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Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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Somebody come up to 100 doesn't want to start, you know, who has talked to who want to study when I would have been better it shouldn't be Pacino and see Dr. Molina

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Mays, do you know what I'm good at? Number one, are you looking for a heavier version with either?

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Nor shall I say you don't know, have you been swatted or hidden and Mohammed in part due to what our pseudo

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Sunday was sending over? Like I said, getting hung up on earnings and play video, but if he was hurt, he married or I couldn't even tell you.

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Within about a minute I found on farming environment and it was in our email Subhanak Elohim or the

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age of 10, an indicator came along, I didn't have to hop on one. So Kinetica

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even wants to connect you.

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Once again, especially brothers and sisters of Sudan, why the Qumran

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and hamdulillah all praises for ALLAH SubhanA Medina.

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Once again, it's an honor, it's a privilege to be here with you. I've been to this masjid and humbled enough from the community level more than one occasion. Maybe it's my fourth, fifth or sixth time I don't remember the code.

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Every time I see new faces, old faces, I see some of them and they disappear and I see new faces. So I think it's a place for people coming in, come on moving right.

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Nevertheless, the title that we have today is to do with as a brother mentioned, relating to the blessed month of Ramadan and

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the messenger of allah sallallahu Taala how up right and he was telling me he was sending.

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When he would see the crescent of the month of origin, he would make a DUA, and this is in the psyche of moment to heart when he would see the crescent moon of the month of Reggie, which is two months before Ramadan, you will make a DUA and he will say Allahumma barik Linares unije

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Wilbury cleaner fish Chaga Oba livina Ramadan Oh Allah bless us in our region. This is when the month of Rajan has arrived, he will make a DUA, who would say oh well luck, plays blessings in our region. Make it full of blessings for us. And then make the month subsequent to Roger the month of Siobhan make the tools are full of blessings and make us rich but living make us reach the month of Ramadan. Now this is quite significant. The messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is actually anticipating the blessing month of Ramadan in two months in advance. He's waiting, he's eager. He's he's showing his Egan's for the month of Ramadan, his waiting he can, Ramadan cannot

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come to him. You know, he is waiting and anticipating for the month of Ramadan.

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So this in itself is some a reminder for us. There's a lesson in this for us that we should anticipate the month of Ramadan, we should make dua we are in the month of Shabbat right so we have just over 10 days left for the month of Ramadan, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would anticipate two months in advance, and you will make dua for Roger to be full of blessings, you will make dua for shall burn to be full of blessings and he will ask Allah to give him life and to make him stay alive that he reaches the month of Ramadan so that he can worship Allah and gain the blessings and rewards of the Monroe mobile. This is anticipation, eagerness to want to know about

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anticipating the weather Allah wants to know about to come quickly.

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And this is something very important because some of us unfortunately brothers and sisters, you know, especially now Ramadan is in the month in the summer months. Sometimes, subconsciously, we don't realize we think you know, this year some of you sit down a lot when when we discuss about Ramadan. The only thing we talk about is oh, this year madonn The fats are going to be too long. 18 months sorry and not 18 months, 18 hours. 19 hours so long delights us more thoroughly is gonna be so difficult. That's actually wrong. It's actually reprehensible. It's actually disrespectful.

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allies you know we should value the mother of all God is full of blessings a gift that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has blessed us with, we should show anticipation and if not, then at least we should not be negative to them and Ramadan, but it's so difficult hardship. Okay, we can talk about that this year will be in a in a very subtle way that this year the mother will have on the first of you to be long, lengthy than previous years, but to discuss and to complain and to think that it's gonna be so difficult this year to foster this a night. That's actually a phoron a now this is showing in gratitude to the gift of Allah, in gratitude toward towards the blessing from Allah that Allah is

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blessing us with. And this is something we really need to take off from our conversations, we should remember we should think that it's nothing 1819 hours is nothing, we we do not even experience a percentage of the hardship and the difficulty that the messenger of allah sallallahu earlier you were earning was actually what sondland And the Companions underwent in their lives not even a percentage they strive the struggle the dream their lives for the for Islam, and we have a month of Ramadan, that we find it difficult to fast for 17 hours, 16 hours, 18 hours, and they're fast that we will open with some Moses and pastries and, and rice and chicken and beef and burgers and

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we will be will be eating a lot of different types of good food. And even in so often we'll be eating, or we eat a lot of pizzas and all the different kinds of foods.

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So how were the one on one they would fast remember the beginning of Islam in the beginning of Islam fasting was continuous even on the night you could not eat and then that was covered it and then the rule was that intimacy with one spouse in the nights of Ramadan that was prohibited but you can eat and that Allah allowed that as well. And he said an earlier version over no Optoma get up along local Mokulua shahada at the beginning, that woman hung up on us when women are legit. But anyway, the point is that we do not experience even a percentage of the difficulty the hardship the sacrifice than the pluses messenger of Allah. So Allah is known that companions underwent and we

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know him and experienced a sacrifice the trouble that people other parts of the world have to undergo not just in the month of Ramadan, but daily. And this is actually what I want to talk about this actually, you know, the month of fasting, and there are many, many rewards for fasting as you know there are many Hadith and we hear about these things. Anyways, I don't really want to go into those Hadith that talk about trusting many Hadith the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when Salado by the email to seven often referred them in Lumbee. Whoever observed the fact that I'm fasting Ramadan even Marxism with full conviction with Yvonne and belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala

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either what I deserve and hoping for reward from Allah over the red element up at the moment the moon is previous enough given man camera, mobile, email and WhatsApp. Whoever stands stands up in the middle of the night at night whoever worships Allah. Allah is the 100 Salah Iman YT seven Orfila who might have heard of him and then his previous sins are forgiven. And you have many other Hadith that talk about the blessings of Ramadan and the first in the month of Ramadan like there's a hadith where the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Kulu Amma giving them a level, every good action the human being in others, some of them just ignore them. Colorama living Adam Lovell, it is

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for him the rewards are for you. It has to be action. Every deal you do, the rewards are multiplied 10 times the messengers of Allah Himself killer song on Allah azza wa jal elhassan. He says, Allah says, accept fasting, everything you get a reward and it's multiplied by 10. It's in the Quran. Magellan has an ad for the actual alternative. You do one good deed Allah Subhana Allah data out of his infinite mercy, blesses us and gives us 10 rewards tenfold Multichem the rewards are increased ilosone Except for fasting. Allah says for in V one IGCP.

