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The importance of Islam as a gateway to one's faith and success is discussed, including a woman named Aisha who refused to give gifts to her mother and eventually went back to her mother. The speaker emphasizes the importance of praying for loved ones and not insulting a woman who is not a woman in a certain way. The segment also touches on the struggles of Islam, including the loss of a woman and the fear of breaking family relationships. The speakers stress the importance of learning from and living in the example of the woman in the transcript.

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My brothers and sisters, there's hardly a Muslim who doesn't know who I shot with the Allahu Allah is she is the beloved wife of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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But what may

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be the case is that we may not notice many times just how much of a gateway to Islam, she is for us.

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You see the Sahaba, the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in particular are the gateway to Islam, were it not for Allah choosing that the first community be the best community, were it not for Islam being practiced as perfectly as humanly possible on a community level happening with the Sahaba we will be unsure for all of history, which people got it right, which people got it most right. But also in terms of motivation, to see that this can be upheld, not just that this is the correct way. But this is a doable way to live, such purity, such exemplar conduct. But before I get to I Isha, in particular being such a gateway for Islam among the Sahaba, such an

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access point for us to really live our faith on higher levels, I wish to just begin this afternoon with realizing just how huge a role she played in terms of the space she owned in the heart of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam just how much she was loved by Him and why, because that is relevant to us. Though it may not be intuitive immediately, it may not meet the eye at first glance. You know, when I'm talking to the author of the Allah who was given a a position, an admirable position by the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. Upon becoming Muslim, he automatically assumed he must love me more than anyone. So he went after that mission that he was appointed to lead. He said,

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Yeah rasool Allah, who is the most beloved person in the world to you. The prophets, Allah Allahu Allah said, I didn't say I'm ready. He said, Aisha Radi Allahu ohana. And he said no, no, no, I don't mean like you know, the intimate love the personal relationship love the behind closed doors love between a man and a woman. Like he's saying no, no, I mean from men. He said then her father, he still said her father. He didn't even say a bucket he said her father. In other words, when love was mentioned about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Immediately his mind went first lien to the type of unique love he had for Aisha Radi Allahu anha. She was always on his mind. She was his

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outlet for his stressors. You know, so much so that in his final illness, he has the Sahaba he has the other companions, you know, carry him around sallallahu alayhi wa sallam due to how weak he had become and seek permission out of respect and the rights of his other wives that he remained in that sickness being treated in the house of Aisha, Radi Allahu Ana, and ultimately, his blessing soul leaving this world as his head rested right on her upper chest, probably Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, He preferred that that's where he was most comfortable.

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To the extent also, there is actually a long winded incident that's reported in the sight books that the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when they wanted to give him a gift, like they wanted to, like cheer him up, or like bake him something or make something nice for him. They would wait till the day he was at his house because he would actually equitably fairly distribute his days. So he would wait they would wait till the day he said, I issue this house because you know, when you want to the gift to have the best impact, like you package it the right way you put it in the right place, you don't just give it to someone in passing, right. So they know that his

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spirits are the highest. He's you know, stress is the least despite all the busyness of the mission, despite the assassination attempts and educating and planning and commanding and leading all of this in the house of Ayesha so then his wives actually had a meeting about this they said you know like how come like everything goes her way nothing comes this way. So the most one of the strongest of them Oh masala, Marathi Allahu anha. She goes to the auto surah Allah, your wives are demanding that you tell your companions to not single out to Aisha not only at IHS house

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and of course this is a very difficult request for the province all sudden them it would be embarrassing for Aisha for him to go out and say don't give me gifts at IHS house. What is to be understood from that? Why not I Aisha. And so he said to her led to the Navi Isha don't hurt my feelings with regards to Aisha

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For I swear by Allah revelation never came down upon me. Under anyone's blanket butters. I've never received revelation with my wives, except when I am under the blanket with Aisha Radi Allahu Allah. Allah chose her for that.

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But she didn't give up on my cell and I went back and said, You know what? He can't say no to his daughter. So they send forth the model the Allahu anha to go make the same demand of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So his daughter comes as Oh, my father and I, it's just there, the Allahu Ana. She says your wives are demanding justice and fair treatment with regards to Aisha, Radi Allahu Ana. And so he even says to Fatima, come here. Do you love me? She said, Of course I love you. He said he'd be happy then love this woman. Don't hurt her feelings. Don't skate her emotions. Love this woman. So she went back and said to his wives, I'll never open the subject up with him

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again. So they sent Xena of the Allah Anna, who was according to isha herself, she said she was the one that you still always compete with me in righteousness competes with me in devotion, compete with me and she was more charitable. She had more money. I don't the Allahu tanalith Jamia. So Zainab comes to the Prophet SAW send them the next time he's with Aisha and she says words that are a little forceful. She insulted Aisha radi, Allah, nothing vulgar, but she insulted her. She was extra critical. I Aisha says, and I looked at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when I saw that he would not mind that I defend myself. Come to the her for FM to her. I got up and I put

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her in her place. I silenced her. I vanquished her in the conversation, I stomped her. Nothing profane, I just stumped her. I've come to her.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in there, if not to me back, she is the daughter Roebuck. In other words, Eberbach is one of the most eloquent people of the autumn, did you think you're going to win a debate with her? What did you expect when you insult her and she has the right to defend herself, she's going to win.

