Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #254 – That Time When Muslims Saved The Jews – The Spanish Inquisition

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the conflict between Muslims and Christians and how it has been a long standing relationship. They argue that while there may be some beneficial relationships, it is not historically accurate. The speaker also discusses the history of acceptance among different faith groups and how it is difficult to imagine a conflict of interest.
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Some people would have you believe that Muslims and Jews or Muslims and different other religious groups have some sort of primordial, essential conflict that's going on, right? People look at Palestine. And as Oh, they've always been fighting, it's always going to be this way. And that's just a lie. And it's not even historically accurate, right? In fact, if you go throughout history, that we've had long long stretches of not just tolerance but mutually beneficial relationships with people of other faiths, for the ones who wanted well for us, for the ones who weren't trying to screw us over, or Congress or undermine us or betray us, right, and you need look no further than

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the Reconquista of Spain, right Muslim Spain when it fell to the Isabella and Ferdinand, and it was quote, unquote, reunified. And they promptly began the Inquisition, who did they kick out first they kicked out the Jews and the Muslims, they kicked out both of us together, which indicates what before then who was living in peace and harmony together, or at least relative peace and harmony, it was the the Jews and the Muslims, right? And so actually, the Ottoman Sultan at the time, he sent ships of his own navy to come and evacuate the Jews out of Spain and bring them to the Ottoman Empire, right? These are things that are normal for us, okay? And Allah says in the Quran, he says,

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you know, a lot doesn't prevent you from treating well and doing justice to the people who are, they're not trying to kill you, for your faith, and they're not trying to turn you out of your homes. No, the only people that were not allowed to have any sort of friendship or allegiance or whatever with are people who are trying to kill us for our faith. They're trying to kill us for our faith, or they're trying to turn us out of our homes, that type of person, we're not allowed to take them as a close ally or something like that, because they don't want good for us. I think that's pretty reasonable, right? So there's no sort of primordial conflict. If you go through, you know,

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the centuries of of history, you'll find that much more often than not the relationship between Muslims and Christians and Jews was one of tolerance and acceptance that exceeds, if we're going to be comparative, we can definitely say exceeds what Muslims and Jews and even non orthodox sects of Christianity were granted under Christian lands, right? So modern times have different it might be a different situation after we've, you know, the Muslim world was destabilized or European colonialism and things like that, okay, then maybe things have gone awry. Maybe we need to get back to that to that sort of ethos, but we can't pretend. And it's disingenuous and simply false to imagine that

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there's some sort of primordial conflict or that Muslims simply can't get along with people of other faiths. That just simply is not historical reality.

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