Abdullah Hakim Quick – Being Muslim in the time of Crises

Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The history and potential of Islam have led to a period of peace and blessings, but a new golden year is projected. The importance of the Prophet Muhammad's actions and actions as drivers for peace and blessings is emphasized, along with the need for people to act with the right behavior. The crisis of Islam is discussed, with the need for people to act with the right behavior and protecting from evil. The importance of faith and protecting from evil is emphasized.
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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Ala Moana terpene whatever it was Illa Allah alameen wa sallahu wa la ilaha illallah wa de la sharika la was shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who was a Zulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman da da da what he was standing beside knotty Illa Yomi Dean was seldom to Sleeman kathira

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Amma bad

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for your cool hug suparna I was below him in a shaytani regime. Yeah Are you have Latina Armando taco La Hoya amin will be the solely your take home care flaman rough mighty warrior jellico neuron Tom Shu Nabil he welfare local will la hoga photo Rahim

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all praise the due to Allah Lord of the worlds.

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And surely the best reward ultimately, is for those who have the consciousness of Allah.

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And surely there is no negativity or animosity except for the oppressor.

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And I'd be a witness that allows one and has no partners. And that Muhammad, the son of Abdullah, is a servant and his last messenger. And may Allah always and constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions and to all those who call to his way and establish his Sunnah to the day of judgment as to what follows Allah subhanaw taala as revealed in the last Testament, the last revelation to humanity, not just to the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula, but to all of the people of the world. Allah has revealed in his glorious book, oh you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah and believe in His Messenger, Allah will give you a double portion kiff

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he will give you a double portion of his mercy. And he will provide for you a light by which you will walk on the straight path and he will forgive you.

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And Allah is the Lord of great bounty.

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Allah subhanaw taala reveals to us to the believers in all points in history,

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that the bottom line for a Muslim, for one who submits to the Creator is to strengthen that belief in the creator and to consolidate it

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with an active belief in the last messenger, Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.

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And with that as a foundation, there are two blessings that Allah will give two forms of mercy, that Allah subhanaw taala will actually give two portions given to the believers, and also given to those who establish that as their foundation, he will give them light

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to walk amongst the people.

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And this is a very important verse for us, especially in these times of chaos and darkness that we are living in in the world.

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And when we look around us at the tremendous changes that we are going through

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major refugee crises in the world,

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the changing of the environment,

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the economies in many parts of the world falling apart.

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The elections happening right here, now, we're at a doorstep

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the winter season, about to come back.

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And for those creatures in the natural world, they are now gathering together food preparing themselves for cold winter. And it is said that the snow may even begin to hit us in the GTA this weekend. And so we're at the doorstep of a mighty change.

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The Chaos continues. And masterlock saw the third of the great heroes, the great place of the NBA

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is being desecrated.

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And the land around it is being desecrated. And that continues on and we are with all witnesses to this. And so it is a very serious time of crisis. And many might feel that with this crisis happening, how can it be happening to Muslims? How is this possible for a crisis like this? to strike to believe is in the last messenger but we have to realize that the Prophet Muhammad so seldom lived in a time of great crisis.

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And although he was the best of humanity, the leader of the prophets in the first 13 years of his life, he was surrounded. his fortune was for his followers were tortured. They were driven out of their homes, because they believed in one God.

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And because they broke down racial differences, tribal differences between people, they broke down economic differences. And because of this, they were driven literally out of their homes

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and forced to migrate to another land, forced to leave their ancestral area

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to go to a part of the world. They were not sure of this part of the Arabian Peninsula. But they migrated they made the change for a loss upon Allah tala.

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And so when the great leaders of Islam under the second, Khalifa Omar Abdel Fatah, rhodiola, one wanted to decide on a calendar, what can be a beginning point for us? How do we begin a year the Persians begin the year in a way the Romans begin the year, the people of the solar calendar begin the year how can we begin, it was agreed upon unanimously that we will begin after the hegira

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after the migration after the point of weakness, to the point where Muslims could live in freedom with justice. So there's something very important that the concept of freedom and justice with having our Islam complete. And so we recognize now Alhamdulillah, we thank Allah, that we have made this transition into the new Islamic year, the month of Muharram, 14 137 years after the hegemon.

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This long period of time, and believe is now all over the planet,

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with the potential now to do something major in the world. And the prophet SAW Selim after he reached this abode, this home this Dar es Salaam, this place of peace and established himself and was accepted by the people as the ruler, ruling for the Creator. He was under attack.

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And so in the Medina period, it was not a period of peace.

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It was not a period of quietness. But it was a time when waves of people came to try to put out the light.

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God love better, bad love or hate, bad love the church, the upcoming, the threat of 100,000 Romans coming from the north,

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constant waves, constant waves coming down upon the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. And sometimes it is said When they reached the Battle of the trench, when the police were just on the other side of a trench and the weather was cold, and the word had gotten out that they would be able to come in the southern part.

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It was so difficult the time was so difficult that they said their hearts were in their throat.

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They can literally feel their hearts in their throat. And this is a high level of fear and insecurity.

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In this time, Allah subhanaw taala revealed and we need to reflect upon this ourselves. Because this verse, these verses and service and facilities are not just for them.

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They're an example to us now, feeling pressure all around the world, feeling that people are even demonizing in our love, beloved country here in Canada that we came here for peace, feeling that we have been demonized in this country. Allah subhanaw taala revealed in certain fussy Latin verses 30 to 33 or below him in the shade shaytaan regime in Medina Carlota Boone Allahu Tomas Docomo tetanus de la la Mala Mala iica en la foux

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objeto bilgin Attila t consume to nano Olia who can fill hayata dunya will fill after while a comfy Hama testa he unfor sukham wala confy hamata down New Zealand mineral photo Rahim woman central cola min min de la la la mila salejaw will call the Indonesia middle Muslim.

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Allah subhanaw taala revealed these this eternal message which speaks directly to us now as we feel the pressure upon us

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What does the believer do at this point in time, Allah told us, as for those who say, Our Lord is Allah,

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and then they continue in the right way, the angels descend upon them, saying, fear not, nor be sad or grieved,

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and receive good news of Paradise, that you were promised. We are the guardians in this world life and in the Hereafter. And you shall have there in what your souls desire. And you shall have there in what you asked for

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a provision from the Forgiving, the Merciful, and who is better in speech than he who calls to Allah,

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and then continues with righteous deeds, and says, surely, I am from the Muslims. I am from those who submit to the Creator.

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The prophet SAW, Selim also showed the believers with his actions with his life, Be positive, be optimistic, as Allah said, we're here to build genda to let you continue to

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have glad tidings, that no matter what happens, that you are promised paradise, if you stay on this path, you are promised paradise, and they're in your hearts will get whatever they desire. And it is said that when the people enter Paradise, the prophet SAW Selim has informed us when they enter Paradise, and they enjoy the blessings of Paradise, they will literally forget

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all of the hardships that they have inside of this world,

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because this is eternal life. This is not for a short period of time. This is eternal life. And when people enter the Hellfire, well, he has a villa,

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they will suffer to an extent that they will forget all of the pleasures the rich have the richest, the 1% controlling the world, flying around the world to Switzerland, flying to the to the to the West Indies, flying to the China's eating what they want, they will forget all of their pleasures in this world.

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The prophet SAW seldom said, so those who are suffering to reminding us who we are. He said our job and the Umbrella Movement in the umbra hula hula hoop hair will laser delicately I hadn't learned in a Saba who sobre Shekar Africana Faden la we're in a Saba who da sobre Africana Hayden LA, the wall Muslim. The prophet SAW Selim said how wonderful are the affairs of a believer in all of them are good thing is goodness and everything for a believer.

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And this is something which cannot be found, except in a believer. Then the prophet SAW Selim continually said if he is blessed with prosperity,

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good times, he gives tax and it becomes a source of goodness for him.

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And if he is blessed with difficulty, or if he is struck with difficulty with calamity, then he has patience, and it becomes a source of goodness for him. So in both situations, so rah, rah, good times, bad times, it will all turn to goodness for a believer who is thankful to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And who was also patient, when the difficulty comes,

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oh you who believe Allah subhanaw taala revealed to us in certain facilities, he will give the believers neuron

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come sooner that you have you will give you light to walk with. And light is that which dispels the darkness, the ability to go to the truth, to follow the truth, to stand behind people who are truthful.

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And this year, this time of year that we are going in is the time where we need to have truth. We need to be straightforward and our understandings because there are many signals coming to us, especially in the northern countries.

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The Fall season is a time when the crops are ripen for the last time

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and so the squash and the public

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kenzan the animals and the things that the blessings of this world are so much and the native people, the First Nations people in this part of the world, at this time of the year would have special Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving is not a European tradition here in this part of the world, we need to stand for the truth.

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Even the food of the Thanksgiving, the turkey is an American bird. The squash and the pumpkins are American products. The cranberry is American product, potatoes. It originated here in the Americas tomatoes originated here and the Americans,

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corn, which save much of the world originated here in the Americas. And when they look at it, honestly, they find that half of the major products of the world

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came from this part of the world.

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And so it is a positive thing to give backs. It's a positive thing. And we gave thanks, we got together those who could with their families. And you don't have to have a holiday Turkey. But those who had a holiday turkey had a holiday Turkey. But we give thanks as we always do, we give thanks on the Juma day, we give thanks on the day. And we gave thanks that is a tradition of the First Nations people. And that is a positive thing. And so we need to be able to relate to people in positive things. But the negative things which come in this season, especially for the younger generation, for our students who are here, the negative things that happened at this time,

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is that on the night of the 31st of October,

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in Europe, and then in many parts of the world. They felt it was the celebration of evil and evil force cos Sam hain. Well, he has a villa, and they believe that evil spirits were around the land.

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And so in order to protect themselves from the evil demons in the land, they put on a mask.

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They mask themselves. And they also made sacrifices. And so it was a time of evil and those evil cults will ever below. Use this as their celebration, October 31 night is their celebration night. And so a Muslim said while I'm in Canada, can I not have Trick or treat?

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Can I not have Halloween? We're in Canada. But the fact that we are in Canada does not mean you follow everything in Canada. Nor on Tim shuna be the light to separate what is right from what is wrong. But he said no I will dress up and trick a treat. I will dress up like a hug.

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I will be a Sultan and trick a treat. And I'll still do my trick or treat no matter how you dress up. It doesn't make a difference because it is an evil night. And it is a dangerous night.

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And there is no compromise with evil because Allah told us that shaytaan is our do when will be he is an open enemy.

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And so we take a strong stance against this. Don't be ashamed. Remember what Allah said, woman essential kolon memento, la la la huami la salida waka in the middle muslimeen who is better in speech than one who calls to Allah does righteous deed and said I'm a Muslim.

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So when you see your friends who say I'm a Muslim, I don't follow the devil. I don't believe in this.

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I stand for what is good. Remember what Allah said. You believe you say my Lord is Allah through Mr. camo.

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Then I am a good person. I try to do to do that which is good and that which is right. And that protects us from being two faced. One face in the masjid another face in the mall.

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Because the prophet SAW Selim said touch you to mention Radha ness Yama, Yama and de la

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hain. Allah The Yachty How old are you be watching? Or how will it be watch? The prophet SAW Selim said you will see the most evil despicable person in the eyes of Allah on the Day of Judgment is the person with two faces. They have one face for one group and another face for another group.

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Two Faces Abdullah even Omar rhodiola one woman, he said there were three people input a day were the best of people.

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They have the best character

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when you speak

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To them,

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they do not accuse you of telling lies, they don't suspect you. And when they speak to you, they tell you the truth straight.

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Abu Bakr, Siddiq, Earth man, Ebony a fan, and I will obey the rebel jawed rah, rah the alarm on home.

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straightforward, they stand for the truth, they tell you the truth, they are straightforward for ad hoc. And they do not suspect other people, they do not feel evil about other people.

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And so at this very critical point,

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we turn to Allah subhanaw taala. To the blessing has given us with the court and in this time of crisis and decision, and we remember that we should always stand up for Islam, do not be ashamed to be Muslim. This is a time for us the younger generation coming up, we have large numbers in the GTA and we need to have we recognize in the GTA, so we need not be afraid to go out. And if there is an evil force, then if we have to go out we will vote, bring down the evil force.

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and say if you if there is a ruler who has good and evil,

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you have to stand up and say something, you have to stand that you don't walk away and bury your head in the sand.

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Because they say there's like a bird an ostrich with his head in the sand. He thinks he's hiding on the ground.

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But the rest of his body everybody can see it.

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So we need not be ostriches burying our heads under the ground. If there is a greater evil it is decision of shekel Islam, even taymiyah. And many of the great Aloma it is a way to Musleh to gain benefit for the community and to protect from Masada from corruption.

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So we protect from the corruption, stand up and make your choice for what is right. And I don't need to tell you what is going on outside we all know. And we need to stand up for what is right, and bring it down and try to work with the lesser of the evils.

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Some differences of opinion, but at least we can work with them.

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That we do this and we stand up as a community. And we don't accuse other people don't suspect other people and if we are the ones who are spoken to we tell them the truth, as Allah told us, woman a sandal polen mement Da Da Da Hua Mila mula Salida will call in the name of the Muslim meet, and who is better in speech than one who calls to Allah and then does righteousness and says surely I am from the Muslims aku locally have the well stocked for lolly welcome when he saw the Muslim medium and Coulee Dam been stung Pharaoh in nahu, Hola, photobucket.

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Alhamdulillah Allah wa Alfaro to summit Allah de la jolla while I'm EULA Willem yaku on a hot well suddenly what will sell them out a thoughtful and big will more saline Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge My bad. Yeah Eva de la taco la haoma Quantum, when your kulu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the liquidly Omar fitna will fit not to Almighty allow every nation as a trial and the test the trial and test of this nation is well.

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May Allah help us to be thankful and to spend our wealth in the right costs. While you're cool have suparna book piranha Amira in the law how America to who you saw Luna other Nabis yeah you have Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa salaamu Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallam Allah AB de cada zuleika Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge marine water la underqualified Raja Deen Abu Bakr, Omar, Manoir de wannabe Rama, Rama he mean Alhamdulillah Allah Dr. Donnelly howdah Omar coonelly Natalia lo la de la Robin Allah to Z kulu bada bada de tener will have Linda Mila do kurama in the console Wahab Ravana fatfield enter the new burner will cafe under se atina what's going on Mount abre

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Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in Allah Hama is an Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam and Muslim he was the lead Sherpa in which the king with dummy Deen once a better Kira Bella mean Allah homophilic Muslim meanwhile Muslim at me Nina one minute. I mean whom, well I'm what erotica ephemera he mean, he bought the loyal Hummer como la de la jolla Sangeeta kotoba

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Well young

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women color body. Yeah either come to the Korean peninsula.

Friday Sermon (10-16-2015) Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick – Being Muslim in the time of Crises

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