Mohammad Elshinawy – Devastated by His Triumph

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is highlighted, including the fall of the wall and the victory of the Muslims. The Muslims missed their Lord's Day meal and missed their recitation of the holy month. The missed meal was due to the coronavirus pandemic and the missed recitation was not due to political beliefs. Prayer for the Lord's Day is emphasized, especially in early hours, and the importance of treating people who do not want to be treated properly is emphasized.
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In Alhamdulillah, talana Monastery Novi wanna sell Pharaoh when I was a villa Italia Manchurian fusina was a yachtie our Marina Marina de la hota Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, wa shadow a la ilaha illa bajo de hula sharika lahu eyeshadow Anna Mohammed Abu whenever you who are a pseudo yeah you're Latina no taco la porta potty wallet mo tuna 11 Tomasi moon yeah you Hannah suta Pura vida como la de la la comida FC wahida wahala caminhada Westerman. humare jerilyn kathira manisa de la halaby TESSA aluna v all our ham in namaha? Can Ollie Kumar Atiba? Yeah, you're Latina. aminata por la la pulu Colin said EDA, you select la kumala como la casa Rubicam, one minute ala how

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Rasulullah who fucka defassa frozen alima.

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After praising Allah azza wa jal and thanking Him and seeking His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. We testify that no one is worthy of our worship, but alone alone, alone without any partners, the true supreme King at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth, His Prophet and his servant and His Messenger. And after reminding myself a new with a tough call of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And welcome my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah xojo another blessing Juma May Allah azza wa jal except in it our deeds in yours. An email with Nicosia Rahim Allah Al Bukhari also and others. They report that the great Sahabi and servant of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and a Sydney Malik rhodiola Juan ns whenever he would remember or be reminded about the conquest of to store the conquest of

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pronounce your star in English, he would weep he would cry.

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But Allah had granted this conquest to the Muslims what was to store, the store was one of the strongest, most impregnable fortresses of the sassanid lens of the sassanid Persian Empire.

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The Muslims laid siege to this fortress, some reports say for an entire year and a half. That's how difficult it was to conquer this fortress. And then ultimately,

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Allah azza wa jal granted the Muslims victory. So you would think this is a huge accomplishment. What about this would make ns or the lavonne who cry out of regret every time it's mentioned.

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The walls fell or opened up for the Muslim army a few hours before, before the Federalist law. And when they happen, the Muslims flooded in to try to get the upper hand as best they could. Because they were outnumbered five to one, there was approximately 30,000 Muslims and 150,000 sassanid infiltration soldiers there.

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And it was a brutal battle. That only by Allah's permission, were the Muslims able to escape defeat, every moment meant death, every moment was danger even before they got into the fortress. You know, Anna says that they used to have these ropes at the end of which they would tie chains so you couldn't cut the rope. And at the end of the chain, they would have these metal hooks that they would heat until they were red hot along with the chain. And they would throw them over the tops of the fortresses. So anyone who came close to the walls would get picked up by them.

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And that says, and I was of those who got hooked by one of these traps, and as I was being dragged up the wall, the wall of the fortress, my brother in law in America of the law, one of the greatest heroes of that day, jumped on the rope and grabbed it with his hands and climbed up the chain till he got to the actual fiber rope and cut it with his sword. And when he looked back at his hand, he could see his bones clearly. They're the flesh was all gone.

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After the brutal events of this battle, ultimately Allah Zilla Jen permitted for the Muslims to emerge victorious. But this victory had happened when by the time the dust cleared, it was a few moments after sunrise. And so the Muslims were triumphant there but they had missed out on praying the Vegeta solder on time.

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And that is what devastated ns every time he remembered that day of the allowance,

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they missed veggies and of course they miss fudge. The swords are above their head and ns are the Aloha. This is one of if not the only time he ever missed a lot of veggies.

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But despite all of this, he would hear the word toaster and say toaster what is toaster? Like what kind of accomplishment is

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he goes that is the de la mini sort of soup that I missed the morning prayer.

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Woman Oh, hey, Bonnie akuna Leah dunia Jamie and we have the Salah, I would not rather game this entire planet at the cost of this one prayer.

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I begin with that image just so we can begin to think and realize just how much they sacrificed everything for the sake of Allah zildjian

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even their lives, and at the same time how much they valued Sala above every other sacrifice above every other act of devotion.

