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Friday Sermon on December 23, 2016.

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In Alhamdulillah,

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national minister you know who when I stopped

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when I was a builder Himanshu Rory and fusina woman say, Dr. Medina, mais de la from la mejor para Haji Ala Wai Chateau La ilaha illallah wa ala Sheree. Kela killer. Why should one know Mohammad Nabi?

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sallallahu alayhi wa tada Eddie he was a curvy woman so I learned he was sending me so nutty he la Oh Medina.

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Takada Martinez to panna Hua Tara Phaeton z. Yeah, yo hola Xena aman Taka la helper to party. wallet mo tuna Illa one Tomas Lee Moon from borrowed my brothers and sisters. First and foremost we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to shower His mercy and His acceptance upon each and every one of us on this blessed day of this blessed hour of Yeoman tomorrow along.

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Today what I'd like to do is share with you the concluding passages or verses of Surah Al ahzab. These are verses you hear constantly imams love to recite them.

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And this is where Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us yeah, you hold Edina mn topo la wakulla Poland's that either you slash la Kumamoto como que la Koo back home woman UTI la hora Sula, *a differs 1000 alim qualifies 1000 hours even now, until the end of the surah. My brothers and sisters, one thing you want to know about students will accept.

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This is a surah that deals with a lot of family related issues that are often misunderstood or tough to explain. So this is the kind of student that you go to when you want to address those particular issues in the most correct form that's pleasing to Allah. But you're not really sure how to do that or you don't understand some of these issues pertaining to the scarf to the hijab the role of a man the role of the woman and their interaction and relationship and things like that. The answers to this is found throughout the poor end, but it's especially in storytellers. What's amazing to me is how this sort of concludes itself. The Parting message of this chapter, Allah is talking to people

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of E men, people of faith.

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So all of us here are people of faith. So listen very carefully.

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Unless that Yeah, you will live in a manual or people have faith in

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Allah The first thing he tells you is

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have Taqwa of Allah, Allah.

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If you're still uncertain what taqwa is, it's the Arabic term used for consciousness of Allah, not necessarily fear of Allah. fear of Allah is an extension or a connotation of taqwa taqwa comes from the word we call your twin. And with higher tune literally means you take the steps to protect yourself and your family from dangers that are lurking around you. So when you go home, you lock the doors, you turn on the security alarm, that's taqwa because you're protecting yourself and your family from any potential danger outside.

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From a spiritual sense, you're doing what is required of you.

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Allah commands you to do certain things and stay away from certain things. And if you disobeyed that order, then there's a consequence. But as long as you live your life, doing everything you can to protect your spirit to protect your faith. This is taqwa. You're always thinking about Allah. Now, why am I saying all of this? I really want you to understand one thing about the introduction of this verse. It's not just people of E men. It's people of faith, who take taqwa very seriously. Because there's a lot of people who have faith, but they live a very easygoing life. They don't really follow or adhere to the rulings of religion. So they kind of go with the flow, not in this

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audience, in this particular audience of diverse These are people who are taking Tuckwell really seriously. May Allah make us from amongst them along I mean, here's the first thing Allah tells you.

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have Taqwa

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and the way that you're going to achieve it.

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What kulu Poland's studied, Allah says speak clear. And speech that doesn't take

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Have any doubt or ambiguity in it? The data literally comes from the word set and set the means to repair something or to patch a wall or to stuff something. So if there was a crack in the wall and you patched it with cement or whatever it is, this is what said that is now what does that have to do with speech? Allah is clearly saying, when you speak to one another, make sure that you're clear. There's no ambiguity, make sure that you're direct and you're forward. But you'd also do this in a civilized way. Why? Because you have Taqwa, you're always thinking and you always remember Allah is listening to me. So I got to be careful what I say and how I say it. And if you're still not sure

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how to do this, other chapters of the Koran teach you how to speak to each other.

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In surah, number 25. Allah says suited for Pon, what is the hot tub of whom will Jae Hee Luna palu Salama whenever the Jahan the real ignorant one.

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And one of the signs of ignorance is the ignorant one can control the tone of his or her voice. So Allah uses the word hardtop from whatever, they're raising their voice when they talk to you. So Allah says that if you're ever confronted with somebody who raises their voice, trying to engage in confrontation with you, or even in some cases, trying to instigate you, come on, say something. Come on, fight back. You know what Allah told you to do?

