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The next person

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is someone that we spoke about in the life of more either bingeable de la.

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And he is Ahmed YBNL. GMO

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GMO, or the Allahu taala. And I'm regnal GMO

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was the chief

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of bento. selima, the chief of the tribe that might have been Jabba will the Allahu Anhu belong to.

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And I'll preface his story, because we mentioned him with something and it's just an observation. And Allah knows best if it's if it's fully established that way, but there's something really interesting about the idol worshippers of Medina and the idol worshipers of Mecca.

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In Mecca, the idol worshipers were very much so driven by the commerce, the tea genre of, of gods. What do I mean by that in Mecca?

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Your idols were not just your gods, that's how you made money. Right people came in you decorated your idols, you attracted people to your idols, you attracted the tribes, the outsiders, to your idols, your idols were a means of establishing a certain type of status and gaining something of this dunya. It's very interesting when you read about the people that were worshipping idols in Medina,

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like a Buddha that will the Allahu TADHANA, right, that there seems to be a serious sincerity and a loss that they had towards their idols, that it was truly devotional. Right, and not much in terms of what they would gain from a worldly perspective. And so I'm gonna I'm gonna Jim who

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was the chief of Bunnell sadena. And he's one of the people that survived the Blythe wars, because he was known as a peacemaker amongst the people of yesterday. Okay, so he was in the 60s. By the time the Prophet saw someone come to Medina, one of the few elders that were left,

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and he used to be known for his wealth, and he used to be known for his generosity, and for his peacemaking, his Islam, between the different tribes of the unsought and he also had an extreme love for his idol.

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He had an idol, and the name of the idol was Minot. Now, this is not Vemma not in the Quran. Right? This is not the famous idols and the not. But this was his personal idol named minutes. And being the chief of the tribe, he had this idle and you know, when the elders would convene in his home, they would pay their respects to this idle and he himself was known to be extravagance in regards to the idle what does that mean? He used to spend a lot of money on perfuming it on dressing it putting jewelry on it's right you kind of get the imagery here right the man was in love with this idol of his with minute and

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essentially what happens is that when Islam comes to Medina, he doesn't have a political problem with the Prophet slice and um, but he's just not interested similar to Abu Dhabi, Allah I know initially, he's not interested in leaving his weight, his religion. He loves his idol.

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Now, he has three sons,

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one of whom is also named more of and as the best friend of mine, I live in Java.

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Okay, she has three sons. More and more I will and Khaled more and more with and Khaled and his son were added Mama is the best friend of mine other than Jebel while the Allahu Taala and his wife

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is Hynd

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bin Salman and his wife hint bin Salman have been Haram is the is the sister

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of a very famous companion that we'll come to very soon inshallah to Allah but he's Colima, La Mina Sahaba, the one who was spoken to from the Sahaba, Abdullah Mohammed no haram, the father of Java, even Abdullah, while the Allahu Anhu on Java will have a full lecture because he's one of the most profound him and his father of one of the most profound biographies from the unsought of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So, Jack little the Allahu Anhu this is going to be his aunt. That is actually the wife of

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Ahmed Musa demo now I'm gonna I'm gonna jump over his wife and his kids all embraced Islam secretly. Alongside the majority of the unsought when Muslim women are made came to Medina. And they kept it from him because they knew that he would be devastated and they tried to basically warm him up to the idea of embracing Islam. So what happens is, is that you know, him and his wife starts to poke at him about the idea of potentially embracing Islam. And every single time she pokes he kind of gets this reaction of we're happy

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without religion, we're not interested in embracing anything other than our religion.

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And he finds out about more other than Jable, who's like his nephew, he's always in the house he plays with his son or if he grew up with a son more on that as well. And he says to him, yeah, and if Dory and yellow Tati, Elijah ki Maha Rajan. Beware of letting our kids spend too much time with Musab, they've been remade Hatha Narara ENFP. And so we see how we feel about him first, let's go listen to him ourselves, or let's hear our the message that he has to give us ourselves. And then we can decide about what the opinion is going to be with him. So she says, Some animals often we hear and we obey. And let's actually do the homework and get to know what it is that this man has come

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with. So she says do you want to hear what more of our son has learned from him? And he kind of panics he says wait a minute, didn't want either embrace his religion. And she says no, but he's been you know, hanging. He's been hanging around and WhatsApp and omega and Java and he's been hearing about it and he learned something from most arguments were made on the Allahu Tada. And so, I'm gonna I'm gonna jump horses.

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Go ahead and let's have him come to us and basically recite to us what he's learned. So while his son comes, and he says to Murad his son, Can you recite some of what you learned from Mozart we've been remade, so he recites fluted, Fatiha

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and some of Surah uses

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disappear very obviously beautiful, right? The whole Quran is beautiful, but he chose to recite to him, some of the Fatiha and some of Surah Yusuf. Now I'm going to demo is an old man, he loves his idol. But even he admits, he says not asked and how they'll Kalama wanna Jamila? How beautiful how perfect are these words? And how beautiful are these words? Our clinical Calamy he Mr. Hanna? Is everything that he teaches you the same, like within the same vein, like does it all come across this beautifully? Is it all like this? And my eldest son says, What accent I'm in how the other time. Even better than this, oh my father, there's more. I'm just giving you a taste of what I have

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learned from

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Messiah. So

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as Father, as he's listening, I'm gonna manage him more as he's listening to this moron, his son says, Why don't you go ahead and embrace the religion like all of your people have. I mean, most of the unsought at this point have embraced the religion of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and he says, let's do that even hotter as Tesira Minute, I'm not going to do that until I go seek the opinion of minutes my idol, you gotta go talk to my idol real quick, and see if this is doable.

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So his wife, Hynde is already a Muslim while the Allahu anha children are already Muslims. And he, you know, basically argues with them and says, Listen, I have to go and take the opinion of my idol and see if this is going to happen or not. So he goes to Menards.

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And he says, Yamanaka Charlamagne, walla heat, may you redo como railroad, the hull, and they're coming back here. I mean, look, people are leaving the religion and we don't want other than you. So do you have any you have any way to respond to the stuff? I mean, this man is coming to Medina and saying that you're not really a God.

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Any response? Obviously, the idol doesn't respond. So I'm going to do more. He's an old man. But he says, You know what? It may be the I've angered Minotaur. I've angered My God, or whatever it may be, but I'm going to leave him. And he said, no wait for guidance from Him. So basically more other than double and more as his son, right? They play this trick on him, where they enter into the home. And they knock over a minute and they trashed him.

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All right.

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Now, when he comes home, and he sees Minot in the state, he's extremely upset for colada who's safe? So he puts a sword around his neck, he cleans them up and puts a sword around his neck. And he says that next time they come to you defend yourself.

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Next time they come to you, whoever they are, defend yourself. So the two more ads, they

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might have enjoyable and more even armed his son. They take money out, and they tie him to a dead animal. And they basically desecrate the idle more and they throw it in the dumpster.

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So he comes home, and he says, Where's my stuff?

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Where's the idle? And they said, We don't know.

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He said, did anyone attack him? We don't know. Like, you know, they said but even if that happened, don't you think if he was a god, he'd be able to defend himself.

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So he goes out looking for

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monotony finds minute tied to a dead animal, you know, in the dumpster. And he says to, he says very famous words as he says it. That basically if you were you know Gods are not found dead tied to the dogs, okay? Wallah Hello Quinta era lamb token and our Kelburn was in favor. If you were really a God, then you wouldn't be tied to a dog dead in a dumpster. So there is no way you're a God. So he goes to his people. And he says to his people, an estimate Anna Anna Lee. Oh people are you not upon what I'm upon? Basically, I'm the chief of the tribe, you're going to follow what I follow, right? So they said Bella, and to say you're gonna yes, you're a leader. Carla. Oh, she do come and Nicole

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are meant to be my own Xena, Allah Muhammad. So he said, So I bear witness to you that I have believed in what Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has received. So I believed in the revelation that has come to Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, you would think that a man like this, who kind of resisted in the beginning probably had, you know serious difficulty and never really embrace the sweetness of faith but Subhanallah this man, I'm going to be the gem or hold the low tide and who was someone who ended up tasting the sweetness of Eman and he was very old, very simple. But he understood believe in Allah subhanaw taala pray and get to gender. So he had a very simple

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methodology of sort of obeying the laws prints on worshipping Allah's prints, it doesn't become a scholar of the religion. He doesn't go on to become a scribe. But just that simple, that simplicity that beautiful simplicity that he had, that I'm going to worship Allah subhanaw taala and I'm going to go to Jana and it's beautiful that he was able to turn that devotion that he had to his idol and become distinguished in his devotion to Allah subhanaw taala very quickly, and the same kids that plotted on him to make him become Muslim. They stopped him from fighting in the Battle of bed. Why? Because he was so old, and he was he had a disability he had a severe limp, probably Allah Tada. I

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know so it was an elderly man with a severe limp. And so they stopped him from going to the Battle of bed and he was so upset, because obviously heard the praise of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for a hotbed for the people of better.

