Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Remembering Allah What Does It Do To Me

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The transcript is a collection of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. The importance of thanking someone who loves them or is dear to them is emphasized, along with the value of rewarding someone who is authentic and provides value to their actions. The "has been done" concept is discussed, and its connection to waking up from the "has been done" concept and feeling the "has been done" concept inside the air is emphasized. The "has been done" concept is also discussed as a way to connect with people, and its use can lead to feeling the "has been done" concept inside the air.
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In the lumber dealer so that was sort of an eyelash for them via either it was heavy woman whether

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was guru guru comb wash guru Lee whether that's true yeah you are living in a monastery with somebody was Salah in LA Hamas already Allah

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but guru nee as guru, you will remember me and I will remember you

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wash buruli while at the pool

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and be grateful to me and do not be ungrateful.

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Yeah, you are living in a monastery. Oh, oh, you will believe take the help of Degas Jana from his summary was Salah,

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sober and Salah in Allahumma salli. Verily, Allah subhanaw taala is with those who have some

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first and foremost, the tank, Allah subhanho wa Taala for giving us a trophy, to do his digger.

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Because as Allah has Allah said in this ayah first guru as Coco,

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and in the airport, see, that explains this is a last round that I said when my slave remembers me within himself. I remember him within myself.

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And when my slave remembers me in a gathering, then I remember him in a gathering which is better than his.

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It's really important when we read the Koran and when we read the ideas have also advised them

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to reflect,

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to think

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that if Allah yetta Bruna or Anna Amada, perugina, fellow

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Mohammed Allah

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to do not reflect on this Quran? Or is it that their hearts are sealed

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so when we read the Quran, when we read the hadith of

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cerium important to reflect on them think about it.

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We got into a culture where we read mechanically we just read for the unbelievers you read anyway, but I'm just saying that is very important the purpose of the Koran, so that some of the Puranas so that people will read it, reflect on it and implement it.

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So how are we going to implement something which we have not even thought about?

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So I read for you this ayah inshallah, we'll do this today and tomorrow. I'll have other things.

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So, I remind myself when you let us think about this, let us reflect on it, let us see what are the inside

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but ultimately, that is what counts What does it feel inside you? As guru as guru? What does it do to me?

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It must do something to me. Supposing we just get a phone call now.

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And you know, from some head of state or some, some friend of ours and he said today I was in the sitting in the middle east of the Emir of Kuwait. And he asked me who is this our big? I heard about our big in India

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with this man,

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I want to see him

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What would I feel

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as a result of a communication? Amir awkward, remember you?

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Are the King of Saudi Arabia, remember you?

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Or you don't have to go that far away.

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I can simply say, Have you been warned me as a you know, yesterday, I was here and we were talking about you don't have to be some King or somebody who loves somebody who is dear to you. It does something does it do something to us or not? The fact that somebody who

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loves us or somebody who is dear to us, or somebody who's big and powerful or whatever, if that person remembers us?

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Is it just that information? Yeah, okay. So I've even talked about this is it like when

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there is some effect? No. So what should be the effect of Allah subhanaw taala. As a developer, I always remind myself when you This is the Kalam of Allah.

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We have not said this.

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We have not said this,

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unless Rockefeller said this but gradually as I remember, I will remember.

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For a penny, Mr. Ebola like Ebola,

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we can claim many things. We can claim anything but a lot of anodizing when my slave remembers when I

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first guru ni, Guru calm, it is a direct column it is the address is personal. You remember me I will remember you as guru calm. Who is this good

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So what is the effect of this on us?

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And that Verizon Wireless router immediately after that says watch guru Li. While at APU do not think that Allah subhanho data remembering you is something which is, you know, commonplace No it's not. It's something which you must make sure.

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And the love is la dalla we prayed for local further in the masjid by Gemma.

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We need to thank Allah subhanaw taala for this, we need to actually thank Allah subhanaw taala al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen call

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if you had not given us this COVID we would not have prayed for the father at all maybe

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or even if you prayed we would have read it in our bedroom or wherever we were, we would not have gone to the masjid

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you would not have prayed the Salah in July.

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So we need to there was only one attack for all

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reiteration and the emphasis of the importance of sugar and the importance of not making gufram of Nana

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not to make sure one is to complete and to actually say, you know, rubbish about the narrative element of that. Like somebody you know, if somebody says are you and us you have this long list of complaints. Yeah, okay, but this is what I like it as well with Angular, but the other way also of one form of Cobra never is to say nothing.

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I did not say I did not complain. But I also did not tangle.

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That also is a form of profanity. And I remind myself when you will never do that. tanglers avanos Allah Yara, what is the value is what is what is the value of this.

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And you know, the duty of making sugar of Allah is that when we thank Allah subhanaw taala for something, he draws our attention to the Namath and we enjoy it more. And we look forward to it more.

