Why Didn’t The Prophet (PBUH) Remain In Makkah After Its Conquest?

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After the Prophet (PBUH) returned to Makkah during its conquest, everyone wondered whether if the Prophet (PBUH) would stay in Makkah now that he had control over it. However, he didn’t remain in Makkah. Why did the Prophet decide not to stay in Makkah?
Shaykh Hasib Noor explains further and answers

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After many long years of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam going through suffering and torture and even physical harm the prophets I said I'm entered into Mecca known as fed smack the conquest of Mecca in the eighth year of hyjal. And the prophets I said when he entered many people within the city as well as those in Medina wondered if the prophets I sent him would stay in Mecca now that he has returned to it or he would go back home and the prophets I sent him a gathered everyone. And he brought the unsought, the citizens of Medina and he said to them, what is it that you worry about? And they said that Yasuda law we worry about that you will stay back and go back to your homeland.

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And the prophets less than a month smiled at them and said, Isn't Allah subhanho wa Taala The one who gathered you when you were separated? And they said yes, you had also Law and the Prophets I said him and said, Hey, it hierarchical or mathematical, that my life is with you, and my death is with you. And my home is Medina. And lastly, the prophet Sly Stone himself. When he was in Medina, he made one of the most beautiful draws, he said, Oh Allah make Medina beloved to us, like you have made mcit beloved to us, and even more so. So Medina became more beloved to the prophet SAW Selim. And he knew that Allah subhana wa tada would take his soul when he would pass away in the city of

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the prophets I said him and Medina and that is why he returned to