Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #20 The talking and laughing of Prophet

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AI: Summary © The use of words in English and proper language expression is essential, and fast speech is important for students to avoid false positives. The importance of smile for increasing popularity and reducing harms is emphasized. The use of laughter and shaping behavior is emphasized, and individuals are advised to avoid laughing too much and avoid being called into action. Islam's teachings and advice to individuals are also discussed, including a person named Hassan who claims to have been killed by a woman and a chef's interview with a woman who claims to have been killed by a woman and is upset about the situation.
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anatomie ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering, and make us from the people who will be told at the end of the gathering, who McFaul get up all your sins are forgiven. I mean,

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so humbly, I mean, I'm extremely grateful to Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us another week to study the Shama in the description of the best man ever created. May Allah subhanaw taala just like He gave us the permission to learn about him. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the permission to be with him and the day of judgment and the highest place in general, amenable admin

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Today's chapter is titled,

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The reports pertaining to the speech of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam.

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How did he or a salatu salam speak

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and the chef mentioned a couple of Hadith we will quote them in sha Allah Allah.

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The first Hadith

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had that Anna Khomeini don't know Masada number three call her death in a homemade

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Osama bin Zayed and his re an Ottawa and Aisha Radi Allahu Ana call it Maracana Rasul Allah He is someone love it he was salam Yes Who do some of the common Harada when I can who can I attack a llama we can I mean calaman beggin fossil. Yeah, father who man Julissa la SubhanAllah.

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Aisha Rhodiola Anna related that.

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She said the speech of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam

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was not as fast paced as that of yours, which mean mine also

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as fast as yours, he spoke clearly.

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Pronouncing each word slowly, so that anyone sitting with him would remember what he said.

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So Salah Salem, he used to speak very slowly.

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Because keep in mind, he is the teacher of the ummah.

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And from the teachers position.

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You want to make sure you're getting the message through.

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And if you speed up every time you talk

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and you eat some words

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and you do not express your point clearly, your audience will

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diminish and soon they will not

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be interested in what you have to say. Plus, the message did not go through. So as soon as I saw them,

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the Sheikh said this shows that due to his eloquence and concise use of words, we all know that Allah subhanaw taala blessed or salatu salam with concise speech. What does concern speech mean Joanne l cam, Yanni he speaks few words. But those few words you could write books.

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Like when the man told him he had a soul Allah

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tell me something about the deme about the whole Deen

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because all the duties of the dinar becoming too much on me. He said, Call to Allah for my stock

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holding and to Allah for my stock forwards our whole Deen say I believe in Allah and then stay stay on the straight path.

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He summarized the whole deal

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in forwards

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the whole deal with all its laws and regulations, Constitution everything and forwards Scanlon so this is not we hear these things sometimes.

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And we take them for granted.

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But not everybody could say you know, summarize sometimes your teacher or your boss tells you summarize this project in few words, it takes five pages

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and probably not get the message through.

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And you know what? It's very interesting.

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I was sitting with a non Muslim the other day and then and only then Subhan Allah you would notice how powerful our deen is. Because we sit with each other. We hear all the time that hadith all the time. We get used to it. But when you sit down

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I told him, You know, I have to go

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Have a lecture somewhere.

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I always do when I speak to non Muslims, I always say things in order for them to ask me questions, instigate questions. So lecture what lecture, the lecture is called the wing of a mosquito

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wing of mosquitoes, it's about anatomy and the bugs.

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No, no, no, no. It's about this life. Allah He was blown away by the hadith of a solar sai Salam, that this whole dunya is not worth the window for mosquito he was blown away. How did you get this analogy how you thought? No, not me. So we when we speak a lot, and we hear many lectures and hooked up and this and that called Rasulullah Salam, unfortunately, we lose that effect even though we this is the best man ever,

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ever created talking. Plus, he is not talking from his own desire when I am in who are in our new when they were Allah him him and his wife were like this for for free fullness like this, with their mouth open, and they say wow, what is this? Where do you get this from? Subhan Allah. So Allah so Allah say salam, whomsoever sits with him and listens to him talk he used to they used to understand what was the message he's trying to convey. The second Hadith had definitely Mohammed bin Yahia call her death in Abu kotoba Salam Binu, Kota, Salah

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and Abdullah hymnal Muthana and for mana, and Anna sub nomadic call, can Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, your eID only Colima. Salah son later caller

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there's another etiquette of speech.

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And it's narrated by the hola Han that are solos Isilon used to repeat the word three times in order

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for the listener to understand what he said correctly.

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So he repeated it three times, in order for the person to understand it, make sure that the person understand correctly.

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So how many times you repeat it

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three times.

