before the court and was at some point, either corrupted, or changed or lost. And this is not a poor reflection upon the prophets who wrote those books, or the people, the true followers, who supported that. This is something that happened years after most prophets and their supporters walked the earth.

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But the fact that these previous posts are altered, made it necessary to set the record straight, to set up one final revelation and one final criteria between truth and falsehood. So that pedigree sick, sincere and thinking person all over the world would have an opportunity to find their way alongside us as well. And so now we hated each other because it was Sunday, Monday and I barely had anything and Peter everyone go hand in hand.

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And we sit down to the book insurance beforehand confirming that which came from the previous books. And as the job is over it's

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and the last service for in about a month will be the three told me who know what the answer was no funny.

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Fishy mark.

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Hence, if they believe in such a way that you believe they are certainly died, and if they turned away that they are only in the sentence, this was revealed, addressing the Christians and the Jews.

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The implication here is that it's not enough to believe in a mixture of truth and falsehood that is left over from before or previous revelations previous folks previous prophets before and what is it is the gold standard for certain guys.

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Allah force knows best the opportunity that each individual was given, so accepted this guidance. He knows best the level of sincerity each individual has and so therefore, final judgments is reserved for last time was all alone.

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But it wasn't enough for a lot to give us support man as perfect and miraculous as it is. guidance has both a theoretical textual parts and then also has a practical contextual part as well. Now a lot of people are bookish. Not all people can sit down and read and study and even listen to

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Understand, some people are best by example. And even people who do learn by books, they will remember better if they see what they've learned being applied to them. So a long time ago, he gave us the profits of man like you and me. Not the hermit's, not an angel, someone who knew both happiness and sadness, someone who knew both triumph and setbacks, someone who went hungry at night did his own calls.

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On the mats on the floor, I mean, he's

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someone who has spouses and children, someone who have responsibilities and worries just like it would be

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alongside him to explain the params to us, and show us how to apply it Allah says this directly some of the

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winds up now you can dig into making a nasty legacy application.

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And we reveal to you a profit the reminder, the poor man's way you may clarify to the people what was revealed to them, and so they might give false.

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Today, we live in a time where we have seen many of the prophets, predictions and prophecies come true. One of these prophecies is the rejection of the prophets essential role. As part of this moment guidance. The Prophet have somebody slothful Salam said, Soon there will come a time when a man will be reclining on his pillow. And when one of my statements one of my sayings is narrated to him, he will say the book of Allah is enough was enough security.

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Whatever it says is permissible, we will take this permissible and whatever the states is permitted, or we will take a strip in a profit zone, it was set up that said, Certainly whatever the messenger of Allah is forbidden, is just like one loss or hit the side of the visit. Most of you know after a while it was sort of me there was one Timothy one seven.

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We already have to endure the attacks on our Prophet alayhi salatu salam from outside our community.

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European newspapers that make a mockery of what they call free speech, by drawing and assaulting cartoons supposed to look like our profits. But if you saw

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here in this hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he foresaw at different threats and internal threats, a time when his sunnah will be attacked. But time when people from within his own mode would be level than the race his role as the ideal example of piety and obedience. We all strive to follow a couple

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classical cellos commenting on a Sunday, they find a significant that the profits of the loved one equal sign described to the person as reclining on a pillow that symbolizes two main things. First, the luxury that such people usually enjoy. To reject the profits honey, as a source of guidance, this is not a popular idea. It's not intuitive. And so you will find the vast majority the masses, the average, everyday Muslim, has no trouble at all. It's something that can easily profit on many sites.

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You will usually only find these ideas of denying the Hadith in so called elite circles. This alone has started and runs against the street of populism establish the side of the problem by the size of the center. So whoever wants to sell the center of paradise should stick to the agenda to stick to the Muslim masses because the devil is with the lover and farther from a group of two.

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The devil is with the loner, meaning we should not pay attention to our eccentric, unprecedented opinions that fly in the face of 1400 years of everyday scholarship.

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Stretching back from the companions and reaching up until today, we should look at such claims with extreme suspicion.

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Leave on the shopping center. Explain this idea. He said Whoever says look, a master must some say he is the one who was stuck to the demand and whoever goes together sport of basketball so to say he has gone against the prophets all along the way. He was sort of commanded us to Sikhism.

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The second symbol going on here is that they were climbing on a pillow symbolizes a certain intellectual laziness. Behind the rejecting the prophets, Hadith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't describe such a person as meticulously reading through stacks of books and taking notes from

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Because rejecting the hadith is a result of more amateur reason. It's what we would call armchair criticism. Doesn't such a person realize that the format and a hadith were preserved at the exact same time? Beginning with oral change of transmission that were then recorded some text? Doesn't such a person realize how much she summoned guidance is thrown away. When you subtract that how do you feel about this in the long run, it was

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the details of the prayer, the details was accounted for the majority of commercial law.

