2020 from Bad to Worse

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Jumuah Khutbah 06.12.2020


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The upcoming year is the best and the past is not forgotten. The speaker discusses the struggles of a man who finds himself in darkness and is advised to avoid leaving his home. The segment touches on the man's perception of the world and how it should be. The speaker also mentions the use of music in various ways, including in movies, TV, and radio.

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I don't want to sign up on stuff

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because you know see Dr. Medina maybe lemtrada phenomena that one

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or the

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other two who want to be

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human let me know America

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you went

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to the moon yeah you the NASA Temple

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of Solomon has some Jacob, Zuma a gel and coffee on ones

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whatever walk and live etc

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yeah you're gonna be in America for long Allahu Conant city

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after raising a last Jedi, who's deserving of more praise than anyone can ever muster,

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we asked for his finest Salutations and Peace and blessings upon

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him with a long while, but

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without any arguments, and the problem

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was the seal of his prophets and his messengers to kind of hold on. After reminding myself and my brothers and sisters.

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That online silicon rewards the most for is terrible and does not accept needs without this support.

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And does not have mercy except on its people this stuck up, I will need to say that I'm sure many of you have heard and continue to hear people becoming pessimistic and jaded.

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And very negative in their language about the year 2020.

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They say that the year is not even halfway over all this is happening. They see and they say that 2020 is cancelled. They say we have to purge it from our memories. It's a nightmare it will soon as we just have to forget this year altogether.

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This obviously is not the way of the believer. The believer is optimistic in our lives that we can always assume the best of him and does not curse time because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that

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and will continue to lay down the heart. Do not Kirsty because I am I have the reason for every age being as it is. I'm the one who alternates. I'm behind it all.

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And so I came across recently

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a writer who very eloquently spoke to that Islamic concept. And I'll summarize for you she she mentions that what if 20 to one thing, seemingly going from bad to worse, is actually the best year ever.

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In hindsight, what if we look back in hindsight is always 2020. This is the year 2020. She says, and to use that, by the way to use these little reasons and to make them a justification for your good assumptions of Allah is very Islamic, just like on the prophets of Allah audio said that the source of income as the ambassador for negotiations, he just clung to his name as a reason to be even more hopeful or renewed in their hopefulness of allies.

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So as the guy whose name is today, so you're aware must be become sadly assumed suddenly means we have.

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And so this writer, she said, What if 2020 is in cancer? What in 2020? is the year that you've actually been waiting for? We don't realize what if it's the year that is so scary, so wrong.

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so difficult that it actually forces us into the discomfort to finally change. What if we decide later that 21 females that were so loud, will actually be the reason for us to weaken from our slumber.

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Just one more week, just one more week, just one more week and you feel like you're about the screen, you feel like the circumstances are corner and cornering perhaps the number of beautiful directions we should think of that? What if it's going to force us to finally comes together better than ever before, instead of pushing each other further apart, to commit to change to become the change we want to be? And so be in a lab for that the leader especially that has the right books, and Allah, you need to realize that 2020 is not canceled should not be forgotten, we have to keep reiterating that it's not the nightmare, it could be the year that we're most desperate for it. And

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we just don't see it yet. Because I've lost. So Jen works in beautifully mysterious ways, doesn t and that's one of the meanings By the way, of of

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which perhaps I'll speak on for the remainder because

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a lot of these beautiful names are lovely to kind of

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translate us.

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But what does it mean in the law, he says, If you scan before, and you will realize that it has two meanings. He says well, who are lovely, who

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were the other one looks for our soft.

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He says he is lovely, he is subtle, be Abdi of meaning he is subtle in his knowledge regarding the sleep, he knows his knowledge enters and has access to every crevice of information, every unnoticeable aspect of asleep. So

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it's a description of his knowledge. He says what he is. And he is subtle, towards meaning in the way he deals with the sleeves.

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He says, look, the subtleness has those two qualities be similar to

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the pointedness he has everything

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he says and then how he delicately places his kindness into their lives, please you don't detect ways you cannot help but benefits from sometimes.

