[Ep. 10] Healthy Hearts Vs Double Standards – Managing Our Disagreements

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Salam Alaikum Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah He also here Jemaine Welcome back to what will be our final episode in sha Allah in this series on managing our disagreements and what was certainly just a primer on the subject. And I want to close out with, you know, a reminder on minding your heart after minding your head after being methodical and being given the framework to the none of this really means anything unless it is predicated on a sound heart, as we said in the earlier episodes on this gear. And so certain questions should always be there, while you're evaluating the categories, evaluating the reactions, such as, you know, why do I

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feel the way I feel about this just being introspective? You know, many times if I asked myself if I were in the place of this person that I disagree with?

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How would I like to be treated love for your brother, which you love for yourself? So for instance, you know, you had positions in your life, for sure all of us, we thought something was halal. And later on, we were convinced it was haram, or we thought something was haram. And later on, we believe no, it's actually valid. When you arrive at your second position. Did you feel that you are a hypocrite or being insincere? In your first position? No, I was genuinely just convinced of the other position earlier. So why can't if you can be sincere in two opposing views? Why can't you and your brother still both be sincere while intending neither being stubborn and hard headed,

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corrupted? Or otherwise? When you disagree? That's a very healthy question to have to ensure Are you having a double standard or not? Likewise, you know, with groups, group ism is a problem. Many times we hold people that are not from our group, whether it's an ideological group or like a legal school group, or my MSA and another MSA, any kind of group to standards that we don't hold the members of our own group to. And we give members of our group the benefit of the doubt so much more than we give it to those from opposing factions opposing bodies of believers. And that means that your loyalty and disloyalty is based on the other than EMA and because we are all people of EMA, and we

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are all believers, and the believers are a single brotherhood Allah called them. So that's one thing you want to think about mind your art, why do I feel this way? And then when someone you are sure they're incorrect, also, do you feel inherently superior to them? That could be the very thing that destroys you. Because the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, it is enough evil in a person, enough sin in a person, meaning enough sin to destroy them to do them, for a person for someone to be little their Muslim brother. This is even with non Muslims, by the way, for you to feel inherently entitled to guidance. inherently superior is the very thing that could strip you of

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it. We do feel that belief is better than disbelief and correctness truth is superior to incorrectness. But that's coupled with a feeling of gratitude that will hamdulillah Allah kept me there, he can turn off the light in my heart and turn on the light in their heart. And we can be in very different places when it matters most most at the point of our death. So that's another feeling as well. And then another thought that is extremely important is that when you are upset by wrong, be moderate in your upsetedness. Some people are so contemptible, with others, sometimes even with unexcused with excusable differences, even with inexcusable differences, that you are unable to

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allow them room to repent or redeem themselves grow. You know, as one brother said to another in front of me once and it was profound. He said to me, if he were to disbelieve in God altogether, you would have no room to hate him more to have a bigger grudge against him. So this is incoherent indefensible. Mind your heart, why does my heart feel that way?

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And finally, when you are researching the subject, if you are of the select few that are independent researchers, students of knowledge and otherwise know your size, just because you've even memorized the scholars book doesn't mean that you understand what that author understood. It took him 40 years to put that book together sometimes, and you may live your whole life thinking he forgot to add something and never come across the reason why he knew he must omit that something hidden

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In defecting the Hadith, or philosophical,

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you know, inconsistency or fallacy that does not prove this from that text, and so on and so forth. And many times students of knowledge fall into this. They don't have enough of that intellectual humility to realize that you are comparing between scholarly views. When forget mastering, you are not even aware of some of the disciplines the names of those disciplines they mastered to weigh those views on the scales of law on the scales of Islamic law. And so may Allah subhanaw taala purify our hearts so that we are more directed right? And may Allah azza wa jal protect us from having the type of corruption in our heart that will deem us negligent the must blameworthy the

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times that were wrong. May He give us hearts that want to excuse people want to guide people? May He give us hearts that allow us to unify this man whenever possible as much as possible? Allahumma Amin said I'm Aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh