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Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of recognizing Allah's presence on Earth to avoid overwhelming fear and confusion is discussed, as well as the success of Islam in achieving unity and building a culture of peace. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not letting things happen around the clock, not giving too much information, and not opening doors for political gain. The speaker also discusses the historical context of Islam, including its opening doors for students, the use of technology to overcome challenges, and the Prophet operation's shaping of the world.
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Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us when entering the masjid to say, Allahu miftah. And the abueva hermetic among the supplications is, Oh Allah, open up for me, the gates or the doors of your mercy.

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And this may, you know, require some reflection of us because of everyone on Earth. Those that are at the most blessed it the most potent for mercy places on Earth, are you because you're in his Masjid? There's no better place on earth to access Allah's Mercy right than his house. So then why do we still say Oh Allah, after you're here, grant me access to your mercy.

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Perhaps of the benefits here is to recognize that nothing will inherently grant you Allah's Mercy without his help. Even the masjid itself right. Even the Quran itself you begin it in the name of Allah's Mercy Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. So that he may open up for you the gates of mercy through the Quran, right through your attendance in the masjid. That means we are forever locked away from our own well being. We have no access, we can't strong arm any of it. We can't will it's into there's no hack for this stuff. You know, you don't have access to Allah's Mercy unless He grants it the default is that it's not inherently entitled to you it's not and that is why the Quran says May

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after he left holy Nassima Rama in Fela, mumsie Kala when you seek Fela Musa whom embody the that whenever Allah opens up the gates of mercy for someone, no one can withhold that mercy from reaching that person or that group of people, and what he does withhold, nobody can ever unlock it.

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And so I want to pause in these few minutes and see we cannot overlook this treasure we cannot let life pass us by without recognizing what Allah wants us to recognize that everything is out of reach, and everything is locked away and everything is a dead end. Except what he who have His names is heightened factory in the best of openers permits for you unlocks for you opens up for you.

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You know, but you also want to recognize that in this ayah Allah began with what the fact that he opens doors not that the doors are locked, right whatever door Allah opens of His mercy, nobody can withhold withhold it because he is constantly opening he is not just claimed on fat to hand, the best of openers that's it of His Names in the Quran. But he is Alfetta and the meaning of Allah His name Alfetta as opposed to hiding the fact that hey, in the best of openers. Alfetta is the one that is constantly opening up doors for you. Constantly unlocking constantly removing hurdles, constantly easing your path, day and night recognize it or don't awake or asleep Muslim or Gafford Allah's

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unlocking. He loves to unlock and he's always unlocking so Anahata Isla, and what he unlocks, nobody can ever get in the way of I remember one of my preferred authors I was reading for him a contemporary scholar who said that his friend, the doctor said to his friend, take your daughter or they said your nice home and just let her be at peace. She has like six weeks max, just let her young girl so they took her home and they listen to the doctor try our best to ever

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conclude her life in the most peaceful way. He says the author It has been two years since the doctor said it is a dead end there is no hope. Just take her home and it's been two years she's still alive. And both the doctors presiding over that patient have both since died.

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He's the one who unlocks doors and he's the one that closes doors subhanho wa Taala he always wasn't always will be. You know you even think of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we often read it that Yeah, and also Allah he will forget when the victory of Allah came and the fats, the fats, here's the conquest of Mecca, but it's Oh, it's called the fats because it is was utterly locked. It was sealed shut 2000 years, the toxic tribalism, the petty feuds have caused sub tribes of Arabia to go extinct finish each other off for for no reason. For no reason, beneath childish reasons, just vendettas and vengeance that started with you know, someone bumped someone somewhere right, and they

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just ricocheted into mayhem. They would refuse to accept unity refused to accept it.