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For interval v one zippy, fasting is not for him, and it's not that it will be multiplied 10 times fast is something that's only solely for me, Allah says, and I shall reward him which does not mean that someone else will reward for other actions. The meaning here is that the reward here, the promise for other good actions is that increased and multiplied tenfold but for fast Allah subhanaw taala says this is fully and I will rewarded as much as I want there is no end because fasting is full of summer patient

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Since fasting is full of someone and in their mind you often saw balloon a gentleman in the freezer, those who exercise someone and patients they get reward which is there is no end to the reward. But anyway there are many headaches. Going back to what I was talking about is that we need to realize that we do not undergo or or experience even a percentage of the hardship that early people went through and even Muslims today in

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different parts of the world, and this is actually one of the one of the salient lessons that is given. You know, there are many objectives many mocassin many objectives of fasting. And there are many reasons why we fast and there are many lessons. Allah says in the Quran, Allah Allah, Gucci, Vallecano, CL Kamakoti Valentina and Republic of Rwanda canta Takumi first, so that you acquire in your life taqwa, God consciousness. So there are many lessons. But one very important lesson that is given in fasting is what is that when you remain hungry, when we undergo harsh and difficulty, 18 hours, 16 hours, 15 hours, it makes us think about those people who are not as fortunate as us. It

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makes us think about the poor people that impoverished people. It makes us what a moment is just one month reminding us that there are people in this world to spend all their lives like this, not just one month, and that's also difficult for us, we cannot tolerate it. And we complain 18 hours, 17 hours, there are people who stay hungry for 24 hours, 30 hours, the time of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they would stay, they will survive on water. And that's what we call us where they are swollen. And that's where it's actually some of the scholars they actually they encourage some of the students and encourage us as well. Every so often in our life, which is spent 24 hours or 48

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hours or a week on your dates and water. Just just to see how he feels. The messengers of Allah if someone does have a companions, they spend days on dates and water. That's it. I think we should do that sometimes outside of Ramallah, spend one week in your house today. This week is the Dayton US holiday week. One whole week No food? No, no, no tea. I think maybe if somebody's out they need to live healthy. That's it.

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Yeah, isn't toxic in which you shouldn't really have but I mean, I do have it as well. Don't worry about it. But at least you know, not eat food. Just have no dates. All over your house and water. Zamzam water, spend a whole week if not four days, three days, at least 24 hours or 48 hours. This fasting. This is the this is the message or the lesson that has been given to us to think about the less fortunate people think about those people who are not as fortunate as us, people who are struggling in the daily life, the poor people, and this is why the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Hadith sahih al Bukhari gana Urdu, the nurse he was the most generous of

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individuals. And then the Hadith says we're gonna enjoy them. Cool movie Ramadan, he became more generous in the month of Ramadan, the most generous he was in the month of Ramadan. He was genuinely very generous. But his generosity would increase in the month of Ramadan. Adroid minute Bill saved him in a reasonable salary. He was more generous than blowing Wait, this is a Hadith in the psyche of environmental hurry. Why was he more generous? The Omashu the committee has looked into the details and they explain they say there's many reasons One reason is that the share of Islam because the the time the month of Ramadan is full of blessings because the sanctity of the time, because

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every good deed obligatory or optional rewards are increased as we know. So therefore, giving charity be more charitable in the month of Ramadan, the rewards are increased. And there's a hadith installment of the moment telemovie with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked omashola ARE YOU SON OF THE EARTH but which charity which form of charity is the most virtuous? He said sadaqa don't fear of Allah. Charity is not normal God is the most virtuous type of charity. So because of the time because includes increased and that also another reason is not because he is helping. When we are charitable in the month of Ramadan. We are we are charged with Ramadan we are

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healthy we are assisting the last three people that called me in the salt you need to eat them saline the people who are involved in the worship of Allah we are helping them man fontanarossa him and the Hadith man factor of Solomon. Further who Miss Liu Ji who ever helps or opens helps open a fast for someone whoever provides a thought

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for another Muslim Farah who as you miss Nigeria for elemental energy, he has seen want to reward that and then the question might come the

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reward is decreased know, the messiness of Allah isms and Mina, Holly and your cosmic as you saw in the shape, nothing is decreased from the rewards of the first sentence, but the other person who provided the thought will get the reward similar rewards. So just imagine if we are fasting and we offer a spa and we provide a star for a fellow Muslim brother or a sister.

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In one day rather than have gay gaining and obtaining and acquiring the rewards of one fast too fast if we do that every single day in the month of Ramadan rather than having the words of 30 fast, we'll end up having you vote of 60 There's only one person that every day you just need one person in the month of Ramadan, you say okay, if time is provided by one every day in a one on one with one person, you end up 60 Fast not that. So this is this is fasting is teaching us discuss always thinking about others, always

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preferring other people and this is actually amazing quality in this and I want to just briefly talk about this quality but brothers this is consistent. This this attribute or this quality, this characteristic of giving preference to others. In Arabic it's called ethos. This is one of the lessons one of the lessons that fascinates teaching this, he thought pick up the Quran and pick up the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We have numerous texts that talk about ethos. It's actually an amazing quality ethos.

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After a YouTube in foreign it's an amazing quality it's a it's a topic on its own that we can talk about without just relate it to fasting because it fast and Ramadan teaches us charity teaches us ethos, always thinking about others. Being selfless, not being selfish. You see the opposite of EVA, is selfishness. Being self centered, which is a severely blameworthy character trait that a Muslim and even a human being can have. being selfish. Only I'ma to myself matters. My interest matters. That's it, nothing else. It's only about me about my money, my job, my house, my family. That's it, my my benefits my interest. I don't care what happens in the world. I don't care what happens to

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anyone. As long as I have a nice house, a nice property, nice car. I have a good peaceful life. In the Masjid. People can be other Muslims can be whatever people can be in any difficult situation. It doesn't really concern me. That's selfishness. That's being selfish. That's being self centered. And that's a severely blameworthy character trait. It's a very bad attribute and quality to possess. Islam says we should obtain we should inculcate we should instill in our hearts and in our minds and in our lives, the quality of ethos, giving preference to others. And this is based on a famous hadith of sahih al Bukhari and Sahih Muslim this is what we call it the Kalia. This is a principle

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and accepted principle in slot. Now you may have had your head buried him or you have that NFC Hello, look at look at the words the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying, you cannot be a believer. Now you know, you cannot even become, quote, a complete believer.

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We want to know who a believer is the Messenger of Allah, Allah Allah wa salam, O Allah is giving us the definition. You cannot a person cannot be a complete believer until he does not love for his fellow Muslim brother. They are three and also sister included in this man your husband enough see what he likes for his own self cannot be a complete believer. He has in this hadith, the Mercy of Allah Allah, what are you saying? What did you say? You cannot be a complete believer until you don't like for your

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for your brother, right for your brother, what you like for yourself. Now, even though somebody who might disagree with this, but even though we can include, in this letter, he

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listened to this attentively, because some people get heated about a lot of different things, even though you may want to disagree. But even though we can include in there, anonymously, someone who's a non Muslim, his your brother in humanity actually wants to have this inner inner talk based on another Hadith, and somebody wants to steal who's out of your rage and how can you call anonymously your brother? So what I mean by that is if you have a nose, so yes, he does he have a nose? Yes. Do you have two years? Yes. Does he have two years? Yes. Do you have mouth? Yes. Does he? Is he the son of Adam? Yes. Are you the son of other? Yes, that's it. It's just a human

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In his own animal is a human being. That's what I mean. And actually the other mother community to the Hadith, you know, in the Hadith were the messengers of Allah who said that,

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you know, a Muslim is the one from whose hands and actions other than his brother or not that somewhere else. So when the messenger of Allah when he said, it mentioned that in this hadith, you cannot be a complete believer until you don't like for your brother. Some of the earliest scholars like Imam and LB and others doesn't have an instrumental role model for this includes general brotherhood, Muslim as well as non Muslim and he said, just like you want he die and guidance for yourself. You have very careful he died

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last year, and he died, just like you like for your own soul, he die and guidance. You want your non Muslim brother in humanity to have guidance, you want him to enter Jannah just like you want to enter paradise and have eternal bliss. So anyway, even though we can include in this hadith you cannot be a company believer until you don't like for your brother even non Muslims here but if somebody doesn't want to, there's another Hadith and mustard, which is quite significant in the Muslim environment with the Messenger of Allah Allahu

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Allah Yun global Abdul Hakim cotton Eema

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a slave will not obtain the reality of faith. She in the first hadith of Sahih Muslim he said, You cannot be a believer he said here in this hadith, learn known and a slave will not obtain will not acquire happy Kentucky run the reality of faith had you hit by the nursing familiar hadn't been enough See, until he doesn't like for humanity. The word nursing has changed quite significant. The way you don't like for humanity where you'd like to solve you cannot attain the reality of faith. In another Hadith he said I have been somebody came to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said O Messenger of Allah, how can I enter paradise and said, Hey Ben enough, see them, mentor him,

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hopefully he can love him but enough See, walk around you never see come to

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life for yourself who you like for your brother? Or like for your brother would you like for yourself and dislike for your brother which you just don't finish them? This is a either good leave. It's a well accepted principle. Brothers and sisters, we know Allah this was Subhan Allah you know, in our lives we do not have some of us don't, we do not, we do not appreciate this principle, this guide. We don't practice it, we don't seem to know any lives. We don't see it. In every relationship, every relationship that we find ourselves in a new few scenarios, in every relationship that we find ourselves in, in this world. Right? This car either this principle, this

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lesson, and this this approach, we must have it in our lives.

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Every relationship, parents children relationship, what happens? Parents when your parents they only thing about this their rights. Sometimes the only iodine verse of the Quran they know is worth about a book.

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They don't they don't know even when it's in the Quran, but they know it's somewhere in somewhere that are read only then

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you know, you have to Allah has mentioned it with with dahil gokada Or Google letter from the lawyer we've already accepted in myoglobin or in the can Keba or huduma. But I don't know No, they know the words don't even say You know what I'm going to chop off. It's in those of the Quran what I've done, how do you know what we're talking about Golden cream, but the only thing they think about see what Islam is telling us here brother and sisters is that sometimes or not sometimes every time in our dealings with others, we need to put ourselves in the shoes of us when we are dealing with anybody for one moment employers. Let me call that sideline communism. For one moment, go on the other side

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of the fence for one moment and then when you're talking to your wife, your husband, your father, your daughter, your son, your business partner, wherever one moment reverse the roles. This is what he thought is this all the qualities parents don't think about they don't know they don't don't think about what it feels to be a child then with children a while ago but they forgot. It's yes the

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time think about it. That you are a child when you're when you want you to get married as well and you do want to get forced. Did you want to get forced? Probably the the father is married was a politician. He himself went through that very thing. I'm not saying it's alone, whatever before marriage, it's all haram Don't worry, but I'm just saying try to be easy. Try to be easy and try to be understanding where your children are

