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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of being a Muslim and the need for people to act with their minds in regards to religion. They touch on factors contributing to acceptance of prayer, including the Prophet's statement that anyone can have everything they want, the influence of others' actions, and the need for conscious acceptance of God. They also discuss the negative impact of reciting messages on one's health and mental health, and give examples of answers given by Jesus to women, including his three answers to them.
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In Alhamdulillah, Allah and Madonna starting over he wants to know what are the Villani talemetry rhodium fusina with a DR Molina de la huhtala Palermo de la la la fecha de La Hoya shadow La ilaha illallah wa de hula Sheree Kala washer Jana Mohammed Abu whenever you hora solo yeah you larina mano de la haka Ducati. He was a moto Nila 123 mon yeah you have to Taco Bell como la de la community wahala caminhada WebEx I mean humare jalankan casier on manisa de la la de la luna behavioral or ham in La La Cocina de como Kiba yeah yo Latina mano De La Hoya Hulu polenta de de la cama Melaka, Nova, la hora Sula, who, for the first of those and alima

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after praising a lot though agenda, and admitting our poverty in front of him and our need for him, at every moment and in every way, and testifying that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion but Allah and Allah alone without any partner is the true supreme King, that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was his servants and its prophets and His Messenger and the best of his creation and the seal of His revelation and the most beloved of the slaves of Allah to Allah. And after reminding myself and you and my brothers and my sisters,

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with the taqwa of Allah azza wa jal to live a life of consciousness towards Allah, and dutifulness to Allah subhanho wa Taala until you and I breathe our life.

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I begin by saying every Muslim and every firm believer in a creator believes that the creator answers the prayers of those who pray, answers the door of those who make dua.

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There is hardly anyone who does not believe that especially when all the layers are peeled away. By difficulties by calamities when you're honest with yourself, you are hopeful of God and you pray for God.

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In whatever words, you may know, with your heart if your tongue gets tied, what you do.

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And allies though a gel confirms this inner notion in us all, when he said to Pena who was the ILO, of color of buku, Moroni, statue black room, and your Lord has said,

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he has announced, call upon me pray to me make do I and I will answer you.

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But of course, some people because they don't understand how do I operate,

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they can get crowded, or invaded their mind mentality get invaded by alien foreign thought that caused them to wonder is my my gut instinct is or even my religious belief, is that justified.

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And I'll speak from a personal angle. I remember when I was in college, the president of the Muslim Student Association, had a best friend.

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And we all hung out with this man. And I guess it speaks to the danger of being casual about the friends that your children are you keep the company that you keep. And of course, we cannot sometimes choose who is our colleague, and who is our friend. But we need to do our very best to put ourselves in a place where you make the best out of those you're forced to be around. In any case, this young man had hobbies like us and a major like us and would hang out in the computer lab and on the basketball courts all the time with us. He was a football player.

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And he says, you know why I don't believe in God. He used to always throw these little jabs in there time and time again.

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He would say you guys actually believe that when you talk to God, he answers you should absolutely.

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He said, Well, listen, when I play football, right before the game, the two teams huddle up, and they each make a prayer.

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How does God figure that out? As a villa, he accepts one person's prayer one team's prayer over the other that seems to make no sense. And as shallow and as childish and as petty as that reasoning is, how does anyone have an answer? This is what I'm getting to. How can you have an answer to this how Allah deals with Dora? If the dean did not tell you

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how Allah responds to our door is something you can't know if I let them guide you to it.

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And so we are guided to it. In Islam, we are told how do I operate and so if we don't know that

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it erodes in our understanding, meaning it gets blurry for us because we don't remind ourselves of it. We can become confused about something we should never be confused about the promises of Allah our perception of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So for example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith that we're sorry, there is no Muslim yet there will be there our team that makes any difference whatsoever. Ladies if he had if moon wala Kaka to regime that does not involve anything sinful, or any severing of family ties in a father who law who will be her issue that Salah except that Allah will always give him one of three things.

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Emmanuel, Allah who that either he will rush to him his request, meaning you'll get it at some point in this life, you will rush it this is the rush life. This is the immediate Allah will immediately give it to them meaning in this life.

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What m de la Whoville Akira or Allah will withhold it so that he may save it for him meaning save it for something even better than it in the hereafter.

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What M and l three for an homina suey, your preferred be her on who Mina sui mithila. Or the third option, Allah will avert from you protect you, because of that do something of equal weight to what you asked for but of evil, they will cancel each other out it would neutralize it. That understanding about Allah, can that be gotten rationally? If our blood didn't tell us? No, it cannot. If Allah does not tell us how he functions we wouldn't know on any level besides the fact that He exists and he is God and He is the Almighty and he is wise but that's it.

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And we will never fully understand him but just appreciate for today's holds but the wisdom and the mercy of being told. This is how it may happen when Allah said he enters your diet, it doesn't mean that you're going to get what you want when you want it. And that's it that simplistic because that simplicity could open the door to so many doubts.

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And so that is one factor. Another factor is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also told us that there are certain things that prevent you from being accepted. It is not unconditional.

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He told us For example, I thought was Tulum in Allah La Yakubu do i mean called been golfing in LA him? Allah does not accept the prayer of someone who calls out to him with a heart that is heedless, that is distracted. Meaning Yes, God asked for prayers. But what Allah defined as a worthy prayer is something you need to learn. He does not want lip service. He wanted to come from your heart. And that is why so many scholars say that to make do I speak to a lot, the majority would say even in prayer, but in general outside of prayer, they'll all say so many of them, even in your own language would be better than you reading out of a book a day out that you don't understand. Because how are

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you going to mean it when you don't know what you're saying? That is crucial to the job being accepted.

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In another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a person can have everything going for them to have their door accepted. They're a traveler and the travelers prayer is accepted, and they're exhausted and the desperate person's prayer is extra accepted, if you will. And all of this is him. And he raised his hand that adds to the likelihood of you being accepted. He says, but his income is not Helen. What he eats from what he drinks from what he dresses from what he's nourished by is not halal. He said for en nuestra Jabu. How can someone like this be responded to meaning how unlikely it is, it may be responded to.

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But how unlikely it is that they would be responded to.

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And there are other factors as well, that we can talk about at a later time. If no Josie what I wanted to share with you today, even though Josie ohana, hola who's argued to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, most prolific author in the history of Islam. Some say no one wrote of Islamic scholarship, the amount that he wrote before he died. He had a very blessed life for him a whole lot. And he had a very valuable book called Five book author, the catching his own passing thoughts, to document them for himself and whomever may benefit will benefit. And he says in this book, and I want to carry you through this conversation he has with himself. He says I one time

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needed something. And so I made intent to add to Allah. I was begging Allah feeling to Allah and the response to my do. I was delayed.

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And so my soul panic, I became very anxious and restless, and I panic.

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And then I said to myself, What is wrong with you? He says, I said, I said to my soul, what is the matter with you? Are you the owner of this universe? Or are you owned by the owner of this universe?

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He said, Were you placed here by your own accord? Or were you subjected to this world to be an examination for you?

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He said, Were you put here to enjoy a paradise? Or was this whole world meant to be a trial?

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And so if you get everything that you want, when you want it, then how does that constitute a trial? When your desires, your likes, your wants are never opposed. If there's no adversity, there's no challenge.

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He said, when I said that to myself,

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the panic inside me subsided a little bit, but I was still uneasy.

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He says, So I said to my soul, and I have another answer.

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He says, I said,

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and tell me,

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wouldn't it make more sense that you demand of yourself the rights of God? Like why aren't you living up to God's right? living for him not living for yourself? Why aren't you? Doesn't it make more sense? Why aren't you doing what's logical to demand of yourself the rights of God? Because the slave in his right mind makes sure he's tending to the rights of the master. And he understands that the master is not obligated to attend to everything the slave want? Or else how does this relationship be one of servitude

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you know, a person here, by the way, may say, but a lot of promise, so it makes it our right a lot of promise to accept the door. He says, so when I gave the second answer, my soul calmed a little bit more. And so I said to it, I have a third answer for you. And how can you expect that Allah would prompt would respond to your door as he promised? When you have placed impediments, you've blocked the pathway to the door, being accepted with your sin.

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He said, Don't you know that the way to facilitate things is taqwa is to be conscious of Allah to live a life that is conscious of God. He says, Don't you recite? He's telling himself, well, Maja tequila, Hajj Allahumma krogen. Whomever fears Allah conscious of him, Allah will make a way out for him were zuckermann hydroactive and provide him for where he from where he never imagined.

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He said, don't you recyclemania de la jolla, Jana hoomin, Embrey, Yusra, whomever fears Allah has the taqwa of Allah, He will facilitate make easy for him his affairs. He says, so how dare you involve yourself in so much wrongdoing? You build walls around he says you're building walls around your garden and then complaining that water is not causing your garden to sprout. Tobacco begets this and the opposite brings about the opposite. That is very important to understand as well. You know, to stop this conversation for a second. They said to Ibrahim Nam Rahim, Allah Why doesn't Allah respond to our? He says, Why doesn't Allah respond to you?

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He said, You know Allah, and you don't obey Him. You know, the son of his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but you don't follow his example. You know that Paradise is true but you don't work for it. You know that the Hellfire is true but you don't run from it.

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He said you know Allah blessings shower, you cover you drench you day and you don't think for them.

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He said, you know that you will die but you don't prepare for it. You Bury Your Dead and you don't take a lesson from it. You busy yourself with the faults of others and you don't visit yourself with their own faults. And then you ask why isn't my dog getting accepted?

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So notice how the tables need to get turned sometimes.

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Ignis Josie Rahim Allah gave himself two more answers, but after the break Bismillah Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla

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al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam Ala Moana Viva La Ilaha Illa la vida hula sharika lahu Asha Donna Mohammedan Aveda who whenever you who are solo

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Josie says an after I gave myself those three answers. My soul finally come

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and it had enough it was satisfied but

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didn't leave it alone. I said to it, and I have a fourth fourth answer for you.

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What you don't realize is that you are asking for something that may actually be harmful for you.

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And so it was actually of his greatest blessings on you that he filtered your do and did not give you what would actually derail you, and instead stored it away for you in the hereafter. I'll give it to you in a place where it will not misguide you will not cause you loss and ruin. He says, don't we do this with our children. He said, I said to myself, don't we do this with our children that are sick and insist on having sweet and it is not out of being stingy and is not out of being inconsiderate or unmerciful. We withhold sweets from them, because we know what's good for them.

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And so Allah knows far better than us than our parents would know for a child. And Allah is far more merciful with us than a parent is with their child. And so that is why he told us in his book, he is saying, why Santa crochet and Ohio Luckily, maybe you you hate something, but it's better for you. Well, I said to him, bushi and

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Sharon Lakhan, perhaps you love something so much, and it's bad for you will love ooyala montem lasala moon and the simple straightforward matter is what Allah knows, and you don't.

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He said, so my soul said back to me. You are absolutely right.

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He said to it, but I have a fifth answer for you.

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He said, What if you getting what you want, will not destroy you, but will lower your ranks in the hereafter?

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Wouldn't it make more sense to ask of Allah to better the quality of your deen? And not better the quality of your dunya?

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Wouldn't that be smarter of you?

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He said at that point, when everything crystallized through my soul, it said back to me I have walked through the gardens. He said he was very artistic. I have walked through the gardens of your explanations. And I finally understood

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why did it have to drag like this? Because in the fast paced world, not just in modern times, in the blur of life, you could lose the most valuable thing in your life, which is a proper perspective on God.

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And then May Allah forbid you become critical instead of yourself, but of your glorious merciful Almighty Creator. So kinda what the Allah Who told you that do i is guaranteed, but I'm told you how do i is to be made, and told you that if he doesn't give you what you want when you want it. It is all parts of him caring about you more than you care about yourself. To remind yourself of that, to peel away the layers to remove the dust to polish your understanding of Allah after I began the whole by saying how blessed we are to be guided to this. That doesn't mean it's a given. You have to continue protecting it. Now laws though did not allow us to see him except in the perfection that is

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hymns of Anahata. Allah May Allah guide us to the understanding of our Lord and our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is example, may Allah fill our hearts with good assumptions of him always and proper reliance upon him always and protect us from any doubt and every disbelief and every form of hypocrisy and every evil that could contaminate our hearts and derail us from the past and from our journey to Him. May Allah make the end of our story, finding his pleasure and make our final company the company of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the righteous and respond to all of our da in the way that he knows best Allah home. I mean, a lot of nakulan our homina

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homina homina homina homina homina Dino Divina which as I said earlier, only minister de la manana Oh became an admin lionpaw were called in LA when I've seen that the Shiva What do I use the Java aloha manana Oh to becoming zody novomatic What the hell will the IFA tick with Fuji Athena qmatic which I mean so healthy? For a banner in an SME Anna Muna dia unit deedle Imani an amino Brb, come for Amanda. Urbana, Illinois, Urbana, okay for unathi Tina, whatever phenomenal abroad robina Latina Latina Allah wa silica Latina yom Okayama in Nicola totally fully me. Robin I have learned I mean, as well Gina with Rhea, Tina kurata Yoon, which are Nanaimo. kapena, Emma vasila, homonyms cremino

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and musbema. A Willingham in Houma, La Creme de la sala varkala Shopping abena one was sent in when hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen