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AI: Summary © The importance of finding one's own weaknesses and finding one's own weaknesses in the future is emphasized in Islam. Directing actions and making them fair and unfair is crucial, as it is the root of human success. A strong connection between words and emotions is crucial, and mental health and faith are also crucial. It is crucial to be mindful of one's actions and to not let anxiety or fear affect their actions. It is crucial to find one's faith in Islam and find a way to achieve their goals.
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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen load 100 has no financial Jimmy was shadow Allah ilaha illAllah medical has been a shadow under Mohammed Ahmed pseudo la hidden ro torontonian al Amin. When was the finale forgettable da da da da da da Mohammed in Salalah Juan alayhi wa sallam, Sharon Morimoto refer to her death in bidra Hoku livedata Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah till now we begin the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the grantor of mercy, all praise and glory be to Allah Lord of the worlds. Certainly Allah is deserving of the best thanks and the most beautiful praises. And we testify that no one is worthy of our

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worship and our devotion than our loving obedience in the absolute sense but Allah and Allah alone, without any partners, the true supreme King at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth, His Prophet and his servant and His Messenger, whom he sent as a mercy to the world's

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and the truest of words bar none of the words of Allah the Great the glorious Koran and the best of guidance, the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his example. And the most dangerous matters of the newly added matters into this religion for every single one of them is a leading history that leads away from the straight path and towards destruction and the fire May Allah protect us and you from every belief statement or action that would bring us or our loved ones closer to the fire. I love them. I mean,

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we welcome everyone back after the I guess the Ramadan or a hiatus a little bit of a breather. I know I needed one from all of the virtual presentations. I pray that you benefited and I pray I'm not the least to benefit. inshallah we'll we will be together every Friday night if our law permits. With a an independent topic. I thought not to resume the series that we had in house in the mystery but having an independent topic, so people don't feel like they're missing out on last week or this week, and then it discourages them from being with us. So

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the topic as you may have seen in the post for this evening will be emotional distress.

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some insights from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam on how to deal with emotional distress and remedy it and

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we'll leave some time in the end we anila if there are any questions, you can just type them out in the comments and I'll try to get to some of them at the end of the reminder at the end of the lesson inshallah Tada. So,

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let me begin here. And remember, Rahim Allah He collects

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a Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam for us, traced all the way to our beloved Mr. Ravi Allahu anhu. Who said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us mal Saba Abba den hem Manuel has a known that no servant of God meaning no person is afflicted with him, him his worries about the future anxiety is afflicted with worries or anxieties, while he hasn't nor sadness or grief for Karla, and then he says, and I'll skip that part of the Hadeeth. I'll come back to it because we want to dissect it a little bit. And then he says the following do the following supplication in what can happen Allah He and you'll be de la hemma who faraja or who's gonna who

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follows except that Allah makes it a must upon himself and his son the great generosity of Allah, because nothing is an obligation on him except what he obligates himself with with Subhana Allah tada except that Allah makes it a must upon himself incumbent upon himself to

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or replace his concerns his anxieties with relief and his sadness with joy, his anxieties with relief and his sadness, his or his sadness with joy. They said after hearing this drive that I'm about to share with you, they said Yasser Allah FNS alum Hoon, should we not learn these statements? the statements of this da, he said young bethey

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Allah coolamon semirara hoonah tala mahana. Every person who hears of these words should learn them should learn them, they are a must. They are indispensable, because there's not a single one of us that does not find within themselves anks right this anxiousness about in the future. Sometimes we even feel anxiousness that creeps up on us and we're not even sure why it's there. So how do we begin even tackling it?

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And also hosen there is no one of us except that they will go through sadness in this world. That's part and parcel of the nature of this world as we'll mention in a minute. So what did he teach people dealing with the emotional distress, of anxiety or sadness to say he said no one is afflicted with sadness or anxiety and says Allahumma inni abduch webinar biddick webinar ametek

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Oh Allah, I am your Abbot, I am your servant, webinar I biddick webinar ametek and the son of your servant, the son of your maidservant meaning basically I am your servant. My parents are Your servants. We are all powerless in front of you. We are all subservient to you. age old, it's always been that way to always be that way. Everyone is all along your servants, none of your servants that have your maid servant. And of course the woman can say internet2, according to many scholars, you will just say the daughter of your servant, the daughter of your maid servant, internetu is set of ibnu.

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And then the dot continues to say, Now CIT, b eddic. Now CIT is the for lock that lock of hair that's in the front of your head,

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or the head of an animal also the like the horse and otherwise the banks that they call or the you know, the front of the hair, for those that aren't bolding.

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That is called the forelock, the foremost lock of hair.