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East and somehow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. 2000 years later Allah opens up for him. He grants him access to unify all of Arabia under a centralized leadership, sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Or you look at the people whose hearts were unlocked very unlikely like I'm one of them hubbub when someone felt that there was a soft spot and Omar the persecutor Omar, before he was about the hola hola and her husband said to her, like, are you crazy? Are you like hopefully he's gonna become Muslim. Like she said to her, his dad's donkey will become Muslim before he becomes Muslim

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does not mean to become Muslim. And Allah unlock the the heart of Omar and Omar didn't just become any Muslim, may Allah be pleased with him, right? The right hand man of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam after Abu Bakr or to find it in the armor to fight him. The AMA was another, you know, distinguished chief in Arabia of another tribe outside of college. When he came to Mecca, they sort of ran to him and said, Don't listen to Muhammad. Listen to Muhammad, he's gonna like brainwash you, he's gonna entranced you and you're Don't listen to him. So he got so worked up by you know, that the fear they were stoking that He locked his ears. He took cotton or whatever, he could find any

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plug in his ears. So he wouldn't hear a word that Muhammad had to say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then he enters Mecca. And as he's circling around the Kaaba, Allah opened up, right lightbulb moment, he opened up the right idea for the foil. It's like, how dare they tell me I'm gonna get tricked by Muhammad, that he felt insulted. Allah azza wa jal opened up that emotion inside him. I'm a grown man, I'm a respected leader. I'm a poet. He's not gonna, you know, sell me some lie. And so he unplugged his ears. And he listened to what the prophet Eileen Sato said and had to say, and he heard about the basic values of Islam called brutal hija. And he said, There's nothing better than

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what you're saying, well, Muhammad, I'm on your program, I'm on your project. I'm with you. I'm accepting this religion.

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I even remember reading at that at the eye on sort of thought that when Allah said, Whatever mercy He opens up for someone, nobody could stop it. And whatever mercy with he withholds, nobody could send it. This was a Muslim political prisoner. That was very affluent before he went to prison. He was aristocratic, wealthy, all of this. And so he's felt the top and the bottom of life, right? He says, I swear by Allah, I have experienced more bursts of Allah's mercy in this prison sell a fulfillment and joy and happiness, contentment, when none of the instruments of that are here, right? I don't I'm, I'm lonely. I'm scared, I'm cold, it's tight. All of that nothing's here. Right?

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He says, then I have ever felt outside of prison when I had my family around. And it was in my house with my family had the respect and the prestige. He said Subhanallah and you see that people that have the instruments of happiness, but it is locked away from them. It's so close but so far, and some people that seemingly have no access to it, but Allah al Fatah, the opener grants access, they have full access to it like never before.

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And this is why you know, even though clay and Rahim Allah Allah he says something very beautiful about Allah's Name and Fatah, the perpetual opener that Allah loves to open and the default the norm, the rule of thumb is that he's opening not closing, right? It's not like Allah, whatever Allah opens or whatever Allah closes into 5050 No, he's saying the norm is Allah is always opening, he's so generous, Subhana Allah to Allah. And he gives an example he has look, Allah opens for the human being one means of sustenance, when they're in the mother's womb, which is that single umbilical cord, they get everything through there and everything is removed for just one source of life. He

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says, then a time comes, it's called childbirth gets shut down, Allah closes that door, to open two doors, instead of it, the two pathways of the mother's milk

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and then that those two doors serve their function, until the child eventually gets weaned off, and he doesn't want the milk anymore, and that gets shut down. When the day comes, that Allah shuts down those two doors. This interest the child or interrupts the production, it is to open four doors in their place,

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which is what he says every drink boils down to water or milk, or a combination of the two, or that is their base, right? And all food boils down to meat and vegetation. They're all combinations of them or either or,

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he says, and then a person is has those doors opened for them for a lifetime, however long they're destined to live, and Allah only closes those doors. So that if you are a believer, I'm granting you now access to Paradise, which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, has eight doors.

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And so Allah does not close doors as much as he opens doors and for the believer especially he

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He closed his doors only to open more doors to understand that, and there are so many examples of this beyond the scope of this multiple.

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But it's our job to pause and recognize Allah who wants to open doors for you and Allah already is opening doors for you all the time. And that had it not been for him to write for you that raindrop had him not to write for you that dollar amount that it is it would not have come it is locked away, worth not for a factor.

