Fasting of a Person Who Travels From One Country To Another

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AI: Summary © A person who worked in Saudi Arabia is asking about their fasting habits and whether they need to finish 30 days before being left in their hometown. They also ask if they should consider Saudi Arabia to be the point of reference for their upcoming fasting journey. The person explains that while Saudi Arabia has a long way to go, their fasting habits are similar to those of India, where people start their fast when they reach their destination and finish their journey by the time they reach their destination.
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Next question is from a person who usually works and or he stays, usually stays in Saudi Arabia. And the last Ramadan. He started his fast in Saudi Arabia. and Saudi Arabia has a difference of two days, or it did last year anyway, from India, which is his hometown, so he came to his hometown. And by the time he'd reached he'd already fasted two days in Saudi Arabia. He wants to know, does he have to finish 30 days and then be left with the two days in his hometown? Which other people around him is still fasting? Should he consider this to be the point of reference or Saudi Arabia to be the point of reference? I think it's the question behind Ardito, blogspot masala Salam is mentioned in

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the editor of

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Timothy, in the book of fasting, Hadith number 697. The Prophet said, start your fast with the people who are starting the fast means we live in a country or live in a place. If those people are faster, you should fast and break your fast with the people around you when they break the fast. So if you live in Saudi Arabia, you should start as fast with the people of Saudi Arabia. If in between, I'm done. If he goes back to his original home in India, then you should fast till the time his people are fasting. And I'm aware that many times there's a difference of a couple of days. So if he starts his first two days earlier, and it goes to India, by the time he finishes his 31st, the

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people of India may yet have one or two fasts left. But the end here to continue fasting is the people of India even though it exceeds more than 30 days, it may be 31, sometimes high today with a deep says that fast with the people who are fasting around you and break the fast with the people who are breaking the first round. But if it is a vice versa, if we started the first in India two days late, and then comes to Saudi Arabia, then maybe he'll first 28 days. In this case, he has to start with the people of India and with the people of Saudi Arabia. And he cannot fast on the he today because it is haram. But after that he has to at least fast one more day because in any lunar

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month is 29 days. So if he should at least first additional one or two days to make up for 29 or 30 days, so that doesn't mean that he has fasted less than the minimum requirement.