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The Salah Salem used to repeat the word or the sentence for a variety of reasons to ensure he had the attention of the people to ensure the audience understand the meaning or when the audience were was increasing around them. Look at the how cautious la sua Salam was in getting the message through. Somebody walked in now and he did not hear me what I said before. So he repeated he saw somebody coming new, he repeat the word again. So that person who came he is also now into the conversations understanding what's happening. So the chef said, for a variety of reasons number one to ensure he had the attention of everybody. Repetition always brings attention second, to ensure

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the audience understood the meaning or when the audience was increasing around him to ensure everybody heard what he said, This exhibits the perfection of his compassion and mercy for his his nation.

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Based on this hadith, it is recommended for the teacher or the preacher to repeat what he wants to what he's trying to convey to the audience more than more than once. The next hadith is very long Hadith, but the hadith is is weak. So I will skip and I go to the next chapter and

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the next chapter is the reports pertaining to the laughter

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to the laughter of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Again, the first Hadith in this chapter is weak. Let's go to the next Hadith in Shama had this table inside called burner, ignore Lahiya and obey the law Bill Murray era and Abdullah Abdullah has been just a no call. Now are you to add an extra TR Suman min Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Subhana Allah had been had if narrated. I never saw a person who smiled more than Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now, the Arab, the Arab are very well known in their speech that they exaggerate. Now this is obviously an exaggeration. This man he is saying to indicate and he for example, I look at you and I say, Allah

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you are the new you are the most beautiful I've ever seen. But that does not really mean you are

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The most beautiful, I just want to show that you are beautiful you are very beautiful okay. Similarly here does not mean that I suppose I seldom was all the time smiling because sometimes smiling for no reason is not appropriate.

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Right. So here it means that he when there is a situation that requires smiling as soon as I said I was smiling, okay, but when it says here, external tuber Salman, I've never seen anyone more smiling and I suppose I seldom, that means he's just want to show that he was always when there is a need to smile resource esalaam was smiling. If you look at him, he will always smile in your face. Okay. We all know that if the smiling in your brother's faces a circle is a form of charity. When you smile in your brother's face, it's a form of charity. So don't try not to

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not to frown all the time and keep a smiling face and that will try Matala

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besides, it will give you the said as a study that will give you a long life. Being smiling all the time. It also will give you a chance to

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to give charity let me see everybody smile Habibi, Allah, Ma sha Allah. Brother smile, you smile.

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That's not a good smile. Come on. It's free. Yeah.

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Had this I don't know how to color code her death and I know this happened. A silly sailor Hani called her death and later on inside and Yazeed bin Abi Habib and Abdullah Abdullah, Khan, Malka, Rasulullah in Salem. tuber seven of London had iterated that the laughter of a salsa in Salem was not was

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it was not a laughter but it was a smile. And you will never hear a suicide Salem giggling

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This is not Rasulillah Salam, ne we will have some Hadith which we will narrate that he smiled in a way or he laughed in a way that you could see his back teeth. But this is the maximum that you will hear about the laughter for samosa Salam.

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There is no that laughter that we hear sometimes that we most of us do that it's so loud and you know, sometimes it loses, you lose the respect because of

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constant constant laughter. As a matter of fact, if you remember the Hadith we discussed one time, the philosopher sallam said

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who will take from me five things and either apply them or teach them to somebody who will apply them. Then he said stay away from the what Allah has prohibited, you will be the best of worshiper be content with what Allah subhana wa Taala has given you. You will be the richest of people. Be good to your neighbor you will be a true believer love to others what you love to yourself, you will be a true Muslim and the last one Do not laugh too much because excessive laughter kills the heart. Catheter like to need to

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laughing a lot kills the heart really? You will start listening lectures listening to everything listen to Quran no effect whatsoever. So excessive laughter is not recommended. Listen to this hadith inshallah we'll finish with this. It's such a beautiful beautiful Hadith as it is in Sahih Muslim

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and I want you to live this hadith because when I when I heard that it was really touching her definitely what a modern Hussain bin arrived at DEF

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And in my role been swayed and abuser called called Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in ni

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o and Roger Lin

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Raju, Raju, Mina Mina Na, you, Raju yo Malkia for your call

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Rudall Eridu la he Sahara don't know the way you have that and who Kiba Rohan for your car. amelita Yo mcheza Kava Kava. Were who were more Korean ly young kids were who were Mushfiq on Minkee Daria for your call, to whom I can actually say

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Hassan for your code in there is you know the NA ra Hoonah

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Fela Cadra into rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Vika had bet that now as you though I will not tolerate it that as soon as I Salam said, I know the first person who will enter Jannah who is that?

