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In a hamdulillah his

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videos the film you realize I've only ever seen I will say yet Yamani not me at any level to another level Lila may not live further ahead DLF watch question either above or that would actually Kara Why should one number higher than average double Whenever you also yeah yeah hello Tina islands of Allah Hawk on to Part Two he went to maternity level and to Simone Young as example back in one leg in front of upcoming I've seen where he that will follow coming has a Jacob Zuma region and Cathy Young when he says

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what type of law had led etc you will not be able on handling number one cannot equal motiva yeah you had Lavina Amman Kula boo Golden sadita used to mama Allah feedback loop will may not play so that will work for photographers and fellows and oddly enough, we begin the name of Allah old praise and glory to Him to Allah subhanho wa Taala Mona for any partners. We testify that Allah alone is the one worthy of our worship soprano all the time, and our devotion and our surrender and our humility, and our obedience and our love in the most absolute sense of those words.

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And we ask Allah to send his most abundant his finest Peace and blessings upon his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who me to testify that he was for certain the messenger of God and His Prophet and the seal of his revelation and the best of examples bar none until the last day, whom Allah sent as a guiding light and a living mercy for all of humankind. The Jinn kinda like old people have emailed and have the tough of Allah remain conscious of him and keep your duty to Allah.

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Remain observant of that do not die except in a state of complete and total surrender to Allah state.

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To begin Allah de la vaca with Allah says, well, Lavina Jaya hijo fina, Lana, the end and from Cebu Lana, and those that strive in our way strive towards us, we will surely guide them to our paths.

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And this is very interesting and very unique of a verse because everywhere else in the Quran, the path of Allah is one and light is one and darkness is plenty. And the path of Allah is one straight path and the other paths that are crooked are multiple. But in this ayah Allah azza wa jal is saying and those that keep striving, they will continue to get tested. So like I wouldn't begins with that. You think you're going to be left alone and the moment you become Muslim, and it's over, you're just gonna say we believe and you won't be tested. And then the very last verse, how the surah ends and seals is and if you strive we will guide you to our path meaning to the right answer to the right

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outcome and all those separate tests. Because the path of Allah is One it is perfect, it is balanced, it is what comes from Allah and Allah alone. But within this, that path, there's so many aspects of that path that you need to accelerate. And so we began weeks ago speaking about how Islam came to temper our anger, though validating it but at the same time controlling it, so that we are in control and it is not. Today I wish to begin by saying that Abu Radi Allahu Taala knew

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who was the fourth or fifth person to become Muslim. It's time for Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam despite not being from Mecca at all. Not being in his immediate circle. This was a man of intense emotions, strong passions and feelings, even before Islam.

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These emotions are what caused him to be this was his personality. This was his nature, someone that always had to say what he believed

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and always believed what he said he did not understand dishonesty.

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It was a dignified it was cowardice was unbefitting of how he saw himself his own self image in his own eyes, those intense emotions that he had and that self respect that he had, and the courage that he had caused him to leave the thought and come to Mecca. He had to hear from him for himself, even though his brother when he is the one that said there's a man in my column to live these people are saying he's crazy and a sorcerer and he said he's a prophet. He couldn't sit back and wait. He had to go by himself and he lands in Mecca. And he finds out about the prophets of Allah who will sell them and arrange 30 days there before he's able to meet him discover which one he actually is. And

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he finally embraced Islam and the prophets Allah Allah wa alayhi wa sallam tells him to have an arm just keep it secret

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He said no way I can. I'm not that kind of person.

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Allah, Allah, He loves to have fun that we have been avoiding him, I swear by Allah, I'm going to announce it at the top of my lungs in their midst.

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And so he goes out to the metropolis that is my gift to the city center. And he says to that, listen up, I have embraced Islam, I testify that none is worthy of worship of Allah and that this man Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

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He says Furman, who are they all pounced on me with whatever they could get their hands off.

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Grab a stick, grab a rock stomping out with their feet, until he says, oh *, I lay until I fell unconscious, and I woke up to find myself well can Nino's who's gonna act as if I was a red idol. What do you mean is the items that they slaughter animals in front of and they cover them and that sacrificial blood, I looked like one of them. I was covered from head to toe in blood.

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He couldn't keep it to himself. He had to speak of what he believed was right. And then he went back to his people, and his brother becomes Muslim from him, even though his brother had seen the Prophet alayhi salatu was set up, he comes Muslim from how compelling he was, became Muslim. And then from the two of them, their mother becomes Muslim, and then half of the father becomes Muslim. And the other half doesn't say no, but they say if Mohammed leaves Mexico becomes right now we don't know what's gonna happen to snap, they can get run run out of town, they can all get killed. And that's why when the prophets of Allah virus and went to Medina, all of the FOP becomes Muslim. And so he

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announced his ally salatu salam SLM as the fall in love with that, who were SLM Asuna, Ames and Emma hula. And then the neighboring tribe and Sulaiman says the foreigners like us, whatever they do, we're going to do a second tribe becomes Muslim. And so the Prophet SAW said it makes the right for the both of them. May Allah grant forgiveness to leave out and grant security to survey.

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Also, one last depiction to show you what kind of person that will vote on the Allahu Taala and who was

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when he finally moved to Medina.

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And he missed the first few battles in the very last expedition, he went down to the prophets of Allah, Allah was among the weakest level, the bathroom of taboo, taboo was the most difficult battle because you're traveling for a month in the sun. And this was the battle that so many of the hypocrites that were just front runners and thus they accepted Islam. Islam is now strong, so we're going to tag along. And so they went out but when they saw the road to taboo, some of them said, we're not going so often said, Okay, we're coming and they never left. And many of them on the way a day or two a week they would fall behind the army and go back. And so every time they will tell the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to have left our job one man just he's not he's gone he's still stayed back. Call in Canada if he yeah confy he saw your own firstly will people will love will be groomed.

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Way in Canada, your daddy for Fedora hakama love when

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he says if this person has any good in him, Allah will help him catch up with us. Just keep going. And if he there is no good in this person, then Allah has relieved you of him. It's better for him to run now and to run after the fight starts. It's better for us to know who's with us now.

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One of those people who fell behind was Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Andrew. And so when they said to khalifa, the Prophet SAW cellared said the same thing. He said, If there's good in him, you'll catch up. And otherwise Allah has relieved you off. And when the Muslims finally stopped on their journey, of course, an army is not going to move as fast as the person. But this person had something extra slowing him down, that his riding animal was going out of service. The animal was shutting down, he couldn't carry him anymore. I believe those emotions, his passions, imagining being left behind, and the Muslim army moving forward, he couldn't bear it. So he did something unthinkable. He unties

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everything from the camera from the horse and throws it on his back. He throws his luggage on his back, and he starts walking.

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And so because the Muslims have slowed down one night, he was able to catch up and they see from afar the silhouette, the shape of a man coming.

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And so they say someone's coming, someone's coming barefoot chasing after us. And so they heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say couldn't

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couldn't please be

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please be I don't know I would love is not a Hippocrates be able that he wished that he was able to talk to this man. He was eager for them to see how truthful he was.

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And they said Oh Allah, he didn't know that was disease.

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And so the prophets of Allah Allah here

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Salam said, Rahim, Allah, whoever EMG wideangle, we are moved to the room where you back to what may Allah place His mercy of one Buddha, he walks all by himself, and he will die all by himself, and he will be resurrected all by himself distinguished.

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Walking all by himself is clear.

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being resurrected all by yourself as distinguishment, that's clear, he will die all by himself was not fully clear why that would happen.

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You're maybe wondering now what does all this have to do with anger,

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we will come back to that line at the end of the whole bunch.

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Abu Dhabi, who was not the person whose fiery emotions gave him a smooth sailing journey throughout Islam, they were sometimes for him. And sometimes we trip him up. And we'll learn about the Alo, I've had that lifelong war with his own anger, or with his own fierce emotions, he would win some of those battles in the war. And sometimes he would get the better hand on it would have the upper hand. And this is for us to know that when we exert our SEO for the sake of Allah, you will come up out on top in the end, but that doesn't mean you have to win every battle in the sward. What you need to notice about the Sahaba, which makes them such a real example for you is that they were so

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genuine, despite being human, despite having weaknesses, despite being fallible, prone to mistakes cloned prone to slip ups prone to all of these notions, all of these sensitive elements of people's lives, that we each have our own weaknesses, but their repentance when they slipped was different than us.

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And that how they will take precautions from the future was different than us. And how they would compensate for the past was different than us.

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So for example, in slavery, they say we met their David's report did confirm that we met Abu Dhabi in one day at the end of his life. And

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while he was with me, he flew, and he was wearing a certain cloak.

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A bullet is basically a garment, it's the only thing you're wearing. Okay, a cloak, you try to wrap it around the bottom of your body and covered with it, whatever is left.

