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The upcoming election is a significant opportunity for spiritual rewards and rewarding hard work for spiritual well-being. There is a lot of time spent doing activities and fasting is necessary for achieving success. The importance of fasting for transformation and change is highlighted, as well as the need for individuals to make changes to their behavior. The segment also touches on the importance of social justice and fasting for achieving spiritual success.

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I will let him in on regime will monitor him Alhamdulillah Hillary Yakumo will Hakata wages equilon fcmb matassa la hilma Abu la Raja

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Alhamdulillah Allah de Sha dienen Colima, WA Donna serata mR keema

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Alhamdulillah Hello coil. BARDA and Rosa Villa Jimenez shavon rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Yeah, you're living in a mano De La Hoya kulu colon's de de de la kumala como philippou Baku momento para la how Rasulullah who for the first fosun alima

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Alhamdulillah Hill, Murthy Masha Allah ventia lamacchia Lima mana Allah Manny I Lima Otto

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hamdulillah Hilah De Anza Al Kitab al agua de la jolla who is Raja Eva. Wata Marlena Yamato hufa Jelena Li hatami Nabina tuba

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Salatu was Salam O Allah Surya de la de Adam. A lot of women whom Elijah Muhammad in Al Mustafa, Allah Allah He was happy wilderman bedava Doherty him, la dee da

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Juana rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim cola huhtala al Kareem. Yeah, you are Latina? Amara Takia you alladhina amanu quotevalet como Sam kamakoti ballerina Min publikum la la quinta tahune ayama motto that

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Ramadan is upon us again. inshallah, within a few days, we will start Ramadan.

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I wanted to ask us, all of us a question. And I don't want you to give me an answer. This is a question that you answer for yourself. And then inshallah I'll answer it, and that'll be muffled. But

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what does it mean to us?

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What does it mean for us that we are entering Ramadan? That this month of Ramadan is upon us one more time? What does it mean? What does it mean for me to fast?

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And the way I see it,

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the way I see it, is that Ramadan is an incredible opportunity. Ramadan is an incredible opportunity. We can see Ramadan as a chore, or as a yearly ritual, or is not even a difficult even though it is difficult, we can see it as that. The way I see it is that it has to be looked at as an opportunity,

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an opportunity for incredible rewards, an opportunity for incredible spiritual rewards.

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And also as an opportunity for, for change,

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incremental change, but meaningful change. This is the way I think, Ramadan, if you were to look at it, that makes it the most productive Ramadan, to look at it as an opportunity.

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How is it a Ramadan, it is a great spiritual opportunity. It is an incredible spiritual opportunity.

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The prophets are quoted Allah Subhana Allah in a Hadith, and he says that

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all the things that the people do all the things that Adam does,

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there is a certain amount of reward for it Illa song except for fasting, except for fasting. For in the holy. This is the last panel talking in first person for that is for me.

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That fasting, that action in the holy it is for me specifically no doubt about it. Well, Anna z, and I will give the reward for it. And I will give the reward for it. So this is a great, incredible spiritual opportunity from Milan. Right? It is such an incredible opportunity that, you know, when we do some certain deeds we pray, they give sadaqa there's a generally measured reward for it between 10 times to 700 times, generally speaking, and that depends on how difficult a task was how sincere the person was, before fasting, there is no limit. Because the losses will enter Zb I will give reward for it. So if it's a really long and hard fast, if it's a fast that maybe you're writing

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an exam in while you're fasting, right, or you're going through some extreme difficulty at work, maybe you work you know, your job is a labor job you're not you don't have a desk job perhaps as a difficult fast.

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So the reward effect goes up with the proportional proportionally to the difficulty.

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And when the losses were so moody well as he it is it's only specially for me and I will be here I will give the reward for it. It also means that you know when a person is fasting, they have no motivation to fast except to please a lot.

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You can always sneak in a bite here or a drink here.

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No one's watching. Right? no one's watching at school, no one's watching your work. And when someone really fast, they're doing it purely 100% for the sake of a loss.

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That's what it means for inner hooli. And what Anna z, the reward of it is so great, a lot smaller, didn't even quantify it. He just said, I will give the reward, I will give the reward, it is so great. The province also said that, you know, a psalm lamis laloux. There's nothing that compares to some fasting, nothing compares to it. Now, Mr. Lu,

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that's a Sahih Hadith.

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So this Ramadan presents an incredible spiritual opportunity to get the kind of rewards from Allah subhanaw taala to get spiritually closer to Allah Matata, it's just the opportunity is absolutely incredible. There's no limits to what we can get. I want you to think about this fact. So hold is gonna end probably around 4am.

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And if thought is probably going to be around 9pm, that's 16 hours of fasting, give or take. I mean, there's the fast goes up and down. Approximately 15 to 16 hours, you're fasting.

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every second, every moment of that time is worshipped.

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Every moment of that time is a bother

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whether we're sleeping, or relaxing.

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whatever we're doing, working, studying, even wasting time on Facebook. Right? It is all worship. It is all worship.

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Compare that with Salah if someone is paying $5 in the masjid. Right. And you know, they're super awesome because they come from the mother for every dollar. They're spending probably two hours of worship. They're doing two hours of worship, driving, they're praying, driving back, it's probably going to be two hours total. Just one fast is 16 hours, every moment is worship. Every moment of that 16 hours is worship. We're sleeping, it's worship. We get up it's worship. So while that's an amazing opportunity, it's such an incredible opportunity. The longer the fast are, the more the better, you know, say nothing at all the low one was quoted as saying someone asked him what do you

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love the most he says I love fasting in the summer.

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I love fasting in the summer because he knows the days are long. And this is the Arabian summer is not Canadian summer. Without AC. He says I love fasting in the summer because the fast are so long. It's so much larger, so much reward so much spiritual opportunity. That's how we need to look at Ramadan that's coming up as an incredible spiritual opportunity. The Prophet also said mon sama, Ramadan, email and watch this urban warfare Allahumma Takata Mendham be the one who fasts Ramadan with Emma and that is they're doing it for the sake of Allah was disturbing and hoping for reward from Allah subhanaw taala. Not necessarily at a peer pressure but hoping for a reward out of Allah

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Allah will fear Allah Houma, la dama means MB, then their sins are forgiven, their sins are forgiven. So it's a great spiritual opportunity to get sins forgiven, to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala in an unprecedented manner, 16 hours 15 hours, every moment is worship. Every moment is worship. And of course if you add more worship to that it's compounded more and more rewards panelo

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it's absolutely incredible the opportunity that Ramadan presents and the harder it is, the more adjusted for in the Julio and Zb because Allah says that this he didn't quantify how much he will reward the person who fasts. Right? Maybe for a brother who just accept Islam or a sister who just accepted Islam fasting will be probably the most difficult thing they will do.

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So their reward is going to be great inshallah. Right? There was going to be great. So this is the outlook that we need to have for Ramadan treated as a great, that's how I'm looking at it a great spiritual opportunity. But it doesn't end there. It's not just a opportunity to get lots of other and get closer to Allah spiritually.

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Ramadan is also a great opportunity to change, to leave bad habits, to leave sins, to leave sinful situations that may not be a sin in and of themselves, but could lead to sin.

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Like maybe you have a group of people that you hang out with, and they don't talk about anything that's beneficial. Nothing positive is in that circle, all negativity, it's all waste of time backbiting and you're not perhaps doing that. Right. So you're not getting sin, but you're in a situation that perhaps you that will definitely lead you to sin. It will lead you to sin. Right and worse, it will desensitize you to lying and backbiting. So in sinful situations, leaving sinful situations leaving since leaving Haram in general,

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right Breaking Bad habits, making good habits. This is a

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An opportunity Ramadan is an opportunity for that. That's how we need to see it. Before I asked the question that I started to hold by that what is it Ramadan mean to us? What does it mean, Ramadan? It's entering upon us. What does it mean? Right? And we have to look at it, in my opinion as a great spiritual opportunity, and an opportunity for change. Here's why it's a good opportunity for change. While we're fasting, relieve things that are halal, eating and drinking is halal for us, right? We leave halau things while we're fasting

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for 16 hours, 15 hours for a very long period of time.

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This is getting us ready to leave things that are haraam. If we can, if we can change our routine, we have a certain time where we have coffee, and certain time where we have breakfast, and certain time we have lunch, and then the evening coffee and we have this and that it's a routine that set over the whole year. And in Ramadan, we have to completely change our routine, completely change our lives. Right? If we are capable of doing that for things that are halal,

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then we are most capable of doing that for things that are Haram. If we can change our lives, to leave halal things,

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then we are able to leave things that are haram as well. Right? And the most amazing thing so in Surah Baqarah, Allah mentions the ayah to fasting and number to 183 to the next page. If you look at the eye before, if you look at rather the set of eyes before the eye of the nomina koulibaly Museum, it talks about social justice talks about retribution of killing what happens when somebody kills somebody. Right in society, social justice, right? You know, we have the Trayvon Martin case going on right now very appropriate suppiler. Those ions are talking about social justice.

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And he says Allah uses the same word in the ayah welcome, Phil kasasa Hayato Al Bab, La La Quinta Taku. So you can have tougher results for fasting, you're doing fasting so that you can have up work, you can establish social justice so that you can have Taqwa.

