Do I Still Have To Accept My Wali If He Is Not Practicing?

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Does one have to abide by one’s Wali or guardian even if he is not practicing it properly? What are the rulings in this regard? Is it upto the individual’s judgement of the same or should it be discussed with other able elders?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives us satisfying answers.

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My wondering isn't practicing? Do I still have to take him as my Willie.

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This is a topic that requires a higher authority to answer the new yourself, you're going to have to go to somebody, a sheriff or an alum, or if you're living in Islamic land, you go to an Islamic court. This is not something that an individual person can unilaterally decide why, because there's a clear conflict of interest here, there is a clear conflict of interest, and you are not qualified to judge when there is a conflict of interest. So, theoretically speaking, if a Wendy is not qualified to be a woody, then they will be stripped from their wilaya and it will be given to somebody else, but who gets to decide this not you as the person who is responsible or is affected,

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but rather a third and neutral party. And therefore this question, we answer it that if a body is not a practicing Muslim, in and of itself, that doesn't strip that away, but if he does not have the best interest of his daughter or his sister in mind, and he's doing things that are detrimental, a legitimate case can be made against him, but this case has to be made to a higher authority and not simply done by the sister herself, because as we said, there is a conflict of interest and Eliza within those