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From our

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MBA with serene

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Mullins is just

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and you know, I'm

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a student of history and I'm very interested in history and one of the things that I believe is very important to study is the history of the Roman Empire.

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If you do that, you'll see one of the things

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that characterize the last days are owned by

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and that was in one word, excess

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excess. To give you just one example, Roman Empire was at its peak, it was at the peak of its wealth, it wasn't the peak of its military power and bargain is based on military power alone on the forcible

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occupation of land and then enslaving the population and looting them and this is what they did very well.

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What characterize them as I said, one word excess in the way that in one of the ways in which they expressed itself was their famous banquets.

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In a Roman banquet, which was all the Roman nobility, they would

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eat reclining on couches,

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for bed

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to eat while you are lying down.

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But there is to it like at this rate, reclining on couches, so they are decyl couches, when they will be lying like this, and slaves would bring food for them. And this will be course after course, after course after course after course,

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and the most exotic things.

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And believable to us if you see and all of this is recorded. Roman were highly literate people that they wrote things up. So all of this is recorded. And if you look at some of the menus of these courses, you will be amazed that people actually could think of I mean those cooks a pastor with some amazingly creative ways because they the way that they could actually think up recipes and to make things

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so they will be reclining on these couches and they will read course after course and they will read more and more and more wine

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until they drank themselves into a coma

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literally dragged themselves unconscious and then their slaves will carry them back home

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excess. Now why am I telling you this? Because if you look at the world today

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see what is happening and we are not reclining on couches and we are not worrying or vomiting or dinner but if you think about what are the role models of people today who are the role models

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what are the aspirations right I'm not talking about everybody but I'm saying the average if you look at the majority of young people what is their aspiration?

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Top of the line car

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biggest house live large big

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excess excess excess excess

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so those people who read more maybe we don't need more or we do others the other things

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at the same time you could have access in saying

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How many books do I need

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how many degrees do I have?

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So accessing learning is possible I mean this is also a possibility I would like to read more books write more books I would like to learn more things I'm already an engineer but why I want to also become a version of our doctor Mr a doctor whatever your rational I mean it is possible right i mean logically speaking this is also possible doesn't happen does not happen

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exists only in

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really doing what animals do there is a regression towards an animal state. What's an animal state and animal state is to

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obviously not wear clothing because I don't know don't wear don't wear clothes. So remove as many elements as much clothing clothing as you can.

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Number two animals made with any other animal

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even animals don't matter to males don't mate with each other but you know, females any

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soul mate with anyone

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eat until you can't eat anymore.

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Right dominant kill

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Even diets I mean, think about this today, there is a there used to be the dad called keto. Now there's a new dad called carnivore diet. And we were very proud to say I am eating a carnivore diet, right. And the reality is called something else, you know? I mean, this is like saying, I'm a dog, right?

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I'm a great dog.

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You want to call yourself a dog go and interview I guess, but I don't want to call myself a dog.

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Really, just seriously think about that. We have got used to this mindless imitation.

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I don't even know why we have a brain anymore because we don't need a brain do it.

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Just access and more accessible now.

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There was a great philosopher Stroik his name was Abraham was Seneca, the near Seneca and he lived he lived actually the same time as ystalyfera. So both of these were contemporaries, obviously, miles apart socially and so on to work with. Seneca was a Roman senator. He was a noble and SRA CERAM was, he was a Jew, he was in Judea. He was, you know, the, according to Roman

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hierarchy was way, way, way below somewhere. It was going to Allah subhanaw taala. He was a Navy and

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there's no comparison. But what I'm saying is,

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but Senegal was a struggle. Senegal said a wonderful thing. Seneca said, he said I wish

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decline was as low as the processes that take us to the point of decline. I'm not quoting him exactly. But this is the meaning of what he said. He said I wish decline was as slow as the processes that take us to the point of decline. But easier unfortunately, that's not true. It takes years, maybe decades. To get to a point and then decline is calamitous, it is like it drops. Now, somebody managerial is a call, they call him Senecas cliff. So as you draw a cliff, is a long, long haul a long climb all the way to the top of the cliff. And then there's a sudden drop, society just collapses. That's what happened to the Roman Empire. That's what happened in Egypt, Egyptian empire.

