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In Al Hamdulillah heat island model want to start over he want to stop federal when I was a villa heater I mean sure all the fusina will say Dr. Molina mi de la Jota Allah Philomel de la la woman yield little fella heard yella who are shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hula Shetty Keller who are shadow Anna Mohammed and Avi do who want to be you who are solo? Yeah, you heard Latina I'm an otaku la Hapa to party he wala Muto Nila one two Muslim Moon Johanna Sutopo Rebecca moolah, the Halacha coming I've seen Wahida holla comin, huzzah Jaha well Bethlem inhumanity Jalan Cathy wrong when he says

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what duckula lady does Aluna behavioral or ham in Allah can alikoum razza Yeah, you're Latina an otaku? La how Pulu Poland sadita Use la cama La La convenor well my new to a la hora Sula, who forgot the first a frozen Alima.

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After praising Allah azza wa jal, while recognizing we can never praise him in a manner befitting his majesty, His glory, His greatness, and after testifying to the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to the finality of the prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam. And reminding myself and you with the Taqwa of Allah, in this final Juma of Ramadan, which is always a difficult one.

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We ask Allah to accept from us all and emancipate liberate us all from the fire and from our sins and from our bad habits and grant us the will to change

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and the will to receive next Ramadan better than we departed from this Ramadan and it being a continuous uphill climb until we meet Hola Hola. Hola, Amin.

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In pseudonymity Hey, Ben are so hidden. Hey, Ben.

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I thought Andrew obey didn't Romain Rahima, whom Allah to tambourine they visited our mother Aisha Radi Allahu Anna. And they said, Oh mother, she is the mother of the believers as the Quran asserts, tell us the most incredible thing you have seen from the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And so she felt silent. Everything about him was incredible. Allah He salatu salam.

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Then she said one night when he was laying with me, he turned to me and said, Oh, is there any attack buddy Robbie, grant me permission permit me to spend this night in the worship of my Lord. So she said in the law hippo quarterback, I love being close to you. Well, Hibbeler they are so wrong, but at the same time, I love whatever pleases you. Go ahead. Such beautiful manners, reciprocated with such beautiful manners.

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And so she she said he stood and he prayed for a lengthy period at night.

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And he began to weep so heavily that he soaked his beard. And then he soaked his lap. And then he soaked the ground under him until them as Ben came to tell him, it's time for Vegeta salah. And when the President saw him like this, he said, Yeah rasool Allah, why do you do this to yourself?

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When Allah has already promised to forgive you for all your past sins, that you've done any sin you may commit in the future as well. So he said Allah He salatu salam, very famously in this line FLR, hakuna evidencia Coura Should I not then in that case, be a grateful servant. In other words, that is the very reason why I'm crying. I am not crying out of fear of Allah. At this moment, I'm crying out of gratitude, that someone like me could be forgiven.

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That is a profound realization from the greatest human being the greatest person to ever fast and pray the greatest person to ever recite the Quran.

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You know, it's like the incident of a man I heard about who was rushed into surgery. And when he came out, you know, his children were just

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all over the doctor thanking him for saving their debt. And then eventually, they gave them the medical bill and at some part of the world like money when medical insurance is non existent. And so he began to cry and they asked him, Why are you crying? It's gonna be all right. He said, I'm crying because I have this humongous medical bill for some artificial replacement organ they're putting inside me. And for my entire lifetime, I had the original one fully functional, and Allah never charged me a penny for it.

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Look how we feel about this doctor who has done this for us and we never felt anywhere near that way for the greater blessing. The grander gift that Allah gave us. He just felt overwhelmed with gratitude, or in gratitude.