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But what I want sort of, after drawing this image for you, what I want you to realize is that this is

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this is not a personal preference of the Prophet SAW Salem, like you can say, how does this relate to me? Like, okay, he loved her most. He did not love her mercy, most randomly, he wasn't arbitrary. He didn't even choose her. sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So you have to understand this. In two authentic hadith. He said to her Laqad Ori Tuki, Phil, Miami, Martine I was shown you, you are displayed to me in my sleep, Allah sends me a vision twice

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in a piece of silk, meaning encased in a piece of silk or maybe sketched on a piece of silk. And Gibreel said to me, this is your wife Look at her.

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And so I uncovered or and I saw that it was you. And I said in Can I mean Allah humbly. If this is really what Allah wants, he's gonna make it happen. I don't need to pursue it. Allah is gonna make it happen. There's no avoiding it. If this is what's bound to be, this is Allah other. The second Hadith says Jabril alayhi salam showed you to me in a piece of silk and he said, heavies Oh, jet Touka fede duniya. Well, akhira this is your wife, in this world and in the hereafter. That's not arbitrary. That is not random. Right? In other words, when you imagine may we be allowed daily visits? So our Prophet SAW Selim agenda, say, I mean, you imagine that when you visit him in

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infidels, Allah Allah, she is always alongside him. She has gotten that station earned it if you will, by Allah's mercy, she has deserved that station right by his side in the height of the heights of gender. Why? That is the idea.

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It is not favoritism, right. As Abdullah bin Massoud says, or the Allahu anhu, Allah looked into the hearts of the slaves, and found the purest of hearts to be the heart of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And then he looked, and so he chose him for his prophethood and he elected him for the highest rank of messenger ship, he chose him for the Seal of prophethood. And then Allah looked into the hearts after the heart of Muhammad who's going to be around him

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and elected the purest of those hearts and made them His disciples, his supporters, his defenders, the carriers of his legacy, the teachers of his message, fighting on behalf of his Dean pushing it and promoting it to the world for their welfare. And those were the Sahaba

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the inner circle of the purest of hearts around Mohammed is Aisha. That's

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What I want you to understand, see her as a wonder of a woman and that is why Allah chose for her or chose for his prophet her Salla Allahu Allahu Allah wa salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah Anna.

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And he even called our attention to this and he said you should not ever think that I share is normal. When he said in one Hadith that the women who have truly completed their faith were Maryam binter Imran and asked him and Musa him Allah He was salam. He said and the virtue the distinction of I Isha over any other woman carefully study the Alessandra time is like the virtue of studied that he does a certain meaty dish that they preferred over any other meal. He's trying to tell them that I Isha. The same way nobody differs over this dish. Everyone knows this is number one, it's undebatable. It should not be a subject of debate, the distinction of Aisha in virtue and in rank

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with Allah azza wa jal, and therefore with me, and therefore it should be the same with you. It wasn't out of thin air. This is not just something unjustified, and baseless. And then you go on you read her biography because you must you read your biography because you should, because you owe it to yourself, and to pray for her and accustom your family to pray for her as Allah azza wa jal said the believers are those that say are a benefit Lana, what are you learning? I Latina, Saba Kona been Eman? Oh Allah forgive us, and forgive the people that preceded us in faith, read about her so you can increase in your love for her, your reverence for her your, your admiration of her and pray for

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her and make your family do so as well. You know, to mention to you quickly in these last five minutes about the unique League of her own piety this woman had, I will cost him to Muhammad, one of her nephews.

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Raveena Hola. He says I one day visited my aunt, the Mother of the Believers I showed her the Allahu Allah in the Doha time. It's not my prayers. This is Doha, meaning but when the sun rises before, before midday, right, you pray to a rock iser for six or eight. What you can like rock is that's what's customary. That's what's known. He said, I came and I stood waiting for her to finish praying her little house so I can greet her greet my aunt and go on with my date. But she kept praying. And so I said, You know what, let me go to the market, finish some errands and I'll come back. He said I came back. Not only was she still praying, but she was still reciting the same exact verses. And

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sort of the tool when Allah azza wa jal was quoting the people of Jana as seeing for men Allah Who Elena will work on and I've ever seen Moon Allah has conferred such a great favor upon us and spared us of the blistering winds of the Hellfire in condemning Pablo Nero who in the who who will borrow Rahim we used to the people of Jana are saying we used to call upon Him make such derogatory him so much supplication to him. And here we are, we made it right. We used to make so much do I to him indeed, he is a burr the the most kind, the uniquely kind, Rahim, the Most Merciful. You see, she was weeping and repeating it not able to get past it not wanting to get past it. Because she

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understood. What did she understand? The people of Jana that are saying, we used to be so worried we used to be praying and now we're in Jana, you have to be those people here so worried and so much praying so that you can say we used to be so she was she would stop and say Allah Who machina as Abba Simone in Santa Barbara Rahim Oh Allah save us from the blistering winds of the fire. Oh Allah you are the most kind you are the Most Merciful.