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Call us.

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you respond with peace. That's the lesson for Muslims. Whenever you're in that predicament, the first thing you have to think about is responding in a peaceful and dignified way.

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Regardless if you're in a room filled with people, regardless, if you're in a home filled with people, regardless of your relationship and your friendships, it doesn't matter. The moment that you're put in a situation where your taqwa and your faith is put to the test, even by speech, Allah says Watch out, respond, but be civilized.

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This is what Hulu Poland's studied, you know what's amazing to me about this area.

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Love doesn't tell you what to say.

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He tells you how you should say what you choose to say.

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And secondly, the human tongue

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is amazing to me.

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Because it's the one Oregon.

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I mean, the tongue doesn't have a bone. It doesn't have any sharp edges.

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But it's powerful and strong enough to break someone's heart.

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And at the same time, it's powerful and strong enough to repair that heart, depending on how you use it.

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So one of the rules, Allah says, when you speak to each other, don't go around in circles with your words.

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Don't leave someone in confusion and questioning what they really mean when they said when they said that, I don't get it. I'm still confused them still loss. Allah said, as a believer, as someone of faith. You're always clear in your speech, but in a dignified and respectful way. The verse continues. So what's in it for you when you do that?

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See, the Koran never tells you to do something except there's either a consequence or a reward. There's some result that you get out of the choice you make. So if you do this, here is the result. You slash local murder. That's one.

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oil filter. laquan Zulu Baku, that's to

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all my youth are in la hora. Sula, here's the third, but it's the condition. For the first of all, email, that's the third reward. So the first thing, the first incentive for you is a long will cleanse.

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Perfect your actions the way you behave. So if you're ever concerned about how you conduct yourself anywhere, in any place, your starting point to rectify that is

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how do you talk to people? How do you address them?

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If you see kids that are really not loud and obnoxious. Do you talk down to them? Or do you treat them like human beings? Do you treat them like furniture, just sort of push them around and pretend they have no feelings? You don't listen, you don't communicate? Or do you actually genuinely sit down and say

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I want to hear Poland sadita. And I'll give you Poland city that because that's what a great man by the name of a local man in Ireland is surrounded with his son.

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Not only did he sit his son down and says, Look, I want to give you some advice, but it was clear explicit advice in terms his son could understand.

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So what was the result? Allah made you beautiful, so your words are beautiful. But as a result, Allah made your actions beautiful. So now even if you are not fluent or eloquent enough to speak properly, if you struggle to do that sort of thing, but you have faith in your heart and you have Taqwa of Allah, you're always thinking a lot watching me. The next time you stand up in line, and the line looks so long.

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You stand up with patience, you relax, why use local laws, purifying your actions, the next time somebody cuts you off on the road, because you have the intention, or because you speak Poland said either, you don't let this stuff get to you.

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If it's potentially dangerous, that's a different issue. But we're talking about somebody who's simply careless around you. You don't let it get to you. But you try your best to address it in a respectful way. As the result alumnado Beautiful. But that's not the only thing. Well, good luck, Uber calm. The process of doing something like this isn't easy. You're going to make mistakes, you're going to say things that when you go home and you think oh, my goodness, I didn't mean it that way. That's not what I intended to say. You totally misinterpreted what I said, I didn't do that. I didn't mean it that way.

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Every one of us has a story like this, where you have an intention. And you want to follow that intention with speech. But sometimes it just comes out in a different way. Well, you know what Allah said to you, I'll forgive you. Well, the lukou back off, forgive you for that mistake. Don't worry about it. However, the condition, woman youth here in la hora Sula, and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that's the condition. So if you want that forgiveness, if you want all this beauty given to you, then you're going to have to make sure that you carry these two ingredients with you everywhere you go. This book, and the legacy of our Prophet Mohammed

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I've asked and I've put forward this question to you in the past. If you ever want to test yourself, how much you love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ask yourself one question and see how well you can answer it.

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How much do you love him? Salah while he was alive?

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Do you love him? Only when you come to a Masjid?

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Do you love him only when there's hardship, tragedy loss? Do you love him throughout all the good times the happy times? Do you love him when you walk out of this building, wherever you may be?