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And he wants to Isn't it enough that the greatest surah in the Quran is al Fatiha, the opening chapter through which you ask Allah for his blessing. So open up the blessings in your life through this surah? By repeating it day in and day out? Isn't that an indication? Isn't it enough that Allah grants you access around the clock to your own body access to benefit from the oxygen access every time the valve of your heart opens and closes right access to the pathways when the blood leaves the heart to get to your eyes or wherever else it needs to supply with that. The times that Allah opens up for you the tightness of your chest and you don't even know why how're you doing today?

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hamdulillah I'm getting better. Why what changed? It's just getting better. Right? They're all the worst days you've ever experienced. It was at when it you first experienced that and then somehow it tapers off somehow the tightness opens up who did that? Why did that happen? That was just the generosity of Allah subhanho wa Taala there are so many times where your income was interrupted or in jeopardy, and some of those times you didn't even recognize who opened up a new alternative for you for the continuity of your income that was fantastic Hannah Hola Hola.

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Hola Hola. Hello stuff from Allah Allah Emily welcome

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena we about that shadow Allah Allah illallah wa Hola, Cherie Keller, who are shadow under Mohammed and Abdullah, who whenever you who are pseudo,

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I want to try to leave you have three points, takeaways

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from revisiting or learning here and now, you know, this great name of Allah, Allah subhanho wa taala. The first of them is that you need to recognize that the greatest doors Allah opens are the doors of guidance, and we're all locked out of them without him.

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It's not because you were born Muslim. It's not because, you know, you decided to become Muslim. It's not because you're so intelligent. It's not right or wrong.

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You know, one thing, the truth is very different than finding the truth.

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I was, you know, coming across this academic professor who is, you know, a specialist in his field, outside of what I'm about to mention, you know, you would be impressed by him.

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He goes on to describe at great lengths that the Quran is mentioning things that are absolutely humanly impossible for anyone to know, 1400 years ago, archaeologically speaking, we dug up stuff later, or the Bible Manuscripts finally, you know, surfaced or got translated and then so all this stuff, you measure it all up, there's no way the Quran, simply Muhammad there had to be divine origin. Of course, we know this, right? The Quran is a miracle, but he's saying the Quran is facts could not be 1400 years ago, no man could know that. And therefore all the historians are wrong. The Quran must have been much later than that. Look at how he took it. Right? The Quran must have been

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500 years ago. Right? It's all a trans historical conspiracy. Everybody everywhere, you know, is unintelligent, and I figured it out. It's from Allah right? There are people who know Islam better than you more intelligence than you

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have higher IQs than you but Allah didn't open that door for them, but he opened it for you.

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Yes, he opened it for everyone in the sense that he made the truth available. Interestingly, inside his body, it is stated that of what remains from the signs are the foretelling of Mohammed in the previous scripture. That's our Ah, it says that Allah will not pull his soul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Sahaba said we found like leftovers from the Torah that said, While any Akbar Allahu Allah who had the Ulema be humiliated, Elijah, Allah who will not allow him to die until he corrects using him salAllahu alayhi wasallam the crooked path the right way of God clarifies it for the world, so the truth would be available. And it actually says, Well, if to he'll be he at a union or

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OMYA and opening up with its eyes that we're blind blind from guidance, you can't get it If Allah doesn't show it to you, right.

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And ears that are deaf and hearts that are as hard as the stones of the mountains around them. Allah open all those passes.

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abilities up by providing the message to the world. Their souls were locked in shidduch locked up in superstition and all of that. But that was just part of it. Availability isn't all. The fact that Allah opens up for you that is of the heart provides for your heart, the humility and the guidance to accept it. That is the number one reason why you should be enamored, you should adore al Fatah, the opener subhanaw taala. Day and night there are reasons for you to lose your faith. But he's opening up for you reasons to stay on the faith, new reasons, new motivation. That's the first point. The second of them, appreciate how Allah has opened unique doors for you. You know, Imam

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Malik Ibn Anas Rahim Allah used to say, Allah sometimes opens up for someone a big share of prayer and not fasting. I have it in me to pray the whole night, but I can't fast right meaning the voluntary fasting, extra fasting. And some people Allah opens the door of sadaqa. For them they're capable of sadaqa and not, he says and Allah opens for some people the door of jihad, to sacrifice even their own lives, but they can do other things. Subhan Allah, He says Allah Kasam he divided when he opened up and he distributed your actions the same way he divides your risk, your sustenance your livelihoods. So see what Allah has portioned for you and be content and appreciative of that.