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am I grateful enough? And so that

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It is about life or an extension of your life. Medically speaking, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had this feeling about forgiveness, which is the greatest thing you come out of life with

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even Abu Bakr sadiya for the Allahu Allah and understood that his forgiveness was not guaranteed or it's not an entitlement. You know when the verse came down and they said we m&e, ye Comala. IMANI ELL kita Bhima Yamil su Are you disobey? It's not about your wishful thinking or the wishful thinking of the Jews or the Christians, the People of the Scripture, whoever does any act of evil will come to face it will be repaid for it. Abu Bakr came and said Yasuda Hola, que Fela Fela hoga De La Jolla. How can someone ever hope to prosper to succeed? After this idea came down? We're going to have to face every single thing we did. So he said to him three times I asked Allah to forgive

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you, I ask Allah to forgive you. I ask Allah to forgive you. But he didn't say doesn't apply to you. And then he said to him, I let them rob unless that doesn't, don't you go through grief. Sometimes you get sad, don't you go through sickness sometimes don't you go through adversity? Sometimes that is part of what you are being repaid with. Meaning if Allah loves a person who will mitigate some of that through the hardships of life.

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In another incident, so I had to book it, I will look into himself again came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said that eliminate do I and teach me to do is obligation to say in my salah, and so he taught him who's him every buck of all people, a dua that we should definitely all be making at the end of our childhood. He said say Allahumma in Neverland to NFC Volman cathedral say Oh ALLAH I've wronged myself such a great deal of wrong when the hula firouzja nobody learns and nobody forgive sins but you so grant me a forgiveness from you or him me and have mercy on me. In the candles are full of Rahim we You are the most forgiving you are the Most Merciful. Abu

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Bakr needs to make that dua or the Allah one can you imagine? You know when they stabbed Omar Radi Allahu Anhu and he was dying when they stabbed him as he was praying fetcher. That fire worshiper. I will look to his son Abdullah had neuroma said, I took my father's head as he was dying and I placed it on my lap to comfort him. He said so he said to me, no Baratza Rama Tura put woman's head on the dirt. lol Allah Hi Yahama Omar, Perhaps Allah will have mercy on Omar, this is a moment to show the utmost humility. Because what I need most coming out of life with is Allah's forgiveness. And he used to say oh my tragedy the tragedy of my family if my Lord does not have mercy on me

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and Mohammed new asset of the tambourine Raheem a whole lot of the great worshipers of Allah who feared Allah so much, you know, I used to wonder how can also have a fear Allah because especially those that were promised generally your promise genuine what's left, like you should be grateful but not afraid. They were afraid that maybe maybe the promise of Jana was conditional. maybe I'm misunderstanding maybe it was because of a state that I was in. And the messenger of Allah meant if you stay like this, you are promised Jen, they were worried maybe there's like a caveat. I'm not noticing. That's where their finger came from. And Muhammad Nawaz Rahim, Allah the tambourine saw

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the Sahaba like this, so obviously he was even more afraid. People used to say he used to fear Allah so much that when we feel our hearts get hard and Rusty, we would go look in his face. And that would like Polish us for a week, we'd have to at least see him once a week, to to invoke or to, you know, import into our life from the fear of Allah we recognize in him when he was dying, people would come visit him and enter upon him and his response was only one thing to them. He would say to them, Well, I like a Salem, ILA now LVF Allah, Wa alaykum wa sallam Off I go to the fire, unless Allah pardons me that's the understanding that we are all deserving of punishment we are none of us

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deserve to be forgiven. But Allah's Mercy is all we need. And that's the only thing we're depending on.

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They all fear the idea we're in Allah azza wa jal said we're bad day Allahu mein Allah He Mala Mia Kuno Yatta see boon and they Allah saying about the Day of Judgment found surfacing in front of Allah, what they never expected, as in filleted said things they may have thought were good deeds turns out they're gonna get punished towards them, they will not well intended or not good deeds.

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And there appeared to them in front of Allah what they never expected. They were all haunted by this verse and understood they were not entitled nor forgiven nor secure to assume that they will be forgiven. All they could assume and be sure about was that Allah has them

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was forgiving subhanho wa taala.