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And loving him means that you try to reflect your lifestyle as close as possible to his lifestyle.

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So do you love him the next time you disagree with someone? Do you think about what would would also last a lot Harley was telling them to say or do at this point? You ever meet somebody who wants to correct you? So they quote you a verse? But the tone in which they quote you this verse? It's like they're looking for drama. They're looking for a confrontation. So they'll come up to you and say, yeah,

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Allah said this and this and the Quran, the process of never did that and they use certain hand gestures. Here's my question.

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I've never read a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaking to his companions this way.

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He never introduced foreign in this manner to the people around him. So why would some people do this? This is the lack of control. These are people who can't perform or have Poland's that either. So as a result, their actions

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aren't the best.

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Well, my yield out of Suda pocket has a frozen alima

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This is the person that is faza felsenthal Lima, they are the true champion. What an immense reward they get. Listen to how this conversation started. It only started off with the tone. Just to be clear with what you say. You're going to be a champion.

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in the Hereafter, as a matter of fact, you'll also be a champion on Earth, because everyone respects somebody who's honest. Everyone loves somebody who's straightforward, especially when they do so in a civilized way.

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Now listen to the next conversation a lot. So what you'll see is in our our amanatullah seminar where it will have you will zhiban for a while Ashoka Nabina Muhammad Al insan it now who can avoid lumen Jia hula, this is one of the most incredible verses in the horror end for me, every time I look at it, and I hear it, I don't know how to explain it alone one set to the mountains

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to the earth, to the heavens and the sky and the universe. He said to them, I want to give you an Amana a trust. Scholars differ what this trust is, some say its responsibility in worship. Others say the trust is the Quran or the message of the poor and others say different things. The truth of the matter is they're all correct. The responsibility in devotion and worship to Allah, that's a trust Allah gave you. So he looks at our he addresses these the mountains and the universe and says, Look, I want to give you this trust, you know what they said? You know what the sky in the mountains how they responded to Allah, they said, A Bane

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we can do it. And yes, Mila we can carry that kind of message that kind of a manner because why? If they mess up, then they become subject subject to some form of consequence or punishment. They do something wrong or they don't fulfill the mandate to the level Allah expects of them, then there's going to be a consequence. So they don't want to do that. So they said we're not able to wash up in a minute and they got scared.

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Well, how mentally insane but people took on the responsibility of the men.

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That's you and I.

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Now here's the lesson.

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A mountain could not handle this book.

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Low answer now Heather poor and Allah jabber.

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When you put when we took this message of the horn, we put it on a mountain with the Mountain Dew that are a little harsh. Yamato Sadam in Casa de la, the mountain crumbled into dust and exploded because it could not handle the immense fear that it felt with this message it couldn't handle so it crumbled.

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But you and I, as human beings memorize this book,

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we study this book.

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We recite it and listen to it every day. So how come

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this book, crushed mountains.

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But it can't move. Some people

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their hearts they listen to it. They study it

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in their hearts, nothing.

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No movement.

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The mountain the universe was scared, couldn't handle this. A love Bless you. And I would the ability and strength to carry this message. So how come so many of us struggle to do

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a starting point?

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Look at the tongue. Are you saying and speaking Poland's that either?

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That's the lesson for us today, clarity in speech.

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And then the verse continues, concludes in who can have a lumen Jia hula, Allah still addresses that amongst these people who carry this message. There are those that are very ignorant. They're sinners and they're ignorant about the message. There's some people, I'm sure all of you meet them from time to time. No matter how many lectures no matter how many reminders no matter what to say, you just can't get through to them. You know what a look calls people like that. He calls them Jehovah journal, journal. Journal, by the way doesn't mean somebody who's ignorant

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jarhead from the word gentlemen literally means somebody who can control their emotions.

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So this is somebody that you you're telling them and I get this all the time people come to me and say, brother, Melissa, can you talk to them? I've been trying for years getting try, and I'll try and I can't get through Alyssa, Ninja hula

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and listen to the consequences.

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A lot

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So a job concludes the dibala homeowners Filipina well mon Effie part. While Mishra kina was emotionally wired to Bella harden, meaning you know what I mean at what kind of level of water rahima again, the way that the sutra concludes itself is incredible to me and that is what I will conclude within the second part of the sermon. May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to purify our tongues. May Allah continue to purify our actions along mean up automatic stuff that Allah has already stated in Muslim minimalism festival in the whole photo rahima

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa earlier he was hobby he woman was buried.

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If we don't take this seriously, Allah says that He will punish the hypocrites.

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He will punish those who associate with Allah give him partners who take rights that belong to Allah and give it to someone or something else. But then the verses were to Bala who are let me know what I mean at

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a low will give you the movement and what minute you notice that it doesn't say a tuba la vida Muslim. Meanwhile, Muslim at Allah singled out the belief or why, because the people of event that's going to really really and truly make Toba the way they're supposed to make Toba tober comes from the word tab, a YouTuber, which means to turn away and walk the other direction. So part of your repentance with a lot is you actually have to make some kind of physical change where there where it's needed. If you have distractions in your home, if you can't stop clicking the mouse on the haraam website, then you know what you got to do, you've got to take a break from the computer. If

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you're one of those that every time you know, you go through the timmies driveway and you've got to get on a Wi Fi, you just can't seem to relax without it. It's the sign you need to relax, take a break.

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Even at the dinner table, parents

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Be very careful if you've got children that sit at the dinner table and they're texting while they're eating.

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force them to have at least some physical engagement not with digital devices, but actual people. force them to talk and have a conversation. Ask them what their day is. engage with them. And be careful of the child who responds to you and says one word, if you ever get this from your children, then realize you have some issues in the house to deal with, you're going to have to address them. And that is when kids respond to you and they say whatever.

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Call your son down, helped me in the garage. Fine, whatever. Call your daughter, come clean up your room coming up with the laundry do that you find whatever. This is the first time that your kid is not taking you as a parent seriously.

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And Ally's still a joke and clothes and says what kind of level of photo rahima a lot is extremely Forgiving and Merciful. This is what I want to leave you with. Allah didn't say what Lahore photo writing him. He said what can can is a verb past tense,

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not present.

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So the eye actually is translated a love was always Forgiving and Merciful. Why is that so significant?

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You see a lot of people when they make mistakes, and they do things that they regret.

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Some of them fall into the state where they lose hope with Allah.

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I have people who come to me and say I have been prayed in 50 years. Why start now?

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I have Muslims that come to me and say,

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I was never good to my parents. And they died. My father died and he hated me. My mother died and he hated me. And I feel terrible, and I don't know what to do. Is there any hope for me? Listen to the language of the verse. Allah says, I was always forgiving and merciful to you. You were the one that lost hope in me. I never lost hope in you.

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So when you thought that there was no way out, that was a decision you made on your own that didn't come from Allah because the law says what can I was always there. The 50 years you didn't pray the 50 years you did this and you did that I was always there. I just wanted you to only just call on me.

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So I can answer you.

00:25:02--> 00:25:11

I was there for you. Young people have to hear this verse, every single day because they're always challenged.

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They're always challenged, whether it be through friendship through anything else. Peer pressure's anything else. They have to always be reminded, oh my son or my daughter.

00:25:25--> 00:25:26

Don't worry.

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You can make these mistakes. But always remember Allah is always there turn to him. I may not be there for you, the man may not be there for you, the community may not but allies always there. My brothers and sisters, I conclude May Allah azza wa jal continue to give us strength that we adhere to is the message of the Quran, and that we practice it and inherited in our lives each and every day alone. I mean, we send peace and blessings to our Rasul salatu salam, aleikum. amaura has to pan or what are the Phaeton xili in the lava woman, aka turtle use a lunarlon Debbie. Yeah, you are Latina M and o solwara. He was suddenly motus Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed

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kamasan. Later Ida Ibrahim awada early Ibrahima habido Majeed, a lot of mustard a Muslim ina one Muslim as well mommy Nina one minute Allah here even who Malamud indikator even semi oma g Buddha word Allahumma ostrich Lana dunya latifi Hamas una was Krishna. Tena latifi han Arjuna was the waspish Lola dunya la de Hamas una pieza de tener Nicola fire watch rd melter Rohatyn dynamin kulesza Ravana Athena jr hasta

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la fille authority hustler joaquina as urban no

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supernormal because the tianma is before was suddenly one of the most serene Welcome to the La habilidad. I mean, what