Divine Doses #03 The Insecurity of Ibrahim ()

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The speaker discusses a video about Islam and how it is impossible for humans to obtain their titles without the help of Jesus. They also mention a woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted by Jesus, but they do not know who the victim was. The speaker encourages viewers to donate to help improve their spiritual well-being.

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in Surah Baqarah Allah subhanho wa Taala sights for us that Ibrahim alayhi salam, as he and his son is married we're erecting the foundations of the cabinet the Sacred House. They said on a burner to a carbon Mina in Nicaea into semi or Aleem, O our Lord, please accept this humble effort from us. They were exhibiting their understanding that Allah has no need for our greatest good deeds. Whereas it's us that have a need a desperate need for Allah's acceptance of our meager good deeds, one of our righteous predecessors will help him the man I love you so mercy upon him, whenever he would recite this area, he would weep. And he would say look at this, this is the friend of God, building

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the greatest ever house of God the kava, by instructions from God. And still he's showing insecurity, concern uncertainty about whether or not it was accepted from him. Meaning where do we get our premature false sense of security when we attempt to worship Allah in a manner befitting his greatness when that by definition is impossible for us humans? And on another occasion, this same scholar will tell you right now Hola. They asked him about the kava, what is the reward? How many Hassan had good deeds do we get for going around the kava performing the stove when we circle around Allah's house in devotion to Allah? And he said the reward of going around the house, you should be

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asking about the shook the gratitude that is due from you for Allah allowing you to go around his house. So whenever an opportunity for righteous action arises, feel the need for it, and feel this immense gratitude inside you that Allah has sent your way. Something that could mean everything towards your salvation. And something that does not mean anything in terms of benefiting Allah if we do it or harming Allah or decreasing him in any way if we don't remember Ibrahim, Allah He set up and that dua he made along with his son, except from us our humble effort, so I'm awakened reborn. Hope you like these videos. Please make sure you follow these links below to donate. We need your

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help. The Masjid needs your model