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So this fasting is not just an exercise that we just do for ourselves. It actually is supposed to bring about social change

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is supposed to bring about social justice. You look at the IRS after the ire of the set of eyes, that talks about fasting. While at that kulu Amala combinar, Campbell Belton, don't consume each other's wealth, don't rip each other off.

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But to the Ruby ha lol hokum, so corruption, financial corruption,

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right? How can a person fast and then go rip somebody off in business? It makes no sense. It makes no sense. How can a person fast and then go lie at work? It makes no sense. That's what this is telling us that Ramadan is not just a time to fast. It's not just a time to change our routine. It's actually time to change our lives.

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It's a time that change has to come in all

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shapes and forms. Social Justice talks about also talks about it before you know I had the ordering of iron Quran is very precise. There's a reason why Allah orders the iron in a certain way. He talks about social justice then talks about fasting, and he talks about corruption, financial corruption, because they're all related.

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If you can give up halaal things while we're fasting, we can definitely give up haram things. While not we're not fasting business practices that are haram ripping people off, right, selling somebody a lemon as a car

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that's ripping the person off.

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You know, the Prophet says on set of dodges. So do I mean the trustworthy

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the truthful, trustworthy, dodgy businessman, it could be a real estate agent, it could be a mechanic. This guy is so special. The prophets on said, Man Nabina was defeated Mr. Shahada, it was solid and this person is with the prophets, and with the truthful people, and with the martyrs and with the righteous people on the day of judgment and agenda. He's so special.

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This is what fasting is supposed to do that if we're fasting, then our business ethics need to change. It's almost become mutually exclusive for business Muslim businessman, to be a good business, good Muslim, and a good businessman, or mechanic to be a good Muslim and a good mechanic. It's almost mutually exclusive as Pamela. But what Allah is saying is that the fasting is supposed to change our business ethics is supposed to change our family lives, the same word dako that he uses again and again, that the students in fasting, the purpose of fasting is to gain taqwa, the quest to leave things to protect the soul from what harms it to protect the self from what harms if

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it is sins and sinful situation.

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That's what fasting is training us to do, to leave things that are harmful. So that we can leave things that are haram that are harming us. If you look at surah tala

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tala that talks about the worst case scenario in a family, which is talak divorce. Again and again a lucky thing. What dakolo How to Become woman yet de la hija

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Low massager? Well Maria de la hija de la memory Yusra. Maria tequila ha your azim la Jara again and again taco because this fasting is going to give us that up whatever change our family lives

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a punto de

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una hora

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Villa Hungary Allah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah alayhi wa sahbihi wa Mamata, asked the question Ramadan has to be what is what does it mean to us? It has to mean, in my opinion, something that it has to be an opportunity and opportunity for great spiritual games, lots and lots of there's little color that's equal to 1000 months, there is hours and your moment for 16 hours a day. Every moment is agile Every moment is when we're getting reward, we have to treat it as a great spiritual opportunity. At the same time. We have to treat Ramadan as an opportunity for change. changing the way we do business changing the way we deal with it with each other in our families. Because Allah

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says quotevalet consilium Sam was made mandatory for you kamakoti ballerina in public room in the same manner or a similar manner. It was made mandatory for people before you. La La Quinta de Haan so that you can become people of taqwa

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people of taqwa and taqwa is to protect something from what harms it earlier or the Alon would say that could neither marble box it the hyena Vina visa Salah, the when fighting would become very intensified, we would seek the prophet and we will protect ourselves with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was the best role model, the best leader the best everything. Because in the worst of times, people will go to him. That's how much they loved. And that's how much they trusted in the Sahaba.

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So the Shahada is that the thing that we noticed that stuck was the Navy Navy, like they used to protect themselves with the profits of Saddam, they used to seek comfort in the profit seek protection with the profit. So dako is to protect something.

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And then the law says that the council is that we can protect ourselves from what harms us, which is sins and sinful situations, sinful situations that may not be sensed, but it will lead to sense and this is important because just like we were leaving halaal things while we're fasting, we can most definitely leave haram things. It's training us and preparing us to leave haram things. And this is the way we need to look at our model this is what I believe that we need to look at Ramadan in this manner as an opportunity for change. I look at the bad habits that I have the bad things that I do. And this is my chance to break those bad habits. Because I'm breaking those habits while I'm

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fasting. I'm leaving that stuff while I'm fasting that will train me to leave that stuff I'm not fasting and

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you know, you Ramadan to Ramadan there has to be some introspection. How much after Ramadan? Did I carry over the stuff that I was leaving the habits I was breaking in Ramadan? How much of that was continued to be how much of that did I continue to do after Ramadan? Right? And that would tell us inshallah, of how successful Ramadan was. Holy Holy had I was totally welcome in the la vida de sala de la mano sallu alayhi wa sallam with Islam Allah Wa salli wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa he was hungry he may have not enough adonia has no philosophy alcanada