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himself, and he has Salatu was Salam. I know the first person who will enter general and I also know the last person who will be taken out of hell

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And then

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taken out of him, on the Day of Judgment, a person will be brought, by the way, this person we talking about here is neither a soulless Isilon nor the last person who will enter this is the third person. So suppose Hassan said, I know the first person, and then he said, I know the last person will enter, who will get out of hell, and intergender. And then he said, on the Day of Judgment, a person will be brought forward and then it should be it shall be commanded that all his minor sins, put forward to him, and the major sins concede. So, this person will come in the day of judgment, and all his minor sins will be brought in front of him, and the major sins that he has committed,

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they will be hidden.

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Now, listen carefully

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you it will be set to him

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on such day as Pamela when they have found Allah Hafiz, nothing

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will be missing by Allah subhanaw taala it was a way to for mustardseed Allah who will bring it

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then it will be set to him on day seven, so October 15 2001.

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January 8 2017, on every single day, on that day, you did such and such thing.

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He will

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he will agree

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without protest, while being filled with anxiety. He's saying to himself,

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If these are the small sins,

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what about when they bring the big ones? He's trembling, he's very, very afraid.

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He's very worried, because now all they're presenting on day so and so you've committed this small sin. He knows that he committed bigger ones, but he doesn't see them yet. So he's, you know, he doesn't want to hear about them.

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He is filled with anxiety with anxiety due to the pending disclosure of the major since then, listen to this, listen for the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. This is in Sahih, Muslim 100% authentic, then it shall be commanded that for every sin that this person he did, will be switched into a good deed.

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Every small sin will be switched in the good into a good deed. This is the

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application of the Imam just recited

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mula saw Neha

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KU de Luna who say the hem has entered worker a

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worker no no food on Rahim.

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Allah will switch the evil deeds into good deeds because of the repentance. Now Allah knows somebody might say so everybody's gonna go there for Aslan. Who cares then? No, no, Allah knows that this person has repented. Okay.

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Then it shall be commended for every sin that this person has committed will be switched into a good deed. When he hear that what happens?

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Yeah, Allah. Somebody says I don't see where are the

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big ones. He saw that I'm off Allah. With Allah for Tamia. He became greedy. Yeah, Allah, Oh, the sins are switched. What about the speakers? What about that bank? I stopped when

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I drank the bring them that switch. Since we're doing the switching Subhan Allah. He said,

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Upon hearing this the person say I still have many sins left to account for that I do not find here. So with that said, he swore by Allah said by Allah. I saw Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam laughing until his molar teeth began to show. Sort of Salah Salem smiled and laughed from that person. That's Han Allah. For a few seconds ago. He was saying

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nobody knows about these sins. Now. He's exposing himself. No, no, there are some.

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That's a switch everything. So

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the chef commented and said

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the response of the man was because he was overwhelmed with the great mercy that Allah bestowed upon him. So he wanted to find more sins, hoping that they will be replaced with with good with good deeds. Subhanallah

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I'm Charlotte Allah, this is just briefly about the laughter of Rasulullah Islam and his speech

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when any, let's from these classes and these lectures in sha Allah Tala, let's any try to indicate emulate us Allah says Allah in our life, especially in this simple aspects that can be easily added to our daily routine. Anyone you speak speak kindly, especially people in the professional field. When when you go home, smile, smile to your children smile to your to your wife,

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Allah Carbone audible maruf, the closer the people to you, the more are deserving of your kindness and the more they are deserving of your of your o'clock. Allah with it with a smile, sometimes you could

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destroy a night that was supposed to be miserable, just with the walking in with a smile. And you know, yesterday somebody sent me a

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clip, a chef, the chef, his name's sly Manuel de Landa is very famous to be. He's always joking, always joking. So he said, When you go home, and you find out that your wife was exploding,

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was about to Yeah, and he called us. She is done. She was bored all day long. You left her peaceful and you come home and you saw her screaming and yelling. What should you do? So the audience say, you know, I kissed her on the head either. He said no, if she's standing up and screaming you sleep on the ground.

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The shift slept on the floor is asleep on the floor. I'm looking at him. That will make her laugh, though immediately changed.

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What is wrong with this guy? What is he doing?

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I'm screaming my lungs out and you sleeping on the ground? Instead of Allah? Yes, yes. I tried it is telling the people I tried it and it works. Try it at home.

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So I'm not going to tell you to sleep on the ground.

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Go home Shala with a smiley face. And may Allah subhanaw taala put love mercy happiness in all our homes in sha Allah, Allah Allah, Allah protects our spouses. May Allah protect our children. Zach Randolph Arabic Allah Subhana Allah vandyk Michelle Allah Allah Allah and stuff Heruka Motobu like