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They gave up everything and that is why you may also think here, how many Muslims nowadays would they recognize if the Muslims don't even and this is unfortunately the majority of us do not pray Our five times a day prayers on time. And especially shameful as when we look at our record at Sultan fetchit the Muslims who do not even sacrifice a few moments to get out of their warm bread, warm beds to pray fejn even if in their own homes, then how can these be the same people that claim what we claim to love Allah azza wa jal and to set him as the number one in their lives, you know, some people may say ns This is a little bit too much like he's obviously excused his life was in

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danger. And it is very possible they were excused from missing federa that day, it was not in their hands. But NSS worry was what just to pinpoint it for you. Maybe Maybe I wasn't excused. Maybe I did not plan well enough. Maybe I was a bit too rash in thinking in checking is are we going to be able to assault this to launch this assault and have enough time before? vejen? Maybe I was too dismissive of Vegeta coming on? Was I giving it enough attention? That is what worried him because it's possible they didn't. And then you contrast that now with someone who does not give Vegeta sada any attention whatsoever on any day of the year? Should they not be worried that they are more

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concerned about showing up late in front of their bosses at work than showing up in the place where Allah said was a lot work for Anil fejn that recitation that happens at fish in particular be worried about it in the Quran and federally kanima shuda the recitation that's federally something the angels I send forth, to fill this earth to attend for a roll call to listen to see. And of course, secondarily to to report back who committed this crime of neglecting Sultan Vegeta until the sun has risen.

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A whole lot of stuff Ravi Murray, welcome

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena Viva La Ilaha Illa bajo la sharika lahu Asha Donna Mohammed and Aveda who whenever you who are solo

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a lot of Morocco what Allah says once again, upcoming salata Li De Luca shamcey la voz de la make sure you're establishing these prayers more important than anything else in this whole world. As Anna says I would not rather have the world for this prayer, establish these and then in particular, pay special attention to Quran and fetch the recitation that must happen in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala didn't our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also tell us? Mon Sol La sobha for who are feeding Mattila? Is that not enough of an incentive? whomever prays the morning prayer meaning before sunrise, then they are in the protection of Allah Zilla Jen, can we survive without the

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protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala didn't the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say lady Gennaro I had done sulla cabela foodora shamcey acaba horiba. No one will enter the Hellfire who prays before the sunrises and before the sunsets. Those are two challenging prayers. One is your day is winding down. In the in the rush hour, we call it until this very age, and one of them in the coldest part of the night in the most comfortable part the moment in your bed before the sun rises itself.

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So how do we treat it? How much are we attentive to it? Do we treat our children in a way that reflects that this world doesn't satisfy anyone, even those who gain it and is unpredictable it is not guaranteed for anyone to gain it to begin with. Do we treat it in a way that instills the seriousness in them that this Salah is worth more than the world as NSR dalla Han said

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And I'll leave with you the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said

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in a Shavasana Yaki to Allah coffee at the Roxy a Heidi comida who Anam every night when you sleep shaytaan fastens three knots on your head a form of witchcraft a form of sedating you with some sort of sorcery.

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And he blows into each not saying, sleep your night as long sleep your night as long sleep your night as long Fein who apama Allah if a person wakes up and they remember of law,

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you know, you say five more minutes and then it goes the Salah goes, if you half asleep half awake, couldn't get out of the bed. What makes you think when you dip five more minutes deeper into sleep, you're going to get out of the bed. This is a spell from Stefan.

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He's making you heavy, heavy headed. He says once he remembers Allah says Bismillah Alhamdulillah, Allah Vienna, any of these doors, remembers Allah one of those knots is undone. And then drag yourself to the bathroom because he said, and then once he purifies himself, another knot is undone.

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And then when he stands in front of Allah, another natesan done, and he becomes high spirited, energetic for the rest of his day. And if he doesn't do that, if he gives in in the battle with strength on he goes back to sleep, he misses fidget, he becomes gloomy and low spirited and lethargic, lazy for the end of the day. So do not think that you're heavy headed at fejn simply because you're tired. And don't think that the missing fetch is going to give you another hour of energy that you're actually going to benefit from. This is not the case and our Prophet salallahu alaihe salam told us shavon wants you to think that is the case. Whoever is not consistent with

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veggies between you and Allah azza wa jal and have been neglecting your right their families right on you to help them with veggies. Let today mark the end of that. Tell yourself this one thing shaitan does not want me to prefetch shaitan lost his standing with Allah for not making sudo to add them when he was prompted. I will not be worse than shavonne and not make sudo to Allah when I am prompted. May we never be those people Allahumma amin May Allah help us be of those who established the prayer on time and have our family members be so as well and help us wisely and gently and carefully reformulate the priorities in our homes and in our lives in a way that we never go back on

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and in a way that doesn't have an adverse effect. Help us begin with the obligations and not be distracted by other things that are religious sedatives that may not be worth anything if our Salawat are not in order. I love them. I mean, I love them a Filipino hammer lahoma Filipino hammer, a llama ferlin our hammer, but I've been a jalna multi me sada woman Doreen arabinose acaba de la llama Shimano Hello Chana Masala la hora de la vida kinda BNL molana Muhammad Ali he or savage marine

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