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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The rise of theOmanala and political pressure on the United States due to the wa-rat and the political pressure on the United States to act is discussed in various segments. The history of Islam, political systems, and political movements are also discussed, including Omar Omar, the governor of Afghanistan, and WhatsApp WhatsApp WhatsApp. The political agenda is emphasized, with Omar Omar being recognized as the great man and leader of Islam and being part of the innerillailla clan. The conversation also touches on Omar Omar's political leadership and ability to lead under pressure, as well as the importance of showing respect for people.
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We live in a shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more serene. See you now Muhammad and wider od he or Sophia Jermaine. My beloved brothers are Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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We continue our series about the revival, the some explorit. And we're looking at the low points in the OMA and different catastrophes that we income encountered. What caused them? But how did we come out of it? Last night, we looked at the first fitna, and without a doubt, one of the biggest problems with uma today is what we saw at the end of the age of the caliphate is so the rightly guided caliphate is disunity. Even the best of people will have different opinions. And even though everyone has a portion of the truth, everybody has some, some valid points, legitimate arguments, valid delille and evidences while we fight and argue the Ummah burns. While we fight and argue about

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our positions, people are dying, and that is what Satan Hassan Rouhani Alon understood. And he said, I will rather put down my claim my opinion, I will make my opinion second in the faith of someone else for the point for the purpose of unity, and with that, with Unity came once again the revival of the Ummah, the OMA became strong once again, it wasn't as it was as then to be sublimate predicted, he says the Sahaba after my the age of the Rightly Guided caliphs ins it will rebuild itself again but the Krakow it won't be as it was, they will now be a kingship dynasty. And some of those kings will be good, some will be bad, some will be the ugly. And we now see the rise of the

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maid, a family who dominate Islams political landscape for about 100 years. And no group of Hola, no group of leaders within the history of Islam from the time of the abuse of Saddam until the last Khalifa that was deposed 100 years ago, enjoyed absolute power, like the Omega caliphs. And with that, with that power, with that level of strength, wealth comes a different kind of challenge. And I asked myself, I asked you if tomorrow you got an email and said You are now the CEO of the company, no one is going to hold you accountable. Or you are the owner of the company. There is no checks and balances for you. How would How would you and I operate when we have complete authority

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and autonomy to do as we want when the law doesn't apply to ask what would happen. Now though, made caliphate just some history year after Mao Iran becomes the Khalifa there will be further turmoil intention of them with the zedan kyriba and Imam Hussain ultimately the omegas will regain control. And when they take control a second time, they will take it in such an absolute ruthless, very systematic for the from from a political perspective, very strategic, they will take complete control and the man who really establishes the Omega dynasty a second time a man by the name of Abdul Malik. It's interesting. He's

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four of his sons will become Khalifa he is the Khalifa for 20 years and four of his sons will be Khalifa as one after the other without any dispute without any challenge. The father of caliphs and his names for Hanalei is Abdul Malik the slave of V King, Allah as Allah had decreed, Allah decreed the man who would be known as really the King of kings. He would be the slave of the ultimate King. Nonetheless, Abdul Malik. Even more one Rahim Allah, Allah have mercy on him. He had taken control of the immediate family and then reestablished its dynasty. And he appointed his family members as governance throughout throughout the different regions of Islam. And they were quite prolific. They

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were quite successful. He had many * under him who kept down all the opposition, and what that Islam from a political perspective expanded. It was under the strain of his son al Walid, that Islam was really at its zenith from a political point of view and the omegas had reached the absolute pinnacle. unworried, the son of Abdulmalik. Imagine if he's an Oregon, he gets a report that Tarik Invisi had been Ziad has conquered Spain and Portugal. He receives the same year report that we've conquered Pakistan and India, the same year he received from another general kotoba we have into China. And this man's control of the authority wasn't just nominal. He would write a

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letter and the general in Spain would abdicate his posts and come back to Damascus to the even though he knew he was going to be imprisoned. Many of the generals they when they became too powerful, too successful, the Khalifa would say you are under this camp, and the general would leave his troops and he will go back to Damascus, absolute power, absolute authority. This is this will lead my left most enemies the man that bolts or even abdul-malik built the Dome of the Rock that you see this golden dome and in Damascus in Palestine. This was the Mosque in Jerusalem and they build the Grand Mosque off of Damascus, the mosque which there'll be some prophesies now the ISA will be

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seen. It is this grand mosque of Damascus at the Omega temple so they have a great legacy. They started minting coins for the first time we as an ummah had

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own coins who want using your own money to purchase was under these caliphs. But of course with this absolute power when control came corruption came excesses palaces, the beetle mod became a personal bank account for the immediate family positions there was it wasn't even like nepotism, corruption was known you could not be a governor or any person of standing if you weren't from the immediate family, they will determine the entire governance of the of the caliphate. Now,

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people have lost faith in their government. Islam people no longer looked at the rulers as people that they could inspire aspire even though he cannot carry the title Ameerul Momineen he would be the man would still perform the hajj on behalf of the Muslim mean. But the Muslims had complete loss of faith in the OMA yet dynasty. They simply fallen out of fear. And the word AMA has remained silent and stood away. And this continued, Allah subhanho wa Taala would bring the first Mujaddid Now I mentioned this in the first lecture that the Nabisco says that a with every 100 years at the turn of the century, Allah would send a person who would revive the spirit of Islam. And by

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unanimous consent, this man only when Abdulaziz is the first Mujaddid Uma. We don't count the first century because of course, the reason Salam is the son of that century, but after the century after the salam, there are a few candidates Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah will talk about in Shaolin a few days, he has a powerful claim of being the first Mujaddid but with unanimous consent, everyone agrees that this man movement up disease was the first Mujaddid of our age who is this man? So his name is Omar, the son of Abdulazeez, the son of Marwan so Abdulaziz is the brother of Abdul Malik Abdul Malik was great king. He had a younger brother Abdullah says this is the brother the Khalifa has brother, his

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nephews, Omar and Omar this hour a person we talk about Omar lived a kind of schizophrenic lifestyle he had a bit of his upbringing was a bit weird, because while his father wasn't only yet a governor, a prince, the brother of the Khalifa, was enjoying all the luxuries and excesses of the Obama years. He was stationed in Medina and for some reason, when Abdulaziz was young, he had an infatuation. He wanted to marry a girl from the family of Satan and women on top, say Norman's family, and hip hop say normal and say normal. His family were very strict and they said, No, we want nothing to do with humans. You're not worthy of our family. You people are all corrupt and politics and dirty money. We

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can't trust you. You can't marry with any of our daughters. But he insisted, and he was slightly better than the rest of the OMA yet. And so the family relented and allowed Abdul Aziz to marry Leila, the granddaughter of St. Norbert, the granddaughter of say normal, even this girl, Leila has an interesting story. How does she you know, how is she? How did how did she come about? So, you know, when when he was the Khalifa, many, many decades before that he had a policy of he would walk the streets at night to see what is the road is not right. If people are complaining, and he came past a house and he heard a mom and a daughter talking. They were selling there were people who sold

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sold milk. And the daughter said, Mom, do you know you're not allowed to mix the milk with water to make it look more? This is the rule so no one will advise you not to do it. So you see but Omar is not here to see us. So Omar heard this. And the daughter said but what about the load of Omar he will see us. So say now Omar mocked his house and he went not to arrest the mom. He brought his son asked him he said this is a girl you marry this girl. This girl is a God of Taqwa you marry her. So ask him the son of Satan. marry this girl Leila sorry, Aussie marry this this girl the lady who sold the milk and they had a daughter called Leila. Right. So this is the Leila Leila and as this Leila

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marries the OMA yet Abdulaziz and they have a son Omar. So on the one side he is he has a Khalifa grandfather side normal, who was of course they'd normally on the ice dad side, he has Abdul Malik, who was this omega Califa. And so he grows up in between these sorts of worlds. He grows up in Medina, and he was his mom's side of the family he encountered Sahaba and is encouraged to learn the Quran is encouraged to study in the summer holidays would go to Damascus, and he would party with his cousins. And he would wave the most expensive clothes. He says about himself. I was a young man like the rest of the kids. When I wore a garment and people saw me I felt that that garment was

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used. I couldn't wait again. And I wore the best of things I took from the Treasury as I wanted I it was my right as an American. But at the same time I had my shoe my shears, who advised me and encouraged me they taught me the Quran and I became happy with and so he grows up like this and he had beautiful o'clock. One thing that people mentioned about him even with these excesses extravagance as a young man, he was always respectful and kind and loving in that way. His father Abdulaziz becomes the governor of North Africa. And so Abdulaziz relocates and he lives over in Medina, young man in Medina.

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No. And he, he would rather trust or stay with your mom's side of the family rather than my side of the family. And so he grows up a little bit closer with a mom sides of the family. And in fact, he managed to learn under eight Sahaba. Amongst them the great Abdullah bin Ahmad, the son of Satan, Ahmed, Abdullah Ahmed, he learns under him he's like great grand uncle and memorize the Quran. And so with this comes the love for knowledge with this comes a love for Islam. And, you know, so now he would go and visit his his relatives in Damascus. Eventually his father Abdulaziz dies when he was quite young.

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And even though before his father passes away, you know, the shoe you are tense, the chefs are bit worried. How do I discipline this boy man, you know, he's he's royalty. If he comes late, what must I do? And so once over the he was late for Salah is still coming, he wasn't coming for Salah and the shear who was worried what do I do? He wrote to his dad in Egypt. He said, Look, Omar is not coming for Salah on time and he's very like and I asked him what's going on? He said no, my he takes me when I need to leave the house. It takes me long to do my hair. And that's why I'm late for Salah. So is there It's Chef shave, Is he off? Making bolt? Right? You have my you have my full blessings

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to shave his hair off. And so Alhamdulillah this kind of a look at this. The father is instilling Islamic even though his father is what the royalty he knows I want better for my son. I want my son to be better than we are. And he instructed his mama you have full reign you discipline him as you want. Don't treat him like a prince. He is your student And subhanAllah we'll see what will become of this man. Eventually Abdulaziz passes away. And Omar is called to Damascus his Uncle Abdul Malik calls him to Damascus says I want you to live with my kids and my family. And they really liked him. He's that as we said that solid cousin. So when the cousin's got out in the party, okay salata and

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Omar, you can lead the solder or they would be partying and whatever is your Alma you know that what the gel tell us about the gel. Tell us about those things, you know those things right. So there was this great respect and reverence for him, but he was also part of the clan. Eventually, Abdullah Abdul Malik says, I want you to marry my daughter, Fatima. So Omar Omar is the daughter of the Khalifa. His father in law is the Khalifa and all those four sons would become his brother in law so they owe Khalifa so he's now part of the inner clan is part of the inner clan amongst the Romanians. And they now appoint him when he's in his 20s Go back to Medina because the people of Medina really

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hate us, the people of Medina and Mecca is still the center of Islamic of course knowledge that's where the scholars are, and there's no love for the OMA yet. We follow we will give you the pledge like hasn't had given no love, we give it to you simply out of fear of fighting. We don't want to have bloodshed in Medina, like Karbala and all of that. We won't go through that again. But don't expect us to, to be happy with you. So they obviously saw you from her. You are someone that people see as a type of a scholar, you go to Medina, you'll be the governor, you'll be the governor of Makkah, and you try to bring the people closer to us as the nomads and as governor of Medina. He now

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of course becomes more in touch with the scholars of Medina, and he becomes more in touch with the centers of learning. As the governor of Medina, he would of course, be able to engage with the remaining Sahaba and you'd be in charge of organizing the Hajj. And of course administering McCann Medina, we expanded the masjid, he expanded the first major expansion of the Muslim Nabhi Salam was under only bin Abdulaziz. So all these things Allah had allowed him in his job to operate within that very safe environment. And he would, of course, then make Makkah and Medina he would say to the omits, if you want me to have to bring the people closer to you, you need to allow me to deal with

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him differently. You are very heavy handed when it comes to Iraq and Syria and all of that with the people of Medina and Mecca, allow me to deal with him as I want to, I will give them money, I'll deal gently if they are, if they say things you don't like the scholars don't come down hard. Let me deal with him. And he calls a group of, of scholars panel, this is the first rule that now understands that there's a separation between the old Mr. Class and the ruling class. In the past, we're very fortunate we had the greatest Alama will also the political leadership where when people say now bucket is synonymous with money and ally. We didn't have that now anymore. The rulers are on

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a different tangent. But he wanted to honor the ALLAH and he understood that our spirit of Islam is not in the hands of rulers and Khalifa it's in the hands of the Lord, that when that fire is extinguished, that's when we lose what we have. So he assembled the greatest automa in the world, which is obviously in Medina and Mecca. And he made them a committee, like an emergency. And he says to them, rulers usually are appointed over people to watch over them. That's my job. I need to watch the people, but who's gonna watch me? So I appoint you as my Committee of Advisors. If you see I'm out of line with the Sharia, advise me, many of them were his teachers. Many of them were people he

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grew up with and he admired some of them even peers of you.

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Is that now he also excelled as scholars. And so he appointed a committee of Allah, He said guide me and stop me from acting. And with this of course, he received a great amount of love admiration from the Ummah, the people of Medina and Mecca when our feelings are not all the Omegas are so bad, there is maybe a star that we can look at. And people started to leave the other areas Syria, Baghdad, they left the rest of the lands to come to Medina and Mecca because they found the as a governor, yeah, who is good. And this again, put him under odds with actually the Khalifa. So, so now Omar must now again, manage his family on the one side who are saying, You need to be hard. Our other

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governors are complaining, how can we be strict but you want to be lenient. And so Subhanallah we have a letter that he wrote to annually again, this man and when he'd perhaps know Khalifa enjoyed as much authority and power like unwearied, from Spain to China, he ruled Absolutely. No one did speak to Unbeliev with anything. The scholars mentioned that with each Khalifa, his personality, and his character would reflect in the people actually it was all about conquest and power. And every entry for everybody was in competition with one another. Everybody wants to outdo one another. This was Anwar EADS entire motto. So now Omar comes to him comes to unworried. And he complained and he

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says, I'm gonna get he says to Allah lead, can I give you advice, I can speak frankly, we cousins, but I'm also your governor. He says to him, my cousin surely have to shake off the shake. The greatest sin in the sight of Allah is the shedding of blood. Yet your officials, your governors, your generals, they kill indiscriminately. And when they kill somebody, they simply write up report, this was an evil, those guys spoke out against you. And they the victim is blamed for a crime. And you just wash watch over it. And this person did such and such, indeed, you are responsible for this, and you will be held accountable for it. Therefore, I advise you right to your generals, your

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governance, commanding them not to kill a single person, but to record the sins and to give them testimony meaning give them a fair trial, you're going to kill somebody, you need to do this freely. This way, your order will allow you a phase to become clear to you. So this way, at least you exonerate yourself with Allah. When when he spoke about this, and he told him you need to issue a new decree that no one is allowed to be executed, you know, without a due process. And what he'd said, Yes, I am Allah bless you. And may Allah protect you from misfortune. I, you know, this really hit home and he said, I will write to them as as you come on. And so he wrote to his generals and

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he's governors, they respond back and said, Omar is a problem. You need to depose him, and he will lead under pressure from his governance and Hajaj. He eventually removed Omar he says, I can't put you as governor of Medina anymore. You are, you are removed as governor, I don't know what's fine, no problem. I will continue to live as a public servant. He was though very close. So Allah leads younger brother is to lay man, I'll worry the younger brother is to lay man and Sulaiman and Omar were like cousins of the same age. And they grew up kind of together. And Waleed was well Walid was a very strong, a very driven, ambitious Khalifa. Suleiman was more of a party boy, but he was a

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softy. And when Al Waleed was about to die, he was considering I don't want to put my younger brother Sulaiman as Halifa. He doesn't have the metal I have an omen once again spoke to him and said, you know, you're going to cause a huge fitna, you're going to change the line of succession. We're going to have civil war, just put today Monday, even though Sulaiman as we know is about Mullah have mercy on him. So a man was a man that his focus was women and enjoyment. He wasn't as hard as unworried was, perhaps there was somebody deeming qualities in his soft nature, and unrelated, fine and social a man becomes a Khalifa and today in my nose, it was the advice of Omar

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Vinod Aziz that made him the Khalifa. And so he calls Omar and he says, I want you to be my personal advisor, you will be my personal advisor. And so the first steps now is they stopping the generals and the governors from exploiting and persecuting the people and OMA to start speaking to a man and says, Look, now you're the Khalifa you can't party like this anymore. You need to start growing up now. You can't just be with women and all these things, you are the Khalifa so they will make dua for me make dua for me Omar inshallah. Inshallah I'll get there, I'll get there. And it's mentioned in the books of Hadith, or the books of history, we're not sure how true it is that someone for

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example, almost says to him, You are the Khalifa you need to lead the people on Hajj, how can you continue like this? And then he points out, he says, Look at all these people are your hedge these 1000s these millions of people, these are your subjects they obey you, but you have to answer for them on the Day of piano and also these little advices slowly slowly chips away at the Khalifa today man though, as Allah decree would not live very long if you look at his see his rule only a few years, it mentions that he was extremely beautiful. He was like a like a model and he dressed in the best of clothing and he was powerful. And once he you know really had a beautiful outfit and he says

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to his

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sees women is haraam of ladies and he says, Have you ever seen something more beautiful than me? He tells these beautiful ladies. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than me? A philosopher who has so much power when all of this and he was so amazed. He didn't say mashallah, within one week he was on his deathbed. Allah had struck him with some kind of sickness. And now that he's dying, he calls his chef Raja. He says, I'm gonna die, Chef, now give me advice. What did I do with my life? And Raja says, perhaps, as a redemption to you, maybe Allah will have mercy on you, if you select a good successor.

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And there's no one better than the disease. He is not in the line of succession. And you know, he's the best man for the job. Why don't we do this? And this unplanned, unscheduled Raja and Suleiman on his deathbed, he signs the letter. My successor will be with an organization Omar has no idea about this.

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So a man dies they perform the Janaza salah the OMA yet family gets together they know what to do, who should be the next brother in line for succession. There's supposed to be a done deal. Abdul Malik many, many years ago, the father said one brother after the other, that's what's going to happen. No, we don't dispute with me. I'm in charge. I'm the I'm the I'm the Sultan. They all said Yes, Daddy will follow. Now Sulaiman breaks the chain of succession and he appoints an outsider and women of the disease. They said they expecting to hear the name of a sham I believe. And Raja opens the letter the chief Imam and he says it is the will and decree of Solomon do you all follow the

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Khalifa? Yes, we obey the Khalifa that he has appointed Omar Abdulaziz as his successor. Omar is sitting there and his first words are in early July we're in June. We continue inshallah tomorrow evening.

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squishin last night's first announcement often program hamdullah jackal Hey people are donating but they remain still a bit of a balance if anybody can contribute one orphan Hoffa often if you can. Insha Allah please contribute to underground to underground, if you can. Much appreciated. We said last night last night's question that hadith about Hassan Genovesa Salam said, Hassan this son of mine Hassan is a seed he's a seed that's why I seed Nason. May Allah say it means a leader because through him Allah will bring peace between two groups of Muslims that are fighting is a side tonight's question and Okay, sorry. Let's take out

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some answers here.

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So I had a biker No, so he's not here.

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See again, Sarah Charlie. Suraj Mashallah.

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Fatima West, my sister Okay, so she gets my sister it's easier. She easier

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chicken and inshallah tonight's question, who was promoted when Abdelaziz his father in law who was his father in law was his father in law so a man he sham will lead to Abdul Malik who was his father in law in sha Allah will continue tomorrow with Nila Salah Sedna, Muhammad are circumstances in combat without Amin.

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To one with the English and we hope to have the Salah by quarter past one so about 10 minutes earlier. The Charlotta just said in mind a quarter past one masala Morrow

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