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And we want to do it more

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rather than just ignoring it and it goes away. Right so maybe one day I don't realize one day I didn't pray so what we did know

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one day if you miss Salah in the masjid, I'm not even talking about missing girl I'm doing this into the masjid.

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It must be a burden on our minds as well. Now one day Salah is gone.

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One day Salah in the masjid is gone.

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And even if unless one has done it and I'm not saying to you that if you do not praise Allah in the masjid, then for whatever just reason, Allah subhanaw taala will punish you He will not punish you in sha Allah, May Allah forgive you and me. But the reward also is not there. No, you didn't do it. You can't get the reward somebody who did it? How can the person who did it and the person who did not do it? How can they be equal? They're not equal.

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And what is the value of this reward when he has done it before was one of the

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two what is the value of this work Peroni as guru? What is what guru a guru? I'm going to inject

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it by myself when you always reflect on the core and reflect on every single word of the parent. Why did Allah subhanaw taala use this word and Not another word?

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Why did Allah subhanaw taala Zaid like this and not some other way?

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And America has infinite

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ability to say anything anyway?

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Why did you say it this way? Why did Allah subhanaw taala for example, not say you remember me otherwise I will roast you on a slow fire

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for eternity. He didn't he would say that.

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Remember me otherwise, punishment? He didn't say he said remember me I will remember you. So when I did that, I heard that as well. How are we ever going to thank Allah for the drama

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and that is why when the signal COVID in the zero so the fact that

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I mentioned this before is the rate that is a result asylum where a sort of a restaurant said that there was a slave who praise Allah subhanaw taala in certain words, and he said that be like a lamb to come I am really jealous, because he was so funny.

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He said oh my god, I praise you like a lamb all brazen times we do.

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Come I am Bobby jela and

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in keeping with the glory and majesty of your face, was even as authentic and giving with the glory and majesty of the kingdom.

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So the recording angels references the recording ages then got confused. How do we record the value the the reward for this particular way of praising Allah subhanho data they don't process the data. In this era, your prayers, our slavers prayers do with these

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Words and of course Allah knows before they tell him but in order to establish the herd Jaya in favor of Islam and as well as that, what did my slave say?

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And they say are up

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to the religion it was because he was authentic.

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So how should we regard and how much reward should we regard for this phrase?

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And as always, as Adam said, Allah subhanaw taala said, you write down the words of Isaiah, and I will reward him in keeping with the glory and majesty of my skin.

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I will reward him in keeping with the glory and majesty of my faith and my kingdom, myself.

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The reward of sugar first guru, Guru calm was guru Li. While I

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will do the rest of the world Angela asked Allah subhanaw taala to us as though for you to reflect on his color. And to have let this column sink into our hearts and minds and spirits. So there's a problem with Islam with practicing Islam is that we have no feeling for Islam. We have those feelings and disciples Allah have no connection with Allah has gone dead with a bunch of rules. So I do what I can I don't do what I can't call us What do I do,

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but if this sense of who is alive our connection to the Las panatela What is this thing doing to me for

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this one, this one piece of desire, not even the bullet is one piece of design enough for us to think about for the till the day we die.

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And to reflect on it and to think about it to imagine what Coronavirus is somebody will for whom this is top of the mind how easy is it for that person to stand in that as well?

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How easy is it?

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So anytime you have difficulty waking up and you think about yourself or guru guru What do I what is better than Allah subhana wa tada remembering me on his own How can I continue to sleep after that?

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How is it possible

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that you understand how we sell a service to stand the whole like sometimes you think you know we got used to reading stories and writing stories already sense.

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So we tell is the million dollar restaurant Mr. Stan law like is the law and his feet would get sold. Why did he do that?

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For what

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do you think it was a burden was just one light color? No.

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Hello, Santa, the beauty the sweetness of Salah, Curatola in where is the proper line? The porcelain only comes when you understand what Guru neiafu

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Allah remember me vas Alhamdulillah Allah Allah May Allah Allah saying I'm Danny Arab be my slave just praise me. So I don't know what is the value of this?

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What is the value of this?

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This has to go inside.

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We have to feel it inside here. We have to feel it inside here. Then what is the sweetness of Salah will come first. The connection with Allah subhanaw taala established then we ask Allah We are not talking to some entity we don't know you're talking to someone we have a connection.

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah with complete certainty that he will do it.

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And Magellan water will do the rest of the air as to why Allah says it is died

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immediately after this why is it time to whistleblower Salah torosyan shall

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to understand this column and to further the the the power of Golan to completely occupy and fill our hearts and to help us to connect with him. Because without his help, we cannot connect with a Muslim until we ask Allah for reason. Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He will have us right

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