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And so he said unto manera, Tim O'Neil janitor Yama but you my kids, you stopped me from Jamna on the day of better wala hula in Bucky to lead hula Anil Jana I swear by Allah if I live if I have the opportunity I will enter Gemma meaning I'm going to go fight next to the profit slice I'm and I'm going to receive the budget.

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So it comes he's even older and are hurt his disabilities even more severe.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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says como EDA Jana DiNardo has an hour to when we're in depth with Metallica and he hears the prophets lie some say come forth, and fight in the way of Allah subhanaw taala and there is a Jana that awaits you that is more expensive than the heavens and the earth. So I'm gonna I'm gonna do more volunteers himself. It's Pamela people are trying to get out of offense, I'm gonna move demo goes forth and he says yada yada, I'm ready.

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And his children, they sit him down, they take him home, they say, I like Allah, please. Allah has given you an excuse. Don't do this to stay home, stay home, stay home, and Subhanallah he comes to the profit slice. I'm looking at the cleaver. Look at the purity of this man. He comes to the profit slice. I'm in tears, crying, and he says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ya Rasul Allah, my kids are stopping me from going to Jana. That's the purity of this man's heart as he comes to the prophets lie Selim. And the kids are saying to the Prophet SAW sent more than more than Hello, Hala. They're saying Yaroslava he's old. We just don't want him to get hurt. We know that he's not going

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to be able to handle it. And the prophets myself eventually he says La La come and let him narrow. La La La Jolla was a whole shout out. You know what, don't forbid him. It may be that Allah subhanaw taala grandson, what he's seeking a shot.

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So he went forth. And on the day of

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his wife Hynde she narrated the sister of Abdullah haram, the aunt of Jabari Abdullah. She says to me Unruh la he called the ephah der cutter who were who we are cool Allah Houma, la Teru Danny, a ko Tierra, Hua webbing who Khaled

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Said, She Said, I remember him picking up his stuff leaving the house and saying, Oh Allah, don't turn me back. Don't turn me back and going forth on the day ahead. And then his conversation with the prophets like Selim, before it starts is very big.

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before and I want you to know this palace specifically when you visit shahada are heard we think of Hamza and Musab all the Allahu Anhu Omar but there is there's a story behind each one of those Shahada.

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He says to the prophets lie Selim before Head Starts he says jasola

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or ATIA in Cartell to Hattah aka Televisa. Barilla toorani M she originally had the he filled Jana, O Messenger of Allah if I fight in this battle, and if I'm killed, do you see me being able to walk on both of my feet and Jana? Why? Because he was again severely disabled. He was on a cane. He was only able to walk on one leg primarily. And the profit slice I'm told him, yes, that's panela in the Battle of it. Imagine this man who was made a mockery of because of the idol worship was going forth throughout the day of hurt, and his son colored with him and his children more than what I was we're fighting bravely in another part of the battle. And he was saying is the hill John Hill Jana, I want

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Jana. I want Gemma, I want Jana. I want Jana. I want Jana until he was killed while the Allahu Taala and hold him and Khaled while the Allahu Anhu and one of my favorite narrations about him is the prophets lie Selim when he was walking by the shahada or heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he walked by

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Ahmed in the gym or huddle the Allahu Anhu and he stopped and he paused and he said Kenny Urraca temporary village Lika had the he saw he had some religion as I can see right now walking on your two feet and full health and gentlemen

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Pamela that you're absolutely not disabled anymore. As you walk into the jungle the prophets I'm like he's looking at him martyred and also last night some said I can see walking in gentleman right now without a limp and he said something some another narration I saw. I'm looking at Jim Walker with the law and he's one of those people that the prophets like some saw in John I saw him walking in Jannah without a limp anymore. He wasn't limping anymore, but all the Allahu Tada and when he's actually buried with one Teflon with the father of Java diviner, Abdullah, about the Allahu Taala and humor in amongst the shahada have heard me Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with them.