Divine Doses #07 Engraved On His Soul

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The speaker discusses the importance of shavon's use of the Arabic language in various verses of the Bible, including his use of the symbol "by the way" to demonstrate his gratitude towards Islam. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of shavon's use of the symbol "by the way" to demonstrate his love towards Islam, and the use of "by the way" to demonstrate his gratitude towards Islam. The speaker also mentions the importance of shavon's use of the symbol "by the way" to demonstrate his love towards Islam, and encourages viewers to support them.

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You know I often tell people that this is by far one of my favorite verses in the book of Allah subhana wa tada for so many reasons of them is the amount of subtleties in this verse are just amazing. And I'm sure the more I dig, the more you dig, the more we will find the treasures. But also this verse serves as a perfect demonstration that shavon is lying. And no, you don't need to master the Arabic language to start digging out the gems, unearthing the treasures in the Quran.

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Listen, number one, in this verse Yusuf Ali Salaam is listing the favors of Allah over him. Allah has been so kind to me for removing me from the prison and bringing you all from the desert life after shavon has instigated between me and my brother. That's what he said. But there's something he didn't say that also comes across just as clear and translation. He didn't say a love removed me from the well, when he was thrown down the well. That's how it all started. You think he'd mentioned that first. And that's where his life was threatened the prison cell he was just threatened in his freedom. He didn't mention it. Why? Because it would not have been befitting of the manners of a

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believer, nevertheless, the matters of a profit to hurt the feelings of those that who will press him keep in mind

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after he said to them earlier, I have forgiven you, it's over, I will not hold it against you. So even mentioning it in a positive light in their presence. He was too magnanimous, too gracious to make a mention of it, he put it away. He kept that favor between him and Allah internalizing the gratitude. The second, very quickly, he said to his father, oh, my father, this is the interpretation of my dream. My Lord has made it a reality. He made that connection. Don't overlook that. That's not a small thing. Because us For example, when we see a dream, and we're hopeful the sign from Allah, or when we make dua, and we're hopeful for a response from Allah, we wait about 12

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hours, 24 hours a week Max, then we just basically resigned to the fact that I'm not going to get to what I asked for, I'm not going to get to what I hoped for.

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But think Ibrahim alayhis salam, for example, made a dua that Allah bless the people of Arabia with a prophet to guide them and Allah responded to his daughter, but it only manifested 2000 years later, Yusuf Ali Salaam saw a dream and alized it and made it a reality but decades later, and he caught that why because he never stopped being hopeful have confidence in Allah subhanho wa Taala the third one, and this one on one of my shields on teachers mentioned it. I was just stunned. I said, Subhana Allah, how many pearls and gems and like priceless subtleties are there in the Quran that we just don't read carefully enough to catch? He said he said to his father, in this verse in

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Netanyahu, Allium, and Hakeem, certainly my Lord is the Most knowing the best knowing the most wise, and those are very, obviously related, very straightforward after the events have taken their course. Now we see a law certainly is the best of planners. So we are reiterating that asserting that one anew. But no, no, no, there's something more than just that surface, meaning those two names in particular had a very specific significance. So use Valley center. You see, when he first told his dream to his father, the Wise Prophet and the father of use of yehovah his sallam, he knew that his son would not be elevated to that high rank, not the rank of being king, the righteous and

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the wicked could be kings with the rank of being put at the forefront of humanity to serve them at their time of need, except on a very rough road first, and so he told him what he needed. He said Allah seeks to raise you up.

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need to know in abeka that your Lord is Alia moon hacking 90 versus earlier 3040 years earlier, his father told him that and now he's saying that you are absolutely right Allah certainly is the knowing the wise. It's as if those two names of Allah being engraved in his personality carved into his consciousness. Those two names carried him through all of those ordeals. And so regardless of what life has waiting for us or Allah has waiting for us in life, regardless of what you worry about for your children, you engrave in their personalities, the names and attributes of Allah, they will carry them throughout no matter what whoever has found Allah has found everything and whomever has

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not found Allah has not found anything for Allah has no substitute. He is the Most Great soprano hola dot flowing calm guys hope you enjoyed the video. We're working hard to produce a lot more videos for you. So please help us in this unprecedented times with the corona and everything everybody's stuck at home doing virtual we're trying our best to get as much information to you so please use the links below and support us as much as you can.