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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of pride and fear in Islam, with emphasis on the negative impact of pride on one's behavior and personal and professional lives. They stress the importance of showing one's true values and avoiding arrogance, as it can lead to physical altercations and pride. The speakers also touch on the negative impact of pride on one's personal and professional lives, including the use of arrogance to gain power and avoid violence. Humility and discipline are also emphasized.
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will make good read for that VLF Why should I learn a lot of water would actually get a 100 another how to whom also. So it will be what identity he will be he will send them an email about how he dealt with why he died. Well, hang on, he had your hammer in southern la vida he was will show only with

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the data you know one other thing to know about

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one of the diseases that inflict the heart

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and cause the detriments

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a person in this life and the next is the disease of kibble

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which you can translate as arrogance. Pride

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is when a person feels and believes that they are better than other people.

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And in fact, there is no better definition to give to it than the prophets definition. Alayhi Salatu was Salam

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when he said lie that whole agenda term and can have you can be him if God without him in Kibera

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instead of a person has an ants wait of Kibera in their heart of arrogance in their heart they shall not enter Jannah heaven

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they said O Messenger of Allah but one of us would love that we'd read that he would wear something nice, beautiful and that his shoes would be beautiful. Meaning they're asking is that arrogance because we find that naturally in our hearts to try or to love to own beautiful things is that Kim?

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He said in Aloha Jimena on your head will Jamar Allah is beautiful.

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And he loves beauty.

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Well I Kindle kibra

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bottle will help tea. Welcome to nurse but arrogance but pride but Kibera is the rejection and belittling of the truth and the belittling of people.

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That definition for full lies Allahu Allah He was in and tells you that Kibera has two branches and they are related, one related to the truth. One about the truth when you hear it, what you do with it.

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And that includes your behavior and attitude with religion and Allah's commands. So there is Kibber in religion or Kibera with Allah azza wa jal May Allah protect us.

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And there is giver when treating people as well and they are connected, because if you have one at least to the other,

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that is the best definition. And here Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also tells you about that only what it is. But what it leads to.

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If you want to go back to the very first mention an incident of cable, as we mentioned, with envy with Hassan, you'll find that it was the downfall of a bliss.

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With whole Daniel Mulder, it is due to the Adam FSRU

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when we commanded the angels to prostrate to Adam they did

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and I want you to understand that the act of frustration is the ultimate act of submission to Allah azza wa jal so it's supposed to dismiss what keeper

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is that's a surrender. And maybe because we do it so often, we forget what it means. But again, imagine someone frustrating to a human being what is that mean? Except complete submission to that human being? That's why it's haram to be done except to

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Allah azza wa jal.

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Facilier do in law a bliss except a bliss what was his problem? Abba, he rejected? Why is Sakura? He was proud.

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He felt he was better. Alana how you Roman who I am better than him? halacha naman na Remo, halacha Holman three new created him from mud and You created me from fire my element my substance is better than his for what should I submit and prostrate to him? So he directly rejected

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Allah's command.

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And Allah Azza tells them qualify a bit mean half a mega cool No luck punakha and ticket bought off here. He says go down. Exit from heaven. You are not allowed to be proud inside Jana. A pride that is against

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Hola, zodion for Corrigenda Camino soverign exit, you're among the humiliated. So Subhanallah one of the things that this teach you is that the proud who I want to elevate themselves that same action humiliates them. Right? It does the exact opposite.

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And Allah has rewards those who humble themselves by elevating them.

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Mental well the idea he Arafah is if you humble yourself to Allah zodion What does he do? He elevates you. And subhanAllah Allah had deposited that as a nature in people's hearts when they see somebody who's acting arrogantly they think less of them

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and they hate them.

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And if they see someone who's humble, what do they do? They love and honor

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and that is natural. And Allah had deposited that, so that you understand this is how Allah as the dude wants you to be

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and then the humanity

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whenever they would meet the prophets of Allah azza wa jal, those who are arrogant would reject their message.

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And not only reject of Akula Murgia kumerow sulam Bimala Taha and photoacoustic Bartone Ferrari blanket def TomoTherapy. On top to Loon, Allah tells the people of the book he says whenever you receive a messenger with what new dude dislike, you are become arrogant, and some you reject and some you kill. That is you kill a messenger of Allah azza wa jal or you reject them out of what arrogance. I'm not going to follow what I have. What I believe is better and that is the essence of this arrogance, to curb boredom. Subhanallah

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when it comes to Allah azza wa jal to Kabbalah. is beautiful.