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The Prophet SAW said and commanded the people to wear is especially hygiene owns and use these all these orders when you have two separate garments, one to secure the bottom half. And once the top that's called, that's called the full level you have to the two parts of the Tsar and every day, the Buddha just want you to have one garment. It is minimal clothing. And so they saw a Buddha wearing this book.

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And his servant, his slave, was wearing an identical book. So I said, Why don't you get yourself something nice and let them wear anything? Like, Master doesn't match. And so he explained to them why he behaves like this. This was the end of his life. He said, said back to our jewelry for our yard to whom we owe me one day long time ago, I got into a

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back and forth verbal altercation with someone cursing back and forth. And so I insulted him using his mother. In some narrations, our final slide and look at this was beloved. And he said to yourself that Oh, son of a black woman,

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he made a racial slur at him. And so news of this reach the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and so he called me for what?

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I love to have you with me? Did you actually chastise him using his mother because his mother was a different color than you? His mother's a black woman. You say, Oh, son of a black woman, as if that's derogatory. You chastise him using his mother? He said I didn't. Why it is not for both of the

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Father in Nakamura in NEC and Robin fika Janelia you are a person in the room is generally our remainders remnants of je de that period before Islam when people were knee deep, or should we say neck deep in ignorance, you still have this in you that needs to be removed. This is the same Abu Dhabi who is the first to become Muslim. This is the same Abu Dhabi Allah who I know who is so honest, no one was honest and their faith in him.

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But at the same time, you're not perfect. You still got work to do.

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And that is a lesson for all of us. His struggle did not end overnight. And so he said to me, not Cameroon fika generally and then he explained to him if why no come Howard come Jala the moolah who Dr. Ad come from Ghana who at folio premium in Morocco and when you this will be my eldest well as you can leave room in my yo do you think I left too?

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Whoo hoo for our you know, he said, they are your brothers, the servants of Yours, that Allah give you authority over so when you whomever has their brother under their authority, then make them out, have them wear what you wear, that's when they were in the same clothes. Have them wear what you wear and eat from what you eat from same exact quality food and do not task them with something beyond them. And if you do so you give them something beyond their ability to carry out then help them help your sleep out you're serious.

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And so this was the reason why I wrote the Allah Allah Allah Who number one. He amended for his mistake very quickly. That's the difference he lost in the Sahaba right.

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And we remember it for the rest of his life. And number two, he still struggled this wasn't necessarily the last time he slipped also with his anger about the low tide on you I thought even another Hadith in Sahih Muslim to give you further the struggles of what was going on but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Yeah, but in the hierarchy of life. We're in New hippo, like a metalhead. Boonie NFC, fell out a monolith name, while at our lair in MLSE. When the Muslims are growing now, there's provinces to be taken care of and wealth can be distributed. He says, Oh, I see you to be weak.

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What weaknesses this evaluator has this weakness cannot be physical that we thought it was known to be very strong. And it could not have been like we can spirit like you're a coward because the bravery represented was known. He said this weakness must be a weakness in his discretion is wrong in his opinion.

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And it must have been a weakness in his forbearance, his restraints.

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He says because the prophets Allah, Allah Himself says, I see you to be weak, and my love for you what I love for myself, so do not accept leadership over any two people. Because leadership requires him requires restraint. You have to sometimes take up, play naive turn, a blind eye, turn the other cheek, put up with more things than other people that are not in the spotlight. So they're gonna get less criticisms than you. He says, do not accept to be a leader over any two people meaning to write. He says, While I tell in Latin America team, and do not to assume responsibility over the wealth of anyone.

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That was why that'd be said a weakness in discretion. He said, Because Abu Dhabi Allah I had so much passion, for even the weak for the poor, for the hungry, that he would spend the money of the orphan,

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to take care of somebody else, at the expense of the person right in front of you that you need to take care of your emotions will get the best of you even with good intentions. And so again, these emotions are something that will not be Allahu Anhu was fazed by throughout his life and he struggled with throughout his life with one Allah Allah.

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And as for him, finally overcoming it, Allah helping him get over that home. When the test was the biggest test of his life, he still passed it. In the end, after we left, the break I shared with you beat me later on are some of our salovaara kind of being.

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And handling them all. So I just said Mr. Lemon, Lana Vera that she

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was shut down from Andromeda whenever you also.

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It was evident from all those who read the biography of Abu Dhabi among Thailand, that it was extremely difficult for him.

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to tolerate, to be silent about those who he disagreed with, or the things that he disagreed with.

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What he perceived as wrong, he could not keep silent about it, we've said this, there's one thing we have to keep in mind, because he disagreed with the vast majority of the Sahaba at the end of his life.

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Their disagreements will not like our disagreements.

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Their disagreements were for Allah, He was certain he was confident that what he believed was more pleasing to Allah so we had to stand for it. Most of our disagreements are ego driven. It's really about me and because I'm standing here here has to be defended. Not because we genuinely believe this of Allah subhanaw taala wants because they aren't like us, and we don't like them and we to be honest about that. But still, why is he believed something

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was pleasing to Allah, it was difficult for him

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to be complete to feel completely neutral about something that he felt I had two good reasons to believe this is correct. And what you're doing is absolutely wrong. And this caused many hearts feelings, as you can imagine, because we're human and they weren't human to. And so I will not read the law and had a particular opinion about how you can use money.

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I'll try not to overly detail this. But when Allah azza wa jal said we're Lavina Acnezine at the habit one filled butter through Malaya and if you're gonna have visibility Larry feathers shear who there are

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those that hoard hoard means collect, just keep gathering gold and silver and they don't spend it in the way of Allah forbid shear whom give them tidings of a severe punishment or painful punishment. I will never have the Allah who I know believe that saving money was haram. Hoarding was haram.

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Everyone else among the Sahaba he had this idea that he would fight and a few Hadith of the virtues of not keeping money around. The vast majority of those who haven't said, this idea does not apply to those who pay there's a cap they can keep what they want, so long as they pay, there's a cap.

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And all the I think he would fight you say we agree those ahaadeeth. And it's recommended to give up as much as you can.

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But it is not mandatory to do that. Whatever we say no, it is haram. It's impermissible for you to keep money that you can get rid of. Not that we should you must. And he held himself to it wasn't just arguments. Many times you defend the position with such fire, then when we look in your house, you're not falling in position to begin with. And without and when they would visit him.

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They said We found no furniture, nothing no belongings in his house. And they said to him, why do you live like this? Why you put your family through this? He would say I have another house that I'm building, I'm moving everything there. He they said to him, Well, let me let him in metallic, you have to have some stuff here while you're here.

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God can afford Asahi boo daddy in any other annual fee. The owner of the house will not leave us here for long. There's no point. He means Allah is building me a house agenda. There's no point in investing here. Because Allah is not going to leave me here. No matter how hard I try. He's not going to leave me here. So this was his opinion. And this was his lifestyle. This was his practice, and so on the Muslims began to prosper. And prosperity has no doubt it will affect some right.

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When the Muslims spread, and they move into beta buck this and a sham and all of the riches overnight and the founder of Mandela are coming to the OMA and he sees everybody changing. He couldn't handle it. He became furious to the point that he would stand up in the message and tell people he would cause discussion, public discussion in the midst of it, all you're doing is wrong. You have no right to do this.

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And so more out we are the law honors the Amida machete he just didn't know what to do like this is without, I can't silence me.

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At the same time, he's causing people to believe that they have a right to say that I'm a corrupt leader.

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And so he said to the grand finale for the senator of mine, and Earth, Mandela and brings them with everybody Allah, Tala to Medina. And as soon as he comes to Medina, all the Muslims come to him.

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And they asked him because people love scandals and people love controversies. Plus elevado wasn't moved in the time that we welcome. He was moved. He could answer anyone everyone's question that he could people would come to him as an authority. And so at the end of the day of love to realize what was happening because of his position, the people that were calling more IWEA and the rough man, a traitor,

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that they were just taking, they were hiring their relatives, and they were in it for the money. They were finding in the words of Abu Dhabi statements they could misuse to destroy him.

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And so he believed this was so wrong, and he had to change his condition of the OMA. But to realize that this is going to harm more than it's going to bet. I can't keep saying this. And so when I command pulled them forwards, this is slightly behind. He said, I said, tell him in whom do you think I'm one of them? Because he realized they were using his words. Do you think I'm one of the people that's rebelling against you? And this must have been extremely painful for me to experience? Well, I have not with I'm not with them. But you guys can't live like this. You can't keep savings around. You can't have money left over for a rainy day. You cannot. This was not a prophet promise

00:24:47--> 00:24:59

to the prophets of Allah Vallejo seldom. And so when he saw that there was no benefit and only harm. He realized it's better to stay where you are as an owner and not gain better than losing

00:25:01--> 00:25:07

So you want to remember the Allah Allah, Allah Allah? And he says to him, yeah, I mean,

00:25:08--> 00:25:41

I've had the energy and attend ahead of Ramadan. Will you permit me to just go live off away from everybody and then please hold on a remote place called a low shutter and a height for koonta polygons if you wish. Go ahead, but stay close. When we need you. We need your opinion is indispensable. And so you can imagine what that was all about the Allahu Anhu so sure that he's right. Everyone's coming to him for the answer if he answers the question according to what he believes it's gonna cause the whole demise of the OMA

00:25:42--> 00:26:04

and Hamdulillah He didn't participate nor did any of the Sahaba ever fall into that which caused the assassination of man A short while later and the assassination of Ali Leventhal thereafter, the Diwan Allah Allah Jamia, and so he takes himself and he moves out of Medina, to a remote place called a Roberta a wilderness him and his wife and his family.

00:26:06--> 00:26:24

Can you imagine how difficult that was for him? What makes this is this is the first Muslim that he's been Muslim for 30 years. And some 40 years perhaps. But of the Allah, Allah Allah, imagine strapping up his candle and walking away from the world because if I stay, I'm gonna burn it down.

00:26:26--> 00:26:28

The problem is with me, not with the people.

00:26:29--> 00:26:37

How many human beings have that honestly, with themselves, and then the strength to act upon what they recognize about themselves.

00:26:38--> 00:27:06

Imagine how difficult it is for you to walk out of the city of the province off center. And he must have been thinking when he told the province I'll send them to give me a final advice elsley me, he said to meet, let's help the public agenda. Don't be me. And for us Paradise, he must have been thinking this is what the Messenger SAW Salah meant when he said that I have to die alone. I can't be around people. And he did it. You know, leaving your home was by leaving your wife behind.

00:27:08--> 00:27:17

That's why even if you live in the most decadent place, and you move to a seven star hotel, you're not comfortable till you get back home, in your hearts.

00:27:18--> 00:27:24

That's even aside from the people and the comfort and walked away from all of this, have the alone time.

00:27:25--> 00:27:36

Blah, blah, up. And this is what also meant for us to take this home. Now with a minute left in the whole book. This is a supplement when the Prophet SAW says do not become angry. That means you have one of two options.

00:27:37--> 00:27:40

Either number one, it means don't act on your anger.

00:27:42--> 00:27:54

If you can't do that, and will not have felt like you couldn't, then you will walk away from the situation that will cause you to act on your anger. That's what it means. You need to be honest and evaluate yourself. See what you're doing.

00:27:56--> 00:28:34

You know, I was reading one of the best things and this is a true statement. The best thing you can do for your spouse, for your children, if you love your children, is to show them that you love the other parents, for the wife to show that she loves the husband and respects him and for the husband to show he loves the wife and respects her. You know my brother told me this week, it was very wise of him what he said. He said, I said to my spouse once do not anger me in front of my kids. Because if I snap back and become angry as well, we're going to ruin everything that we've done. We're going to ruin this whole project that we need to meet along with the upbringing of our children.

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The same thing one of the best things you can do in a community thing when we're all collectively together in the masjid is for you to remove yourself from learning about things that you will feel like you have to give your opinion on. Because what if you don't have the whole story? What if your emotions are intense? Like what if your opinion is wrong and they act on it? What if your opinion is right and they refuse to agree with you?

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So you just back away a little bit. Human beings needs breathing room. You need to give yourself that breathing room is one of the most important lessons for someone to be able to overcome their anger is to think about with a lot of luck it will ladina Jaha Duveen at the end of Solana those who struggle in our way,

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we will surely guide them to our packs. May Allah azza wa jal be pleased with me and continue to give us from the lives of the companions role models to learn from May Allah Subhana Allah features that will benefit us and benefit us. He has taught us and give us life so long as life is good for us. It's a Buddhist, that whatever he knows that that is better for us. Allah Houma. Felina ohana, Allah, Allah for Allah Subhana Allah Filon our Hamner if Millennials rubella voice off and Marina was

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also told me caffeine, Allah Mahina not here that has played on lemon, but some affinity they're a little off as I said on Luna

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Hola Hola Hola has an allergy dinner will hold on our under our antenna will do the alligator Allahu manana Celica Federal Firearms What's up can calm what happened Messiah he wants selfie Rana was a HANA or an ottoman told me vixen I said Lake Orion of TuneIn Allahumma salli wa sallam was it to a bad guy let's say the filthy Mohammed was early he was obviously very