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And, you know, I hope all of this is not about doom and gloom for sure this is the month of mercy. But how do you find Allah's mercy? How do you find his forgiveness? It starts with valuing it like think about it. If you are not forgiven by Allah, then what does life have to offer you? So what you enjoy yourself munching like the cattle munches on the way to the slaughterhouse, what does that offer you? And if you do have the forgiveness of Allah, then even if your whole world comes crashing down, so what if you die tonight so long as you're forgiven, that itself will be an upgrade for you and your you will not fear any loss you will not feel any grief, you will be exhilarated by your

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departure of this world if you departed with his forgiveness. This is where we need to be fixated in these final moments of Ramadan. May Allah grant us an opportunity to find his forgiveness Allahumma Amina who already have our stuff for Allah Allah Malik.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena Viva Chateau La Ilaha illa Allah who had the hula shady color who eyeshadow Anna, Mohammed and Abu whenever you who are sort of

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in a nutshell in a word, finding Allah's forgiveness is where where do you find it? It is found that that juncture or that intersection between recognizing I do not deserve it, and between recognizing that his forgiveness is unimaginable His forgiveness, his generosity, his mercy, his graciousness, his compassion is unthinkable at those two, not you're not tricking yourself, no putting yourself at that truth, not a trick. This is where you find his forgiveness. And that is where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was when he said, shouldn't I be grateful that I'm here, but because he's there, I'm saved. That's where you want to be.

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And I'll end with you know, I do I make it part of your nightly conversations with Allah azza wa jal, and I'm one of not that Isaiah summarize this whole idea. I was trying to, to bring a bit closer to home in this hotel in Dubai, that many people used to report about him that he used to say in his diet, people would overhear him saying Allahumma inland equinor Helen and Abbulu Hara hermetic, oh Allah if I do not qualify to reach your mercy, Farah Hermeto, Cahalane and Tableau Vani. Your mercy certainly qualifies to reach me.

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And he says, Oh Allah, you say in your book, what are Marathi? What's the article Lashay My Mercy Allah says, is wider expands wider than all things. What Anna she felt as Annie Rama took and I'm a thing. I'm this humble, weak, sinful, criminal thing. I still fall under the word thing. So let your mercy accommodate me. Oh Allah, if I don't qualify for Your Mercy, Your mercy qualifies to reach me.

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Oh Allah, your mercy is wider than all things and I'm a thing so accommodate me, envelope me, rescue me through Your mercy. And say that about everything that is where Allah is found. That is where change is found. That is where your relationship with your maker is found. If I don't qualify to save myself, Allah azza wa jal can save me. If I don't have the willpower to transform into a better version of myself. Allah has the has the ability to change me overnight. If I don't have the humility, to apologize to others, Allah can inspire me to make amends with my family and my brothers and my sisters and otherwise, if I don't have the strength to endure patiently, when afflictions

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come my way, Allah certainly can make me firmer than mountains, even if I have to take on the world. May Allah azza wa jal not allow this month of Ramadan to expire acceptable with us realizing this first. Me may we be of those most joyous, most exhilarated to find his forgiveness at the end of our journey, and may we find his forgiveness before this month is out? May Allah azza wa jal forgive us and our families and our loved ones and help us forgive one another. liberate us from the fire and accept from us make what is remaining of our life better than what has passed. And the ultimate very best day of our lives they that we meet him Allahumma Amin Lahoma feelin our Hamner, where he left

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at kinetic Ilana, Ilana Marfa Demna Alma Havana, when Matt Sullivan Elena Elena, Wilma and Salim will be him in Allahumma Felina has an allergy dinner or hotter and our undone or Kulu Velyka indena Allahu Allah tuna fusina Taqwa is a key Hanza hieromonk Zika and so Allah you have Amala Yeah, well el Islam you are le Hema Sikhnet Islam Hudson al kaka

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A Benalla to the Apollo banner bada it had Daytona will have learned I mean legend Khurana in a cantilever had for SallAllahu wasallam Avara Carnaby and Mohammed Ali. He was so happy What do you mean

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Allah like little lowing