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Cannot be translated as arrogance, no Allah as though it is the multicap Allah azza wa jal is Al Kabir, because he is deservedly so. What does that mean? When it comes to Allah azza wa jal that he is supreme, that he is the biggest his perfect is complete. He's bigger than everything better than everything. And so every time when you say Allahu Akbar, you're telling yourself and you're declaring that Allah azza wa jal deserves everything.

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And he's better than everything. And you're reminding yourself that you should sacrifice what you have for the sake of the biggest and the best, Allahu Akbar. And he is better than my own choices. My own thinking,

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my own desire, Allahu Akbar, every beautiful attribute belongs to him. subhanho wa taala. So he deserves all of that. Al kibble for Allah azza wa jal is deserved. But the human human being the human, you seek to inflate yourself arrogantly you seek to become Kibby big. That is what the cabal is, you seek to inflate aggrandize yourself, and that is false. So when it comes to humanity, that's an attribute of deficiency. Now, where it comes from, probably for some of us.

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It's a reaction to a deficiency that you've what we feel, were empty on the inside, we feel that we can be exposed. So you pretend to be something that you are not and you fight people when they challenge that. For some people, they may genuinely believe that they are better than others or they have what others don't.

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But ultimately will Allahu Allah, it goes back to a lack of meaning,

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a lack of something to hold on to. So instead of holding on to Allah azza wa jal as the meaning of life, as the thing or that Allah Azza Zoan, who gives you meaning and direction, because the heart is empty.

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You hold you hold on to yourself,

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and you pretend that you have and you own and we understand that we don't

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what cable leads to in this dunya, as he said, and he is Salatu was Salam is what will help the

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rejection of the truth.

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When somebody comes to you, and he says, Allah said this and that

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and you believe that no, I'm not going to follow it either because he said it.

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And it didn't come from me. Or did not it does not agree with my lifestyle or my own thinking.

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So you reject the Quran

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Not all you reject the Sunnah because we think what that what you have is better.

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And at the time Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was once a man sitting next to him and he was eating with his left hand.

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So the prophets of Allah Allah Sydenham told him couldn't be a minute. He says, Eat with your right.

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The man said, I cannot.

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He said, couldn't be a mean and he repeated. He said, I cannot.

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He said couldn't be a Munich it would be right. He said, I cannot Hol illustrata

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He said, Alayhi Salatu was Salam May you not be able to Allah for sure let you do is that was paralyzed.

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And they say here in the Hadith, ma'am Anna, who will keep the only thing that stops him from following rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was arrogance that he could eat with his right hand.

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But what is the thing that stopped him so I'm not going to do it out of what what I do is better, or what I know is better. And when you think and analyze this hadith is such a simple thing, isn't it?

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Eating with the right versus the left, and some people might think to themselves, what's the big deal really, about this? If I eat with the right if I eat with the left, as you hear for some people, if I enter the bathroom with the right foot or the left foot? What's the big deal about all of this? The big deal about all of that, is that where is this all coming from? There's a difference between someone forgetting or if someone is weak, and he disobeyed Allah as orderly, that's very different. Because that person, we hope for him and for us, if we do that, that you will gain strength, and you will be able to follow Allah as urgent so you can remedy that. But if your ailment

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in mind is arrogance, what is going to remedy that when you say I'm not gonna follow it, even though I know that it's the truth, because I walked looked with disdain on it. It's lower than me. And you think that what Muhammad Sall Allahu Allahu Allahu wa Salam is lower than you. How do you want to treat that?

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How would you want to treat a bliss from his arrogance?

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If he had heard it from Allah azza wa jal?

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So it's not such a small thing.

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And imagine that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would interrupt his and during that person's eating, to remind him three times to eat with his right hand. It tells you that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw it as something that is important.

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The problem?

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Sometimes is not that we do not know.

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What do you how do we how Western Canada and first of all know what Allah Allah describes the people in the Quran saying what? What you had to be had they rejected it, meaning outwardly, but their hearts can certainly believe in it. But why did they reject it all men were oluwa.

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Out of injustice out of warmth and out of arrogance,

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And subhanAllah one of the effects of arrogance if it settles in the hearts honestly for an idea Alladhina Attica Barona fill out of the building will help.