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The Egyptian empire was already 4000 years old when the Roman Empire began or what Empire is now 2000 years ago. So you're talking about some, you know, big years, but the point is, that when the collapse comes,

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it is suddenly real. I'm saying all this is also not only because I want to tell you about some historical stuff, I'm telling you this because this is exactly the same thing that happens. That happens to individuals to our personal lives.

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Unless we stop it, and that is Senecas cliff.

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The day you your heart starts palpitating the day you have to call 911 to be taken to the app to the ambulance is your ticket to the hospital. If you backtrack that, that didn't happen the previous day the stuff that brought you to that point didn't happen last week didn't happen the even not even the year before it took years of abusing the body of eating stuff you should not have eaten of not exercising of not doing all the stuff that we should have done we didn't do until one day

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it goes off.

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Same thing happens in businesses in my business consulting practice. I've seen this over and over and over again. Which is apparently good business suddenly collapses

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but there's nothing sacred about them. Absolutely nothing so the size of there were open and visible. There were metaphorically speaking alarm calls going off and alarm sirens going off except that nobody read them nobody saw them for years and then suddenly oh what happened?

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what should have happened didn't happen for such a long time that what should need not have happened happened?

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Business collapse same thing with you will individual careers. Many people come to me in my consulting practice. Oh, I want to have a great career. What do I want to have this this fantastic grade. Tell me which book are you reading the book?

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Who should

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what book

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I haven't read a book since the day I graduated in college.

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Wonderful. So this carrier is going to come out

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you blind marriage and versus daughter what I mean?

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What's the story? How is this career progress going to happen? You don't read? Which course did you attend in your vacation? The guy looks at me like I'm insane. Course in vacation.

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As you'll know you something wrong with the course in a vacation.

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Course and a vacation. I did that for third

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10 years before I became a consultant, every single occasion

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comes at a price

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and the price is your own Korean so I tell people you know that pink slip you got yesterday you wrote it

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you're not your boss your boss only discovered that Aha this guy is redundant this guy's knowledge is now history

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you wrote your own things

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so similar that

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the reason I'm saying this do and I remind myself when you Please don't Don't neglect do the only thing in life which is worth doing is that which is not necessary. Seriously take write these down in letters on board and put those are the only things worth doing other things that are not necessarily Why does the Agile have such a big

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you know, tag in Islam because he's not necessarily if you've never played the Agile your whole life, there is no sin on you Allah will not put you in Jannah because you didn't pray for Salah is not agile. So what why why do we pretend? Why did Allah subhanaw taala make it work on his own life is Allah celebrate

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calling your parents rather than how they are unnecessary checking up on your children saying how they are unnecessary giving a friend a hug unnecessary saying salaam to somebody unnecessary

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just calling somebody saying just salgo How are you unnecessary

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right now nobody if you don't care who cares?

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But believe me every single one of those things if you do them there is a huge premium

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people remember that people don't remember how I called appeal because I needed something

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we just call him his brother How you doing man? Haven't heard from him a long day how's everything is all good. I'm the last ravago that's it

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we don't bother we don't bother we call and we do and we got that only when we need something

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those are leeches

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who want to suck the blood right

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nobody says leeches will be might do things for you. You can if you ask me, I'll give you but you know I don't know what to thank you for that. But if people ask if you check if you ask something when you don't need to do that, that's where the mileage is to exercise when you don't look like you need to exercise as well where the benefit comes

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to read when you don't need to read well benefit out because then when you need the knowledge is already well. You put money in the bank, in your account when when you don't need it so that it is there when you need it. If you don't put it in when you don't need it when you need it that the Lord is empty.

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So I remember when you let us do that which may not be with important necessary there's no alarm bell going off to no red light flashing, but do it because it is the biggest leverage that you can have.

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You asked Allah subhanaw taala to help you enable us to lead our lives in a thoughtful way and to benefit us from that and to give us in keeping with his majesty and Grace was Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was named Rastakhan