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Or were her other nephew. That son of a smell and zubaid. Radi Allahu Allah Jamia used to say and our mother Aisha fasted for the last 24 years of her life without interruption.

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Obviously meaning

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to the exclusion of the Haram days, the days you cannot fast, either because a woman is not praying or it's every day no one's allowed to fast on a day of read. Other than that, no exceptions. She fasted on a tear a streak of 24 years without exception. And then she would live to serve others and especially those that are underserved, especially those that are stricken with poverty, whatever she could give them. She used to give them anything she used to get her hands on she used to give them

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to the extent that in one narration, her servants saw her giving all she had she had within reach was a great one grape was left from the plate. It was one grape. Someone asked, you know, I need a bite to eat. She gave them a grape. So the servant said like that makes absolutely no sense. Like why are you doing this like a grape? It's not going to fill anybody and they're going to be just as hungry after the grape like before the grape. What is

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that way.

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So she said back to her servant camera Ratan fie her how many specks of dust does it weigh?

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Because how close she was to the Quran because Allah azza wa jal said for me Yama Miska leather rotting higher on Yara whomever does a speck suite of good on the Day of Judgment we'll see it. How many specks of dust exist in this one grape?

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A whole Colorado stuff Hola. Hola. Hola.

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Hola hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva Chateau La ilaha illallah who had the hula Shakira who was shadowing them Muhammad Abdul who whenever you are a pseudo

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be even in LA we will revisit in the weeks to come other aspects of how we are so indebted to Aisha Radi Allahu Allah in many respects. But there is one final incident I would share with you regarding her charity.

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And her fear of Allah in particular, the piety that separated her from the pack. Because you know, someone can donate you know, 20 and someone can donate tenants just double someone, you know, can

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you know, fast 10 days some Fast Five in physical actions, you can't really climb very far, right? We're all going to compare decently practicing Muslims in sha Allah, but it's what's happening inside you that really separates you I wanted to highlight that I shot the Allahu anha would give out whatever she could reach to the point that one more nephew of the liveness of eight it just happened to all the nephews for what's coming to mind right now.

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Abdullah him is zubaid heard that the I Aisha would give away anything she could get her hands on to the poor. And he feared number one like such a like a crude, simplistic, you know, lifestyle is very difficult that she's getting older. Now she lived 40 years after the Prophet SAW Salem. And on the other hand, even if she could handle it, what if the Muslim start taking this as like normal, they won't be able to sustain it the way she could sustain it to just be so charitable and then it backfires. Right? You have a crisis of faith or something.

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And so he said, If my aunt doesn't stop doing this, let Giuliana Allah Maleeha.

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I'm going to basically ban her from having money. I'm going to sort of usurp her financial autonomy. I'm gonna freeze her accounts, if I can use a modern term, right? She heard this and the scholar is the scholar he will speak about this, and also his aunt. She heard this she was so offended by it, that she swore and made a vow to Allah to never speak to him again. Never speak to her nephew again, how dare he.

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And for years on end, he would try to get people to vouch for him and she would refuse the speaker

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until he finally got Mr. Mahama one of the veterans Sahaba and also Abdullah madam last word, who would enter her house all the time, learn from her how the Prophet lived. So Allahu Allah wa salam, and instead back out, teach it to the world like major students, the seniors, her elders, were her students. And we will speak about this, but in a nutshell, he said, Please figure out a way get me in on her, please let me just meet her. So they knock on her door like every day they said, should we come in?

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She said, Who are you? i One man says after Ramadan. So another man said Mr. Mahama. Yes, enter. They said all of us. She thinks there are two there are three. She says all of us. She said yes. All of you. She's thinking it's a normal study day. She lets them in as soon as I blow him. This debate enters the room. He pulls the curtain and jumps inside and begins to weep and apologize and kiss her feet and beg her and beg her to speak to him. And she couldn't. She kept crying from the emotion and only addressing the other two men behind the curtain saying I can't I can't. The vow was a heavy vow. Allah's name is not to be treated lightly. I swore by his name.

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And they kept begging her and telling her you know what Islam says about breaking family ties. You know what Islam says about boycotting relatives? Break your vow and make a Kuffar making atonement for it. Until finally after a long back and forth she caved and she gave in and she forgave him. They say she freed over 40 slaves until the day she died out of fear of breaking one oath. You know why? Because she made it an open ended vow. Some scholars said it's not like if I do this, I'm going to donate $1,000 She didn't put the leverage on it. She left it open ended. So she felt cornered into Allah who will ask you your your capacity, so she kept pushing herself to her capacity. Am I

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really doing my best? Am I really doing my best until she collected and spent to free 40 slaves and would still be fearful of this until the day she died? From her deep pious.

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See her deep recognition and fear of Allah and His rights and the weight of Allah's name. And every time she would remember that incident of breaking her vow, she would soak her him out in her tears.

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And that is what washed away any impurity from her right? That is what raised her rank and earned her that station with our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may Allah be pleased with her and enable us to love her and learn from her and live in the shade of her example and reunite us with our mother. Or the Allah Tala and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the highest of Jana Allahumma Filon our Hannah