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He says, Allah has granted me certain knowledge other people didn't have the chance sort of to develop this.

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He says and I'm content with what Allah gave me so be content appreciate and when you ask of him use that name, the name of Alfetta ofa tech you've always been opening doors for me open for me this door open for me that door whenever you're stuck. You have a work decision. You have a family dilemma say yeah, for Allah I'm at a roadblock I'm at a dead end open up this door for me.

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You know Allah's name Al Fatah has also about as we said, unanticipated difficulties you think you're in the masjid and it's mission accomplished. No, there's things that may deprive you of opportunity even if it's right in front of you. And also Allah's Name and Fatah has to open up for you ways to work through the difficulty after it lands students when you're in exams you're struggling you know many people are there study they're ready they're top of their class the exam starts they draw blank from anxiety or whatever other reason stop pause so ya Allah open up the pockets of my brain helped me understand.

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It is said that even the Tamia Rahim Allah Allah who was you know, a truly distinguished scholar, a unique scholar in Islamic history among the many great scholars Allah has blessed this OMA with whenever he would get stuck on an issue trying to understand something skill us scholarly, you know, you know, high level subject or point he would go to an abandoned Masjid to show his poverty in front of Allah away from everybody and seek forgiveness and say, Oh, teacher of Ibrahim teach me right who turned the lights on for Ibraheem Alehissalaam there was nobody there. He was only believe on the face of the earth. So you're saying Oh, teacher of Ibrahim, who had no teachers on the

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ground? Teach me yeah MUFA him so like manna for him? Me?

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Oh, you who gave grant understanding to suit a man to Solomon grant, we understand who did Solomon Ali Salam have Allah points out in the Quran that time his teacher was his father that will David and he was correcting his father here and there and right. And all you who granted understanding without the instruments to suit a man grant me understanding. You know what it said? And I'm running out of time here. It is said that you know, in the Hotjar, who has the crown commentary, all scholars throughout history recognize there's no commentary on slate * Buhari that could ever do. You know, the commentary of Niger, if Mahajan called that world famous commentary on Slack and

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Buhari, the most reliable Hadith book, he called it FETs will bury the opening of our Creator because he did his effort he read through it and I read through it 1013 times trying to extract every last lesson and I realized that Allah has granted me a lot here that he hasn't granted others and probably will not grant me any more. So I just stopped and I compiled it there and I call it the fats what Allah has opened me up to and finally I'm gonna lob I'm gonna I'm gonna cut up the Prophet SAW Selim said, there used to be people of the nation before you that had the throne. They just have inspiration that just comes to them. And they're not prophets that inspiration that will overturn or

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overrule the Quran and Sunnah, but just divinely inspired. In another Hadith he says, Allah has caused the truth, to flow on the tongue and heart of Omar, but there is no prophet after me. Think about that. How did Omar to do what he did? Or Omar created a man in the desert who was an alcoholic or not the Allah who created a superior bureaucracy in the Roman Empire out of nowhere, no civilization, no tools, nothing. Why Allah opened that up, Allah inspired him, so call upon Allah to inspire you

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You know, we often brag of Michael Hart's the 100 most influential people in the world and he puts Muhammad Sallallahu Ireson was number one, you may not notice that a nonprofit

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in the middle of nowhere isolated Arabia was in the top 50. How did this happen? This is what Allah Azza did open for him. And my closing message to you is what as you call upon Allah as Alfetta also try to reflect that fat in your life. The Prophet SAW Selim said, Allah allows that some of his servants are my fatty who will hide they are keys for goodness, they unlock goodness, where they turn, and they lock evil wherever they turn, and among God's servants or those who unlock evil wherever they turn, wherever they go. There's problems. There's hard feelings, there's discomfort. There's misguidance, right? And they are locks on good. He said, So congratulations to those who are

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keys for good locks on evil. May we be of them. And he said, doomed are those who are the opposite. May we never be over them. Allahumma Amin

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