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You know for your for one moment going to the site say look, you are living in 2010 in this in this day and age in the west and in England you're living in how would you want your father to teach for one with it but we don't realize we forget how it feels to be a child forget

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and the opposite is well that's the son the daughter they forget when they don't do their own forget because they've never been parents but they don't realize they need to realize for a moment that look I am 2122 right now who maybe maybe they have young children one years of age two years

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you today you've been disrespectful to your father's your to your mother. Today you've you know just stormed out of the house with your baby in your hand discharged baby in your hand one day was stolen from your husband

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this is what happens you know they say command to do to them in Arabic whatever like you treat others you retreat this is this is this is the Sunnah of Allah subhanaw taala in this life you know the interdimensional is our time but there's an incident mentioned I don't know how it's one of the books I don't know how true it is or not whatever I know the fantasies human expression while the books that this person used to you know those of us in generation after generation they had this tradition of what when they have when the father has to get old dish to go on top of a mountain cliff and when it's no longer they cannot look after the father's that stone used to you know push

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the bottom of the cliff so that Ajax

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for generations is kept on happening generation after generation so one such son took his father in his 80s Okay take from you when he was just put him on the edge of the cliff the father such is not a laughing smiling

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so the sentiment you should be crying we should be sad what the boy smells it's I just remember exactly on the same spot not even there in the same spot good you know the noun years ago I did the same thing to my father and I'm just thinking exactly on the same spot he wasn't you didn't I wasn't even there is exactly I can remember this area exactly on the same spot. This is where what happened I shouted my father off the cliff and down you went to the day and today's the same thing. So but when he was having this conversation this one of the this son suddenly something happened to him the most and he realized this exactly the same my son will say the same thing to me. He said come back

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and I just feel guilty and they say that from that day onwards this whole tradition in the generation stopped because no they stopped after that. Come on do you do to learn how we treat our parents our children the tutors we forget we need to always go the other side of the of the fence This is a thought husband wife relationship for one moment that the wife thing which was off

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and then we on the other side it's difficult to be husband he's going out and working is his struggling his driving is earning you money he's doing this he's running around. He's running around he's putting in the effort look I'm speaking to him in a disrespectful manner. Can I win I want somebody to talk to me like this. No so don't speak to us but mind that I like likewise a husband with the problem is that we always the problem is

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the winner whenever we have total marriage the husband the couples come I tell him I said look when couples come husbands don't come to learn about your rights. Come to learn about who you owe to your wife's responsibilities. wives do not come to learn about your rights. Everybody's asking for the email you share this guy you know what are my rights? I said no no you don't learn about your rights you don't need to learn about your rights if we all learn what we have to give us all the funds in the world I don't know about what we have what we all do what others of us but what we owe others story mentioned this person used to this guy who used to when used to go to people's houses he was

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quite greedy so they mentioned this about him in some old books that whenever he used to go to someone's house to visit and knock on the door and then straight away sniff Why have you cooked what's what's what's what's cooking in the kitchen? What's on the stove? What have you cooked nice smell, you know he wants to eat and when someone needs to come to his house opens the doors Charlie looked at hands and he bought something for food. Why do we want to feed me? Which means right? There's no given it's always taking when you visit someone's house what each one's gonna come see I was raised as well. This is this is the example of someone who's always me myself I my interest in

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matters nothing else matters. The interests of the other individual does not matter to

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so this is in the even in a relationship or marriage.

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Husband and wife. We have this oldest problems you know the mother is all due to it cannot solve for one moment. The mother in law she's a mother in law. Remember, put yourself for a moment on the other side of the fence where the shoes of your daughter know you were a duty in law 34 You

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Physical. Do you remember? You should know how it feels to be entertained? Do you? Are you telling me that? No, you should know how it feels to be noting lotion say toastiness. Probably that was in pre existence or something. She doesn't even remember what it feels to be right? Because this is a problem where I taught him No, the only thing that matters to you is all the rest of the losing love. When you become a mother in law, you forget everything about you just you think that in the world, there's no tables that exist and only money losing because you know, when your father knew anything, only plans exist. Children don't exist when you're a child. That's the only person that

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exists in the world is a child. So that's what happens. You told her mother in law, remember? You were young, you're a bride, you got married 2122 2527 You were younger as a small child.

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How would did you want to be treated? You didn't want people to be harsh your mother in law to be harsh with you. You wanted a bit of rest you wanted you wanted to be treated well, now you have a young daughter in law in your house cheater, in the best of ways, for one member just didn't cleanser as a how do you want to be treated, put yourself on her place on the other side of the fence. And then today more as well remember that one day you will become a human right now you have a two year old son, three year old four year old five year old son, their son will go can grow up to go college, university, whatever, and then get married. And then we'll bring the bride in the house

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as well.

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Remember, will bring a unicorn one day in 25 years from today, you will unless you die. But you know, normally you will get that life. And if we didn't have that life, then you won't become a what a mother in law, then what? How do you want you to know to treat you do you want her to give you you know all the slandering and swearing and being disrespectful and things like that and talking to you in a harsh way. And complaining about you all the time. And you don't want to be treated by that do you by your own beloved son, remember, this is your son that you're bringing up and your son's wife. It's difficult for them to think like that.

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Every relationship, even the relationship we have, you know, in the community, the landlord and the tenant, major problems that occur in the community, landlord lives in the landlord world, tenant lives in the tenant. For the landlord, there's no such thing as a tenant. For the tenant, there's no such thing as a

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landlord for one moment. This is etha think for one moment, for one human thick. If you were a tenant, wouldn't you want your house to be in a condition that you can exist in a living? Wouldn't you want your landlord to come come and look after the house and give you a providing all the facilities, you don't want your landlord to be harsh. And you're you're you're not well off enough to purchase a property, whatever you want to supply that yes, you would. So now teach your tenant, no general strategy to treat your tenant with respect with courtesy, be kind be considered. Think about his interests. And likewise, the landlord or sorry, the tenant, the tenant, yeah, I want this

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done, I want this done, I want that done. This is not done. And this will know that there's a coming from the listener and then much pain, there's not paying the watch on time not paying the rent on time. So when will the think if you were a landlord.

00:33:27--> 00:34:10

And remember, imagine to yourself, close your eyes for a moment and think if I was a landlord, and when you had one property, I had bills to pay. Life was tough, difficult. And the only income that I had a one of the only incomes that I had was through this rental property that I've given. And the tenant in the marriage is illegal to clean the property. And now that doesn't give me any rent on time. How would you feel? You've continued to look after sick and then think okay, yes, if I was there, that's how I would want my rent to be paid on time to pay your rent on time. So the employer, your employer, same same principle, the employer, an employee, the employee always thinks about how

00:34:10--> 00:34:11

he's like apologia

00:34:12--> 00:34:26

for Allah. There's a hadith of the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam give the wages of your implore of your employee, the worker give his way use before his sweat drugs, kill it on time.

00:34:27--> 00:34:32

But he doesn't think for a moment whether he has some sweat or not. He hasn't thought about that.

00:34:33--> 00:34:45

He's always he knows what his rights treat your employee well properly, you know, the material that was on the lower incident say, after that if you don't get I will probably just the thing for a moment if you were an employer,

00:34:46--> 00:34:48

how would you how would you want to be treated?

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

You have to think for a moment and this is why you know the this is the order the principle of always thinking about the other

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

aside, always thinking about the other side, the manager of a business, the boss of a business needs to think for a moment, if you will work in work for someone, if you were employed, how would you want to be treated by your manager by your boss, if the way you want to be treated, the way you like to be treated, treat your staff and the word was working for you in in that mannerism. The people early on, people go on strike.

00:35:27--> 00:35:42

People have always been very easy to go and strike very quickly or anything any problems strike. You know, in the early time, some of our self assigned behind the pipes righteous individuals, they would give wages back at the end of the month, because they felt that they never work, diligent.

00:35:43--> 00:36:17

You had eight hours work and use your own mobile phone and started chatting away or you had an internet and you're going on to your own website and doing your own console. Do you really have permission to do that or not? They would go and pay back are teachers and Shu Harada who would teach end of the month they will think that you know what I probably was neglectful in my time here and there five minutes. Like there was one chef who teaches students who gains wages at the end of the month. And what he would do is if somebody would come and talk to him about his personal life, and he would know some I spoke somebody for five minutes, three minutes, four minutes at the end who

00:36:17--> 00:36:19

would calculate the whole thing and go and pay the money back?

00:36:21--> 00:36:27

This is you know, accounting being accountable unless you have permission. That's a different case altogether.

00:36:28--> 00:36:59

Buying and selling as well. The messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam is a Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari Rahim Allah Who Imran some honey the somehow the the Shah, some honey the Aquila, Allah have mercy on the man who is considerate some from some is gentle he is he is what considered his kind when he buys and where he he's considered when he sells when you're a buyer. When you're above or when you're a missionary. And a buyer

00:37:00--> 00:37:30

is a buyer in a shop, when you're buying or when you're selling when you're buying something, as a customer, you go to the shop, or you're doing business with another company and you're purchasing something for one moment, put yourself in their shoes. If you go to the shop for one moment with yourself in their shoes. And if you're a seller as a shopkeeper, you're selling something than for one moment put yourself in the shoes of the customer this actually is in the Quran. While you limit of 15 The famous verse of the Quran surah

00:37:31--> 00:37:55

this surah you know we read the Quran we should think and ponder about the Quran brothers and sisters, while you look of the fee, destruction be unto the people of thief and mocha fluffy, and loop of the food love makes it a little puffy. Who are these people of top thief Allah says one way means distraction to them. And some ornaments said while you're waiting for your handle, it's a very healthy

00:37:56--> 00:37:59

distraction on to the view of the thief who are the people of

00:38:01--> 00:38:04

Allah Alladhina either Qatar or RMSE as to who

00:38:06--> 00:38:13

these people when they either Qatar will alumnus when they have to receive items through measurement.

00:38:14--> 00:38:45

They just don't follow the way they stole food is deferred, which means they ensure that they receive every grain by the meter product it's on. Exactly on eight Exactly. It's not on it exactly. Every grade every ounce when it's their time to take it at the toe. That's not a problem. Okay, if it's if you give me your rights as well, electoral RMSE Yes, tofu. But Allah says what do you got? Who was who,

00:38:47--> 00:38:50

when it's their time to give us new measurements and others to wait.

00:38:52--> 00:38:54

You're sued, they give less.

00:38:55--> 00:39:00

When is the time for you to change the mind give a penny less. But when is the time to take money they do show

00:39:02--> 00:39:03

that he's so in principle.

00:39:04--> 00:39:38

When we're willing to show this courtesy to others, but want others to show kindness to us. Without telling anyone over the room you're so rude. And then Allah says look, look at the mercy of Allah, Allah you're going no owner he can no longer assume that when these people realize you're going to don't they think Don't they know don't affect you realize a normal guru who they will be resurrected one day. You only are homeowners from their own bed either me where the whole of humanity and mankind would have to watch it have to account give herself before I would either leave.

00:39:39--> 00:39:52

This is these are important verses brothers and sisters. Every relationship that we find ourselves in I said parents children, spouses, siblings, brothers and sisters,

00:39:54--> 00:40:00

employer employee, landlord tenant, buyer seller and relationship even your friend

00:40:00--> 00:40:00

All Muslims

00:40:02--> 00:40:12

giving preference you're driving a car. I know there's another call arriving or coming from the front. If you give preference to them and you flashlights and say

00:40:14--> 00:40:15

that's giving preference.

00:40:17--> 00:40:35

I know Time Life is very busy. And people don't like to know people, people just don't care about anyone. Now courtesy we live in a world countries has gone, vanished. Now this one's brother came to me and there's a Muslim, but we don't even realize, you know, so part of the problem is that these issues we don't even realize we don't even think sometimes as part of this.

