From Darkness To Light

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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What is your darkness, darkness is often symbolic of fear, nothingness, or forgetting. You've got to descend the imaginary you can represent the only the unknown. The elsewhere the inside the other find

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the underside.

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Darkness is akin to secrecy and overcome would have been kept uninformed or ignorant or deceived.

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there is darkness in our bodies, the pancreas, intestines, the kidneys, or the whole of our guts are all enveloped in darkness, even our hearts with a rhythmic poundings guarded Bowery cages have never been exposed to sunlight before. Our brains are encased in darkness, the celebration of activities that harbor our darkest thoughts, and our brightest ideas transpire in the dark sparks of the synapses within the elaborate means of agreement. In other words, our minds walk in the dark. It is a workshop for radical thoughts that produce all sorts of crazy consciousness. It is the factory for rock speculations that lead to criminal endeavors. Also, the darkroom with negative inputs can be

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processed, positive outputs, the photos develop, and just it's in the darkness of the

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darkness within darkness, darkness upon darkness, darkness after darkness.

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Darkness is like

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a wall of the sky in existence. It has also led to grief, the unlit abode of our remains,

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gets digested by the author, as well as possible in

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the dark, we've added all the ratios, and the Lord is the sober, and this slide. Here the rich and important, the Prince and the Pauper, get devoured by both of our new walks. Here in the group degree, perhaps the brains of the wife and the food will taste the same as the maggots copula known in little bites, the back grevious will perish again and again, without dying again and again.

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Darkness is also symbolized by the shadows,

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and our shadows refer to the dark sides of our lives and the dark side of our attitudes and dreams.

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We can't touch it, or we can't see it. yet. We can't see it as you'll see in our theme clearly at the same time. The darker the darkness, the more useless Our eyes are rendered.

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That is chemicals group vainly in our own certainties. As we stumble, as we turn to and fumble in the dark, it can impede our costs, it can obstruct our way. Darkness cannot be dispelled by darkness. Strength, cannot dispel darkness, fighting, it cannot expel darkness. You can do all you can to beat the darkness out of your weak, when you can succeed.

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You will be exhausted, you will become hopeless. This is no strange, or something that doesn't exist can overwhelm us.

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But what can you do to drive that is up from your room. You don't have to struggle against it. You don't have to rail against it, just like a small candle, and the darkness disappears. Where has the darkness gone? The doctors did not go out of the room because he didn't have time before space. The darkness does not exist. It's just an absence of light.

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The similar way that code is just an absence of heat. And similarly, ignorance is only an absence of knowledge. Darkness is something like ignorance and ignorance is if

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of darkness, when when we talk about something doesn't mean that we're ignorant of it. Ignorance can heighten our fears. It can accentuate our suspicions, and can make us susceptible to mental lethargy. Ignorance leads to poverty leads to inequality, and a lot of the painful situations of our personal lives.

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On the other hand, knowledge eliminates our ignorance. It removes our fears, and restores our confidence as to career our paths in last journey, knowledge and legends us and inculcates in us, the awareness about uniqueness of our individual purposes and the strength of our collective efforts, irrespective of what sort of life we are living, or the nature of our colleagues. So rather than fight the darkness of ignorance, the badness of outcomes of suspicion and immorality, just bring in the light of knowledge. The lack of humility, of trust, and chastity

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is often said, the light is only made bright by darkness. That is, in order to appreciate light, you must have experienced darkness. No one appreciates the brightness of the torch light in the afternoon sun and umbrella may be a burden after the

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pleasure is not appreciated by someone who has never been in pain before. You will appreciate the lack of knowledge more. If you are aware of the darkness of ignorance in your life.

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And the more natural

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the more enlightened, you become. Stick to the light