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This is what the person realized that if we were to reject the Hadith, he comes up the potential to misunderstand or misinterpret is that by the same logic, we would reject the Quran, because that too is possible to misunderstand and misinterpret.

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Allah subhanaw taala and he commanded us to follow the way for profit on at salons was saying, well now changable rasuluh wanna have microphones hanging, and whatever the messenger gives you tickets and whatever he forbids you from abstain, and a law seven, they were well suited for non alcohol law. And whoever obeys the messenger that he certainly has to obey Allah Himself.

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If we were commanded to follow and obey the prophets on Aesop's

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and the Quran is a book of eternal guidance, that we are commanded to follow the prophets of Allah while he was set up today, just as the Companions were, then, if we are commanded to follow him today, that we are also commanded to do whatever is necessary to follow him. But he will why people you know, we keep track of

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the companions and their students and avoid years of illegal schools, I will have a shocker you and Eva liked the passion that they all understood this very well. And so you find them striving to record and to meticulously verify the status of the profit of it and so on. So a sinner. All the work has already been done for us, we now have all of it in our photos, all the flights up to us to do is obey follow the eyes in a pull up on the hand or something like that you want to play Saturday see me putting

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handling on the other setting

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up what to do, I should I know we have a long way to go now shooting but I was happy with the shipping. And at the end, I will say that what happened in rendezvous was super, very quiet. Some of the law while he while he was traveling, he was planning or some people perceive him to be off.

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Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah provides so many has gone out the lessons that he's the one who sets down the foot on the criteria upon His servants. Along could have chosen many names by which the karma is final prophets. He could have said it here. Anything he wanted to but he chose

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slave servants.

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Being a servant is not a negative title. It's not a mark of oppression, not by itself.

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This verse is not about a while trying to correct a profit on a psycho select for humbled him in any way. If the profit is to make a lot and wanted to do so, he would not have either given the profit and title as well as he did and so on. So what he found was turned away. Know when a lot of us are slaving for the dominance in a format that has the opposite meaning it's not humbling it's not insulting is the title of art. It is the mark of distinction, like when a lot of us is often sold with a song to describe the late journey. So kind of me so we are

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here in the United States of America, we have a traumatic relationship with slavery. As a consequence, the abduction and theft and enslavement of Africans as part of the North Atlantic slave trade is an intergenerational trauma that continues to play out to this day. With this historical context. Some people are understandably uncomfortable

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becoming a slave to anything.

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But slavery when we're talking about it in the Islamic sense, is not about someone owning the body of another person. Now we're talking about who owns your hearts. In this sense, every single one of us is a slave to something. Some people are saved some money, some people are saved for success. So depending on there's a slave to romance and attraction, some are slaves to their careers or to their spouses.

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And there is honored and absolutely none of these. Every single one is humiliation except slavery to Allah subhanaw taala Allah

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To the Almighty, the creator of Master of the Universe.

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Because when you become a slave, you erase yourself. What Allah loves is what you love. And what Allah hates is what you hate. You become an instruments for what Allah wants in this world.

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Are we ready to wear this badge of honor? And this mark of distinction when we walk out onto the streets and Utica Are we ready to live? Like we are proud slaves of Allah and no one else now so use a pop culture. Not saying it's a peer pressure, not slaves of money, or success.

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Finally, as first of all some time goes on, and he tells us why he gave the poor man's for profit his noble servants, Lee Hakuna, they either mean an ideal

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so that he would be so the universe award.

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Who is the prophets? The slave? Arabia isn't just the house isn't just people in older times.

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It's for the entire universe as the last as the last time data set for the hour you're asking in Dr. Su loggy from Jamia say how are you people certainly I am a messenger of Allah to all of you. And as the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said I have been given five things. None of the prophets before me were given one of them that the prophets of Poland were sent to their people specifically, whereas I haven't sent to all of them times. But most of them also people are definitely off

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tonight every year or even Adelina was on the way he was some people testing a lot or something I happen to have

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brought him in early right he didn't

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bother I kind of got hammered while you might have come out of town illegal logging while early logging in the UK I have been with Virginia alone viruses to me was in a ship what machine was that? That had a dean was sort of a mean or whatnot.

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That is

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that I mean I know that what was that? What was the Anna was Thursday? What was sort of this now the holiday how will that have on on whether the now house the house up on Saturday will be proceeding out but I mean, on hotel, Wi Fi

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washing on one watch the longer that they offer a ticket you know about rocky meaning of a hotdog or something? Well, I didn't know that about it. I was looking

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yummy got a lot and a lot of young people are saying like pizza in the report that I was

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showing you when I was young. Gonna touch for a while. For sure by the end of the

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world we will be mass

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