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And we'll explain why in a second. Now, CCTV edik my four lock is in your hands. You see, when you pull someone by those strands of hair, or you pull a horse with a strands of hair, they become very submissive, you can direct them any direction you want. So you're saying Oh Allah, I am totally submissive. Before you, you can direct me in any direction you want. You're the one in charge. Now see a TV edek Mauldin fee pocomoke I didn't figure Kaabah oak.

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Your decisions about me are Mauldin your decisions about me are always carried out. I didn't see Aqaba oak.

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Your judgments about me are always fair. So executed or every decision you make about me, and just unfair, or every judgment, every verdict you pass on me, then it continues to say, look at the policeman who I like, I ask you by every name that is yours. Some Mater big enough sec, that you've named yourself with our lambda who hadn't been halted, or you've thought any one of your creation, meaning your profits, you've disclosed to the profits, I love them. And I'll take you or you've informed any one of your creation. I always felt a big fear in the middle of a beer in Dec or you've withheld in the knowledge of the unseen the unknown knowledge that remains with you.

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I asked you by all that every name that is yours that you've sent down to one of your scriptures that you've taught one of your creation that you've withheld in the knowledge of the unseen that is with you, and Tagil for Anna Robbie Appleby that you deem or make the poor and to be that I'll be out of my heart. There'll be eyes to things that I'll be as the springtime like the season, the spring season.

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And so you're asking a lot to allow the hold and to be what causes your heart to blossom like this, what happens in the springtime

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and that I'll be here could also mean and these are the same meaning really, that I'll be is the rain that comes down in the springtime this spring showers and they say the first spring showers are the first spring rainfall because it is so anticipated. And that's very beautiful. Because our hearts anticipate direction anticipate guidance so much that you're asking a lot to let go and be that be that guidance that causes my heart to blossom.

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And so I asked you by all that, that you make the hole and the spring of my heart

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or the anticipated rainfall that causes my heart to sprout.

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Why neurosurgery and the light of my chest, the light of my chest what causes me to be surrounded by light your heart surrounded by light, clarity.

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Your heart is not trapped in darkness, captive of darkness, the light of my chest and a little Saudi what gela Hosni and the jela means the the upliftment. So the removal basically of gela Hosni the upliftment of my sadness, with the hair behind me and the dispeller that was chases away.

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My anxieties, my anxieties, so this is a prophetic draft and no one knows how to speak to Allah zellige and approach him like the prophets and because Allah taught them directly how to speak to him, and so he told us that no one of us is afflicted with anxiety or sadness and says these words, except that Allah makes it a must upon him to

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respond by doing away with our sadness and doing away with our anxiety.

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So there are some important lessons here that we should reflect on. Number one, we're supposed to learn this. Okay? And so I'm sure you can find it though it is authentic. It's narrated by authentic chain from if you Google it, it is also known as the outcome, the application of distress, the prophetic supplication for distress, and there are numerous. But this one is also known as specifically known as the outcome.

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The second thing we should know is that there must be a relationship between the words of this.

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And the, the objective of this, like, what do these words have to do with anxiety and depression and sadness, there has to be a connection. And there is,

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first of all, you begin to do icing on your servant, the child of your servant, the child of your we're all powerless slaves

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at your door,

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we have no mind or power except by you. That concept, you your calling is part of the humility you act you ask Allah with, but at the same time, it even puts your heart in a beautiful state just to remember this. So what I mean is that you admitting this to Allah

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will give you access to Allah bringing you relief, bringing your relief, but there is an immediate relief that comes with you conceding to the reality that is spoken in this day.

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And so let me just give one example, let's say I'm dealing with a physical illness, me submitting to a law that no matter how hard I try, and no matter how hard the physicians try, there's no major power except by you, that in and of itself, accelerates and amplifies your eligibility to be physically cured. Okay? But at the same time, you simply saying that, while meaning it feeds your soul, it feeds your email and your faith and relieves you on its own like that, in and of itself brings you great relief. And even you think about it just conceptually speaking, what is it that causes people emotional distress?

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hinders them from emotional fulfillment? The fact that they don't have control, this is what frustrates them so much, right?

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What get puts per person,

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you know, through depression, like some psychologists, they'll say, depression is, you know, could be illustrated as you being on top of a mountain that you don't want to be on and you want to get or you believe you should be on top of the other mountain over there. And you can't get past the fact that there's a huge valley between you it's an impossible leap. How do I get there, it's impossible and so you feel paralyzed by the impossibility and so you'd become depressed. The idea is, when you say this, you say, it's not my job to get across this, right? When you've done everything in your power and you don't see there's anything left to be done in your power. You're supposed to take that

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off your shoulders and say Allah, I'm yours I belong to you, whatever.

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You know, way you turn me right. My forelock is in your hands.

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That's, that's the way I'm going to go. Removing that load from your shoulders, the expectation of yourself that you have to carry this alone, the expectation of yourself to change reality

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is a huge relief to defer that to relegate that to your lower than masters apana hola Donna, the fully capable the best of planners, the one who is more merciful and compassionate and affectionate to you than you are even with yourself. That is the role of Oh Allah, I'm yours I'm powerless. I'm in your hands. And then you say, everything you do about do towards me is carried out. Yes. is extremely relieving. You know, that whatever Allah has written with depends have written and the pages have dried the ink has dried regarding it. There's no point in me killing myself over it because Allah is the one who wrote that out.

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Not someone who was unwise, not someone who was unmerciful. No, and it's final. Mauldin. FIA hoekman. Your decision about me? execute, it's always executed. I didn't see a cabal, and then you tell yourself

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or you're selling a law and you're hearing it during the year the audience now saying, and it is perfectly fair, your verdict on me always. You remind yourself that every blessing you have from Allah is pure bounty. It's not it's not deserved. It's not entitled. That's another thing that you believe that you should have a paradise on earth or should have it a certain way. We're not entitled to anything. Once you tell yourself I'm not entitled to

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Anything, everything you have becomes a bonus, something I don't deserve.

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So every bounty from him or every favor from him is a bounty it's extra, and every penalty from him or even hardship from him or punishment, it's justice, meaning every verdict from you about me is always at least justice, as if it's a male or a female I used to say kulu, near mighty men who felt alone or could lose near kamati men who had

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that every blessing from him like everything pleasing from him,

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is a bounty it's a gift undeserved, and every punishment from him is perfect justice Subhana. Allah I didn't feel about security verdicts on me are always fair, meaning at least fair, meaning if you're going to give me more than I deserve, it's going to be in the good guy, the good stuff, it's not going to be the the punishment, I didn't feel called out. And then you say,

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I asked you by every name that is yours belong to a lot of the perfect names, the most beautiful names that are of the greatest gateway to increasing our faith and our our clinging to Allah and our reliance upon him and our contentment with him. subhanho wa Taala, I asked you by every name that is yours. You know, the ones you've sent down in Scripture, the one you've talked to prophets and messengers and angels, the ones you've withheld, because Allah has praise, worthiness is unlimited. And so the concept of Allah has 99 names that would that other Hadeeth really means is a lot. There are 99 names belonging to Allah, which you should

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build your relationship with Allah by discovering and internalizing through the end of it. It doesn't mean Allah has only 99 names. It is infinite, the praise of Allah, and therefore His names are many more than what he revealed to his prophets, and messengers. That's why you say every name that's yours, whether you've put it in Scripture revealed it to prophets, or kept it back with the knowledge of the unseen, you're beyond praise that we can muster. You're beyond what our lifetimes can ever

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know of you, you're just above and beyond the most perfect slant, splendid, majestic, awesome, God subhana wa, tada, you ask him by all that, conceding to all that, that you make the Qur'an that will be of my heart, and the light of my chest, and the upliftment of my

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anxieties and the dispeller of my sadness. And that last part of the day, as well, you are actually expecting to get what you asked for, because I love told you what to say because he wants to give you but at the same time, it also tells us a lot about what you find in that core and make the whole and that'll be of my heart, the core and is what allows you to blossom. The Quran is what allows you to have your garden inside, if you will, it cannot be overrun, it cannot be infiltrated. And that is the idea emotional. And I'll end with that emotional distress.

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When you want to get rid of it, we mean the type of distress that will derail you, you see cause emotional distress, sadness, anxiety or otherwise, right when you have that as a believer, okay.

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There's a few ways to look at it, there's the distress that's going to slow you down in your journey to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Okay. And that's a big problem. Of course, it's a big problem, anything is that gets in the way of our journey to Allah, we have to get around that quickly. We have to get past that.

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And so that's what you're asking for, to be able to be contained in your anxiety not to remove it altogether. How can you this is this is the, the exam room so long as we're alive in here. And that that's also something I want to say when we speak about like mental health and the importance of mental health, we definitely need to continue speaking about that and emphasizing that we're also clarifying to people, a few things of them is that your mental health challenges, sometimes many times your emotional challenges many times instead of slowing you down in life, and more importantly, or more significantly, slowing you down in faith, they could actually you could

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actually turn the table on them and they could accelerate you in life. They can be a driving force for you in your faith, they can bring you closer to Allah than ever. Once they're contained. Like look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. A lot chose to put him through such emotional distress on a salatu salam who went through what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went through. You know, he never met his father and he hardly ever, you know, spend time with his mother whatsoever. She died very young and he was out nursing outside of Mecca even during those few short years. Then he was adopted by his grandfather Abdulmutallab who died and then his uncle died.