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And you know the story of the book, as so many scholars mentioned it illustrate

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more than anything else. The subtle nature of of law is the story of usage on Instagram for sure. Some of

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the chapter that was subtleness. So kind of,

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as one of the scholars said, This is the story where we see an example so that we can extrapolate, we can extend it to our own personal lives, we can see how effa and Moon feet

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he hid the Laurier Kingdom

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in the guards of captivity by putting him into the guards of being asleep.

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If you do more you reflect on the subtle details and use of life, the more you can better understand and subtle Misawa and his beautiful dealings, like you know when you read suit abusive and we should all read it and reread it in the level of study in our Friday night classes of sort of use.

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Every brand

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seems to be a step backwards.

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It seems to become more and more impossible for the dream that you begin with to actually happen. I mean, how can his parents and his brothers makes sense to him? What his parents are older than you are supposed to be respecting. One of

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his brothers are older than him. They hate him. they conspired to kill him. They exploited him as a slave basically to a faraway land. It just becomes more and more and more distant the possibility of this happening. And then it goes from bad to worse. Going from bad to worse. he winds up in a palace and instead of being a palace slayed the lustful, limited frame

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and so he gets demoted to be perceived that some monster some miscreant some person that has no integrity and he gets locked into the dungeon

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and this continues

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happened until somehow, decades later, he finds himself in the audience of the king. And all of the tragedies subside. And his father and brothers come back into the story in a very subtle way, in a very organic way didn't go out to forget them even. And that's why he says at the end of the story,

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to this father had that

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dream. This is the unfolding the outcome, the dream.

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My Lord has made it a reality.

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And then he signs off on that testimony.

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in the lobby for Lena Yoshida, my lord is lovely. He's so subtle, in towards towards whoever he wishes.

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He is the one that took every single boulder in my way, every rock that I stumbled on, and use was actually using it

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discreetly using it to build for me, my lord.

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And so for those who are confident in their trust of a lot, they're in

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a hold of holding hands.

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Hungary Salatu, Salam

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Thank you thinking about the history of music is set up.

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You can imagine how many memories resurface in a completely different explanation in hindsight,

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the use of it, he said that he was probably thinking about so many things at once. But it was actually a little subtle, who had to relocate me out of my home, where my father couldn't protect me from my brothers that was from his looks, subtle gentleness with me, and so that I could save the world from the proper strategic location, Egypt when the transmits.

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And what would have happened if Allah Subhana Allah had not subjected me to the scandal and sent me to prison, how else would I have ever met the butler of the king, and showed him my skill in dream interpretation, and had them owe me a favor.

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And it was one of makini after he got the rescue, what if my lovelies did not cause him to forget to mention me to the king, until the king was desperate for a dream interpretation so that it's not me needing the king anymore became me. And I can demand now that you clear my name. I'm not just a person who interpret dreams, I am trustworthy to be given the state office and save the world.

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And what if? And what if? And what if I leave some kind of home?

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Even the way he exited the prison, so one of the scholars he said

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I guess as a reminder that 2020 is not canceled and as also invitation to study. So for those beginning this evening,

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he said what I was so gentle, he wanted to extract you surprise from prison.

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He could have caused the prison walls is collapsed and removed this level.

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He could have sent the angels to work the souls of the of the tyrants of the oppressor.

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He could have sat down on a lightning bolt to shatter the iron lock on the case. Well, he didn't do any of that. So

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what did he do? He taught, he inserted a dream,

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a dream into the

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heart into the mind of a sleeping kidney, for everything to come to fruition, because he's a lovely guy. He sends the greatest gifts your way in the most unrealistic beliefs in the most imperceptible of beliefs and so may not have the most confidence in him being a leader and not buy into the narrative that we are living a nightmare. And may Allah make us a people audition will hear his side.

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And people have perception that people that see His signs all around us and understand that he is the explanation of the world around us, not us we'll get to define and explain

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what the world is and how the world should be a lot more. A lot more.

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piling on fire. I mean, was it

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a lot of muscle let

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me know

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you mean?

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I can say what happened to me let

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me know. I'm gonna

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Okay, so I'm gonna see what's going on

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in the

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lowest total wallet