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As Allah as often says, I will turn away from my admire those who are arrogant without right on the face of disprove.

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And Allah continues in the area,

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that when they see the path of truth, they will not follow it. And when they see the path of falsehood, they will follow it. And when they see guidance from Allah azza wa jal, they will hate it and when they see falsehood, they will love it.

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That is Allah azza wa jal if your heart is not clean.

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And again, this is an answer for all of us. Who asked how is it that people could see what the truth is? How is it that we could see the truth and he had failed to follow it? It says, Is your heart ready to follow it?

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Is your heart submissive enough to Allah asserted that it wants to follow it? And Did Allah azza wa jal strip that human being from the ability to see the truth versus to miss it completely? Why? Because in the beginning, they knew what it was and they rejected all of that.

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It's consequences in the dunya that a person will be misled and it would be his fault will commit crime and it will be his fault will reject Allah Azza Villa will be his fall to the extent that some scholars have said Al Kimbro Asha Domina Shirky, they see Kibera is worse than *. They see why he says the mushrik at least he's worshiping something

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then we'll take care of it doesn't worship anything.

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And that makes it worse because that person at least has some humility and with a good dozen

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its consequences in the dunya and in the Euro is that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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You have shown them what they can be Runa can thirdly, the Rio Malkia Matthew's warrior Vigilia thoughtfulness. He says the arrogant will be when they are resurrected on the Day of Judgment they will be the size of ants in the form of human beings but in the size of ants, people stepping on them.

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So you now know very well how some people will be on the Day of Judgment. All those who thought that they were better than people and arrogance Subhan Allah Bill Isla de, is the cause of a lot of evil on this truth. We'll talk about that when we discuss arrogance when it comes to humanity.

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So how do they reappear on the Day of Judgment like ants, because on this dunya they thought that they are the biggest thing.

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But on the Day of Judgment, Allah will show them and everybody else their true form and their true value. They will be like ants and people are stepping on them.

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He said also other he is Salatu was Salam by Nima Raju loon. You don't who they love who Kibriya

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it herself hola Hopi and out of Hawaii, Delta Luffy Haider, Yeoman Kiama. He says there was once a man and he was wearing clothes and he was dragging them on the ground out of arrogance.

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So he said Allah azza wa jal, cassava, Behold, he caused the earth to swallow him and he continues to sink in it till the Day of Judgment.

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See how when people walk with arrogance on the face of this earth, thinking that they are impressing people, and Allah azza wa jal looks at them and Allah condemns them because of him.

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Keep her is a major sin in the heart. It's one of the major sins in the heart. And that's why he said Allah He Salatu was Salam.

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If you have a little bit of it, because it's a major sin, it will be a block for all of us from entering Jannah

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and it tells us that it is a very serious sin that we should consider. It affects how we worship Allah azza wa jal, and it affects also how we deal with people. And we'll talk about that second part in the second photo of hula Kohli where there was the hula Do you want to confess that?

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamdan coherently even move out I can feel you also li wa Sallim, ala Rasool E. Mohammed in one early he was so happy he was salam

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keeper when it comes to people is for you to believe that you have what nobody else has. That you're better than your brother and your sister who's sitting right next to you, that Allah Azza did somehow has favored you with qualities that are absent anywhere else. And you must understand that whatever Allah has noted had given to you, Allah had also had given other favors and other qualities to people around you. And these particular qualities themselves do not make you better. Allah tests you with all of that. And so Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said that it's an obligation on us to be humble in the LA haka Doha in a year and terrazzo hotel, I have heard Haugen, Allah had

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what I ever had ever heard of, since he said, Sal, Allahu alayhi wa sallam Allah revealed to me that you should be humble with each other, so that you do not feel arrogant. And you do not commit injustice with other people.

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And what that means is that if you dissect the Hadith a little bit, it said, what you feel that you have, you could either rightfully have, or falsely. So if you rightfully have something and you think that it is, you're better, this is foul, this is arrogance, if you don't have it, but you still think you're better because you believe that you have it. This is one This is injustice,

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and Kibber in both of these instances leads to injustice, look at the state of the world today. Look at when countries wage war against other countries, inspect and see and you will find that arrogance is behind that. Look at arrogant kings and presidents or what have you, and how they speak and how they behave. Look at those who have power, how they exhibit that arrogance, and what it moves into do

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look at those who kill look at those who mean look at those who still look at a lot of crimes on the face of this earth and take him back to a lot of arrogance and a lot of pride. And whether we are talking about racial Kebun I come from this line. I come from this whatever and because of that I'm better than you or national pride my country our people is better than another country and another people still say

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They attack because we can take our resources because you're not really fully human beings, we're better than you,

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or a person because of his profession, or a person because of his eloquence or a person because of his beauty or a person because of his wealth, or a person because of anything that they have. They turn to the one next to them and they say because of it, I'm better than you. And the news is that because of that particular feeling of yours, you just become worse than the other person.

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He said a while ago, and he tells his Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam work with Jana. How can you monitor back I mean, meaning is lower, lower yourself, humble yourself, to those believers who follow you.

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Once a man comes to the prophets, Allah Azza wa sallam and he wants to ask him questions, and he is in awe to be in presence of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so he's trembling. And the Prophet notices that he says hell when I lay cases take it easy. Find needless to be Malik, I'm not a king, in the mound and lubra team cannot call Kadena on the son of a woman who used to eat dry salted meat.

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It's just take it easy. I'm not a king. I'm not like those people who demand and more powerful and more arrogant. I'm a son of a woman.

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Every human being is a son of a woman. And she used to eat what dry meat when it was she rich? No. Take it easy.

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And he Ali Salatu was Salam. Right? He says love kuruma Taqiyya I will not eat while reclining. And he would say in the majilis sukham. He understood Abdullah hukum kulula thesis I will sit as a slave would sit and I will eat like a slave would eat and he would say the Borneo integral affair if you want to find me find me among your other weakest among you.

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This is how humble he was under his Salatu was Salam because he knew that. If you love Allah azza wa jal, you're not gonna dispute Allah in his quality of kibble.

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And by the way, what is it that you have that deserves arrogance? By the way?

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Are you the first person to have this particular quality of yours? No.

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Many people have it. And maybe many people have more than what you have. Right? Second of all, where did this come from? The thing that is making you proud, then Allah give that to you. Right? It's pure gift from him. subhanho wa taala. And do you think that it will last forever or it will also depart and leave you? So what is making you proud?

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And don't you understand

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that that crime of arrogance is the very thing that is making you lower than other people? You look at someone and you say he's not as eloquent as I am. He's not as rich as I am. He's not as knowledgeable as I am. And you'll you'll understand that in his heart, he could be so sincere with Allah azza wa jal, that he is miles and miles above you in Jannah.

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How can you tell that so and so is veteran so and so is worse except with the Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal.

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So how do we how do we treat that? How do we treat that disease and it's in most all of our hearts? How do we treat that is as you focus on, first of all, the worship of Allah azza wa jal,

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the worship of Allah first of all knowledge and learn what arrogance is, what its consequences are. So learn, it's important for you if you want to save yourself from hellfire and intergender there must be some element associated with that, you must seek some knowledge, but knowledge alone is not sufficient. Unless you implement it. knowledge alone can breed arrogance among the knowledgeable

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please remember this even religious knowledge knowledge alone breeds arrogance among the knowledgeable unless you take it and you apply it.

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And your Salah will teach you humility and fasting will teach you humility and Hajj will teach it to you and sadaqa will teach it to you. You just have to do it with your heart as well.

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in how you treat people

00:24:33--> 00:24:59

don't treat them with arrogance. That is when you receive advice accept it even if it comes from someone who's younger than you even if it comes from a child because that is your test in mind. Are you going to accept the truth because it's the truth or big base on the one who's gonna say that to so accepted wherever it comes from, say salam to people before they see Salam to you and don't think that you have rights upon people. They should stand up when they

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See me they should give me Salam before it gives them Salam. They should greet me before I greet them. That's arrogance. And he Alayhi Salatu was Salam said my husband Nathan. And now Shula Akiyama for the other woman and now he says the one who loves that people would stand up when they see him. Let him anticipate his place in hellfire.

00:25:22--> 00:25:26

Be humble. And don't believe that people owe you anything.

00:25:28--> 00:25:34

That is in relation to Allah azza wa jal, Allah is the biggest and most complete and we are what? Nothing.

00:25:36--> 00:26:07

No one owes us a thing. We are full of sin, we are full of weakness. If Allah is not merciful with us, we'll end up in hellfire because of what we do. But only because of Allah so Rama, we end up in heaven. No amount of good deeds that you do is because of you. It's because of Allah has zoton and no amount of thing in this dunya is because of you. It's because of Allah Azza did, you should see yourself as nothing and Allah azza wa jal giving you everything. So if somebody says Salam to you, Allah, He was generous with you.

00:26:09--> 00:26:28

He was generous with you because if you were to know me, as I am, he would never give me Salam. But he was very generous. Somebody opens the door for you. It's not because you and I are virtuous and good and what have you, because Allah azza wa jal has concealed our sin. And Allah azza wa jal has was very gracious, he made somebody like us.

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For us, as we are with all of our weakness, we deserve nothing. But it's only for the grace of Allah azza wa jal that we have love on this earth, and honor.

00:26:42--> 00:26:49

So don't treat people and don't put them down and also act. Finally act

00:26:50--> 00:27:18

with humility. He said, Alayhi Salatu was Salam al Budda to me in an email, worrying modestly, or dressing modestly, meaning inexpensively is also from email. Meaning sometimes it's good to humble the self and discipline yourself by doing what I know you can afford the most expensive of things, but you say, I'm not gonna buy that I'll buy something that is less as long as it does the job to discipline yourself.

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So not the best clothes all the time, not the best of bags and shoes all the time. Not the best of cars all the time. But Humble yourself and ground yourself so that your heart is not rebellious. And it's reported about Omar Radi Allahu Anhu. And this is how they used to discipline and be vigilant about their hearts. They gave him a horse on his path to Jerusalem

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to ride and he was riding on a dunk.

00:27:46--> 00:27:53

They gave him a horse to ride on. And when he mounted the horse and took few steps, he said Stop, stop.

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And He dismounted and he said, When I was on the horse, my Neff started they say to me, you are Ameerul Momineen, and you're on this horse and you're going here and doing that. So I wanted to discipline yourself, I dismounted and I walk. I'll continue either walking or on a donkey. Sometimes you need to pull yourself down for it to actually wake up. So may Allah azza wa jal Rasul Allah mean, cleanser our heart of arrogance, cleanse our cleanse our bodies of arrogance, You Allah make us among the humble on this earth, makers of those who seek your pleasure on the face of this earth. make us of those who will humble themselves before you and before the believers on this earth. Dr.

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Bill elemi Yeah, but I mean, we asked you to revive our hearts with iman, we ask you to revive our hearts with Taqwa. Fill our hearts with your love and your fear. And the love of Muhammad Ali his Salatu was Salam and the love of the believers, whereas he Allah to guide us to dinner and protect us from hellfire. We asked you Allah to give us the best of qualities and o'clock in this dunya whereas you have abandoned me to protect us from the worst qualities and o'clock in the dunya whereas we are Berala me to make us to keep the company of the righteous in this world and to make us among the righteous in the next slide was horrible and the need to forgive us all of our sins,

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the ones that are hidden and the ones that are public, whereas you are blind I mean, if we are addicted to a particular sin that we cannot leave give us power over it. If there is something in our life that is missing yada but Allah Amin will ask you a lot of enemies to supply if there is any distress in our life, we ask you to take it away your hammer. I mean, if there is any illness if there is any debt we ask you to allow me to relieve us of all of this era hamara AMI, you are the most generous and we expect your generosity Yelapa Alameen Allahumma attina Dunya has an overall authority has an opinion other than not lovable young people could be a bit Kulu banana de la Mer

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Yamasaki for Kulu visa Kulu been Allah it La Mer inadequate critical issue critical personal liberty, and I'm sorry, I forgot before I leave that there are brothers who are collecting donations for a message. I cannot leave the Hotbird before it's simply just true.

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Finding you. Whenever you have an opportunity when everybody knocks on your door and tells you we need money for a cause that pleases Allah as though please do not deny yourself the opportunity of at least giving something and don't feel too tired of that. Because Allah as though did if there is going to come a time when you cannot give any more. So just give whatever you can, and I know that they have a long way to go they need $8 million for them to complete that project. May Allah azza wa jal make that easy for them and everybody who is trying to please Allah, Allah Allah nee but it is easy if Allah wills it. So please be be generous on a day like this for people that come and asking

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you to build the masjid for the sake of Allah. And let's show Allah azza wa jal Alameen from ourselves that we love Him and we want to build a message for his sake Baraka lofi can work