The 3 Rivers of Purification

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saw need how

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many mean animals need me

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the people of sins like myself,

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they have three rivers in this dunya to purify themselves with

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and that did not suffice them that was not enough. Then they will be purified by the river in the Hellfire

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now to toe when I saw her

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the first night, the first River, he said the river offers sincere

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Tober sincere repentance.

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Let's take them one by one Allah subhanaw taala when he said Yeah 880 9020 He told me that I'm so

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over you believe repent to Allah is sincere Toba sincere Tober we are coming to the to the month of Ramadan. Yeah, one. We have to go and enter this month with clean heart and clean soul and clean from as many sins as possible.

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And we all know the root of the Toba

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the steps of the Tober number one to step two, stop the sin wo doing.

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Number two, to regret every moment that you have committed that sin. And number three to make a promise you will never go back to that sin. These are the steps of Toba and Allah subhanho wa Taala

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His name is at the web Yeah, one in Allah. Hey, yo, hey, buta Wahby. Allah loves a Tobin the ones who constantly repent. When someone is constantly repenting that needs is constantly sinning. So Allah subhanaw taala loves the web. So the first narrow Tober the second natural Hassan Atilla Mustafa

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for Surya share

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the river of the Hassan ad the good deeds that will make the evil deeds drown.

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Keep in mind we're talking about the people of sense how could they purify themselves. Number one, Toba. Number two, doing a lot of good deeds to the level that these good deeds that we are doing, it will make or it will drown the evil deeds that we have done.

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You will not see the evil deeds anymore. Allah Subhana Allah says in surah

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who would in her sanity, you'd hipness say at the good deeds will eliminate the evil deeds and Allah Rasool was at Salomon, he gave the the advice tomorrow. What did he say? It took Allah Haytham I will say Al Hassan, Tam Hua, follow a good deal and evil deed with a good deed it will erase it. I lied, I cheated immediately to occur still fall fast one day give sadaqa follow a bad deed with a good deed to erase it. This is what Allah azza wa jal Andrus was told us Subhanallah when the opportunities we have plus any accumulate as many 100 as possible, so we can use them when we need them. Like I gave a whole series about that, but just one example 100 times Subhan Allah 1000 Hasan

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100 times SubhanAllah 1000 has another Hadith in Sahih Muslim

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or it will erase 1000 Say, Yeah, two minutes. Every letter in the Quran. 10 Hassan, going to the cemetery today Jebel mountain of hasnat playing Janessa mountain of Pasadena we need them to cover all these a year that we're doing Wallahi we need them. When there is a Janessa jump yaki gerbil mountain of Hassan Earth can fall Subhanallah and the last one

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Allah He said

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the last River is the river of mud Zakhar

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made me Shut up.

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What's the last river? I said it in Arabic

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Messiah a bill of Lima l mocha Farah.

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The huge sins that will expiate you were hit by a calamity. Subhan Allah today our brother Harun lost his only sister 32 years old. That's a calamity. Brother as his wife, this is a calamity masiva

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he said, The Big sense that eliminate the big calamities that eliminate the sense the bigger

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To calamity and the more patients I have, the higher the possibility of eliminating my sense of mill mill. Whenever mill Bella, the higher the biller, the higher the test, the higher you will be rewarded. So all these three rivers then he ended by saying why the biller who I've done if tele who had had the hill and Horford dunya hatherleigh robber, and he said that the end

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if Allah loves someone, he will make him go through one of these rivers in this dunya so he will not need the fourth one Subhanallah Jaquan so Toba, a lot of good deeds and a lot of patience when we are hit by a calamity whether it's financial, physical health, any kind of calamity, be patient and put your color put your trust in Allah azza wa jal May Allah make us from the people who listen and apply Zachman locket, Subhana Allah Mohammed ik, masha Allah Allah, Allah and the structural camera Toby like