Mohammad Elshinawy – Best of Stories – Study of Surat Yusuf 29

Mohammad Elshinawy
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Learn how to annual savage marine we in the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah. And then his finest peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family and his companions and all those who tried his path.

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We welcome everyone back to our

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last and final session in the study of the best of stories, the stories of the Quran in particular story the study of use of Ali Salam, and the events of his life as Allah's diligent captured them for us in the 12th Surah of the Quran, my apologies for the previous

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caste streaming being interrupted.

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And so in this last

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verse, verse 111, in salt use of Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, luckily, you can have your Kasasa him a baritone li Ali Al Bab, indeed in their stories is a lesson for those who possess intelligence. Who look the people that have pure thought, people that have true intelligence. And so there are so many lessons of course, we've been studying there for 29 episodes now, Mashallah.

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For everyone, right? Like of course, see me Rahim. Allah says whether you're a king that wants to know how to be fair with your subjects, or you're a trainee of tequila, you know, you're an apprentice of tequila needing to remember how Allah elevated those who defy their desires.

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Or you're an employee that needs to simply, you know, become more conscientious in your work in the absence of your employer, or whether you're a hedonist someone who's just obsessed with instant gratification. And you need to remember and realize the cost of being so impatient, or whether you're a victim trying to find the strength to forgive. Despite the fact that you're now capable you have the upper hand and capable of avenging these are all stories we find sort of use of. But regardless of which of these fits you at the moment, and they could all fit you in some level, at some point in your life, all these lessons and more. They are in sort of Joseph, but they are for

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all Al Bab, meaning you will not find them unless you are a person of intelligence. And so what does that really mean? True intelligence, the most important form of intelligence is the start of intelligence. Intelligence is about knowing who you are knowledge of oneself, and the purpose behind your existence. Those blessed with the with with that degree of intelligence.

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They are the ones that find an endless stream of lessons in the stories of the Quran. And those who gloss over the stories of the Quran, and don't take a lesson from them, though there are so many lessons in them. And they are not people of intelligence, they are intellectually impaired. The proof is this verse, They have stories for the people of Intel have lessons these stories for the people of intelligence. So if you're not taking the lessons, something's wrong with your intelligence, this verse attests to that. So that is the first stop, I guess. The next is that there are such profound lessons that you will never come across in your life without experiencing all of

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these events in the stories of the Quran firsthand. And that won't happen. Because there's just too many lifetimes and we're not prophets either. And, you know, so you will not live for hundreds of years. So what we're trying to say, but through the stories in Allah's book, you will gain lessons that will give you the equivalent of, you know, 1000 lifetimes meaning inexperience right 1000 lifetime experience, and I live with one or the other one will tell the people that he would say Stanley McKenna, Allah Mala Mia confer NLO Mirage diva, seek aid in what has already come to pass prior events for what has yet to come what you're going to face later on in your life for inland

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Mirage diva, because all matters resemble one another, they all they're all very similar. Like all human beings are pretty much the same. They they're made out of the same substances, they have the same aspirations, they have the same

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emotions, right? They think the same way. And so benefits from that, right? They say history repeats itself, then we say that in English and whoever doesn't study history is doomed or cursed with repeating history.

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And so you want to not repeat history, the downsides of history that the sad

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events and you know, incidents in history experiences. How do you do that? Well, through the Quran more than anything else, right. The stories of the Quran are very special in their ability to do that for you. Why? Why? Because it says, you know, there are lessons in the stories of people intelligence

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Makena Hadith and Utara it is not a forged tale. And so that is why the story is at the heart of so special because also Kasasa human obrah Their stories are lesson oriented and Makana Hadith. And you've Tara, The verse continues the same verse continue to say, it is not a forged tale. It's not a fabricated tale. And so the truth of the stories of the Quran, and the lesson orientation, doesn't have fillers doesn't have, you know, useless information, the lesson centric, capturing framing of the stories of the Quran. These two factors are what make them the best of stories, and SubhanAllah. This is like almost mirror symmetry, once again, the beginning of the sutra said Nagasaka external

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causes this we will share with you the best of stories. And we said this doesn't necessarily mean that the stories themselves are the best of stories. It also means the storytelling that we offer in the Quran, I mean, the way we share stories,

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is the best of stories. And here this verse at the end of the surah sealing the surah is saying the same thing, reinforcing the same concept, that the stories are the best stories because they are true stories.

