Zahir Mahmood – The Story of Bahloul and the ‘1 Dirham’ House in Jannah!

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © Rashid tells someone about a story about a woman named Barnhart who was in her own world and huddle the story. He then tells someone about a woman named Assyou who was in her own world and bought a house. He tells someone about a woman named Assyou who was in her own world and bought a house. He tells someone about a woman named Assyou who bought a house and lost her money.
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You know the the story

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is a story of in a time

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of Harun Rashid Rashid was the Khalifa of his time he had a wife with Zubaydah in his company there used to be this guy called balloon balloon was a very spiritual man, but he was almost in his own world.

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He was like, you know, it really just lived in his own world but why huddle Rasheed would allow him to come to his company because he will say some nice cheap things which would really inspire people

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so one day Haroon Rashid is going for a walk after a fortune

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and he goes and he sees balloon making something in the sand

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and he says to balloon

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say balloon what you're doing.

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Said I'm making a house in general

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and if you want you can purchase this house

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how to receive eight Okay, walked on. Later on his wife Zubaydah. No Zubaydah was amazing woman if you want to read her history, she was just amazing woman. The woman will work she did.

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She's going past and she goes past this man and she sees balloon and she said but I know what you're doing. Said I'm making a house junk. And if you want to buy it, you can buy it. She said how much

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he says one day.

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So she gives him the bill how much she goes.

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That night how long Rasheed goes to sleep and he has a dream

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that he's in Jannah.

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And he wants to enter this house and they said no, this is the house or Zubaydah which he bought for my dad.

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So next morning, he or she prays Fajr

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and he goes out and he sees balloon making this house

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is a balloon what you're doing said I'm making a house in Jannah.

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He takes out a deal gives it

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but hello to know what the deal

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is that how much he said the duniya and what it contains, you have to give me to buy this house. Say why yesterday it was one did have today the dunya whatever it contains. He said because yesterday it was belief on the unseen today is bleef on the scene.

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The problem is Allah Salam said, when the disbelievers will go into Jahannam, the angels will ask them if you had the entire dunya

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the entire dunya was made out of gold and you had it all. Would you spend it to get out of Jannah

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they said we would give that and even more. The angel will say Allah asked you for a lot less than that.

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Allah asked you for a lot less than they ended the knee. Why don't you just do it in the first place?

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