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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the benefits of hash, including being patient, avoiding irrelevant activities, and rewarding employees for their hard work. The importance of patient reserve and avoiding behavior that can cause embarrassment is emphasized. Long-duration tests and patient comfort are also emphasized, along with new award announcements and challenges faced by patients, including poor air conditioning and extreme temperatures. The speakers emphasize the need for patient patience, patient comfort, and rewarding employees for their hard work.
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Salam Alaikum salam Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Olam, aluminum and fauna and finally my LinkedIn or was it no Illman Yahama. Reichman My dear beloved respected brothers and sisters,

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today in sha Allah Tada we will take another benefit of the pillar of hash.

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And I want you please

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to mark these videos in case in the future in Charlotte, Allah you or anyone that you know is going to hash please ask them to watch these episodes they will be tremendous help

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because by the time we finish in sha Allah Tala, I will be covering all the benefits of hash and I will give many tips that will help everyone who's going to hash to enjoy hygene sha Allah Tala. So today's

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tremendous amazing benefit of hash is that hash.

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It teaches us how to be patient.

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Before you go to Hajj, usually ask people advice me right. And one of the most common advice that people give one another before they go to hudge they tell them patience patience, every time you finish a load of patients get another load of patients you need a lot of patience and that is an excellent advice has comes to teach us how to be patient.

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We all know my brothers and sisters that patience is divided into three kinds a Sobral Allah was several annual Marcia was several I ll Bella patients to perform a Baghdad acts of worship patients to stay away from sins and patients when you are hit by a calamity.

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All these are the three kinds of patients that the Muslim goes through all through his life. And all these three kinds of patients are demonstrated in hash, you need them all you need all kinds of patients and hash

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patients in performing data that the first patients

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you need a lot of patients when you are performing tawaf.

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I'm telling you from now you are going to be pushed,

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you are going to be extremely tired, you are going to be sweating, you are going to see things that you know they're not according to the Sunnah.

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And that might bother you patience.

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This man behind you hit you in his umbrella. Patience. This person hit you there's elbow patience, it is becoming very crowded. Patience. You will face some difficulties when you are in was Delica you are used to being on your comfortable bed in an atmosphere may be air conditioned and or you have your own way of sleeping and your own time and you don't like to be bothered. That's not gonna happen and was delivered. You are sitting on the street somewhere on the street somewhere Subhanallah and you're looking for a place to be able to nap for a little bit so you can have the energy because the next day is the big day. Okay, so

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that needs a lot of patience. When you're at the gym right? I remember my brothers and sisters and when we went in 2001

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Allah when whenever we get to the gym Murat

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it was so tough that I almost felt I am dying and may Allah reward that brotherhood took me from

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that crowd and saved me. It was so funny. I felt like my, my soul is up to here, Hollis, I'm done. This is how tough it is. Patience. Now 100 A lot of bad. I mean, you have many stories, it's very spacious. You go there and you throw the stones very easy. The Jamaat Subhanallah but still, it needs a lot of patience. When you go out and you see the crowds. You need a lot of patience. When the bus is late. You need a lot of patience. A lot of patience when you are walking and the fumes sometimes from the buses.

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You need a lot of patience.

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Every step of the hush teaches you to be patient to perform all these a bad that then comes the patients to stay away from since you are sitting in a hotel, five star the TV is right there. You need patients not to watch anything haram you need patients not to put any, any any any author and YouTube and Cologne. Because you're not allowed to do that while you're in your room. You need patients in to not to look at anybody in the wrong manner. You have to have a lot of patience to stay away from committing sins. And then comes the most important is the patient. Patients on the tests. There will be a lot of tests. I'm telling you from now my brother, my sister, before you go

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to hajj, there will be a lot of tests in which

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you might arrive and your luggage does not arrive. It happens so many times. You might arrive like one of our brothers one time, he the minute he landed, he lost his wallet with $2,000 in it all his money is gone. Patience. One time we arrived and they told us you have no rooms and we stayed one, two nights sleeping in the lobby. Patients no complaint patients. One time we went and there was no food for three days go manage yourself. Patients. When we were in minute the guy brought us just a piece of cracker and a piece of cheese. This is your your lunch is as your food for the day and some dates. Patients have to be extremely patient. We are driving from Medina, from Medina to Mecca

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in a regular bus and the air conditioner broke

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for 456 hours, no air condition 50 People in the bus patients it happens in other for many times a day air conditioned break because of the heat, you know Subhanallah patients you need a lot of patience These are tests that are coming your way you got sick, in, in harsh happens a lot. A lot of patience Be patient, my brother, Allah is testing you, you want to go back as brand new baby for free, no, no heavy, you have to pay for it, you're gonna go back brand new baby. So it will take a lot of effort. Subhanallah so we have to be extremely, extremely patient. Anytime we are facing any kind of difficulty. Anytime we're performing a buy that we need a lot of patients and one of the

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things that will help us be patient, remember, remember that the GDL the argument the fights in harsh ruin Hush. Can you imagine after you spend all that money and all that time and all that effort, your house is ruined because you you lost your your temper you lost your your and you start cursing and maybe you fought with this and your photo and that Subhanallah and make sure you stay away from sins. I see sometimes people will lie the scene breaks my heart somebody will run with haram smoking a cigarette, La ilaha illallah my brother, my brother, my beloved brother, and you are in the most honored lands in the most at the best times of the year. Please my brother tried to

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control your desires and beg Allah to help you quit from that habit SubhanAllah. So to help you achieve the patients, remember that Allah said in the Quran, Allah who you Hibou sabe Allah loves the patient was when Allah NAS in Allah ma Siberian Allah is with the patient ones where beshear is soldering and give the glad tidings to the patient ones. You know, all these things will encourage me to be patient, whereas our home Dima Sabado, Jonathan harira, the reward of the patient, one is only Jana, the angels are waiting and rewarding and giving them the glad tidings and the salam because Bhima sabato because of your patience. Subhan Allah. And remember, in nama

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You work for sabe Runa eduroam, Bihari hisab Allahu Akbar, the patient wants the reward with Allah azza wa jal has no limit, no limit, Allahu Akbar. So, when I come back from Hush,

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I will be very patient, with my spouse with my wife. I will be very patient with my children. I will be very patient with my elderly parents. I will be very patient with the people who work for me.

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This is what he teaches us to be patient.

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Brothers and sisters, I beg Allah azza wa jal in these pleasant days and nights together me and you on RF an exterior in sha Allah Amin your anatomy ya Allah I asked you the best of your names for everyone who's watching us your ALLAH forgive all their sins and make their best deeds the last deeds and make the last words Lola I love you all for the sake of Allah subhana Calamba gondek

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