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And then they're the way they're told, lesson centric, lesson oriented makes them the most beneficial. And then let me just say quickly after realizing these two pillars are the pillars of benefiting from events and experiences, look for truth, you know, reality, and look also for the lessons involved. In reality. These are the two pillars of benefiting from any story. Even non Quranic stories for sure, the Quran are the best stories, but even our Quranic stories when you interact, you know, with any accounts, historical or contemporary,

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realize this that we sometimes consume stories that are just filled with useless information. And a lot of times it's more than just useless. It's harmful information. So they are not stories that can give us lessons and direction and guidance, right. At the same time. A lot of times we consume stories that distort our sense of reality because they're not truth, see truth lesson orientation, or lesson centrism. centric, listen centric, and so be aware of that as well distorting your sense of reality when you're into too much fiction can really happen and happens well beyond you know, the the momentary disconnect of the book or the movie you know, it continues well beyond the book or the

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movie. So these are the two pillars of a beneficial story they are found in this area. Look again, if you're constantly Maryborough in their stories is a lesson Makana Hadith and you've Tara it is not a fabricated sale. Okay, then the AI continues to say well I can tell the lady have been a day rather what it is

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is a confirmation of what came before it. And we spoke about this many times so the Quran

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you know blew people's expectations away they were blown away way beyond what they expected. They thought hundreds of Allah RS and could never know these stories, he knew them better than them. And this is throughout the Quran is valid Salam is one of the many examples of that great examples of that. So it is a confirmation of what came before it. What have seen a cliche, and a detailed explanation of all things.

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This is important, what makes the Quran special is that it offers a detailed explanation of what we need to know. It's not just in directs us in some abstract, you know, way that is not operation cannot be operationalized. Right? Can I it's not actionable is the word I'm looking for. Right? Well, how it's not very applicable, not very useful. Not very informative. You see, because look, all people know in their heart that God is good, that there's a higher power is amazing, right? God is good. But without seeing that unfold in the Quran says the Quran speaks for Allah, His qualities and his actions and without and then how that applies right previous nations without that unfolding

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in detail of see the cliche, detail explanation of all things. Without that coming in detail from a reliable source, right people just imagine what they want to imagine about God, which is another problem, because they want detail, but they don't have a reliable source for details. So they just, you know, arbitrarily make it up. But the Quran offers you this deep, reliable detail

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that can actually nourish the hearts.

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And so without detailed explanation, the our sentiment of or conviction that God is good, can get blurred.

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To begin with, we can begin to doubt what we know because we don't have enough proof and examples and portrayals of it. You know, similarly, not just God

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Is good another, I think useful example is we all know as human beings that we should be good, right? Because we're just like Mortal creatures, Allah made us that way he made us, you know, with that beautiful tendency inside of his inclination side of us. But the problem here is that,

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you know, generalities, treat others as you would like to be treated, you know, it's known as the famous Golden Rule, you need detailed guidance on the application of that, because you know, theories are fine quotations quotes are fine. But Allah revealed for humanity a framework for their well being, so that they can actually agree on find like a, you know, a reference point, they can agree on what this looks like an application like that, what did what does good look like on the ground, so that we can actually implement it?

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Or have a chance at implementing it? And then also, the details are not just about what is good

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on the definitive level, not just in the abstract, but on the particulars. What is good and what is evil. Also, we are given the details on how to arrive there. So we can, for example, agree that alcohol is bad. But how do we arrive at not falling into the, the magnetic pull of alcohol, which is what don't sit at a table where alcohol is circulated? That's part of the detail. The Quran came, you can say that's not an area, that's a hadith, but the ISS the exact same thing as as Fujitani. Boo, you know, put yourself on opposite sides of Jim is the side so turn your side away from it, or put it on the opposite side, right of your space, like don't sit in close, close proximity to it.

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That's a detail that is part of the total package that could add came with the total detailed package

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that he explained to us without the detailed package. I mean, you're not offering much.

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Be good, God is good. Sure everyone can say that. But how does that become a potent force in my life? And how does that become an, you know, applicable roadmap in my life? And how do I find the impetus to stick to the roadmap and trust it, all of that, that is the blessing of our DNA and by the way, so many people when they become Muslim,

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they mentioned that the reason that Islam fit perfectly into what I was like requiring that if it's from God, you know, it has that fulfill certain requirements. They said it offered definitive guidance, like how am I supposed to live my life and Islam does that in a way that is matchless

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autopsy luckily shave, then the eye goes on to say it is detailed pleasurable things were who don't want Ramadan and they told me let me know and it is a mercy, I guidance and a mercy for people that believe so three qualities here are three concepts here guidance, this Quran, a mercy, this Quran for people who believe this Quran

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so the Quran is a guidance, what does it mean the Quran is a guidance seems pretty straightforward, but there's actually a little bit of, you know, Nuance we can appreciate here. Guidance is two types. There's the guidance of knowledge basically, and the guidance of actions. So the guidance of knowledge is being guided to discover the truth. And the guidance of actions is the guidance of adopting the truth. And so this Quran is actually both right, the Quran, as we said, you discover the path, the framework through this marvelous book that that offers it in detail. And at the same time, the Fortran you know, can you know, tenderize your heart and inspire you and move you of

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course, it can move mountains, right doesn't need the ISA that and so, it can move you, certainly even if you had the stoniest hearts of men, so it offers the the theoretical and the, you know, the practice, the knowledge and the actions, it can guide you to both of those.

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And if that's the case, if the word guidance in this if means knowledge and actions, then the next word in the eye Rama, Mercy is referring to the fruits that are harvested. from adopting this guidance you find meaning, you know, the godly life in this world. And you know, the godly life in the next world for living up to this guidance after discovering it.

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There is another interpretation here or possibility here. That guidance just means knowledge, meaning, the framework, detail explanation of all things meaning a guidance, right. And then mercy, in that sense, would be the Mercy of Allah, which is the second form the guidance of adopting it was called Mercy and this is because it really is not acquirable like even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam could not guide his loved ones and Allah subhanho wa Taala said, we're in Nicoletta.

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The ELLs are often Mr. payments or Atilla U O Muhammad certainly guide to the straight path, the path of God. So the path belongs to him. He's the only one that can allow someone to get on. So you know how you say you can take a horse to water but you can't make them drink, the Prophet sallallahu is, is the guide, but the guide to the path, the one who can guide us to get on the path and the ones who keep us guided from straying from the path that is purely a mercy from Allah Rahim. subhanho wa taala, Allah azza wa jal, the Most Merciful. And so, just a summary, it is a guidance and a mercy. That could either mean the guidance of knowledge and the guidance of actions or

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education and inspiration. And in that case, the Mercy would be referring to the byproducts, the consequences, the beautiful harvest of, you know, knowledge and actions or guidance here could be referring to just the knowledge and then Allah subhanaw taala, calling the very fact that you adopted already a mercy from him, even before the outcomes in and of itself, it is a great mercy and bounty only by God's grace right.

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That He grants it to whomever he pleases. The very last sort of lecture I will make before we close out is that

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Allah azza wa jal says, a mercy a guidance and a mercy likoni. You may known for a people who believe

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and so you will not see its light the light of this Quran until you believe in its source, right or are looking for. And, you know, and believe in its source also means live by it because you mean own Amen. Faith, faith is knowledge and actions. Right actions are a part of faith or actions are inseparable from faith, you know, two interpretations, but the majority you know, holds that actions are a part of faith. And so, in other words, you will not be increased, you know, in your faith as a believer by this Quran, while you're refusing and half steppin to live by this Quran, because it is a guidance and mercy for people that believe.

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And so ask yourself What class do I belong to in my relationship with the Quran, rank yourself? Because people have different classes, right? Some people turn away from Allah's words like in rebellion in aversion to it, as Allah Zilla, Jen says, you know, cannot promote a Muslim FIRA for Rottman suara as if they are frightened of like panicking or scrambling donkeys fleeing from a lion, a lion that's in pursuit of them. So these are the people that want to hear the horror and they are fleeing from it because they want to remain in denial about the truth in it. That's one category.

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Others except to the Quran.

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But for selfish reasons for the sake of you know, the bragging rights and similar forms of selfishness right.

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And you think of benefits that are in Allah zillion said about them.

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Kevin fell ill Hey, Maddie, Midwest fell. They are like a donkey that is carrying a load of books. They're held, they're burdened by it and they don't really benefit from it. And a third class of people may Allah azza wa jal make us of them. They approach the Quran the relationship with the Quran is the relationship of someone that has faith in it, and is thirsty for its guidance. These are those who will be healed by this Quran as Allah subhanho wa Taala said, when necesito Melcor anima who are Shiva or Ramadan little meaning we sent down of this Quran, you know, contents messages, to be fair, a cure a healing, and Rama and a mercy for those who believe and now this is

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what it used for saying it's a guidance and a mercy for those who believe. And so you will never arise from a recitation of the Quran. Although we conclude the verse in Surah Surah as a healing and a mercy for those who believe and it does not increase the wrongdoers accepting loss. And so in other words every time let's add Rahim Allah the great taboo actually said this every time you rise from like a session with the Quran, you will not rise except while having been elevated or demoted. It all depends on the faith and you know, the health and the receptiveness

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the thirst of the heart that you bring to that Quran that session with the Quran. And so may Allah azza wa jal make us people who truly believe in it and live by it so that we may see its light and we may be increased in our faith because of it. Allahumma Amin, we're going to stop here and we ask Allah azza wa jal to grant us more opportunities to

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I live with his words and be transformed for the better by them. And we ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive us and our parents and our loved ones, by virtue of our humble attempts to connect with his book, and may Alonso did forgive us. For what only He knows about us because of

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our dedication to his book and increase his dedication to his book. And forgive us ultimately for what every human being is prone to. That study is the Quran which is Miss speaking about his words. Anything that we've said of course in this in this course that was a benefit that is from Allah subhanaw taala alone, anything that's been correct, has been from a lot of Siljan alone and his bounty on us anything that has been incorrect or inaccurate, is from ourself and the shaytaan.

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And Allah and His messenger and his book are clear of it. Subhan Allah, Muhammad, Allah, Allah, Allah and Minister Farrakhan, Furukawa to La Casa La La salovaara kind of Vienna Muhammad Allah Allah He was salam aleikum everyone

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