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Him who took him in and protected him against the world died and Khadija his dearest wife died and all of his children

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died before him. He out survived or survived all of them except for fall tomorrow they allowed to Atlanta. And he was told

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the most heinous things and the most difficult accusations and assassination attempts left and right and physical injuries in the battlefield and, and all of this, and Jerry says, I've never came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Since the day I became Muslim 10 years ago, except that he was smiling. Like he wasn't just like content, he was keeping others who went through so much less distress than him, stable, emotionally anchored, feeling fulfilled, feeling validated, like he had a surplus, how he felt the pain, the heart ache, there was the stress, the eyes teared so many times I think it's a lot of a sudden made a peace and blessings be upon him and me a lot further races rank

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for all he went through for this oma and for those that would come

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as a part of this oma until the end of time. That's what I want to say that is part of what raised his rank, the emotional distress he went through. And so the idea is not to get rid of all emotional distress whatsoever. It is to get the emotional distress from being a roadblock in your life, to being part of your your jetpack that will accelerate you towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. How do you do that your greatest asset and doing that is faith. There are many avenues of course, and yes, going to mental health specialists, specialists that are not to prescription happy is a part of it as well.

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But yeah, your faith is your most important part, to recognize that Allah is in charge, and not to me and not anyone else. That's number one. That's the most important thing. And then to connect with the Quran, as this there is saying, Allah, I'm yours, and then make the whole and this for me, right? Because the Quran tells you what everything it tells you about why you're here, you know, that the people that don't, that have an existential crisis, they have a crisis of identity, they can't understand how to process their existence. These are the people that go through the greatest difficulty, the people that that are in denial about the fact that no matter how hard you try, not

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everyone's gonna like you, the people that are in denial about the fact that paradise on earth, Earth will never exist. All of these things. They are faulty expectations that set you up for so much emotional distress and frustration that are eradicated by a relationship with the hole and the hole and causes to blossom in your heart, beneficial knowledge, a clarity on your worldview, a sense of duty and purpose. That is what gives you what you need. So knowing Allah is in charge, and you don't want it any other way. And then having clarity

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and then having clarity, and then having clarity through the whole and

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these are of the greatest factors to dispel our sadness and our anxieties. Until we get to gender then in that case, it will accelerate us push us forward to where we need to be Jenna, may Allah gather I'll send you there about which Allah said in the Quran, Al hamdu wakad Al Hamdulillah he levy ever have an L has an and they said, Praise be to Allah who dispelled entirely this time, we mean entirely dispelled all together our hazard, our sadness, that only exists in gender in the fullest sense of the word only in paradise.

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Here you get armoured from it, so it doesn't break you no matter how hard your tests may be. And over there, it gets deleted from the equation All Praise be to Allah, the people of Paradise say, who do oh did away with our sadness, who did away with our sadness Allah

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in our banner of a fallen shackled and they continue to say certainly our Lord was so forgiving and so appreciating of the very little that we did, though he rewarded for with so much. The next verse says and levy a Helena, they are all mokameh team in fatherly, the one who allowed us to be permanent here in the land

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of eternal dwelling.

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Those two factors are of the reasons why there's no anxiety and sadness. and gentlemen, number one, he allowed us to be permanent, we're not going anywhere. And then in the land in the abode of eternal dwelling means what? And this generally will not go anywhere, neither will we leave it nor will it ever expire. And also the scholar said, abode of eternal dwelling, it speaks also about interest, meaning the place where you will forever be interested in remaining you'll never grow bored of it.

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Darling family in probably all of this out of his bouncy.

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Liam as soon as he had NASA, this is the place where we will finally not feel any sort of fatigue. What's

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However, while I am as soon as he Halo hub, nor will we feel in it,

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any discomfort any disinterest whatsoever, and so May Allah azza wa jal help us understand the nature of the life of this world and the privilege that we have to know that he is in charge with us on every step of the journey, and allow us to be of those that take from the heart and draw from the heart and the seeds and the rainfall to cause our hearts to be our gardens from within. So nothing can break us and make whatever we go through on route to be a means of accelerating towards him, may Allah make us of those that are happy about the outcome of our anxiety on the last day, happy about the benefit we accrued from our sadness, once we arrived there on the last day, and May Allah azza

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wa jal, the most forgiving the most appreciating

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allow us

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to wind up being of those who say Alhamdulillah hilarious have a handle hasn't Praise be to Allah who did away with our sadness. Certainly Allah is the most forgiving the most appreciating who allowed us to remain permanently here in the abode of eternal dwelling, wherein there is no fatigue and there is no boredom, discomfort or disinterest whatsoever.

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There's like a lovely and everybody I don't see any questions. So I will call it a night and we'll see you all next week at the same time. The anila said I want to go