Mohamad Baajour – Tonight is Your Last Night

Mohamad Baajour
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Before I give you the dial today

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if you notice there one

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and this only few days, we had so many Jeunesses we had even Janaza today after also and you will also having Janessa tomorrow after the first drama

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let me ask you a question

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if we were told I asked this question to my students yesterday if we were told

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that tonight at midnight at 12

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Your life will end

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guaranteed tonight as your last night

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when the clock ticks 12

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You're gone

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from now till then

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knowing that these are the last few hours on earth what would you do

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react what would you do

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make a lot of solid

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make a lot of a bad a

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lot of us too far.

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Ask my family for forgiveness.

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I will do all kinds of

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give a lot of charity also.

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Every one of us

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will say something different. But it will all be in the spectrum of we will be doing a lot of a bad dad because it's the last night

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the follow up question is Who told you that tonight is not your last night

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that brother Nadal when he prayed with us on Monday, a shirt did he know that it was his last night and 3:14am He left the Estonia

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so why we say if

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I know that my time is up I will do this this this and that. Who told you who can dare raise his hand in this crowd and say I guarantee you I'm not dying tonight.

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So why are you not doing these things that you just said I want you to do

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knowing that Subhan Allah you know I was asking myself what stronger message could there be for someone who was praying foot to foot to me? He was taking out what what else do I need to wake up? When someone from among us the angel of death was here watching him and he took him and we still

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did not learn you and what are we waiting for a text message or what are we waiting for? To notice that this night could be my last night?

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What is it we're waiting for?

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What is it here what is it?

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And he is not like you know when someone goes to the hospital and stays there for a week or 10 days and two weeks and three weeks the impact will become much less right that when they pass away but when someone was foot two foot brother said oh he opened the door for me one brother said all mashallah he told me that you're looking younger another brother said he prayed right next to me another so

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one person who was literally with us and gone instantly in less than the next slot.

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What else do we need

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to wake up?

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There is something rustlers SLM told us, motel Fisher,

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sudden death.

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I should have the Allahu anha she said

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it's a punishment for the wrongdoer and Rama Lal movement.

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And immersive to the believer, the sudden death

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they have today because

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we don't know when that time comes. So we want to ask Allah to give us a good end.

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We want to get asked Allah to give us personal Katima

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what is the DA for that? But before I teach myself and teach you the DA

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let's define what does hostile hottie mean? What does good and mean? Many people think that hostile hajima that a good end is to die in sujood

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good and to die with the Quran in your hand. A good end to die while I'm talking right now. A good end to die in the masjid. These are these are all

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are great, but that any of this happened to the best man ever created he died in his mattress. Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu the second best man on his mattress Khaled invalid on his mattress. So we say they did not have personal Fatima what is personal Hakima personal hajima good and is to die when your heart is free of shirk. When your heart is free of hypocrisy, when your heart is free of hatred to anyone around you, when you are free from committing violence and oppression to anybody. When you have left behind a wife and children that will make dua for you. That is personal hajima

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that is a good end. When you die as a Moorhead when you die as you and your parents are pleased with you. That is hospital hajima.

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So what is the dua? Allah whom sin

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Aki Betina Phil Ohmori kuliah

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what a Jelena min kizi dunya. Why they are beautiful. Of course, I can do the simple one Allahumma Rosani personal Fatima Ballard excellent Allahu Marzocchi Allah bless me, give me the risk of personal Khartoum, but this one is literally set by Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, the hadith is a Muslim Muhammad, Allah Houma acts in Alki Betina Phil Maury kuliah what Audrina mean his you dunya why they will occur, Ya Allah give me a great outcome in all my affairs. outcome in my degree, a great outcome in my test, a great outcome in my marriage, and of course a great outcome in my life.

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Why journey and protect me from the disgrace of this dunya yalla don't make me humiliated in this dunya Don't Make Poverty humiliate me, don't make the enemy humiliate me Do not make the kuffaar humiliate me. Protect me from humiliation in this dunya and disgrace. And protect me from the punishment of the actual Subhanallah covers dunya and akhira and yourself, everything is covered in one statement.

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I bet Allah in this blessed night of Friday, this is one of the best nights here one

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again, maybe this is our last Friday night. Right? So this is a blessed night that Allah and this night to give me and you and everyone who's watching this personal Fatima ya Allah We beg you with the best of your names. Yeah Allah We beg you with the best of your names to give everyone who attended today and their spouses and their children and their parents as the Fatima I mean Alameen wa salam ala and abena Muhammad Ali, mine, see you tomorrow treasure at 615 in sha Allah by the F la Nino

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and levena will be sala de he fosse your own well levena umani love we weren't born when levena Homeless Zeca de lune Wallasey now who's only for him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get amen for

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