00:40:36--> 00:40:59

We don't even realize that's why these important these issues are far more important. You always hear the first lesson in Ramadan, blessings. And listen, we know about women's issues. We know how much water is in worshipping Allah. We know about these things. But these things, this one mother came to me and he said, Are you speaking to me and he was boasting. He was feeling so good about himself. I was thinking to myself, we learn from our own.

00:41:00--> 00:41:36

I can't tell him right now, this is not the time to tell him but then later on, I spoke and that's actually one of the ways I do now is not to tell someone in the midst of their, you know, right at that time when they when they're talking about because then the food burden of universe etc, etc. But he will he came to me said you know that just just the other day? Well, yesterday, I was you know, in less than we have some of the streets very congested. And we have some posture good because this is one area Highfields that very congested. I don't know why they don't definitely love them one way roads, a lot of them didn't cause a pump on both sides. It's just very difficult. I always

00:41:36--> 00:41:45

avoid it. And it's the heartbeat of Asian Muslims, mostly the old Indian version of Muslims and you can smell it from far far away, you know and stuff for you.

00:41:47--> 00:41:48

I don't know I don't live in that area.

00:41:51--> 00:42:27

But it's the hub sometimes we don't realize this is again, we don't think Ramadan comes we think well only was fasting, everything the whole world is fasting. And our non Muslim neighbors who are not fasting, we should not do something that haunts them. If we're fasting, it's us fasting. Sick, if you are not seeing how the builders model builder and you know, definitely not don't think like that, but think that if you were a neighbor, someone who wasn't fasting and he had to go he doesn't know the importance of fasting. Right? Would you want to be disturbed by this? Look, you're almost there. I think there's a better way to think it's another one you can say cancellation. But think

00:42:27--> 00:42:48

like this, look, you are sleeping and you are it was not your Ramadan, the Hindus and the Sikhs, they were celebrating something. Right? They've got the Diwali or something right. And they're jumping up and down and making noises until 230 in the morning and you have to go to a business meeting at seven o'clock AM you have to wake up 6am You have to go to surgery. You're a doctor.

00:42:49--> 00:43:08

And they're just troubling you that allow you to see your children constantly. How would you feel you wouldn't want to be disturbed. It's very generic and you don't want to be disturbed. Likewise we have a duty as Muslims, we come to the masjid Yamuna and we have autonomy. We should make sure we do not do anything that contributes

00:43:09--> 00:43:52

to to harming other people. And the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam actually said this in the Hadith, man you know, he said Monica will have a shout out and materials for our proper numbers Madonna acculevel, bossa nova Houma. Whoever eats onion, garlic should not even come close to our Masjid should not even come close to our question. He said, Well, you're carrying the fee by D. Let him sit at home. The one and that's what they state that in order to do a an act of a burden if that entails and that results in harming someone else you would actually no harm someone that actually do that to become offering tarawih atone is far better than coming to the masjid standing in the first

00:43:52--> 00:44:09

South. But having too few people in the way or parking your car in a way that it's harming anyone must be anonymous. you've parked your car always blocked an ambulance entrance was once somebody brought an ambulance entrance and then they announced it in the masjid and their brother was in love

00:44:11--> 00:44:46

someone could die because of the way you so much actually think you know when you're female I'm Allah doesn't matter wherever however, we were coming to worship Allah He doesn't matter. And secondly, when they come for Friday prayers and they just pop anywhere everywhere. That we have a you know, Muslim and a few Muslim traffic wardens in less than one of them's actually my students. He actually studied you know, Islamic studies in southern studies as well. And then he's also a traffic warden. So he asked me this question he said you know, someone who's Muslim like is it haram for me to give tickets and have people come for the park in a lawful way in an illegal manner?

00:44:46--> 00:44:57

Right, outside any harmful and then I put a few tickets and they say to me that you know, we come to office a lot in the masjid is a bad as you know, give two tickets.

00:44:59--> 00:44:59

Not tickets.

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

One buddy but he should come tickets pack somewhere else it doesn't mean that you're doing the favor Allah that's a we worship Allah, you know we offering Salah so that's it we can talk in any way we're harming remember the issue here is harming people, because most of these restricted areas are because of the fact that they harmless. It's not about whatever just the legislation, it's about the army, you're blocking, you know, if you're parking in a corner, people cannot turn into the road easily. You're harming people, you're slowing down traffic, and people are being harmed. And that's the whole reason behind this. So I will say this brother who came to me another country versus this

00:45:38--> 00:45:41

problem who came to me is useful, you know, I'm quite

00:45:42--> 00:46:02

boastful and happy isn't it the other day you know this Highfield Street is so the street is so congested and tight isn't I was driving my car from here and he the other guy he was coming from those other Muslim you won't find anything anyone in that area and Muslims from Argentina if you have a layup I think middle Catholic

00:46:04--> 00:46:33

later makes it may or Muslim in the you will find any other house besides Muslims here is on the agenda of elevating middle category. So you will find on officers a Muslim who said he was coming down from the other side of the road and I'm driving and that's it. He stopped I stopped I flushed you know I said to you go back to No you go back. Look, you go back there I said I tell you Look I have to go all the way so no. So look, I've got modes, let's measure it. And they sat there argued

00:46:34--> 00:46:38

and he was really he said you wouldn't just go he said you know what I did? You know Look

00:46:39--> 00:47:15

he didn't even want to turn back. Now I have much more to go turn go all the way back to the end of the road and take he had less you know area to cover. Why did I said to my son no better so you switch off the edge of the setting. Let's see what you're going to do now. He's really happy about it. This is a person who's actually got a beard and you know how to everything when he's you know, externalities praises Salah and everything. Can you read realize that this is a sin, he's gonna switch to the engine because the other brother he said just switched as an engine to the cigarette out on your feet on the dashboard. And

00:47:18--> 00:47:25

it's just the ego. It's just the ego you could just go back and save your time five minutes and 10 callback what's happened

00:47:27--> 00:47:43

in going back so what who can you can reward for the sake of Allah. This is Eva. And he's a what we did was he wasn't moving as fast as we live two streets away and I said to myself when he did that, he said, Okay, we just came out of the car. He said we set up a column so we're building more houses just they were just walking.

00:47:44--> 00:47:56

And they walked in I went away to the house. I don't know what you said it after that week. When they came back with another person I think the person that okay, I'm gonna go now, and then they came back or something like that. And Muslims do things like this.

00:47:57--> 00:48:25

This is selfishness being self centered. Only I myself Nutter Ramadan fasting, the main lesson one of the main lessons that is being taught to us in this blessed month of Ramadan is etha. It's actually in one of the Hadith in Sahib no Hoceima, the famous law around the time, or some of the books you'd have you. There's a famous hadith of Salman and pharmacie. You love it in it to the messengers and Allah Allah, who I shall remove.

00:48:26--> 00:48:48

It's a month of sympathy. It's a month of thinking about others, sympathizing with other people, especially and not just this man but our whole lives, always thinking about other people giving preference. And finally I will no this one is very important and there's nothing wrong with that. We ensure we do whatever we can do, but we should ensure we do not commit a sixth

00:48:49--> 00:49:26

most important and since to do with the tongue, since like when I'm talking about harming others, hurting other people's feelings at least one month backbiting which means you're harming other people. The famous Hadith in the Muslims of Imam Muhammad in the term of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said you know the hadith is that there were two women. This is a some traditional digital manga, somebody will think it's fiction. This is a fact to stories Hadith, sorry, authenticated. In the Muslim Imam Muhammad has mentioned this, and he's a Muslim, to women in the time of the messenger of allah sallallahu wasallam were fasting, and the struggle when they were

00:49:26--> 00:49:59

fasting, they could not tolerate fasting cordata and Donita. It was very close that they would do or die out of hunger and thirst. So if somebody came to the messenger of allah sallallahu and said and said, O Messenger of Allah, you know, is there any rasa for them to break their fast? He called them and he told them to vomit and they vomited. Got a hadith says Carlota mil conda. Hate a utensil, a glass full of oral utensil full of vomit, vomiting.

00:50:00--> 00:50:00


00:50:02--> 00:50:20

lemon, lemon was studied flesh, blood and pus came out, literally came from the mouth to the messengers of Allah. Say these two women. What did they do? Samatha onma 100 long.

00:50:22--> 00:50:29

They observed a fast they stayed away from those things that Allah made normal for them. Normally what is halal

00:50:31--> 00:51:15

water halal food we eat and drink it's harder with they stayed away they fasted. If so this is an example of somebody who does not abstain from sins. He's staying away from the halal those things that Allah has made hello hello before Ramadan afternoon even in Ramadan after my trip to the halal right so it doesn't make sense if someone stays away from the halal those things which are normally Halal but only for a small period of time. They have been made prohibited. Yet they do not stay away from something which has always been haram never heard in Ramadan nice day outside of Allah before Ramadan after Ramadan all your life at home. Now backbiting a major sin. It's never been to the

00:51:15--> 00:51:32

Messenger of Allah Allah who said that when he did say he said these two women they fasted from those things which Allah has made her love for them. What I stole about Hanmer harem Allah email so they never observed a fast from those things that Allah has made haram for

00:51:33--> 00:51:40

Genesis indigofera what is the messenger of Allah Allah, one of them sat with the other.

00:51:41--> 00:52:12

They both sat jelous down with Rohan Kulani the humaneness is start with one another all day long, eating the flesh of human beings because remember, that's what it is. They stayed away from halal food from chicken from halal meat from water, but they were eating the flesh and sucking the blood of other human beings and this is what Allah says in the Quran about riba so it is one Ramallah we need to really ensure we abstain from fast, one of the set of scholars,

00:52:13--> 00:52:53

somebody I can't remember who said Assad mo theability Madani after a fasting person is always in a birder and is always receiving the reward as long as it is not hard but why not if you know she even though he sleeps all day long, just do your five times I'm not saying just do that do if you can more but if you think you're going to harm other people's feelings, hurt other people's feelings, your you will end up backbiting you will end up doing things that are not appropriate. And it's better just to Farfan kind of do it all in fashion and sleep all day long. As long as you know, sleep all day long, because as long as you're avoiding yourself, and you're preventing yourself from

00:52:53--> 00:53:19

committing haram. And there's a hadith of Muslims of Allah when somebody said there's two candidates and I just mentioned these two candidates, three minutes, and then there's a heavy heavy hand behind were the messengers of Allah already when somebody said Melanie, I was due for another big fundraiser in LA he had a yes or no Shut up. The one who does not abstain from Colas zoo, from what from

00:53:20--> 00:54:07

future or from sinful or obscene or Zulu literally means to say a lie, but you include all sins of the tongue basically, whoever does not stay away from the sins of the tongue lying riba backbiting and acting upon these sins, for lazily learn he had, Allah is not in need of any of his leaving Allah is not in need of Him. abstain from food and drink Allah doesn't need for instance Allah has given your daughter and another Hadith come in Saudi Arabia Robert and Simon come inside in both buildings of invention come inside me Lisa, Lucia me inland judo and Atish how many people fast they have nothing they've not done nothing. Only thing they've done is they've stayed hungry and thirst

00:54:07--> 00:54:19

only woods. There was a reason welcome in a coffee when raising the warm up or looking in the south a lot of people who stay awake all night worshipping Allah but they get nothing so interesting a week I think nobody thinks

00:54:20--> 00:54:24

there's a hadith as well, but the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam so this is a definition look at this

00:54:26--> 00:54:31

laser sphere who made up the army was shut off I think in the

00:54:34--> 00:55:00

lens of Syria or Iran your shot in Syria will mean a lonely or rough Panama amazing. Fasting is not staying away from food and drink. That's an easy fast. Anyone doesn't real fasting is what? Mina love Asli Amina love we would rather stay away from the level from futile activity

00:55:00--> 00:55:12

From slandering Rafa, Ignacio Minelab, we were referred, in other words referred to I think one thing was, all these acts of EVA and push you that we

00:55:13--> 00:55:53

find ourselves we see all these acts of rebellion. The rewards of all these acts of murder are taken away, they vanish, evaporate, they go away. When there's things like slandering hurting people, feelings, argumentation, Judah, and there are all of I just had a talk I was just in the north just last week on in Bolton on Monday, one of the machines important on the labor to distribution event, we had a talk, I said that this hadith of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam, he says is a Hadith even though suddenly they don't make that strong but they make a difference. Allah told that topic that I can go into, but there's a night where the Messenger of Allah Allah are using the

00:55:53--> 00:56:23

same data to this from insha Allah and the Sunnah three moment very happy that Allah sees 1000s of people you are Hello feeling in Arabia, country sharing economy when it comes to the amount of people that equals the hairs on the cattle and sheep and goats owned by the tribe of girl. But you can have a million Allah forgives millions of people. And that is when Allah forgives millions of people. Allah does not even look at the one who shot him with a younger Allah who either we shall what

00:56:25--> 00:56:51

Allah does not even look at the one who has hatred and enmity in the heart to other Muslims and amongst other who would beat Allah does not even look at a word of bricks ties. There's a heavy today the whole gender the audio regime, the one who breaks has shall not interoperate. They had homogenic a pattern of all these acts of paper look at hedge you know has the only few verses in the Quran about hedge. Now Allah talks about how he says and how Jewish Lumet

00:56:53--> 00:57:23

how he isn't known the months are known for men far out of him and Hijjah for now Rafa or whatever for so whether Geeta hatch, I'm recommending trouble complete, but I'm just giving an example. We all go for Hajj. Allah doesn't told tell us in the Quran, who details do this Armada that are offered was very fun. None of that. And Allah talks about how in the Quran whenever you say if you want this to be conditions for accepting Hajj. This is

00:57:24--> 00:57:52

for my follow up or feeling that hedge fund our references whether fufu or whether Gita if you want to hedge to be accepted you want to be a hajizadeh Who wants to be accepted how to serve him in the eyes of Allah it's easy to go into you know our fund was the last one easy that's all easy fasting is easy place of SEO when a time will show up observing from drinking food is easy. In number SEO real fasting the Hadith I said a

00:57:53--> 00:58:39

minute long we were referred same word or referred mentioned in Houches. Real fasting is to avoid sinful took and Robert slandering, harming people from a throne of infidel Rafa versus three conditions if you want your hashtag accepted. No, no Rafa, no fullsuit No, no sit here that a word referred is to do since that often a sexual nature under forsook, as with any kind of sin, no sin, if there's a condition for your house to be accepted, you observe you protect your eyes from committing a sin to protect your hands from committing a sin. You don't give someone a blow in history for because they pushed you you don't push on with your hand. You don't go to the Blackstone

00:58:39--> 00:59:22

and push if you go to the Blackstone and hire us whether you want to kiss that stone or you will push someone that rather than you know you're getting rewards you come back with all the things that are on the Blackstone really, really because it's hard in order to get audited because the black stone we are pushing anyone that is absolutely sinful to hit custom black stone. So this is what I refer them whatever soup and then Allah says wala G dub? What's Judah? No arguement mentation, no quality, no disputing hygiene. Hygiene is not the time for argumentation. Hygiene is not the time crunch is to strive and struggle. It's technical, that's why you do hunch. You don't want to feel

00:59:22--> 00:59:44

cozy, that sort of hunch. If you argue encourage I just don't accept it, if you argue fast versus will accept no rewards. If you argue and fight on Quora, what's coming to the mesh is that there'll be no rewards for tarawih if you argue with all these rebels, no, it was the beginning. So to wrap up MILVUS pantalla grant is a perfect explanation of these things

00:59:46--> 00:59:59

that I mentioned. This is a reminder for myself, first and foremost and then to all of you we need to always remember that we should worship Allah do whatever we can do to the best of our ability, but we should try and first and foremost to stay away from sins.

01:00:00--> 01:00:39

First and foremost to ensure that we don't have any any human being and even animals. We should not do anything that contributes to harming anyone in any shape or form. And if we, in this moment Ramadan if we observe our fast line that if we spend the whole month of Ramadan in a way, and we've not hurt anybody's feelings, parents, spouses, children, brothers, sisters, co workers, at least try for one month, this month, I will be completely passive. I'm not saying you shouldn't be in your life, you'd be absolutely passive all the time. But at least to start off, I will be absolute passive. That's why the Hadith last Friday, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

01:00:40--> 01:01:25

either Colonel Young was so me I had the comb. Fina Yaga what is working on one of you is fasting, don't yell. Don't slander for insert bow or huddle, or channel for the airport in Europe. And so if someone swears at you someone slanders you, then say You know what, brother in law and Simon in a nicer confessing Sonic o'clock? This is a Hadith what Angelina either her decongestion if you're provoked by a giant, someone's trying to provoke you to get into an argument, his intention of driving like that so that he wants you to get heated something like arguments you know, this time on it and just can't live a life without, you know, calling someone. So he wants an argument for your

01:01:25--> 01:01:47

body in the room sign just say you know, when I'm fasting I'm in the middle of that. I don't want any of this. This is a hadith is our own sound Hadith of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said at least one time if we can spend in a way we don't harm anyone. No backbiting no Tilbury no hurting feelings with anyone and Shabbat in this way. And this will enable us to be like that even after Allah.

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